Alesso releases first new music of 2019, ‘Progresso Volume 1’ mixtape

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Alesso releases first new music of 2019, ‘Progresso Volume 1’ mixtape1fDWSnUZemEFnWa99VvYziA

Alesso continues to raise the bar with each successive release. His latest effort, Progresso Volume 1, is a three-track EP that follows the Swedish DJ’s previous smash single, 2018’s “REMEDY.” Progresso Volume 1 signals a deliberate sonic shift from the vocal-centric construction of “REMEDY,” in its foregrounding of energizing synth work and beat arrangements that render each of the mixtape’s three cuts ready for main stage play.

“PROGRESSO” immediately sets the tone for the mixtape. The opening song’s chord progressions are decidedly dance-worthy, and the brief vocal that enters at the tune’s mid-way point functions as a plot twist of sonic sorts that slows “PROGRESSO” to stage a momentous build and subsequent drop.

The EP’s second inclusion, “CONFESSION,” delves into the traditional affective progressive sound characteristic of Alesso’s early productions. “TIME” is somewhat of an outlier in the context of the three-part project. Unlike the preceding numbers, “TIME” relies on a looping vocal hook throughout its run time and relaxes the faster pace that “PROGRESSO” and “CONFESSION” set. If any song on the mixtape gravitates toward pop-electronic hybrid designation, it’s “TIME,” which winds down the energy-spiking showing.

Altogether, Progresso Volume 1 is a high-intensity inaugural installment in Alesso’s new Progresso mixtape series.

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Feed Me unveils dazzling first glimpse of his forthcoming LP, ‘Feel Love’

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Feed Me unveils dazzling first glimpse of his forthcoming LP, ‘Feel Love’Maresdefault 8

Jon Gooch’s legendary Feed Me alias has returned with “Feel Love,” a gorgeous progressive single off his upcoming High Street Creeps LP.

After an epic return to mau5trap with 2017’s Existensial Crisis EP, Gooch took his time crafting his first full-length effort since 2013’s Calamari Tuesday. After over of forced fasting interrupted only by a couple features and remixes, 2019 figures to be the year of Feed Me with a new album and live dates featuring his infamous TEETH live stage on the way.

For now, fans whet their appetites with the album’s first delicious morsel. “Feel Love” is an instant classic, pairing evocative and soaring vocals from Rosie Doonan with Feed Me’s crisp and crackling instrumentation. The producer’s take hearkens back to his earlier progressive-tinged tracks like “Relocation,” with a dash of wistful indie pop melancholy mastered in past hits like “Love Is All I Got.” It’s a brilliant first volley from Gooch’s return, and fans shouldn’t bother reading too much into “Feel Love” as a clue of his LP’s sonic character–with Feed Me on deck, it’s a good bet to expect the unexpected.

Spencer Brown turns Ilan Bluestone’s ‘Will We Remain?’ into a 2.0 wonder

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Spencer Brown turns Ilan Bluestone’s ‘Will We Remain?’ into a 2.0 wonderIlan Bluestoned Steelyard 26th May 2018 By Luke Dyson IMG 1116

Anjuna wunderkind Spencer Brown has stepped up to remix the latest single from his colleague Ilan Bluestone‘s debut artist album, Scars, released earlier this year. “Will We Remain?” is a collaboration between Maor Levi and Bluestone, along with vocals form El Waves. Now with the addition of the remix from Spencer Brown, it’s an Anjunabeats all-star collaboration, with three label favorites in the mix.

The original mix of “We Will Remain?” is in the classic anthem style we expect from Bluestone with emotive and soaring vocals and a beating heart of a melodic drop with tech elements. In Brown’s remix, he brings the production energy to a stripped back, progressive trance place where El Waves’ vocals really shine at peak passion. Following a string of original mix releases, this remix is a welcome switch up from Spencer Brown as his talent expands.


