Pegboard Nerds release title track for impending ‘Supersonic Tour’

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Pegboard Nerds unveiled a new track,”Supersonic,” featuring Chimeric out now on Monstercat.

The track could very well be the backdrop of a video game with its synthesized sounds and frantic nature. Pegboard Nerds lean progressive house with “Supersonic,” and the catchy tune is sure to get stuck in the listener’s head.

Supersonic will also be the name of their impending tour, set to begin on February 14th in Houston, Texas.

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Launchpad: Lose yourself in this sweeping house playlist

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here

House music’s appeal runs deep. From the jackin’ house that pours out of Chicago to this day, characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beats, drum machine rhythms, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines, to the present tides of “deep house” and future house that are washing over the music world, the chances are high that listeners will fall in love with the genre — especially considering its deeply entrenched, continual evolutions and odes to the past. Today, we’re premiering a sweeping Launchpad playlist of house music. It’s filled with tribal house and progressive house, but no matter what you’re into, it’s plenty easy to get lost in this playlist.

DA Launchpad Selects:
Domenic Cappello – “Time to Begin”

Domenic Cappello’s “Time to Begin” is one of three lush cuts on the Sub Club resident’s debut EP which came out in early-December under his own name. Over the years, Cappello’s gone on to headline some of the UK’s best underground clubs. Between Back2Basics to Plastic People, to Fabric, as well as Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Paris’ The Rex. Domenic’s work has certainly aided in solidifying Sub Club’s legacy for years to come, so it’s only right we commemorate the release of this legend’s new EP with a feature on this playlist.

Kim Anker – “Stay (ft. Andrew)”

Newcomer Kim Anker’s “Stay” is a chilled-out track that beckons its listeners to throw it on in rotation.

Demuir – “El Latino Es Negro”
Domenic Cappello – “Time To Begin”
JR from Dallas – “Downtown City (Sebb Junior Remix)”
Jackson Snapp – “Another World”
Kim Anker- “Stay (ft. Andrew)”



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Cristoph’s progressive gem ‘EPOCH’ is finally streaming

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Despite utter domination on the Beatport charts — currently in the fifth slot on the progressive house list — Cristoph’s Pryda Presents’ release “EPOCH” has yet to see out its properly-widespread release — until now.

The Newcastle-bred stalwart’s eight-minute track is finally available on SoundCloud, Google Play, Apple Music, and Spotify, too.

“EPOCH’’s contagious repetition is in the same sonic vein as Cristoph’s beloved tracks like “Alone,” “Reachin,” and “FEEL,” but equally inches beyond his aforementioned work.

An epoch is defined as “a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics,” and Cristoph’s new track dually serve as a portending composition, one that hints at an illuminated future on the horizon for one of the modern progressive house’s most assiduous czars.

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Premiere: AFFKT – Rufian

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Spanish producer AFFKT has kicked off his year under a brand new label: Tronic. Bringing a touch of melodic flavor to the label across three tracks, his Red Crocanti EP exemplifies the forward-thinking direction Christian Smith is looking to take his label.

Red Crocanti’s close “Rufian” serves as an explosive conclusion to the EP. Elastic rhythms hit the eardrums immediately, which AFFKT uses as a launching point for adding in hypnotic, gritty basslines and dramatic melodies. Roaring synths and subtle keyboard accents make an impactful pairing in “Rufian;” one that shakes the dancefloor.

Pre-order the EP, which comes out on January 13, here.


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Launchpad: Decompress with this late-night vibes playlist

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here

With the New Year’s festivities behind us, now’s the perfect time to reflect on the opportunities and possibilities we can pursue in the new year. Accordingly, Dancing Astronaut has curated a playlist brimming with introspective, late-night vibes to wind down, decompress, and reflect with.

DA Playlist Selects:

PaulWetz- “Third Eye”

At just 20-years-old the German-hailing PaulWetz is already satiating dancefloors around the world. Returning with “Third Eye” – a collaboration with UK singer Christen Kwame — PaulWetz delivers a provoking late-night production hinting that listeners will need to keep all eyes and ears alert to see just what the new year holds.

Deisen- “Zentrifugal”
Born and raised amidst the same very streets that shaped Kraftwerk, in Düsseldorf, Germany, Deisen lives up to his regional heritage. Having spent time in Germany, Vermont, and Brooklyn, Deisen’s music is a visceral reaction, which he claims on his SoundCloud page pulls him “into a life void of creativity and motion.” Presently, Deisen has released his dazzling Zentrifugal Ep, which he’s described as “a portal to daydreams of naivety, farewells, overcoming, dancing.”


Yöurr – “Fall Apart.”
PaulWetz- “Third Eye”
APIS – “Proof”
London Grammar  – “Oh Woman Oh Man (Gus Miller Remix)”
Deisen – “Zentrifugal”

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Julian Calor – Run Away ft Maggie Szabo

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Julian Calor stands as one of Holland’s most talked about new producers, with a knack for producing technical, yet melodious EDM that far exceeds his years.  Still only 24, the Dutchman has already dropped a full-length album on Hardwell‘s Revealed Recordings and headlined various festivals worldwide.

