Apple Music debuts Replay, new personalized year-end mixes and stats

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Apple Music debuts Replay, new personalized year-end mixes and statsApple Replay Playlists

Whether it was Lizzo scoring your days or Diplo soundtracking your nights, 2019’s running playlist has certainly been a memorable one. Now, Apple Music users can go back and hear their year in review with the launch of new personalized playlists and statistic breakdowns called Apple Music Replay. While Spotify users have had this year end feature for some time, Apple is following suit this year, providing users with customized playlists with their favorite cuts of the year.

Where Apple Music Replay differs from Spotify’s Wrapped—Apple is tailoring an ongoing listening experience with retrospective lists so users can go back and revisit their personal rotations from previous years. Furthermore, Apple Music Replay will function as more than just a shareable snapshot of the year. The feature will continue to update throughout the year, giving listeners a real-time look at their current favorites week-to-week. Check out Apple Music Replay here.