The Knocks & Captain Cuts – House Party (Oliver Disco Mixx)

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LA-based duo Oliver have been consistently making a name for themselves with an array of innovative originals and funky remixes. Each release is fresher and more inventive than the last, and their most recent song is a perfect example.

Oliver have released a “disco mixx” of The Knocks and Captain Cuts‘ “House Party,” which came out last month. The original possessed the classic feel-good vibe that is consistent in both The Knocks and Captain Cuts’ music. Though that collaboration was already exceptional, Oliver have stepped in and turned the clock back to the golden age of disco. The “disco mixx” of “House Party” turns the focus on the groovy beat, nearly doubling the length of the track. The original mix’s vocals were primed for a reworking like this, giving Oliver’s rendition a seamless a life all of its own.

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Pomo remixes Hall & Oates’ classic ‘I Can’t Go For That’

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Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Pomo has released his contemporary development of Hall & Oates‘ smash hit of ’81, “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),’ via Ultra Music. The original track, released amid Hall and Oats’s salad days, marked the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame duo’s fourth number-one hit on the Billboard Top 100.

Pomo, known for blending elements of hip-hop, house, and funk, officially emerged on the scene in 2016 with his debut EP, The Other Day, which netted him a Juno Award.

Pomo’s rendition of “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” demonstrates how modern innovation to a classic can be tastefully executed. Pomo’s production succeeds in highlighting, as opposed to suppressing, the original track’s funky lifeblood. Still especially discernible is Hall & Oats’s groovy bass work and guitar chords, emanating through Pomo’s implemented house beat and considerable autotune.

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Kasbo delights on rework of Jai Wolf’s ‘Indian Summer,’ apart of the ‘Kindred Spirits Remixes’ EP

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In 2015, then 23-year-old Jai Wolf – real name Sajeeb Saha – unleashed his immensely genre-challenging tune “Indian Summer.”

While Wolf’s original stands well on its own, if there was anyone put their spin on the track, few would do it the justice better than Swedish producer Kasbo. As such, Kasbo has done just that. He’s reimagined the euphoric number in the most elated tone imaginable. Kasbo ascends to the sonic heavens on his “Indian summer” rework, where he imbues its guitar chords and drums with pearlescent future-leaning nuance.

“Was an honor to remix Jai Wolf’s iconic song “Indian Summer.” Was challenging to make it my own cause I felt that the song was very much what it was supposed to be already. Ended up doing a few remixes, all of which were very similar to the original, but finally, I decided that I had to do something completely different, which became the final product…,” he said of the track.

Certainly, Kasbo inoculated the number with his own style, but his reworking’s impressiveness lies in the newfound variation’s ability to resist imposing on the track’s integrated integrity.

Kasbo quickly ascended in the indietronica ranks after touring alongside ODESZA in 2015. Since then he’s been riding on the coattails of his feel-good 2017 track “Found You, ” as well his more recent release via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. If its elegance serves as any indication, we can expect 2018 to be a prosperous year for the ever-rising producer.

Kasbo’s remix joins the work of Hotel Garuda, Robotaki, and others in the eight-track Kindred Spirits Remixes EP, which serves up new renditions of Jai Wolf’s album released in 2016.

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Krayysh – Talk To Me ft Joyia (Mat Zo Remix)

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It’s hard to know what to expect when Mat Zo releases a new song. Most recently, the music world was captivated by his bass-heavy Big Gigantic remix with Kill the Noise, which was followed a few months later by a cheery house track called “Eye of the Storm.” Not even a month later, he’s followed up with something entirely unlike either of the aforementioned tracks: an experimental remix of Krayysh‘s “Talk To Me.”

This year, he’s taken the new producer under his Mad Zoo wing. Krayysh’s music seems almost as diverse as Mat Zo’s, with releases varying from the REZZ-like deep bass of “Running From Death” to lighter numbers like “Talk To Me,” which originally came out just a few days ago on Nov. 13.

Mat Zo has reworked the lighthearted track into a lengthy experimental venture, exploring elements across all genres of electronic music production. He kicks off the six-minute journey focused on Joyia’s vocals before delving deeper into a drum and bass build-up. Racing synths and long, dramatic builds have doubled the original track in length as Mat Zo explores every inch of the track’s potential.

In what could perhaps best be described as a cohesive whirlwind, Mat Zo again demonstrates his array of production talents, securing his position as a timeless creative and leaving no genre untouched.

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Premiere: UZ – Lobby ft QUIX & Chaz French (sumthin sumthin Remix)

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Experimental DJ-producer sumthin sumthin has delivered his rendition of UZ‘s “Lobby” featuring QUIX and Chaz French. The song is to be featured on the extensive remix album accompanying UZ’s Layers LP, released earlier this year via UZ’s own Quality Goods Records. Also released recently on Quality Goods was sumthin sumthin’s own Afterglow EP. The four-track EP displays the California-based artist’s innovative, genre-defiant production technique.

Sumthin sumthin has added his own wonky twist to the original melodic trap framework of “Lobby.” In addition to the heavily pitched-down bass, sumthin sumthin has also infused a bit of strangeness into the track with his own fragmented, shattered glass-reminiscent sampling. Still audible are the metallic textures from UZ’s initial effort, though the remix features a more warped, glitchy sound design.

