REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’

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REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’Rezz Tidal 1

Ahead of her album listening party at Magic Castle, REZZ sat down with TIDAL to briefly divulge into not only where the inspiration came for the Certain Kind Of Magic album, but touch on her come-up, and early influences.

REZZ has always been vocal about her wide range of musical taste, and reiterates this in the interview, citing her love for pop-punk (Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance) and deadmau5 on the electronic end. As she fondly reminisces about her early festival-going days, the documentary drums up a photo of REZZ posing at an event donning an enormous Skrillex perler around her neck.

“I was totally involved in the same way all my fans are today,” she says.

Twitter has housed quite a few watershed moments in REZZ’s career. She enthusiastically recounts the day Skrillex followed her on the platform, and soon messaged her asking her to keep him in the loop on her unreleased tracks.

She also emphasizes how she uses her constant interaction with fans on Twitter to allow them to feel connected to her “as a real person.” REZZ says her fans attributing her quixotic nicknames on Twitter like “magician and wizard,” led to the magic theme becoming the focal point of the new album.

Diving as far back into her musical history as she can remember, she recalls that while she never learned music theory or had any formal training, from a very early age, she displayed an aptitude for rhythm. She cites an exercise from elementary school in which players tried to mimic each other’s drum patterns, and how she intuitively mirrored the other kids’ sequences.

The featured doc is only available for those with TIDAL subscriptions. 

Photo Credit: Philip Prolo

1788-L lets strange sounds fly on ‘N U / V E R / K A’

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1788-L lets strange sounds fly on ‘N U / V E R / K A’1788 L Nurveka 1

1788-L‘s free fall to the forefront of the scene and into the hearts of Rezz fans was spurred by her release of their collaborative track, “H E X,” from her then-unreleased album a few months back. The anonymous producer’s curiously-crafted, Rezz-adjacent (yet, somehow stranger) sound first bore fruit after his timely remix of Virtual Self’s “Particle Arts.”

The enigmatic artist’s latest release, “N U / V E R / K A” is the bleeding embodiment of experimental electronic, with elements of electro, glitch, and tech sprinkled throughout—in no particular order. The track’s whirlwind arrangement only adds to the dizzying merriment, as the listener is sucked into the oscillating 1788-L continuum.


Gear up for Lollapalooza with DA’s 12 most anticipated performances

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Gear up for Lollapalooza with DA’s 12 most anticipated performancesLollapalooza Chhicago 2018

Lollapalooza is this weekend in Chicago, and Dancing Astronaut is hosting a live stream of the music festival.

With headliners such as The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, and Travis Scott, the festival’s 27th year in existence should be one for the ages. After changing to a four-day event in 2016, Lollapalooza is easily one of the top-attended music festivals in the United States.

Below are 12 of the most anticipated Lollapalooza performances from an electronic music perspective.


“Space mom” is a must-see for any festival. She’s performing Thursday at 7:15 p.m. CDT, and her new album, Certain Kind Of Magic, comes out Friday on mau5trap. REZZ was just featured on the cover of DJ Mag‘s August issue.


After killer sets at Red Rocks and Panorama, ODESZA looks to bring their massive live-electronic show with their big synths, drum line, and stellar light show. The duo is the headliner of EDM at Lollapalooza, and there are rumors of a potential Foreign Family festival in 2019.


After beating cancer, the British dubstep pioneer is back in action. He dropped his Has Made Five More Songs EP, this year, and the flag-bearer of contemporary dubstep knows how to throw down, recently coming off supporting Zeds Dead in London. Dubstep whomps at 6 p.m. CDT Friday? Yes, please.

Billie Eilish

The 16-year-old from California had her debut EP, Don’t Smile at Me, rank on Billboard‘s top 200 list. The distraught yet swagged-out teen recently had a tarantula emerge from her mouth for the new single, you should see me in a crown. Imagine what the eclectic and eccentric young trendsetter will bring to the stage.

Dillon Francis

The budding actor, director, and TV writer is also one of the most sought-after festival DJs. With six releases from his upcoming WUT WUT album on Francis’ new IDGAFOS imprint, working with Comedy Central on Living The Dream, his own show Like & Subscribe, and One Deeper Talks with DJ Hanzel; EDM’s funny man has been busy this summer.  Playing Friday at 8:30 p.m. CDT, Francis’ live set will be a perfect way to start the weekend shenanigans.


