French Senate approves anti-rave law

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French Senate approves anti-rave lawPalais Elysee@ambafrance

It’s been a while since “raving” has been widely regarded by governments as counterculture. Nonetheless, earlier this week, the French Senate ratified a bill that considerably tightens event parameters for even mildly sizable “music gatherings.”

Republican senator, Pascale Bories says the legislation was drafted “to better supervise the festive musical gatherings (rave parties) and to make more dissuasive the sanctions against their organizers.”

Most notably, the law would require any festive musical gathering of under 500 people to be declared in town hall at least a month in advance while also redefining permissible noise volumes in private and public spaces.

According to Freeform, an association defending the rights of French event planners, the bill’s wording “is so broad that any type of party may be affected as long as there is music. […] Basically, whether it’s for a boom, an anniversary, or a private concert in your garden, you’ll have to make the declaration at the town hall at least a month before.”

The kicker is that the law makes penalties for rave-related infractions much more severe, not only sentencing offenders to up to 400 hours of community service and a fine of €3,750, but giving the police power to seize equipment used by organizers for any insurgent event.

The bill starkly resembles a piece of explicitly anti-rave UK legislature adopted in the ’90s, which stifled decibel, duration, and general parameters of “rave” gatherings of more than 20 persons. While the Senate accepted the new law, it still has to be presented to the National Assembly before public enactment.


Illegal rave in Ibiza leads to arrest of 73, 13 injured

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Illegal rave in Ibiza leads to arrest of 73, 13 injuredIllegal Rave

Ibiza police arrested 73 ravers this past weekend, on August 23, while shutting down an illegal rave transpiring in government-protected woods near the Spanish island’s Cala Conta beach .

The irreverent party, which attracted an approximate 1,000 total attendees, swiftly turned into an aggressive affront once authorities arrived on the scene. When 40 some odd police officers attempted to break up the event, around 200 party-goers negated the evacuation and reportedly began attacking officials with iron bars and rocks, according to Civil Guard chief, Enrique Gómez .

“When officers arrived to tell [attendees that] they had to leave and stop the music because it was an illegal party in a protected area, they refused to do so, provoking police and even assaulting them and injuring several,” Gomez said.

The crowd’s antagonistic behavior led one police officer to fire his gun into the air. 11 officers sustained “non-serious” injuries that medical personnel attended to on-site, with 13 injuries in total. Two of the assailants were meanwhile transported to the hospital for injuries, including a broken bone. The 73 who were detained at the scene were held for a litany of transgressions, including resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and civil disobedience.


Photo: Delfina Forstmann

It took police 20 hours to shut down this illegal rave

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It took police 20 hours to shut down this illegal raveThetfordrave

Specially trained Norfolk police support units were called to the scene of an illegal rave that required a reported 20 hours to halt. Officials received a tip alerting them to the illicit activity at approximately 7:30 p.m. on July 6, after a community member spotted a post promoting the party on Facebook.

An estimated 600 people were on the scene when officers from the Norfolk Constabulary arrived at Masshingham Heath to investigate nearly a full day after the tip. Police seized equipment after shutting down the illegal rave at 3:45 p.m. the following day, and arrested three men aged 25, 28, and 31 in connection with the event’s organization. Officers also arrested two additional men aged 20 and 33 on drug related suspicion.

Steve Aoki, MAKJ, and Showtek merge for mainstage anthem ‘Rave’ featuring Kris Kiss

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Steve Aoki, MAKJ, and Showtek merge for mainstage anthem ‘Rave’ featuring Kris KissSteve Aoki

In an unlikely but welcome combination of forces, Steve Aoki has teamed up with MAKJ and Showtek for new release “Rave,” featuring London-based vocalist Kris Kiss.

The track’s drop is the ultimate blend of Showtek’s resounding big room energy that’s known to draw massive numbers on the festival front, while MAKJ and Aoki’s influences are apparent with the kicking crossover melody. Featured vocalist Kris Kiss serves up the track’s terse call to action: “We’re here to fucking rave.”