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Ryan Hemsworth fashions experimental remix to Streetfighter II theme

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Ryan Hemsworth earned ultimate recognition for his work in the form of recruitment to produce a song for E-40 and Yakki. Since “Hunnid’s” release, the Canadian bass wizard has now collaborated with the Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) to present his take on “Ryu’s Theme.”

“Ryu’s Theme,” of course, refers to the Streetfighter II theme song whose stems were sent out to an array of willing producers by the RBMA to duke out out over a remix contest. Hemsworth’s interpretation shows off what makes him such a standout producer — powerful bass wrapped in an eclectic soundscape that defies the status quo. While Hemsworth himself is participating in this contest as a judge and “video game expert,” his contribution to the project certainly sets the bar high for those under him looking for their shot at notoriety.


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Premiere: JP Saxe – Anybody Else (Win & Woo Remix)

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Chicago-based duo Win & Woo have had a stellar 2017. From an array of successful singles like “Chicago” with Bryce Fox to partnering with Blue Moon brewing for “Constellation” to their current tour with fellow Windy City natives Louis the Child, Nick Winholt and Austin Woo haven’t slowed down in the slightest as the year has progressed.

They’re heading into the holiday season with a catchy remix of JP Saxe’s “Anybody Else.” The remix takes a minimalist approach to the dark, sultry feel of the original track, stripping it down to JP Saxe’s vocals and a simple drum pattern for the verses. Their interpretation of “Anybody Else” is more lighthearted than the original, giving it more of a playful feel.

JP Saxe shared his thoughts on the origins of the track and Win & Woo’s rework of it.

“I’ve been a songwriter for a few years now, and going into sessions almost everyday, I noticed this overwhelming theme both in the studio and on the radio of what I call, ‘you hurt me, but I like it’ love songs. I think that’s getting a little played out. Yet there is obviously something very human about wanting something even more because you think you shouldn’t want it. I’d like to think ‘Anybody Else’ is a slightly more sophisticated twist on that concept…it’s leaning into the forbidden-ness in a self aware way, like you’re creating the barriers on purpose just so you can both enjoy breaking them. The original version plays into the sexy, mysterious tone of that feeling. Win and Woo’s remix plays into the fun of it, and the fun of it is very real.” 

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Graves – Blame ft LocateEmilio (Tim Gunter Remix)

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Following the hype around graves‘ viral debut EP Hilo, Austin native DJ/Producer Tim Gunter has put an explosive spin on one of the EP’s most popular tracks, “Blame,” featuring LocateEmilio on the vocals.

In the past, Gunter has been praised for his remixes of A-list artists such as Drake, Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign. This year, he has taken his production talents even further, releasing a widely acclaimed single, “Running Away.”

In his “Blame” remix, Gunter maintains the bold, intriguing atmosphere that the original creates, adding in some rapid drum rhythms, crunchy synths and orchestra samples that provide a whole new energy source. For listeners, this is another masterpiece from the 2013 Red Bull Thre3style U Champion to add to his portfolio.

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Mr. Carmack and Vindata take on N.E.R.D and Rihanna with ‘More Lemons’

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There are certain songs out there that seem to just beg for quality remixes right from the get-go –– most recently, N.E.R.D.’s comeback single with Rihanna “Lemon,” comes to mind. The original track is pristine working ground for a class rework effort, so Mr. Carmack and Vindata saw fit to bless the world with their joint take on the legendary funk rock/hip-hop outfit’s new product with “More Lemons.” Keeping the original mix largely intact, Carmack and Vindata up the ante on their version with some dance floor-ready modifications.

Not entirely a “lemonade out of lemons” situation, the rework avoids watering down or sugar coating where it’s inspiration came from. It merely builds on the original, simply offering “More Lemons,” if you will. The LA-based OWSLA pair and Mr. Carmack’s complementary production styles mesh into a single souped-up take on Rihanna and Pharrell‘s already certified rump-shaker, adding a welcomed dose of added hype to one of the year’s highlight marquee pop collaborations.

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Cosmic Gate & Markus Schulz’s ‘AR’ remix competition offers insane prizes

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Since the September release of “AR” on the Materia – Chapter.Two album, collaborators Cosmic Gate and Markus Schulz have kept up the momentum of the track with a huge remix opportunity.

Partnering with Groove Cruise Miami, MetaPop and Native Instruments, the duo are giving fans a chance to remix the trance anthem for a shot at some huge prizes. The winner of the remix competition for “AR” will get an opening DJ slot with Schulz on Groove Cruise Miami, taking place Jan. 26-29. In addition, the winner will receive an ocean-view stateroom for two guests, a Groove Cruise Recordings schwag bundle, and a debut of the winning remix on the Global DJ Broadcast with Schulz. To beef up the winner’s studio game, they will also receive Native Instruments’ Komplete Ultimate 11 (valued at $1,199), Native Instruments’ Maschine Mk3 (valued at $599), a Native Instruments store voucher for $200, a one-year pro subscription for LANDR, and a commercial release on Black Hole Recordings.

Those interested in submitting to the remix competition have until Nov. 29 to do so, and entries may be submitted here.


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