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Premiere: Quivver – Tunnel Vision

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Quivver is a merciless machine when it comes to outputting records, in the best of ways. Despite his many years spent as a leader in the underground, he upkeeps a consistent record of high-caliber original works and remixes. He presents yet another hard-hitting progressive gem in “Tunnel Vision,” which will be released through his Controlled Substance imprint.

“Tunnel Vision” incorporates the raw, scintillating percussion patterns that Quivver is known for, which pierce through deep synth chords and gripping samples that reverberate on the track’s outer edges. Striking orchestral elements add a dramatic flair during the breakdown, pairing with the rest of “Tunnel Vision’s” elements to make for an adventurous and emotive record built for the afterhours.

In addition to “Tunnel Vision,” Quivver is set to have a bountiful rest of his 2018. He’ll be returning to his deeper, more melodic roots in the coming months with releases on Bedrock, Armada Electronic Elements and Stil Vor Talent.


Pre-order “Tunnel Vision” here

Premiere: Danny Howells – Earthlings (3D Debut)

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3D EP Danny Howells

3D is set to add a new dimension to dance music.

Comprised of progressive icons Danny Howells, Dave Seaman, and Darren Emerson, the newly-minted trio is primed to make its mark within the underground. They’ll be showing their immense chemistry off in an upcoming tour, in which all three acts will be putting forth extended b3b sets curated carefully to provide a unique aural journey with each gig.

Emerson, Seaman, and Howells have also solidified their union by way of a self-titled EP, in which each have contributed their own dynamic addition to the finished product.

Dancing Astronaut has the privilege of presenting Howells’ track, and it is indeed a weapon. Smooth bass and eerie white noise trail along seductive, yet simplified drum patterns, creating a hypnotic underlay for its melodic elements to accent nicely. Piano stabs add a hint of nostalgia to the finished product; yet, it persists as an overwhelmingly contemporary record for the dancefloor.

3D’s debut EP releases on February 23. Pre-order a copy here.


Dirty South’s third album ‘XV’ is an aural exploration [Album Review]

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Dirty South

Four-years after the release of Dirty South’s cinematic album, With You, Dirty South has re-entered the album release ring with XV.

The expression “the third time’s a charm” could be applied to XV, which is indeed the visionary’s third LP. Such an application, however, would err in its adjectival minimalism — for the art of XV’s craft warrants a stronger classification.

XV is a cerebral exhibition of Dirty South’s maturity as both artist and producer, and  is as fluid in its overall arrangement as it is complex in its construction. Put briefly, XV is the heart of Dirty South’s years of experience as an artist, and it beats duly with the wisdom and expertise that Dirty South’s activity in the electronic industry has conferred upon him.

Listeners familiar with Dirty South’s catalogue will know, and know well, that the producer’s previous albums, Speed of Life in 2013, Dirty South’s debut product, and With You in 2014, likewise were musical “charms” that effectively enraptured the electronic sphere. Speed of Life and With You evinced Dirty South’s possession of a golden touch in the studio, of not simply a talent for the conceptualization of euphoric progressive house productions, but an ingenious mastery thereof.

XV is no exception. The album effectively retains, exemplifies, and deepens hallmarks of Dirty South style: piercing, reverberating commercial house tones, rousing vocal work, inquisitively optimistic lyrical content, and complex chord progressions that enticingly drive the listener of XV from one track on the list to the next, until the album is finished. The work is furthermore miraculous in its sonic diversity, working with a variety of different sounds and associated moods over the course of its ten tracks to forge a release that remains impeccable and refined in its balance despite its roving.

Such fluidity between different tones can be witnessed in cuts like “Night Walks” and “Higher.” “Sonar” and “Love Story” surface as other sweet spots on XV’s track list. XV additionally invites the return of previous Dirty South collaborators, Rudy and ANIMA!, on “Higher” and “Love Story,” and “If It All Stops,” and “Next to You,” respectively.