“…Super fun, super rowdy, this record is for our community, our world,” Aoki says of his intention for the track. “It’s for us all to let loose, go crazy and rave. I’ve wanted to make a song like this for a while and it made the most sense with Showtek and MAKJ and the vocal stylings from Kris Kiss.”

The producers have released the official music video for the release alongside “Rave,” which can be found on Ultra Music‘s YouTube.

Photo Credit: Rukes

COMPOUND brings a slice of techno heaven to LA on December 8 with Lucy, Rrose, & more

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COMPOUND brings a slice of techno heaven to LA on December 8 with Lucy, Rrose, & moreLucy DJ Credit His Facebook

COMPOUND started in 2017 as a merger of LA’s top techno promoters and immediately became one of the most talked-about brands within the West Coast underground. The host a few choice events a year, with each consistently drawing in crowds of dance fans near and far who prefer darker, grittier forms of their beloved subgenre rarely seen around the region. Their anniversary now has passed, and to celebrate, they’re bringing Lucy, Rrose, and other special guests for a late fall all-nighter.

The Berlin-based Lucy knows his way around an industrial space; a regular of Berghain and purveyor of everything from polished, obsidian techno to carefully-designed ambient and electronica, his extended sets are consistently met with praise among the community. Not to mention, he’s the owner of one of the most forward-thinking labels in the current sphere: Stroboscopic Artefacts. The enigmatic Rrose is making waves for similar reasons, silently climbing the DJ ranks as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to set curation and performance. She’ll be pairing with Lucy at COMPOUND for the American debut of their brand new project, Lotus Eaters.

For those who won’t be at Art Basel, COMPOUND is definitely the top pick of the night for techno fans in Southern California. Grab tickets here before they sell out.


COMPOUND brings a slice of techno heaven to LA on December 8 with Lucy, Rrose, & moreCOMPOUND LA


Photo credit: Facebook/LucyOfficial

Police let 1000 ravers carry on their partying in a forest due to ‘no disturbance’

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Police let 1000 ravers carry on their partying in a forest due to ‘no disturbance’Thetfordrave

If a rave goes down in a forest and no cops are around to hear it, does it get busted? Those who attended a recent illegal gathering in Britain’s Thetford Forest know the answer to that question, as authorities allowed what they’ve called an “unlicensed music even (aka, Rave)” to carry on.

While many might consider this an enormous success, a post on Thetford Forest’s Facebook page outlined what they believed was a public disregard for the forest.

Many Suffolk locals condemned the ravers for their behavior. One such local even went so far to write:

Bunch of selfish ****s adults acting like children getting off their nuts in a field wiggling about and running to the speakers when the music kicks in like kids at a school disco and leaving c**p and beer cans everywhere. Not saying they’re all like that but the majority are. There was one in a wood near me not long back. There was rubbish absolutely everywhere. Fires had been lit and the best thing they actually believe they do no harm.”

Of course, not everyone came on the attack of the ravers. Some did voice their support for outdoor raves, asking that public areas be established to minimize the harm done to the land and animals. One said, “That looks like a little litter. Trying to over exaggerate maybe,” and another wrote, “Why doesn’t the forestry just designate an area in the forest where people can do this with a no fires policy. These guys only do it in remote places because they don’t want any trouble from residents.”

Perhaps these ravers should take a few tips out of the Electric Forest playbook.


Illegal rave on English mushroom farm allowed to go until 7 a.m.

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Illegal rave on English mushroom farm allowed to go until 7 a.m.New Rave Cream At Amnesia 009

Just outside the town of Market Harborough, England lies an abandoned mushroom farm that has, as of late, become a hotspot for illegal raves. The site hosted over 2,000 people at an unlicensed event in 2016. Back again nearly two years later, British partygoers stayed through the night at another rave, against the wishes of the local police.

Though the authorities were tipped off about this party and hoped to shut it down before it started, approximately 500 ravers were already at the location when they arrived. With such a large crowd in a small town, the police were forced to allow the party to continue, though refusing to let any newcomers in while overseeing the event.

