Monstercat reveals ‘Best of 2019’ list, voted on by fans

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Monstercat reveals ‘Best of 2019’ list, voted on by fansMonstercat Best Of 2019

After a few days of hard-fought voting, Monstercat fans have selected their top 40 songs of 2019.

The Canadian label revealed that fans picked RIOT‘s “Blackwater” as their No. 1 song of 2019, followed by Bossfight‘s “Overdose” and Grant‘s “Wishes.” This is the second year in a row that RIOT has topped the Monstercat charts, with 2018’s “Overkill” making its mark last year. Other notable releases on the charts include Pegboard Nerds‘ “Gunslinga” and Pixel Terror‘s “Amnesia,” which follow Bossfight and Grant, respectively. Voting for the annual list opened Dec. 3 and closed Dec. 5, and fans were able to vote for up to 10 songs.

In addition to the label’s fan-voted Best of 2019 list, listeners can find Monstercat staff picks in the latest episode of Call of the Wild.

RIOT release debut album ‘Dogma Resistance’ on Monstercat + Exclusive Track Breakdown

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RIOT release debut album ‘Dogma Resistance’ on Monstercat + Exclusive Track BreakdownPress Pic RIOT

Monstercat veterans RIOT have finally released their most expansive project to the date, the story-based, sonic journey known as “Dogma Resistance.”

The ten-track studio album is accompanied by a visual comic that brings to life the story of protagonist Raymond Colt and his descendants in a story that fuses the past with the future, spanning from 1936 to 2045. Each of the album’s ten tracks are meant to represent a different piece of the science fiction plot line, kicking things off with the adventuruous assault of “Jungle Fury” and the drum & bass mayhem of “Disorder.” The duo explore a myriad of sound and inspiration on the album, incorporating Eastern mysticism on “Desert to Desert” with unrelenting bass on the climactic “Overkill.” The sheer scope of the sound and the story is an achievement in itself, and the duo have been tirelessly crafting this world for over a year and a half. We sat down with the duo to talk about the genesis of the concept and a track-by-track breakdown of each track on the LP.

‘Dogma Resistance’ is an album we have been working on for well over a year and a half now. The production from start to finish was one of the toughest challenges as producers that we have faced. Creating a seamless storyline in electronic music can sometimes be tough, we wanted to give the fans something more, something they would want to listen from start to finish on repeat over and over again.”

Overture 1990

We had this introduction to our album planned out for over a year and a half now but was one of those pieces we always came back to finalize again and again until we felt it’s completely done. It’s the intro to the storyline of Dogma Resistance and just like any fine intro to a book you really want to hook the reader/listener’s into what is coming up next. Combining the experience of our knowledge with cinematic melody and orchestra we were able to craft something we feel set the tone for the rest of the album.

Jungle Fury

“Pretty special and unique piece for us and will always have a place in our hearts. Jungle Fury is a mixture of heavy leaning pop chords mixed with our kind of dubstep and a pay trance drop at the end. We wanted to show our fans that pop progression, psy  trance and dubstep could all live in a track respectively while combining to make this piece of music.”

Disorder (Rebirth)

“Disorder was our very first original on Monstercat and will always be known as such. We always knew that one day we’ll get back to it for a 2.0 version and this album was the perfect opportunity. Disorder (Rebirth) is a non stop rage track from start to finish meant to be aggressive 24/7. It is the beginning of the Machine’s rise back to power, who the machine is or what it represents is completely up to you the listener.”


“Where do we start with this one? I mean, we are in love with story lines and video games that have great story lines and this was really created with the game Red Dead Redemption in mind. We wanted to bring to life a western themed original that slapped from start to finish but also kept in line with the story line we had created with a touch of multiple musical spectrums that live in harmony all together.”

Desert To Desert

“I mean who doesn’t like to be serenaded with an angelic voice right? We wanted to carry over the heaviness of Blackwater into the lightheartedness and start of Aiwa. We think Desert To Desert allows for the listeners ears to get adjusted and remember that there is beauty even in dark places.”


This track was unbelievably fun to make for us. The vocals at the beginning of the track are Tom’s vocals along with our roommate Eliran and we probably did about 30 takes to get it right and just had such a great time working on this track from start to finish. We are Israeli born and raised and we really wanted to connect where we are from (middle east) and the much love brostep/dubstep that is popular in the States.

The Mob

We made ‘The Mob’ when we were in this dark place and having writers block in the studio. We needed a way to release frustrations and there is no way better to do that then creating a track that just is gritti and grimey from start to finish. This to us represents the tough tenacity and resilience of people which in turn helps conquer the darkness or in this case the Machine.”

Last Stand

We connected the gritty anger that ‘The Mob’ brings by drowning out the bass with more melodic cinematic progression that shows you from darkness spawns light and happiness and hope!


One of our fans most loved tracks. It is one of those tracks that people will always recognize us for. it’s also one of the tracks that took us forever to compose (over a year). On a deeper level it is the final chapter of the resistance against the machine. The final battle between mankind and those fighting for justice and those who don’t. Who wins? Well that is for you to decide.”

Take That

A joyous celebration of victory. We wanted to create a funky pop driven track that is very left field for us. The kind of sound tracks you hear at the end of a Marvel or DC movie when they’re rolling the credits. We love producing music and not genre’s and this was one we absolutely had a blast making. It was a challenge for sure, but in the end we felt there was no way better to end the album.

