Remix package for Instupendo’s ‘Faces I Know’ arrives

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Remix package for Instupendo’s ‘Faces I Know’ arrivesInstupendo Faces I Know Remied Cover Art

From his humble beginnings as a viral star rising out of SoundCloud, Instupendo is in the midst of a banner 2018. The soon-to-be NYC-based producer debuted his second EP, Faces I Know, followed shortly after by a visual accompaniment, and parlayed a remix of Rostam‘s “Half-Light” into a supporting slot at Brooklyn Steel.

Instupendo is now up for the remix treatment himself, as Slow Magic, Owsey, and Laxcity take on the Faces I Know‘s “Fleur,” “Boy,” and “Clementine,” respectively.

Slow Magic turns the energy up a few notches on ” Fleur” with undulating synths and crisp percussion fills, while the track remains steeped in Instupendo’s trademark haze. Owsey’s take on “Boy” veers more sharply into different direction, adding vocal chops for new melodic lines, and capacious synths and drums that almost make the remix a guarantee to be played at big festival spots under an icosahedron.

Finally, Laxcity flips “Clementine” entirely, at times a stuttering, fluttering track bound by the original’s arpeggios before smoothing out a spacey atmospheric exploration anchored by a rumbling low end.

It’s a testament to Instupendo’s originals and their sound songwriting that each can be flipped in entirely different directions, and similarly that the remixers themselves took such disparate routes to produce new takes that pay homage to the originals and yet remain wholly their own.

Premiere: Kotek releases official remix for Balkan Bump’s ‘Aymo’

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Coasting off a 2017 debut release, “Aymo,” the multi-instrumentalist Balkan Bump, known for his live trumpet playing, is set to release an accompanying four-track remix EP via Gramatik‘s Lowtemp label — including an intense offering from Lowtemp native, Kotek.

The Slovenian Gramatik not only collaborated on the original track but has been seeing the project to fruition, debuting Balkan Bump on his 2018 Re:Coil Tour.

In his remix of “Aymo,” Kotek, leaves some of the Balkan-influenced nuances intact, strips down much of the instrumentation. Instead, he infuses his own offbeat style, adding huge bass kicks between glitchy synth stabs and reforms the tune into a raucous, unique number.

Photo Credit: NoFotos

Yoke Lore drops off lush remix package featuring Yeasayer, Blackbird Blackbird, and more

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Throughout 2017,  Adrian Galvin — the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter behind the indietronica-project Yoke Lore — dropped off a slew of electrifying takes on his 2017 originals “Goodpain,” “Only You,” and “World Wings.”

Now, Yoke Lore’s dropped off an official remix package for the number. Goodpain Remix is a cathartic assemblage of Yoke Lore’s work and presents a charming spectrum of electronica offerings. There are also never before heard takes on the record, including “Level Tools” from the electronic South African and Californian duo AMINA! and “World Wings,” from the textural synth-pop outfit Blackbird Blackbird which echoes satiny sonic sentiments similar to chillwave’s pioneer, Washed Out.

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Gianni Blu releases ‘Thinking About You’ remix EP

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Chicago-based producer and songwriter Gianni Blu has quickly placed himself into the spotlight with the release of his Thinking About You remix EP. His original kick-off for his career was during his early records when he collaborated with rap artists like Lil Bibby, King Louie, French of Bricksquad Monopoly, and Sasha Go Hard.

2016 saw a new transition from Blu. He released “Feeling It,” his single that received support from Martin Garrix and charted in Spotify‘s US & Global Viral Charts. “Thinking About You” features Sansa, who has collaborated with Kaskade in the past. Blu’s multicultural Italian-Haitian background has allowed him to become exposed to music from all over the world, shaping his current sound into the tonality it is today.

Blu has officially released his Thinking About You remix EP, which features contributions from Speaker of the House, JYYE, Bvd Kult, and Jekyll | Hyde. The diversity that each artist showcased in their remix further enhances and complements Blu’s sonic uniqueness and quality.

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Louis The Child unveils ‘Love Is Alive’ remix compilation

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Louis The Child has revealed the 4 tracks that have made the official “Love Is Alive” remix compilation.

Chet Porter, Savoy, Meaux Green, B-Sides, and Conro are the lucky chosen ones, each helping makes this remix EP a diverse blend of edits with each submission showcasing its own genuine flavor. Louis The Child chose wisely when handing their original off to these producers and in turn, proved that “Love Is Alive” has long legs.

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ATLiens release 12-track remix pack for ‘Alchemy’

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ATLiens, who have blown up over the last two years thanks to their experimental trap releases and work with the legendary Bassnectar. Now, they have dropped the remix pack for their May single, “Alchemy.” The 12-track collection draws from results of their recent remix competition, highlighting the 12 submissions that stood out the most notably.

YNVN, MineSweepa, Holly, Dapp, Bite Me & Pasdat, and more all appear on the record, with Jameston Thieves and Clips X Ahoy providing two particularly standout selections.

Stream the full remix EP below:

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NGHTMRE & Rickyxsan, Henry Fong and more remix Galantis single, ‘Hunter’ [Stream]

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Earlier in May, Galantis enthralled dance music’s commercial sector with the release of their second original production of the year, “Hunter.” While the vocal-heavy track was as melodic as fans have come to expect from Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw’s production, its style deviated somewhat from the duo’s standard fare – opting for subdued, broken-beat rhythms as opposed to their typical buoyant house offerings.