The party lasted until seven in the morning, with music playing at full volume through the night. While some may consider this a small victory for ravers, it is part of a larger battle between local authorities and unlicensed events around England and a wider discussion about the ethics of music regulation, especially in the context of drugs and electronic music.

H/T: Mixmag

The French presidential palace is hosting its first ever rave later this month

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With a storied list of legendary electronic musicians that includes Jean-Michel Jarre, Air, Daft Punk, Justice, and M83, to mention just a few, it comes as a surprise that the French presidential palace has yet to pay its respect to the country’s great talent.

Later this month France will celebrate its electronic masterminds, as on June 21, the country’s presidential palace will host its first-ever electronic music celebration, dubbed Élysée Fête La Musique, or an ode to the “French Touch.” In coincidence with the 37th edition of Fête de la Musique, also known as Music Day,  the palace will host a wide range of the country’s best electronic talent over the years. Confirmed performers so far include Ed Banger label-boss Busy P, Kavinsky, Céziare, Chloé and Kiddy Smile.

Over 1,500 people are expected to attend.

H/T: Mixmag

Photo Credit: Paris Attitude

Live music bolsters brain wave synchronization, study says

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new scientific study has confirmed what we’ve long felt to be true — that brain wave activity is heightened in the presence of live music. The study, led by neuroscientist and psychology professor Dr. Jessica Grahn, finds that “people enjoy music more when the performance is live and when experienced as part of a group.” 

The new findings add further scientific evidence to the notion that humans are social creatures indeed. “When individuals attend a live concert and listen to music as a group, their brains waves synchronize – a bond that indicates each individual is having a better time as part of a collective,” adds Grahn.

Grahn’s research team hired a band to perform for 24 participants in an audience, measuring the brain wave data of musicians and attendees, while also taking motion captures of how people move to music.

Two more data sets were collected during the study. The second condition broadcasted a video of the band’s performance to participants, in real time, using the same acoustics of the live performance. The third condition occurred afterward, where participants experienced the recorded concert, but this time, they couldn’t interact with each other.

After organizing the data, researchers were able to determine that the “synchronization” of brain waves amongst all participants was “greatest in the presence of live performers.”

“When the brain waves were synchronized in this live condition, they synchronized around the rate at which people tend to feel the beat,” Grahn explains. “We call this ‘the delta band.’ This seemed to be the highest in the live condition.”

Upon further analysis of people’s body movements, the study offered one fascinating hypothesis as to why music as a whole has evolved over the years.

“There’s some evidence that shows one of the reasons music evolved is because it allows large groups of people to synchronize their movement,” says Grahn. “When people move together, there is evidence they feel a sense of community and more altruistic.”

Via: Neuroscience News, H/T: MixMag

14-year-old girl rented house, hosted 200-person super rave

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Michael Tullberg 90s Rave12

A 14-year-old Vancouver girl’s recent actions arise as an admonition that parents ought to take greater care to conceal their credit card information.

The Vancouver Courier reported that the Canadian rented a $600-per-night property on her parent’s credit card in order to host a party that would turn into a 200-person rave, after the news of the girl’s party pervaded social media platforms.

The rental has been recognized by neighbors as a “party house,” but none of the past affairs on the property have rivaled the girl’s in scale. “The bass was just picking up and the whole neighborhood was shaking because of it,” a neighbor said, “kids just kept streaming in.”

The neighbor noted that police were able to shut down the rave after a matter of 45 minutes, but the scent of the party’s presence lingered long after officials busted the bass. “The streets stank of Jägermeister from all the pour-out,” the neighbor added.

West Vancouver police spokesman Const. Jeff Palmer attested to the size of the event. “Kids were flooding all over the place,” Palmer stated, “Patrol team members were doing their level best to ensure that nobody was hurt and there [were] no medical circumstances resulting from the party.” The girl’s parents and the homeowner arrived at the property shortly after police.

No charges have been filed against the girl, despite the estimated $20,000 of damage done to the property, valued at $3.5 million. The parents and the homeowner intend to resolve the expenses incurred amongst themselves.

“There is discussion to be had around what access your child or your youth has to banking information and how you might control how they use it,” Palmer said.

H/T: Mixmag