Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 154, with Beach House, Pretty Lights, Phantogram, + more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 154, with Beach House, Pretty Lights, Phantogram, + moreSMM 2400

Lido‘s rendition of Bill Withers’s timeless ballad, “Ain’t No Sunshine” is a warm brush with daylight you won’t dare deplore—no matter how nasty the hangover this Sunday. The Norwegian experimentalist’s raindrop plucks and redemptive synth stabs effortlessly usher in residual weekend splendor.

This wavy Beach House B-side is a Sunday morning must. Victoria Legrand is here to sagely remind us to find “perfection in the accident,” with hazy, rolling chord progression and vapory vocals for the ultimate Sunday subterfuge.

This velvety Future Classic Chrome Sparks offering, “The Meaning Of Love” is a like quixotic trip through the most delicious technicolor clouds. Sparks’s cosmic analog synths furrow and float atop lush, deliberate percussion as our worries of the week begin to dissipate.

The sultan of sampling, aka Pretty Lights, has the sublime synth loops to rectify your most raucous inner voices. Borrowing from a sultry ’70s soul track from La’Fez, Pretty Lights conceives a celestial requiem for your weekend.

From their most recent album, Phantogram‘s “Cruel World” is the ideal vessel for vanquishing Sunday stress of the most pesky existential variety. As the band’s frontwoman, Sarah Barthel, so starkly points out, life can be quite cacophonous; but with a spectral duo like them around, your Sunday playlist doesn’t have to be.


Tom Morello releases electronic-rock-focused ‘The Atlas Underground’ [Stream]

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Tom Morello releases electronic-rock-focused ‘The Atlas Underground’ [Stream]Tom TAU Main Press Image Credit Eitan Miskevich

Tom Morello has released his first-ever solo album under his own name, entitled The Atlas Underground. As an undisputed rock icon and top guitarist, Morello has led bands like Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and now Prophets of Rage to success through making music that centers around raw, real emotion. Now, the Guitar Hero III boss has made it his mission to join together the energy behind rock music together with modern electronic dance music through a collaborative, focused album.

Enlisting artists from the electronic world that inspire him, Morello has created an album that bridges a gap between a generation of those who grew up when rock music was king, and those who have been raised at the height of electronic music’s success. For the latter, Morello explained in conversation with Zane Lowe at his Los Angeles stop of The Atlas Underground Experience that his intention with this album is to “inflict” the energy of guitars onto the next generation, inspiring future rockstars along the way. Working with stand-out artists like Knife Party, Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, Steve Aoki and K.Flay, Morello has created something true to himself in its motivations in social justice. Not only that, but the music succeeds at its intention to make us both rock out and dance.

Tom Morello’s insane cast of collaborators on new solo album includes Knife Party, Basenectar, Pretty Lights, and more

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Tom Morello’s insane cast of collaborators on new solo album includes Knife Party, Basenectar, Pretty Lights, and moreKnife Party Tom Morello

Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and Prophets of Rage, has gathered an insane, A-list group of rappers and dance producers for his upcoming new solo LP, The Atlas Underground, coming out October 12 via Mom + Pop Music. Collaborators on the project include Big Boi, Killer Mike, RZA, Steve Aoki, BassnectarPretty Lights, Herobust, Knife PartyWhethanVic Mensa, Gary Clark Jr., Portugal. The Man, and more. He’s already dropped two singles from the album: “Battle Sirens” featuring Knife Party and “We Don’t Need You” featuring Vic Mensa.

Morello told Lars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica, on his Beats 1 radio show, It’s Electric!, “I wanted to make a record that was the [Jimi] Hendrix of now,” which he described has three components: extraordinary guitar playing that falls outside the norm, creating radio songs that connected with a mass audience, and fashioning a new genre of music. The idea was to combine Morello’s analogue guitar sound with his favorite producers, rappers, musicians, and singers of today. Noting the shared DNA between electronica and metal after listening to Knife Party and Skrillex, Morello became illuminated to the idea of making a cross-genre project, and now in a few months it looks like it’ll finally materialize.  

The Atlas Underground Track List

1. Battle Sirens ft. Knife Party
2. Rabbit’s Revenge ft. Bassnectar, Big Boi, and Killer Mike
3. Every Step That I Take ft. Portugal. The Man and Whethan
4. We Don’t Need You ft. Vic Mensa
5. Find Another Way ft. Marcus Mumford
6. How Long ft. Steve Aoki and Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath
7. Lucky One ft. K.Flay
8. One Nation ft. Pretty Lights
9. Vigilante Nocturno ft. Carl Restivo
10. Where It’s At Ain’t What It Is ft. Gary Clark Jr. and Nico Stadi
11. Roadrunner ft. Leikeli47
12. Lead Poisoning ft. GZA, RZA, and Herobust

H/T: Rolling Stone

Pretty Lights partners with Akomplice Clothing on ‘The Kit’ festival pack

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Pretty Lights partners with Akomplice Clothing on ‘The Kit’ festival packUnnamed 2

Pretty Lights knows festivals. The Denver-based electronic veteran has made a career of headlining them, curating his own festivals, and designing his shows specifically for the outdoors, making indoor shows a rarity in his repertoire. With an upcoming string of performances at his home turf of Red Rocks Amphitheater approaching in August, Pretty Lights has teamed up with apparel company Akomplice to release a unique capsule pack of necessities geared at today’s modern festival-goer.

