Billboard – Memories (Robotaki Remix)

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Though Robotaki is in the middle of his “I Want You” tour with Manila Killa, he somehow still has time to drop new, groundbreaking material. The tour itself has already seen major success and is just getting started, as the two young producers are set to perform all across the U.S. and Canada up until mid-November.

Robotaki has remixed Montreal native Billboard in his latest piece of work, putting a more positive, hard-hitting spin on one of the fellow Canadian’s most popular tracks off of his Memories EP. Keeping the original vocals in the same key signature, Robotaki adds in some groovy lead synths and chord progressions that brighten the track even further. The fact that Robotaki is able to continuously construct brilliant music while on his first major tour illustrates how much talent he truly possesses.

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Manila Killa & Robotaki Take Off On Extensive “I Want You” Tour

This post was originally published on this site

Manila Killa and Robotaki delivered a season favorite with their single, “I Want You.” Much like Porter Robinson and Madeon did for “Shelter,” the two have created an entire tour with several dates all focused around one seriously strong collaborative composition. Their recent two sold out shows in LA appear to have had an influence on the extensive amount of dates this time around, it appears, bolstering the tour’s potential. On top of this, a remix pack is coming out featuring host a quality artists is already out.

Check out the original, tour dates, and remix pack below.


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Manila Kill and Robotaki drop remix compilation for ‘I Want You’

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A month after their hit collaboration “I Want You,” Manila Killa and Robotaki have released the track’s official remix EP. The 4 track compilation supplements Midnight Kids’ standalone remix, released a few weeks ago.

The EP features a well-rounded selection sounds, including Party Pupils’ deep electronic re-work, complete with deep, immersive chord progressions and groovy bass line; Bronze Whale’s sensual down-tempo, trap-inspired remix and Kuur’s solid future bass contribution.I

It’s British producer Motti, however, who steals the show with her fabulously crafted ambient piano ensemble, which oozes both refinement and raw emotion.

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Robotaki & Manila Killa – I Want You (feat. Matthew John Kurz) [Original Mix]

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Both rising stars from the Internet electronic music community, Robotaki and Manila Killa have recently formed a multifaceted alliance as the duo take on back-to-back sold out shows at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre. As Robotaki comes off supporting Madeon and Porter Robinson on their shelter tour and Manila Killa’s buzz continues to swell after his recent collaboration with AOBeats, “I’m OK,” the pair release their debut collaboration “I Want You” via online collective, Moving Castle.

Drafting Matthew John Kurz for breezy yet charismatic vocals, the production duo build a sturdy base of powerful percussion while keeping the synths upbeat and layered in an innovative way, allowing the tracks elements to breath, yet drive the song in their own rights. Between the sold out shows and slam dunk of a original, Robotaki and Manila Killa have found a synergy that could bring more success as they continue to develop the prospering partnership.

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Robotaki – Monkey Bars feat. Claire Ridgely

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As the weather warms up and summer nears, we’re beginning to see that annual influx of relaxed, sun-ready tunes start to roll in.

Among the producers gearing up their catalogs for the summer months is Robotaki, who’s profile as been on a steady incline over the past year following a series of brilliant original tracks and remixes, as well as joining Madeon and Porter Robinson on their Shelter tour. The Canadian producer isn’t afraid to step out of his comfort zone, as exhibited in his brand new original work, “Monkey Bars.” The poolside-primed product accompanied by the warm vocals of Claire Ridgely, features easygoing synth layers with a cheery, plinking melody that drenches the listener with sunlight as they make their way through the track.

“Monkey Bars,” as described by Robotaki, is “a happy song.” The producer continues with,

“It’s for the summer days spent with best friends and someone new that makes you feel alive. Play it while you’re driving with the windows down, play it when you wake up and play it when you’re getting ready to go out.”

With that, turn this one up, roll the windows down, and breathe in the summer air.

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The Chainsmokers release remix package for ‘Closer’ with a standout effort from Robotaki

The Chainsmokers release remix package for ‘Closer’ with a standout effort from Robotaki

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Robotaki follows up his debut original release “Ghostboy” on Majestic Casual with a return to remix duties for the biggest song of 2016, The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.” The producer’s remix pedigree is nothing to shake a stick at and he continues that legacy on the NY duo’s dance pop smash. He does well to soften the original’s club fueled breakdowns with a keenly produced melody that is a certifiable earworm. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, Robotaki is certainly in a lane of his own.

As if his recent successes aren’t enough, Robotaki has also been announced as support for all 32 dates of Porter Robinson and Madeons Shelter Tour. Purchase tickets here.

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