XV is emblematic not solely of Dirty South’s command of the melodically entrancing, but of the Serbian-Australian producer’s longevity. Dirty South would release his first ‘official’ production under the “Dirty South” stage name in 2004—14 years later, Dirty South continues to enthrall listeners with ease, and last, but hardly least, with dexterity.

Pegboard Nerds release title track for impending ‘Supersonic Tour’

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Pegboard Nerds unveiled a new track,”Supersonic,” featuring Chimeric out now on Monstercat.

The track could very well be the backdrop of a video game with its synthesized sounds and frantic nature. Pegboard Nerds lean progressive house with “Supersonic,” and the catchy tune is sure to get stuck in the listener’s head.

Supersonic will also be the name of their impending tour, set to begin on February 14th in Houston, Texas.

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Launchpad: Lose yourself in this sweeping house playlist

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Launchpad is a playlist series showcasing music we love, hand selected by our staff. The tracks come from both emerging and mainstream artists; it’s all about the quality and the unexpected. If you’d like your music featured in Launchpad, submit it for consideration here

House music’s appeal runs deep. From the jackin’ house that pours out of Chicago to this day, characterized by its repetitive 4/4 beats, drum machine rhythms, off-beat hi-hat cymbals, and synthesized basslines, to the present tides of “deep house” and future house that are washing over the music world, the chances are high that listeners will fall in love with the genre — especially considering its deeply entrenched, continual evolutions and odes to the past. Today, we’re premiering a sweeping Launchpad playlist of house music. It’s filled with tribal house and progressive house, but no matter what you’re into, it’s plenty easy to get lost in this playlist.

DA Launchpad Selects:
Domenic Cappello – “Time to Begin”

Domenic Cappello’s “Time to Begin” is one of three lush cuts on the Sub Club resident’s debut EP which came out in early-December under his own name. Over the years, Cappello’s gone on to headline some of the UK’s best underground clubs. Between Back2Basics to Plastic People, to Fabric, as well as Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Paris’ The Rex. Domenic’s work has certainly aided in solidifying Sub Club’s legacy for years to come, so it’s only right we commemorate the release of this legend’s new EP with a feature on this playlist.

Kim Anker – “Stay (ft. Andrew)”

Newcomer Kim Anker’s “Stay” is a chilled-out track that beckons its listeners to throw it on in rotation.

Demuir – “El Latino Es Negro”
Domenic Cappello – “Time To Begin”
JR from Dallas – “Downtown City (Sebb Junior Remix)”
Jackson Snapp – “Another World”
Kim Anker- “Stay (ft. Andrew)”



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Cristoph’s progressive gem ‘EPOCH’ is finally streaming

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Despite utter domination on the Beatport charts — currently in the fifth slot on the progressive house list — Cristoph’s Pryda Presents’ release “EPOCH” has yet to see out its properly-widespread release — until now.

The Newcastle-bred stalwart’s eight-minute track is finally available on SoundCloud, Google Play, Apple Music, and Spotify, too.

“EPOCH’’s contagious repetition is in the same sonic vein as Cristoph’s beloved tracks like “Alone,” “Reachin,” and “FEEL,” but equally inches beyond his aforementioned work.

An epoch is defined as “a period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics,” and Cristoph’s new track dually serve as a portending composition, one that hints at an illuminated future on the horizon for one of the modern progressive house’s most assiduous czars.

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Premiere: AFFKT – Rufian

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Spanish producer AFFKT has kicked off his year under a brand new label: Tronic. Bringing a touch of melodic flavor to the label across three tracks, his Red Crocanti EP exemplifies the forward-thinking direction Christian Smith is looking to take his label.

Red Crocanti’s close “Rufian” serves as an explosive conclusion to the EP. Elastic rhythms hit the eardrums immediately, which AFFKT uses as a launching point for adding in hypnotic, gritty basslines and dramatic melodies. Roaring synths and subtle keyboard accents make an impactful pairing in “Rufian;” one that shakes the dancefloor.

Pre-order the EP, which comes out on January 13, here.


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