Given this stylistic aberration, its unsurprising that NGHTMRE and Rickyxsan’s formidable  revision of the track has proven to be the standout selection in the official remix EP for “Hunter.” Released Friday, June 2, the duo’s razor-sharp trap rendition leads a four-track collection, which further features a rhythmically dynamic, eastern-influenced contribution from Henry Fong and a straightforward electro house offering from Dutch producer Mike Williams. The package also includes Galantis’ own VIP of the single, produced in conjunction with up-and-comer Misha K.

Featured image by Rukes.

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Gramatik releases ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ remix EP

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Gramatik and his label Lowtemp tap the talent of Beat Fatigue, Psymbionic, and Cobrayama for remixes of Gramatik’s collaborative hip-hop track, “Satoshi Nakamoto,” adding another group to the ever-growing pool of momentous Epigram remixes. The original, which is named after the mysterious person or group that invented the revolutionary BitCoin technology, is a return to Gramatik’s hip hop roots, and as such, was perfectly suited for rappers Probcause and Adrian Lau to lay down some thick verses upon.

The EP features three new versions of “Satoshi Nakamoto,” which has already reached legendary status after its original release in early 2016 as part of Gramatik’s latest LP, Epigram. The first of the re-inventors to throw his hats into Gramatik’s cryptocurrency ring is the Amsterdam-based Beat Fatigue, who adds additional live instrumentation and a very healthy dose of funk.

Hot on the heels of Beat Fatigue is Gravitas Records label manager and multi-tempo bass music producer Psymbionic, who creatively slices the original up and gives it his signature synthesized sonic treatment. Finally, ex-Exmag member Mike Lannato, now known as Cobrayama, finishes off the EP with a more laid-back, retro re-imagination that utilizes the nostalgic themes of the original as the main focal point.

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Boys Noize recruits techno icons to provide a glimpse into his past with ‘Midnight’ remixes [EP Review]

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In 2011, Boys Noize executively produced Spank Rock‘s sophomore album, Everything Is Boring And Everyone’s A Fucking Liar, upon which he has three writing credits – “Ta Da,” “Energy,” and “Birfday.” However, the song which seems to have intrigued Alex Ridha the most from the rapper’s LP is “DTF DADT.” Though Ridha doesn’t hold a writing credit on the song, the time-tracking vocal loop that provides its backbone has since become a staple in Boys Noize sets.

“1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM, Midnight…”

Boys Noize has gone on to repurpose the memorable sample as the basis for his own song,”Midnight.”  Ridha fashioned “Midnight” with retro, lo-fi production, initially releasing the song on a vinyl 12″ before placing it on MaydayIn recent sets, Boys Noize has tended not to play “Midnight” in its original form, generally opting instead to enthrall audiences with the formidable Dog Blood remix.

Ridha has continued his “Midnight” fascination with the release of an EP containing three official remixes to the temporal track. While this release doesn’t include Dog Blood’s fabled return, it contains a series of exceptional revisions to the song. The collection also hosts a cast of contributors which may excite longtime Boys Noize fans more than a Skrillex reunion.

The “Midnight” remix EP commences on a high note, with a collaborative remix between Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo, continuing the Handbraekes reunion that began at the end of September with “Ruhe,” Ridha’s feature on Oizo’s All Wet album. The Handbraekes remix is equally bizarre and militaristic; a chaotic combination of acid house synth-work and thunderous percussion dominates the track, while the core vocal sample appears intermittently in its midst. Boys Noize has confirmed the forthcoming release of a third Handbraekes EP, and the closely-timed release of this remix with “Ruhe” may suggest that HB3 is imminent.

Audion‘s contribution to the EP is of equal eminence to the return of Handbraekes.  The rarely-emerging techno alias of veteran producer Matthew Dear is a significant rarity, though the alter-ego has been quite present recently. On the heels of Alpha, Dear has provided an Essential Mix and toured under the Audion project. In April, Boys Noize provided a remix to Mouth to Mouth 10, an EP commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Audion’s seminal single, “Mouth to Mouth.” Audion’s reciprocation of Ridha’s favor is technically dazzling and experimentally discordant, providing the severely cerebral twist that one would expect in a remix from Dear’s elusive project. Ridha was wise to cash in on his favor in a timely fashion as well – Alpha marked Dear’s first album as Audion in a decade, so his alter-ego will likely return to hibernation for a very long time soon.

The “Midnight” remix EP concludes with a revision from Addison Groove, the ghetto house and Chicago juke-favoring alias of dubstep progenitor Headhunter (not to be confused with hardstyle producer Headhunterz). Addison Groove’s remix is arguably the EP’s most club-friendly cut, providing an aberration from the techno-driven style that pervades the rest of the release. With buoyant hints of breaks, the EP’s final remix is danceable, but certainly mysterious in its own right. In spaces between the its beats, eerie synthesis accompanies the signature vocal loop, allowing Addison Groove’s cut to stand out from other remixes while also remaining aligned with the EP’s core essence.

Overall, Boys Noize’s remix EP stands as strongly as an original release. In addition to hosting an exceptional array of “Midnight” variations, the EP entreats a number of elusive underground dance icons to emerge from the woodwork, and provides an essential recapitulation of Boys Noize’s inspirations over the past five years.

Stream the full EP below: