Louis The Child release playful new EP, ‘Kids At Play,’ featuring Big Gigantic, Elohim, Quinn XCII, NoMBe and more

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Louis The Child release playful new EP, ‘Kids At Play,’ featuring Big Gigantic, Elohim, Quinn XCII, NoMBe and moreLouis The Child Press By Cameron Postforoosh 2018 Billboard 1548

Louis the Child release an extensive nine-track EP, Kids At Play, inviting listeners to their sonic playground filled with sultry harmonies, soulful wonderment, unique sounds, and youthful fervor. Colorful sounds ooze out of , from the tropical steel drums on “Better Not” featuring Wafia to the blue guitar twangs on “Save Me From Myself” with NoMBe and Big Gigantic. These two kids from Chicago showcase their electronic dance-pop crossover skills on what could have easily been a full-length.

Genre bending and intelligent synth design becomes apparent through each of the EP’s distinctive tracks. “Interstellar” features a dynamic and glitchy arrangement that feels fitting of its futuristic name. “Braking News,” featuring RAYE, implies a playful relationship between the collaborators with rolling synths and hi hats that create a bounce in their step.

The Wafia-assisted “Better Not” featuring Wafia was the first track released off the project, amassing to a total of 72.5 million plays on Spotify, the duo’s most listened to track on the platform to date.  “Ohhh Baby” is quite the percussive piece, illustrating an organized chaos similar to an uplifting G Jones. “LOVE” featuring Elohim is the second collaboration between the two, the first being “Love is Alive.” The chorus features the West LA Children’s Choir, adding to the album’s childish delight.

“Dear Sense” features the soulful vocals of MAX and offers an LCD Soundsystem feel. “The City” featuring Quinn XCII offers bouncing melodies and punching percussions underneath a fervent voice. “Save Me From Myself” features EDM’s sax man, Big Gigantic, and the R&B clad, NoMBE. The acoustic guitar creates a campfire feel that drops into big, emotive synths, spaced out for effect. “Space Jam” contains a classic Louis The Child synth feel, sounding similar to an old-school 90s video game with frolicsome percussive elements. Listen to Kids At Play by Louis The Child below.


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Breakaway Music Festival announces two feverous lineups for Columbus & Grand Rapids

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Prime Social Group is back with their biggest unveil to date. Now boasting nine festivals under the Breakaway, Prime, Haunted Fest, and #Fest brands, PSG’s elevating the supreme curation the brand’s been exploring at the intersection of hip-hop and electronic music. This year, Breakaway Music Festival serves as an outright testament to the booking that’s taking the industry by storm.

The festival will return to Grand Rapids’ Belknap Park on August 24 & 25 and Columbus’ Mapfre Stadium on August 24–26, expanding into a three-day festival installment for the first time ever.

Columbus’ Breakaway Music Festival Columbus welcomes the Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Kaskade, live electronic innovators ODESZA, the modern 4/4 master Chris Lake, OWSLA’s own bass champion Ekali, Phantoms, Kayzo, and more. Columbus will also invite some of contemporary music’s most in-demand acts including pop maverick Halsey, Khalid, and Quinn XCII.

Breakaway Music Festival Grand Rapids will also host ODESZA, as well as Borgeous, NGHTMRE, Migos, and many, many more.

As PSG’s booking outreach continues, Breakaway Music Festival will only continue to serve as an emblem of the brand’s coveted understanding of its young audience.

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Gryffin – Winnebago ft Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson

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Gryffin teamed up with Quinn XCII and Daniel Wilson to craft a thrilling original, “Winnebago.” The uplifting track features stunning instrumentation, colorful vocals, and a euphoric melody. Showcasing a vibrant production technique, Gryffin has engineered a playful piece full of dynamic, alluring layers of sound, effortlessly mixed together.

Known for his diverse style, Gryffin has mastered an art that showcases innovative resonance, evoking moving sentiments in each one of his works. Some of his most prominent releases include the bittersweet single, “Nobody Compares To You,” and his intriguing remix of Portugal The Man’s “Feel It Still.” With his most recent, “Winnebago,” Gryffin lends another riveting surprise that will captivate listeners upon first stream.

Watch Prince Fox & Quinn XCII Do A Rooftop Session of ‘Space’

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Prince Fox and Quinn XCII have embarked on another  mission to “Space”  —  this time, to remake their famed collaborative single on an LA roof top. Since its release, “Space” has received high praise by both the numbers and by tastemakers. The continuous shot and live feel of their acoustic-ish video in this rooftop session creates a sweet juxtaposition to the original version, dressing it in almost a more human light.

Prince Fox and Quinn XCII are both well-established acts by now, and have proven themselves to be excellent work partners with the unique energy they brought to “Space.”


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Prince Fox – Just Call (feat. Bella Thorne)

Prince Fox continues exploration of future pop with new single “Space”

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Prince Fox has had a busy summer after releasing hit “Just Call” alongside Bella Thorne, which hit 1 million Spotify streams in just two weeks. The LA-based producer is back for his second release on Dim Mak, which will undoubtedly garner the same success for him given its impressive experimentation into future pop alongside Quinn XCII’s unique vocals. Prince Fox has blended downtempo chords with upbeat vocals to create a track that transcends genres and will surely appeal to music lovers of all genres.