Cool your jets to the easy-going electronic ambiance of Scott Hansen aka Tycho. The musician, composer, producer, songwriter, photographer, and designer is a true embodiment of an artist. With a variety of genre’s at Lollapalooza, Tycho will be a nice escape into the serene 9 p.m. CDT on Thursday.

Post Malone

With one of Billboard‘s top albums for the past two months, beerbongs & bentleys, Malone is a must-see. His happy-go-lucky attitude, infectious smile, and daydreaming vibe will create an ambiance of love, partying, and good harmony.


Future bass maven, Nicholas D. Miller, will put on a beautiful set with big synths 7:15 p.m. CDT Saturday. He’s been diving into harder productions, recently teaming up with Excision on their new track, “Gold (Stupid Love)” featuring Shallows. Last month, Illenium released a massive 15-track remix package for his 2017 Awake album.


Having released their fifth studio album, Head Over Heals, this summer, the veteran FUNKLORDZ look towards filling the electro-funk void. After cancelling shows earlier in July due to mental health issues, the duo is back in action and will not disappoint fans of funk, dance & hip-hop.

Tyler, The Creator

He just released a new music video with A$AP Rocky for their single, “Potato Salad.” The Odd Future fashion, lifestyle, and content icon finally received critic recognition on his Flower Boy album last year. His set is sure to be one of a kind.


The live electronic duo from Sweden will keep spirits uplifted with melodies and drops a-plenty. According to their Twitter, they’ve also got something special planned for Lollapalooza.


Germany and pop music’s EDM headliner and Billboard chart-topper will not disappoint. He’s playing at 8:30 p.m. CDT on Saturday. His newest song is “Happy Now” featuring Elley Duhé.

Honorable mentions: Petit Biscuit, Malaa, Lykke Li, Goldlink, What So Not, Excision, Logic, The Weeknd, Khalid.

Photo Credit: @charles.reagan/Instagram

Stream Lollapalooza live through Red Bull TV: The Weeknd, Zedd, REZZ, Tycho + More

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Stream Lollapalooza live through Red Bull TV: The Weeknd, Zedd, REZZ, Tycho + MoreLollapalooza 1

Stream Lollapalooza live through Red Bull TV: The Weeknd, Zedd, REZZ, Tycho + MoreLolla Streams 1

The most happening musical celebration in Chicago, Lollapalooza, has announced that this year, those not attending the festival will have four different live channels for all things Lolla at their disposal, thanks to Red Bull TV.

While three of the channels will be reporter-led coverage, the fourth, through the Red Bull Music Youtube page, will offer live streams of the festival sets via virtual reality. The new streaming installment, compliments of C3 Presents, Live Nation, and Google‘s own AR/VR team will “virtually transport fans from anywhere, in real time to the front row at Lollapalooza.”

Coverage is set to begin on the Grant Park festival grounds the day of commencement, Thursday, Aug. 2, at 6 p.m. CST and roll on throughout the weekend until the fest’s conclusion Sunday. The four-day affair boasts an eclectic-as-ever lineup this year, headlined by categorical virtuosos like Jack White, Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd, who will all be included in the live streams. The live broadcast will also include sets from top-tier electronic acts like Tycho, Rusko, ODESZA, Illenium, REZZ, and much more.

Streaming will be available here.

Featured Photo: Carpediem

1788-L announces debut EP, ‘SENTIENCE’ on mysterious AI-powered website

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1788-L announces debut EP, ‘SENTIENCE’ on mysterious AI-powered website1788 L Sentience Ep

1788-L has been an enigma for some time now, emerging with stellar remixes marked by intense synths and unique designs. Having collaborated with REZZ on her upcoming album, Certain Kind Of Magic‘s “H E X” the mysterious producer has made quite a bit of noise in the bass world already. Recently, 1788-L launched an inexplicable AI-powered website that gives users answers to specific questions. Fans of course jumped all over this, asking about unreleased music.

Click HERE to access the website and feel free to ask away.

Facts users found out were 1788-L’s has a four-track EP named, SENTIENCE, and it’s coming out in August. The tracklist features four tracks, known currently as, “FULL/BURST,” “NU/VER/KA,” “FORCE/IMPULSE,” and “ASTRAY/R.” The lead single, “FULL/BURST” will be released August 3, the same day his collaborator REZZ is set to deliver her sophomore LP. Things are moving fast for the burgeoning new act as 1788-L is slated to support Ekali’s upcoming Crystal Eyes tour, shortly after his debut DJ performance at Brownies & Lemonade in LA a couple weeks ago. Attendees on Reddit seem to have confirmed the DJ/producer is in fact Stonewall Klaxon, though the project’s secretive allure continues to give it an added measure of appeal.

Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaign

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Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaignDeathpact

While the idea of a masked or anonymous producer is not anything new in the world of electronic music, few put as much work into hiding their identity and creating a buzz than the mysterious new artist, Deathpact. Not much is known about the producer, but they have officially let their first single, titled “Danger,” loose as of July 20.

“Danger” is an excitingly dark house tune that would fit right in with Malaa‘s catalog — but the real buzz comes from Deathpact’s seriously creepy website. Upon entering the site, nothing suspicious catches the eye, aside from the fact that it’s just an empty website. However, after some clicking around, a modulated voice begins to list off numbers – the phone number 917-283-2750. More investigation lead DA down a rabbit hole of creepy voicemails and a chain of indecipherable text messages, which took us to a command prompt screen that proved too difficult to crack.

Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaignScreenshot 20180724 121737 Messages E1532449794702Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaignScreenshot 20180724 121745 Messages E1532449868824Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaignScreenshot 20180724 122057 Chrome E1532450180324

The most insightful information we found was hidden in the lining of the original website. After exploring the site a bit, we found a list of Twitter usernames, all who seem to be big fans of Rezz, and all who have been tweeting the key emoji back and forth with the Deathpact account.

Mysterious Rezz-approved artist Deathpact drops new single, launches eerie campaignScreen Shot 2018 07 24 At 10.54.25 AM E1532449707862

After looking into the Rezz connection, we discovered that Deathpact is featured on “Life and Death,” a track from her upcoming album. Rezz has played the track out at a few festivals recently, and it is getting great response.


While all of this investigating eventually lead to a dead end, there is no doubt something invigorating is going on behind the scenes. Keep an eye out for more Deathpact news in the near future, because the story can only get better from here.

DA Premiere: REZZ hits the feels in cute new animated video for latest single, ‘Flying Octopus’ [Watch]

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DA Premiere: REZZ hits the feels in cute new animated video for latest single, ‘Flying Octopus’ [Watch]Rezzlead

REZZ has a new album on the way via Mau5trap, and since early this summer, the Canadian beat maker’s sophomore effort has been one of the most hotly anticipated projects of the year. Following recent singles from the record, “Witching Hour” and the 1788-L-assisted “H E X,” REZZ has come through with another new piece from her upcoming Certain Kind of Magic LP, offering “Flying Octopus,” and the track’s accompanying music video as her latest delivery.

“Flying Octopus” tells the story of a little animated octo-boi and a group of underwater pals plotting their ambitious escape from the depths. The cartoon critters find themselves jerry-rigging a submarine to fly them out of dodge, set to the score of REZZ’ tingling, syrupy techno cut. While the video is a step away from characteristically trippy REZZ visuals, the new feature heavily leans on a message of lighthearted camaraderie, which ultimately aligns perfectly with the Mass Manipulation producer’s cult fan base. See the video for “Flying Octopus” here ahead of Certain Kind of Magic’s August 3 release.

These are 10 hype-building songs to listen to ahead for Moonrise Festival 2018

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These are 10 hype-building songs to listen to ahead for Moonrise Festival 2018Moonrise

Moonrise Festival 2018 is shaping out to be one of Baltimore’s most exciting events of the year. The two-day festival — held at the Pimlico Race Course – is preparing for its 5th installment, which will feature a wide and diverse range of artists, catering toward fans of almost any dance music sub-genre. Performers include Kaskade, Zeds Dead, 3LAU, JOYRYDE, Ookay, GRiZ, Illenium, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Ekali, MK, and more.

In honor of the upcoming festivities, we’ve compiled a 10-track playlist that includes tunes from some of the weekend’s most anticipated acts — perfect for any pre-game or long road-trips to Baltimore.

1. Silk City (Diplo & Mark Ronson) – “Only Can Get Better”

The latest single from Diplo & Mark Ronson’s newest side project Silk City. This is definitely a collaboration attendees will hear during Diplo’s headline set at the Stellar Stage Saturday night. Ronson has since teased their second upcoming release, so maybe he’ll give fans a little taste at the festival?

2. DJ Snake & Mercer – “Let’s Get Ill”

One of DJ Snake’s hottest 2018 collaborations saw linking up with Mercer for a rapid, future house heater. Check out Snake headlining the Stellar Stage Saturday night alongside Kaskade, Diplo, Zeds Dead, and more.

