Steve Aoki’s pizza delivery business set for rapid expansion

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Steve Aoki’s pizza delivery business set for rapid expansionSteve Aoki Pizzaoki Epansion

For those who prefer their pizza with a dose of dance music, there’s good news: Steve Aoki‘s pizza delivery service Pizzaoki is coming to a city near you sooner rather than later. After the business’s launch in Los Angeles this past July, the venture is already profitable. Fans can expect Aoki-approved pies in 15 to 20 Pizzaoki locations around the country by the end of 2019. Additional California joints and landings in Boston, Miami, New York and Chicago are all in the works, with European openings on the horizon as well. The restaurant is currently delivery-only through both UberEats and Postmates services.

The globetrotting EDM star and Dim Mak label boss has maintained a packed schedule of high energy shows and cake-throwing — but still manages to find the time for a surprising array of food-related side ventures. Aoki has been investing in the restaurant space since 2007, with six businesses under his umbrella. Don’t think the ventures are all about money-making for the hit-maker, though. His passion is immediately apparent in a recent Forbes interview:

“The Aoiki DNA is in there, the sauce we use is Mama Aoki’s special sauce. In fact, each pizza corresponds to different song titles and represents an emotional response of what the pizza should deliver to you. We’ve got more pizzas that we’re creating too for more songs and outing the character of the song in the pizza, the energy, the hotness or whatever.”

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Steve Aoki puts down the cake, launches new Pizzaoki restaurant in LA

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Steve Aoki puts down the cake, launches new Pizzaoki restaurant in LAPizzaoki 2.0 1

Pastry hurling international dance icon Steve Aoki has decided to temporarily halt the on-stage cake throwing gimmick and pick up the dough roller. The 40-year superstar DJ/producer has just announced the opening of Pizzaoki in his hometown of Los Angeles. As the son of Benihana’s founder, who once told Yahoo Finance he has never received a penny from his father, the inventively named new restaurant seems like a fitting next move for the entrepreneurial mogul.

A themed restaurant in it’s conception, much like the theatrical Japanese chain started by his late father, Aoki says that customers will be able to enjoy quality pizza recipes named after his hit songs — for instance, a classic cheese dubbed “Just Hold On” or the “Mayhem,” a supreme with all the toppings. The new concept also relies heavily on technology for delivery, as Pizzaoki currently lacks a brick and mortar location. Customers can currently place orders through Postmates and Uber Eats.

Gordon Ramsay was once asked to use cocaine as a garnish

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has spilled the beans on a not-so-kept secret — cocaine use is rife in the restaurant industry. During an interview with Radio Times in anticipation of his upcoming documentary about the drug, Ramsay divulged that he was once asked by diners and a charity event to use the class A drug as a garnish.

“When the dessert arrived the couple came to me and said, ‘Look, everyone on the table is happy you’re here, but can you make a soufflé like never before and combine icing sugar with coke and dust it?’”

Ramsay says he laughed off the request and didn’t handle the drug, stating, “I set the soufflé down. Didn’t even say goodbye. I just left out the back door.” His documentary, Gordon On Cocaine, is set to air on ITV, following Ramsay on a visit to Central and South America as he meets with individuals who are part of the drug trade. The film was inspired by an incident in one of the chef’s restaurants around Christmas 2016 when a patron brought a plate into the bathroom to snort the drug.

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