His latest track, “Run Away,” is another clear testament to his colorful and vibrant yet refined style. With hypnotic vocals courtesy of the ever-soulful Maggie Szabo, “Run Away” is an enticing mix of progressive builds and classic anthemic drops. Eminenlty captivating, “Run Away” combines a healthy dose of Calor’s dancefloor expertise with the power and drive of dance music’s newest frontiers.

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Tritonal transforms DJ Snake’s ‘A Different Way’ in remix

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Tritonal is the latest group to try their hand at remixing DJ Snake‘s “A Different Way.” Notable remixes of the track so far have included Henry Fong, DevaultKayzo, and Bro Safari with ETC! ETC!

Tritonal totally transforms the backdrop of the song, retaining only the vocals from the original. The duo inserts their signature upbeat sound and an elaborate chord synth progression for the drop, making the track a perfect radio song or club hit.

The progressive house duo has been busy touring and releasing hit release after hit release in 2017, and with this remix drop, they show no signs of stopping in the new year.

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Lane 8 stuns in new single ahead of upcoming album, ‘Little By Little’

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Lane 8 has tapped the Manchester musician-producer JF July for “Coming Back To You,” a new single from his forthcoming album,  Little By Little. 

“Coming Back To You” is the latest endeavor on Daniel Goldstein’s sonically-evocative, upcoming aural odyssey. The track’s an archetypal presentation of Lane 8’s stylistic decorum and a pleasing marriage of electronica and deep house. It employs a galvanizing melody and texturized vocal sampling. “Coming Back To You” follows “Atlas” and “No Captain” and hints that Goldstein’s album will be his most expanse aural journey to date.

Lane 8’s sophomore album, Little By Little, is out January 19, on his own imprint, This Never Happened.

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Martin Garrix drops off sweeping ‘So Far Away’ remix EP

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Martin Garrix and David Guetta’s collaboration “So Far Away” has deservingly received its very own six-track remix pack. When the single dropped Dec. 1, it received split reviews, as Garrix’s music has long been divisive in the EDM community. Surely, though, if listeners hadn’t enjoyed the original they were sure to enjoy the plethora of alternatives it would soon spawn. Now, the Jamie Scott and Romy Dya-led hit has done just that.

Garrix has gathered six remixes of “So Far Way,” ranging in sounds. With an amped future bass take by Blinders, a more big room, future house take by Nicky Romero and a deep house dive by way of BLR, Garrix suggests that the track’s true grandeur is its ability to shine in a wide variety of interpretations.

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Above & Beyond shares Part One of Best of Group Therapy 2017 mix

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In 2017, Anjunadeep shepherded a dazzling array of artistic deliverances. Old and new artists graced the label, including a slew of releases from acts like Alpha 9, Above & Beyond, Ilan Bluestone, and Oliver Smith — to say nothing of a storied return of the beloved progressive house and trance amalgamators Gabriel & Dresden. It’s more than safe to say that 2017 was an incredibly momentous year for the Above & Beyond clan.

Now, in an effort to showcase Anjunabeats’s 2017 stellar year, the trio’s offered up some of their best music of the past year. The Group Therapy best of 2017 mix boasts 23 stellar tracks and will be followed up by its part two on December 29.


01. ERKKA — Not Only Dark (Plural System)
02. Dirty South feat. Rudy — The First Time (Anjunabeats)
03. Way Out West feat. Liu Bei — Oceans (Anjunadeep)
04. Fehrplay — Aria (Anjunabeats)
05. Grum — Price Of Love (Anjunabeats)
06. Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal — This Love Kills Me [Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix
07. Tim Mason — Aalto (Anjunabeats)
08. Oliver Smith — Triangles (Anjunabeats)
09. Spencer Brown — Embarcadero (Anjunabeats)
10. Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray — I Will Be There (Anjunabeats)
11. Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May — Signs Of The Fall (Anjunabeats)
12. ilan Bluestone feat. Giuseppe De Luca — Scars (Anjunabeats)
13. Genix — Olympus (Anjunabeats)
14. ilan Bluestone & Giuseppe De Luca — Frozen Ground (Anjunabeats)
15. Fatum — Superfecta (Anjunabeats)
16. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston — No One On Earth [Gabriel & Dresden Remix
17. Genix — 6 AM Saint (Anjunabeats)
18. Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford — Northern Soul [Above & Beyond Club Mix] (Anjunabeats)
19. Above & Beyond — Balearic Balls (Anjunabeats)
20. Alpha 9 — Skin (Anjunabeats)
21. Fatum — Chocolate (Anjunabeats)
22. Dirty South feat. ANIMA! — I Swear [Jason Ross Remix] (Anjunabeats)
23. Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany — Higher Love (Anjunabeats)

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