3. Marshmello – “Rooftops”

Marshmello recently released his Joytime II album, which has been very well-received by the Mello Gang. “Rooftops” a groovy one from the album where the DJ/producer throws on his own 90’s punk rock-sounding vocals. He’ll take the Stellar Stage Sunday night and will likely close out the weekend.

4. SNRBN – “If I Can’t Have You” feat. Harloe

The LA-based DJ/producer, who will also be taking over the Stellar Stage on Sunday afternoon, where he will more than likely take his audience out of the racetrack an instead place them on a mental beach. His latest single “I Can’t Have You” accomplishes this feat in mere minutes.

5. Two Friends – “While We’re Dreaming” feat. Kevin Writer

We enjoy this 2017 throwback from the duo, who will be treating their guests to a heavy dose of their cheery brand of dance music.

6. Galantis – “Mama Look At Me Now”

“Mama Look At Me Now” is one of two tracks from Galantis’ latest EP release, and it gives us a taste of what’s in store for the mischevious Swedes’ infectiously raucous Sunday set.

7. Cashmere Cat, Major Lazer, Tory Lanez – “Miss You” (Akira Akira & Hikeii Remix)

This is one of the most poppin’ remixes of his hit collaboration “Miss You” with Major Lazer and Tory Lanez. Festival goers can expect to hear either the original or an assortment of remixes, yet knowing Cashmere Cat, he often has a strictly Jersey club section of the set, to which this fits perfectly. Check out his set at the Lunar Stage on Sunday.

8. Rezz & 1788-L – H E X

Rezz is blowing up the scene with dark synths and heavy beats that are nothing short of an innovative sound. Check out her latest release, which she’ll most likely use to destroy the Solar Tent atmosphere on Saturday.

9. Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo, Anti-Up – “Pizza”

Anyone want pizza? No? How about after a few hours of constant movement and house beats at the Celestial Stage? Chris Lake will be headlining the house-geared stage Saturday night and will probably trap listeners into his set right as they’re deciding to leave for some pizza.

10. Eric Prydz – “Liberate” (Lane 8 Remix)

This remix for Eric Prydz’ “Liberate” is one of Lane 8’s hidden gems released back in 2014. He’s pushed out a lot of new music since then, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop showing this perfect blend of deep and melodic house some love. Check him out headlining the Celestial Stage Sunday night.

Purchase tickets via the Moonrise Festival website and if this song selection didn’t do justice, check out the festival’s 2018 Spotify playlists, which are curated by stage.


REZZ and 1788-L crush menacing “H E X”

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REZZ and 1788-L crush menacing “H E X”Unnamed 3

There is no doubt that REZZ has captivated audiences time and time again with her menacing productions that radiate energy and grit. Having already released her first album Mass Manipulation via mau5trap with great success, she now brings a piece of her second album CERTAIN KIND OF MAGIC, which is slated to go out Aug. 3, in the form of the track “H E X.”

This track comes as a collaboration with the mysterious 1788-L, a self-proclaimed android, that has ferociously released 10 songs in a matter of four months. With so much content that never wavers in quality, he has already graced festival stages through DJ sets and has garnered support from Seven Lions, RL Grime, Ekali, and many more.

“H E X” blends the two artists’ styles effortlessly from the spooky build-up, to the heavy and welcomely abrasive drop they mesmerize listeners and transport them to a place of bass, lasers and head-banging.

Holy Ship! releases stacked 2019 lineup including REZZ, Claude VonStroke, NGHTMRE, Zeds Dead & More

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Holy Ship! is notorious for selling out in a matter of minutes, and the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ ship turned floating EDM festival is set to do the same with the unveiling of the 2019 lineup.

The two-weekend festival is set to take place with a four night sailing January 5-9, 2019 for the festival’s 12th sailing. It is immediately followed by the three night trip January 9-12, 2019 for its 13th rendition.

Each of the Holy Ship! 2019 sailings will depart from Port Canaveral and chart a course to the Bahamas, with official pre-parties to be scheduled. The itinerary for 12.0 includes two days at Great Stirrup Cay, giving attendees two chances to experience the famed private island parties, followed by a day at sea, before heading home. 13.0 will feature a full day of sailing upon the open seas and a day long party stop at Great Stirrup Cay before heading home.

This year’s lineup is diverse with diverse acts ranging including heavy hitters like REZZBob MosesClaude VonStrokeZeds Dead and NGHTMRE. Fans who want to experience the action live can find more information and secure their cabin at

Photo Credit: Holy Ship!/Joseph Llanes