Sub Focus looks to the heavens with cosmic two-track release

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Sub Focus looks to the heavens with cosmic two-track releaseSub Focus Snowbombing

Modern drum ‘n’ bass pioneer Sub Focus returns to low-end-gushing form with his latest, a double A-side single that gives newcomers to the genre a worthy welcome while still satisfying the headbanging tendencies of the UK producer’s longtime fans.

“Solar System” is the quintessential space track, and a great set opener at that, first walking its listeners to the launch site before penetrating synths slice the sky open wide and they’re catapulted through the atmosphere into Sub Focus’s low-grav d’n’b nether. Once breaking through, however, “Solar System” simply cranks, fusing equal parts melody and kinetic bass for a 174 bpm single that can stand with the genre’s best.

Following “Solar System” is second single “Siren,” dripping with low-end filth. While “Solar System” invites fans to ascend to the skies, “Siren” straight-up pushes them in the mud. The second single doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, but instead sticks to its strengths—tearing its way to the heart of avid bass lovers.

Sub Focus is in the midst of a gargantuan summer-long tour, having already made stops at EDC Las Vegas, NEVERSEA and Glastonbury. The drum ‘n’ bass laureate is next scheduled to play a back-to-back set with Wilkinson at UNTOLD.

The wait is over—Skrillex announces release date for four Dog Blood tracks, first new material in six years

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The wait is over—Skrillex announces release date for four Dog Blood tracks, first new material in six yearsDog Blood Pj

The wait is finally over, new Dog Blood is on the way.

At long last, Skrillex and Boys Noize are primed to deliver scalding, acidic mayhem on March 29 under their joint Dog Blood moniker—the duo’s first release together since 2013’s menacing Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP. The new track, still nameless, comes just ahead of the pair’s first show outside of a festival setting, when they take over Brownies & Lemonade’s highly anticipated MMW warehouse affair the night of Friday, March 29. Though, the new music landing this Friday is only the tip of the iceberg—apparently the pair have multiple tracks in the chamber, with more rounds expected to follow soon.

Dog Blood has long promised new music, though Skrillex and Boys Noize famously only produce new material when they can be together. With two insanely demanding itineraries, the Dog Blood studio sessions understandably come few and far between. Though, between Skrillex and Boys Noize’s headlining BUKU performance and their upcoming performance at Ultra Music Festival, the two have managed to carve out plenty of quality production time, and now the fruits of their handiwork will finally be heard by the masses. In the meantime, revisit Dog Blood’s thrashing Middle Finger Pt. 2 below

Flume expounds on his signature sound with surprise mixtape, ‘Hi, This is Flume’ [Stream]

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Flume expounds on his signature sound with surprise mixtape, ‘Hi, This is Flume’ [Stream]Flume Sacks E1469509492304

It has been nearly three years since Flume‘s sophomore LP, SkinAt the time, it was hard to image the Aussie beatsmith outdoing his self-titled 2012 debut, though with his second studio LP, the former What So Not proponent effortlessly propelled himself to Grammy Award-winning greatness with the likes of Kai, Beck, AlunaGeorge, and Vic Mensa in tow. Back in January, Flume promised new music was expected to land in 2019, then without much more than a day’s notice, announced the delivery of a surprise new mixtapeHi, This is Flume on March 20.

Now, Flume’s latest body of work is available in full, and the three-year gap since his last full release proves to be well worth the wait. Capping out at 17 tracks with a accentuating visualizer, Hi, This is Flume showcases evident growth from the “Never Be Like You” producer while still managing to hold true to Flume’s beloved brand of off-kilter, genre-twisting appeal across the tape’s 38-minute run time.

Jai Wolf steps outside for spring with new single, ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’

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Jai Wolf steps outside for spring with new single, ‘This Song Reminds Me Of You’Jai Wolf

Winter seems to be on its way out. The coals of fireplaces have cooled, windows have opened, the wind is now welcomed. In tune with this feeling, Jai Wolf‘s latest track, “This Song Reminds Me Of You,” has been released.

“This Song Reminds Me Of You” features synths that traverse smoothly over any landscape, over every horizon. A chorus of hums and vibrato of guitar create a feeling of absolute possibility.

“I started this song at an airport at 5 a.m.,” the producer said in a press release. “I was about to head out on a bus tour and felt really excited, so I wanted the song to capture that exact feeling.”

The result is an upbeat fluid and sweet sounding track that evokes inspiration to explore. The track is the fourth release from Jai Wolf’s upcoming and debut studio album, The Cure To Loneliness, set to release April 5 on Mom + Pop Music.

Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 album

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Big Wild shares two new tunes ahead of upcoming 2019 albumBIGWILD PRESSPIC HAIRUP BANDW 1

Producer Jackson Stell has taken another step in an evolved direction as Big Wild. He’s just unveiled two new singles  — “Joypunks” and “Maker” — and both see him continue to push his artistic boundaries into the world of melodic, indie electronica-inspired soundscapes that feel refined and polished.

Stell is clearly locked into something. He shot to the top of Spotify’s Global Viral Chart with the release of “Aftergold,” in 2015 and his success was minted in 2017 when his debut EP Invincible, was met with rave reviews. In line with most of his work “Joypunks” has a happy-go-lucky feel, warm overtones, and steady congealing beats. The refrains are well spaced throughout the track and allow the listener a moment to take in the subtle layering of the song.

