Chrome Sparks – What’s It Gonna Take ft Angelica Bess (Machinedrum Remix)

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Los Angeles producer Machinedrum has remixed Chrome Sparks, “What’s It Gonna Take” featuring Angelica Bess. Machinedrum’s dreamy take on the original features an uplifting melody, infectious beat, and an energetic fusion of staccato synths and dynamic percussion. Mellow interludes with minimalist rhythm contrast upbeat drops, creating a tasteful balance of soothing yet playful sound.

Machinedrum has engineered an indie style categorized by heavenly electronic progressions and moving harmonies. He is known for striking originals such as “U Betta” and euphoric remixes including UZ‘s “Inferno.” With a captivating signature tone, Machinedrum’s remix of “What’s It Gonna Take” sets the stage for what’s to come from the bold, innovative producer.

Kelly Clarkson – I Don’t Think About You (Luca Schreiner Remix)

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luca schreiner

German producer, Luca Schreiner, remixed one of Kelly Clarkson‘s pieces, “I Don’t Think About You,” off her latest album, Meaning of Life. Schreiner’s moving rendition takes the original to new heights with an uptempo melody, intriguing beat, and edgy vocal distortions. The alluring remix flaunts the producer’s seamless production technique by incorporating his own stylistic elements while maintaining the balance of Kelly Clarkson’s iconic sound.

“I loved working on this remix since I’ve always been a big fan of Kelly’s work. The original was quiet and slow, so I tried to bring in a little more tempo and movement with my remix. I feel like it has a unique combination now of slow and ballad type parts but also uplifting dance-pop parts at the same time.” -Luca Schreiner

Luca Schreiner is known for his dynamic, colorful style that is featured in both his originals and remixes such as “Out My Mind” and “Heart Won’t Forget.” His playful, infectious melodies and captivating beats give an unforgettable edge to each of his creations.

Sunset Neon – Everything (Josh Money Remix)

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The first thing springs to mind after listening to Josh Money’s remix of “Everything” from Sunset Neon is how utterly diverse the reinterpretation is.

A reverb drenched intro builds to mellow, swirling midtempo verse. This soon transitions into a brief, experimental-leaning interlude that prefaces a cleverly constructed drop, complete with slippery vocal samples, slices of synthesizer chords, and glittering arpeggios all atop a rock solid foundation of thudding percussion.

It’s an impeccable remix from a producer on the rise and firmly cements Josh Money was one to watch in 2018.

Premiere: Steve Parry – 303 V (OC & Verde Remix)

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OC & Verde

Signs generally point to a new act’s credibility if they happen to be a recipient of early support from the likes of John Digweed, Adam Beyer, and Maceo Plex, among other established veterans. OC & Verde have accomplished such a feat, and their strong ethic only continues to land them critical acclaim with each carefully-crafted release.

The pair were recently tasked to remix Steve Parry’s “303 V,” and to say they made it their own would be an understatement. They’ve turned the original completely inside out, coaxing it out from its smooth, grooving foundation and transforming it  into to an absolute steamroller of a techno record. Where Parry adds light into “303 V,” OC & Verde replace it with darkness, pummeling the ears with thundering, shadowy kicks and a pitched-up synth progression that is cunning enough to raise hairs.

We’re left once more with another solid addition to their repertoire, and further backing of their “names to watch” title bestowed upon them by Pete Tong for the year of 2018.

“303 V (OC & Verde Remix)” is set for a March 23 release on Selador. Pre-order a copy here

Beck – Up All Night (Oliver Remix)

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Oliver press shot from Twitter dot Com

Los Angeles duo Oliver — Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein — shared their remix of Beck‘s track, “Up All Night,” the third single from his thirteenth studio album, Colors.

Adding their own invigorating synth colors to the track, Oliver reinvents the track into a robotic counterpart, instilling a sense of manufacture to its central elements. It’s danceable, friendly, and a forthright effort from the duo. The remix pays due homage to Beck’s lush vocal abilities while shifting into futuristic mode, with the end result entirely delectable.

Oliver released their otherworldly album, Full Circleback in September.

Sasha Sloan – Ready Yet (San Holo remix)

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San Holo has released a stunning remix of Sasha Sloan‘s “Ready Yet.” The downtempo, melodic piece features glowing melodies, a relaxed bass line, and breathtaking vocals. Engineering a colorful take on the original, San Holo’s remix is full of elegant sounds which give the track an airy feel.

With an impressive discography that includes several hit singles such as “Light,” “One Thing,” and “I Still See Your Face,” the Dutch DJ and producer is one of dance music’s favorites for his sweeping style categorized by eclectic, moving productions and intriguing remixes. Undoubtedly, San Holo’s latest spin on Sasha Sloan’s “Ready Yet” will captivate listeners across the world for its mesmerizing, mellow vibe.

Four Tet reworks Bicep’s ‘Opal’ into a contemplative club gem

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Bicep - Opal (Four Tet Remix)

Four Tet has remixed Bicep’s “Opal,” a crown jewel lifted from the Belfast duo’s self-titled debut album, which coalesces the halcyon days of club culture with a unique marriage of Italo house and glitzy electro.

Celebrated for his own work as a producer, Four Tet’s remixes have always brought an identifiable, idiosyncratic approach to his source material — a capitalization on the creative avenues for tantalizing textures and dulcet deliverances alike.

Accordingly, Four Tet, born Kieran Hebden, brings his distinctive M.O. to Bicep’s club-heavy work. Employing the textural aura that drove his latest swirling body of work, New Energyand energy akin to Bicep’s own “Glue,” Four Tet marries subtle rhythmic tweaks and overlays of texture on “Opal.” By opening the track up to a more tender, contemplative feel, he extends its running time by almost twice as long, playing on each of its key components with added grace, giving them space to breathe and ruminate on the dance floor.

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Lauv – Getting Over You (R3HAB remix)

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Lauv‘s lyrical expedition of heartbreak, “Getting Over You” is the latest production to go to R3HAB.

The Dutch DJ sources the sonic silver lining in Lauv’s confessional single, weaving uplifting tropical tones among Lauv’s smooth verses. An island-infused chord progression contributes to the remix’s tonal metamorphosis; whereas Lauv’s slow tempo original reflectively revels in a moody melancholy, R3HAB’s rework is an uplifting take that paradoxically renders breaking up a sun soaked, effortless endeavor.

Premiere: James Teej & Silky- Illuminated Cabaret (Tiefschwarz Remix)

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James Teej & Silky have created quite the eclectic gem in “Illuminated Cabaret,” out on Timo Maas‘ Rockets & Ponies. Enter house veterans Tiefschwarz, and suddenly the piece transforms into an afterhours’ dance weapon.

Tiefschwarz first work on the energy levels of “Illuminated Cabaret,” brightening it and  adding further stimulation with grooving drum patterns. Diving deeper into more subtle elements, the due accent the original’s central acidic elements with white noise and intriguing synthwork. In the end, we’re left with a finished product that maintains its glow while becoming something completely Tiefschwarz’ own.



“Illuminated Cabaret” is slated for a March 2 release.

Photo Credit: Axl Jansen