Exclusive: Brooks and Jonas Aden devise mayhem with future house reunion, ‘RIOT’

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Exclusive: Brooks and Jonas Aden devise mayhem with future house reunion, ‘RIOT’45132888 2219191488151468 4351980637507289088 O

From his introductory Ultra Music Festival appearance in 2014 to his most recent ANIMA live spectacle this past March, Martin Garrix shows no mercy in implanting numerous striking, high-profile IDs during his annual display at the Southern Florida event. When the STMPD Records head honcho took control of the decks during the festival’s 2019 Virginia Key iteration, he brought with him a surreptitious new production that was almost instantaneously speculated by fans to be a forthcoming union between future house staples, Brooks and Jonas Aden.

Exactly five months to the day later, the duo is formally reuniting for the first time in three years for the official release of the Ultra enigma, “RIOT,” and therein adding a compelling outro to STMPD Records’ summer soundtrack.

While the shape-shifting sub-genre of future house may assume a myriad of aural identities, Brooks and Aden are two talents that have continuously abetted in its evolution. “RIOT” is a spotless illustration of that mastery, as the pairing puts forth lawless lyrics amidst a dark and intricate lead alongside a cataclysmic future house instrumental.

“RIOT” is out everywhere tomorrow, but available to stream exclusively through Dancing Astronaut today.

Featured image: Facebook/Brooks

Lunar Lunes: Vincent and Yetep get on the ‘Same Page,’ Will Clarke and Nick Monaco thrill with new original, Jai Wolf delivers two new tracks + more

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Lunar Lunes: Vincent and Yetep get on the ‘Same Page,’ Will Clarke and Nick Monaco thrill with new original, Jai Wolf delivers two new tracks + moreLunar Lunes E1540831560592

Each week, New Music Friday sweeps through with torrential force, showering streaming platforms with immeasurable amounts of new tunes. Just like Dancing Astronaut rounds up 25 of the biggest songs of the week for the Hot 25 Spotify playlist each New Music Friday, Lunar Lunes serves as a landing pad for SoundCloud users who want a whole new dose of tunes to kick off the work week.

In his latest, Vincent has teamed up with Yetep and Brooke Daye to deliver the lighthearted “Same Page.” Will Clarke and Nick Monaco concoct some techno madness with their new collaboration, “Like A Girl,” on Dirtybird. In a seven-minute Steyoyoke Recordings venture, Rinzen has created “Forms,” an ethereal techno odyssey. Jai Wolf released two tracks from his forthcoming debut album, The Cure To Loneliness, “Lose My Mind” and “Telepathy.” Those who’ve seen a k?d performance can finally enjoy his show edit of “Find Paradise,” which he released via SoundCloud. KUURO have covered Post Malone‘s “Better Now,” and Sam Void‘s released “Feel The Low” on Protocol Recordings. HERO has revealed a “VHS pop” Fool’s Gold EP, containing disco-influenced tracks like “Nightcrawler.” Rainer + Grimm deliver their rendition of R3HAB‘s “Radio Silence,” and Syn Cole puts his spin on Nina Nesbitt’s “Colder.”

The selection is updated every Lunes (Monday).

Zedd becomes 11th team member of NYXL for Overwatch Team’s Homecoming Weekend in NYC

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Zedd becomes 11th team member of NYXL for Overwatch Team’s Homecoming Weekend in NYCZedd Rukes

The intersection of electronic music and esports keeps growing, and ZEDD is back at the forefront of this intersection as he becomes the unofficial “11th man” for New York City’s Overwatch League Franchise, NYXL, during their homecoming weekend. The Overwatch League team has hosted a six-week pop-up shop called NYXL Shop & LAN, which includes a gaming center and exclusive merchandise. For the NYXL Homecoming Weekend, the players will come back to meet fans, and compete in friendly matches with NYC gamers, as well as exhibition games with the Philly and LA teams.

NYXL’s Homecoming Weekend will kicked off on Friday, November 30 with top New York gamers facing off against NYXL. On Saturday December 1, NYXL played Philadelphia Fusion following exhibition matches with the True Colors producer. To close out the weekend, NYXL will play Los Angeles Valiant on Sunday, December 2. This is not ZEDD’s first run-in with esports, after being chosen to create the official song for Riot’s League of Legends Worlds Championship back in 2016, titled “Ignite.” The NYXL Homecoming Weekend is open to the public, but for those wanted private meet & greet’s and increased access, VIP tickets are available. For those who can’t make it, all of the matches including ZEDD’s will be streamed on NYXL’s Twitch Channel.

Photo Credit: Rukes

SLANDER and RIOT team up for a release full of surprises with ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’

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SLANDER and RIOT team up for a release full of surprises with ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’SLANDER C Koury Angelo

SLANDER cannot be stopped. The duo comprising of Derek Andersen and Scott Land have been coming out releases more or less on a bi-weekly basis, with their newest  being “You Don’t Even Know Me” alongside RIOT. This follows their collaboration with Crankdat, another another high-profile pairing to add to their ever-growing list. The first three minutes of the track are a smooth melodic tune with enthralling vocals and a flowing backdrop that evokes a sense of calm. As it hits its third minute, however, a powerful drop comes out of seemingly nowhere, slapping listeners with a hard-hitting array of synths and low-end.

“You Don’t Even Know Me” comes fresh off news that Anderson and Land will be teaming up with producer NGHTMRE to launch their very own record label, which they’ve unsurprisingly dubbed Gud Vibrations. “You Don’t Even Know Me” is out now via Monstercat.

Photo Credit: Koury Angelo