The second track “Maker” shows us Big Wild’s versatility. It’s more pop-oriented as a leveled out feel ebbs through most of the track alloting a larger focus towards the vocals while still staying true to the formula of a dance song. It’s all there. Both tracks are a tribute not to just what Stell can do, but what he will do in the near future. Big Wild’s debut album Superdream will be released in February, 2019.


Hudson Mohawke shares full version of ‘Who Is America’ troll track

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Hudson Mohawke shares full version of ‘Who Is America’ troll trackHudson Mohawke Sacha Barron Cohen

Hudson Mohawke has released the full track from his “troll” assist on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who is America, and it’s eight ridiculous minutes long. The Scottish producer helped Cohen — who plays Ricky Sherman aka DJ 5olitary — get a booking at the Sway nightclub in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Together, they succeed.

The track is titled “Cell-by-date (feat. Steve, Derek and some bloke off the nonce wing),” and can be downloaded for free on SoundCloud. Mohawke’s arrangement of stabbing, sex noises, the crash of metal lunch trays on skulls is apparently what it takes to make it in today’s music industry. Try not to mind the full minute of a soundbite of “slash him, slash his face/ kill him/ stop fucking recording/ get him off me,” about seven minutes in. Of course, we’re happy for DJ 5olitary; it appears that he’s finally gotten the 14th chance he deserves, as noted on his Twitter profile. Enough drive, and he might be the next headlining act at EDC.



Slushii delivers heavy-handed seven-track ‘Find Your Wings’ EP following massive Ultra 2018 performance

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Slushii rukes

It’s been an exciting journey thus far for Slushii. The emerging young beatmaker, born Julian Scanlan, has deservedly settled in as one of the industry’s most lauded new talents after a meteoric breakthrough campaign over the last year and a half. Coming off the heels of a brilliant return to Ultra performing at the Worldwide Stage, Slushii is keeping the momentum high, following up with the release of his brand new Find Your Wings EP.

Blending bass-heavy and euphoric, upbeat melodies with a hint of 8-bit inspiration, plus the use of his own vocals, Slushii has proven to be a force behind the console, showcasing his versilitity on the new collection. Speaking on the new EP, Slushii told Dancing Astronaut, 

“This EP was really a culmination of what I grew up listening to mixed with some of the craziest sound design I think I’ve ever done. Super stoked for peeps to hear it.”

The EP is seven tracks of headbanger-approved dubstep from front to back, culminating on tracks like “Bounce,” a menacing “Fired Up,” and the EP’s lead single “Where I’m At.”  Ultra proved to be a perfect testing ground for Slushii’s new solo products, and between his recent outing in Miami and his debut LP last year, Out of LightSlushii’s upward trajectory seems to be as steep as ever.

The new independent EP, released March 30, is available now on all digital streaming platforms. Showing off his versitile hand in the studio and an ear for heavier sonics than we’re used to from him, enjoy Slushii’s dabble in dubstep on Find Your Wings. 

 Featured Image: Rukes

Ansel Elgort releases new track ‘Supernova’

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Ansel Elgort is a man of many talents. Beyond his film debut in the 2013 remake of Carrie, Elgort’s career has since flourished with numerous roles, most notably in The Fault In Our Stars and Baby Driver. In addition to this, he has also had reasonable success as a producer by the name of Ansolo and was a mainstage performer at Ultra Music Festival 2015.

Though his acting career has taken a turn towards superstardom, Elgort still releases music as Ansolo. The most recent addition to his musical portfolio is a hip-hop, trap hybrid track,”Supernova.” The track is pretty basic, combining auditory elements of hip-hop with trap percussion and Elgort’s melancholic vocals.

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Julian Calor – Run Away ft Maggie Szabo

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Julian Calor stands as one of Holland’s most talked about new producers, with a knack for producing technical, yet melodious EDM that far exceeds his years.  Still only 24, the Dutchman has already dropped a full-length album on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings and headlined various festivals worldwide.

His latest track, “Run Away,” is another clear testament to his colorful and vibrant yet refined style. With hypnotic vocals courtesy of the ever-soulful Maggie Szabo, “Run Away” is an enticing mix of progressive builds and classic anthemic drops. Eminenlty captivating, “Run Away” combines a healthy dose of Calor’s dancefloor expertise with the power and drive of dance music’s newest frontiers.

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Showtek & Moby – Natural Blues

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After a rather tepid 2017, Dutch electro house group Showtek have seemingly hit the ground running in 2018, reinventing celebrated veteran musician Moby for what essentially seems like a rework of “Natural Blues.”

The synths and mellowed house-inspired style seem to be majorly Showtek’s handiwork, as the duo seem to be moving onto yet another new sound over the past couple of years. Moby’s influence over the track is a lot more subtle, as the seasoned artist’s work can be majorly heard in the background, especially with the soft, string-plucked chord progressions. In fact, their style plays such an instrumental role in defining the identity of this ‘new’ track, that it could almost be labelled as a Showtek remix.

This revamped, modern style has given “Natural Blues” a ton of character and makes it a track with certain danceability.




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