The festival survival kit includes all the finest camping event accouterments, from walkie talkies to bandanas, a reliable grinder, light refraction tools, and even palo santo to ward off bad vibes. The items in the limited release pack are ready for camping, festival music, and creativity, along with a handy dopp kit to pack it all in. Available on July 13 at 11:30 AM PST, the new Pretty Lights Akomplice merchandise can be purchased here.

The full kit includes:

  • An iconic WWII trench lighter.
  • The signature AK grinder.
  • Palo Santo to light and clear your energy.
  • Festival Walkie Talkies
  • Channel 1 for Pretty Lights fam to connect.
  • Channel 2 for special announcements from Pretty Lights.
  • A bandana to protect your face at shows.
  • A crystal x-cube to refract light at shows.
  • A dopp kit for everything to live within.
  • A notebook for high-vibe, magical ideas.

Pretty Lights announces 10th anniversary Red Rocks show

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Pretty Lights has been obscenely quiet for some time now, and it’s rumored amongst his tight-knit family following that the reason behind his silence is that he’s working on new album material. After all, his Color Map of the Sun LP was released more than five years ago. To add further fuel to that speculation, Smith has halted announcements for his heavily attended episodic tour that have been taking place over the last two years.

However, it wouldn’t be summer in Colorado without Derek Vincent Smith’s return to the beloved Red Rocks Amphitheater — and he’s not calling it an episodic tour stop either. Lineup support has yet to be announced, but if it’s anything like his previous events, fans can expect a fully loaded talent roster with funky groove appeal.

The special 10th anniversary event will take place over two nights, August 10-11, in Morrison, Colorado. A limited number of presale tickets will be available at 10 a.m. EST Wednesday, April 18, but fans must register for the Pretty Lights newsletter to get the special code.

Pretty Lights is slowly & successfully building his movement [Event Review]

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Pretty Lights is slowly & successfully building his movement (Event Review)

When Pretty Lights announced his record label was evolving into the newly-minted Pretty Lights Movement, many caught a tiny glimpse into what Derek Vincent Smith had in store for the evolution of his growing family. It was around the time of his Episodic Tour: Season Two Premiere at The Gorge Amphitheater – followed by a series of constantly evolving, innovative live band performances that took place across the nation.

Dancing Astronaut was invited to attend the final episodic event of the tour at Whitewater Amphitheater in the small hill country town of New Braunfels, Texas, wherein we witnessed the raw energy of the live band, the regional beauty of small town hidden gem of a venue, and the sheer vitality of the Pretty Lights Family. Here are five reasons why Pretty Lights Live is more than a mere musical experience, but a way of living.

All photos courtesy of Press Pause



1. The Pretty Lights live band experience

Smith’s creative decision to put the decks on the back-burner (and, yet, keep them front-and-center) takes his live shows to the next level. The stylings of the live band – made up of Brian Coogan, Borahm Lee, Alvin Ford Jr. and Chris Karns — are spotlighted, as each member aids Smith in bringing the organic analog aspect of his musical stamp to life. In addition, each show features a heavy dose of amazing special guest talent. Whether the heavy bass beats of Ganja White Night, the soulful stylings of up-and-comer Maddie O’Neal, or the funk-driven glitch-hop of Aussie producer Opuio, the Episodic Tour was jam-packed with amazing talent conforming to a clear sound stamp and an accompanying vision of which direction these shows are driven.


2. The PL Family

A heavy sense of family, community, and kindness among this close-knit group of Pretty Lights followers permeates the parking lots and showgrounds alike. The sheer feeling of euphoria and jovial admiration for their leader and their lifestyle is easily one of the most genuine and welcoming that any newcomer to this scene will experience. Take the Pretty Lights Illuminators, for instance, who are tasked with creating special activities, caring for their fellow attendees, or just generally spreading the good energy around each gathering. An emphasis on the small (yet out of this world) aspect of the crowds along these Episodic Tour stops likens them to an early Bassnectar following before it became too big to manage. Hard as it is to capture in words, experiencing is truly is believing with the PL Family.



3. A sense of heady spiritualism pervades

Smith freestyles about crystal children, hyper-dimensional space, positive vibrations, and metaphysical energy whilst refracting light with crystals on stage. Essentially, his antics and overall outlook on life embodies the spiritual self-awareness that guides Pretty Lights shows and the people living within these spaces. Burning Man principles like radical inclusion and self-reliance, gifting, and communal effort  guide social interactions at these Episodic Tour stops.



4. The venue(s)

The Pretty Lights team chose a wildly picturesque venue in Texas’ Whitewater Amphitheater for the final stop of Episodic Tour. Its breathtaking hill country views, fresh smells of nature, its friendly easy-going staff, and its setting along the Guadalupe river made the experience feel almost surreal, wherein attendees would float into the venue with new stranger-friends as they shouted their hellos to Smith himself across the river banks. Couple this with other world class venues such as Washington’s legendary Gorge Amphitheater, and one has a series of shows where attendees are guaranteed a weekend of re-connection with the earth.



5. The production value

Pretty Lights’ Episodic Tour is not a typical large-scale electronic music festival, but the production value sure feels like it. For one, every stop along the tour offers rare tracks and unique flips catered to each location. The lighting show  — courtesy of LazerShark —  is one “not to miss” in the electronic music realm. Whether it’s the wall of lasers projected across the stage, the abstract, psychedelic visual displays, or how they become amalgamated into one with the analog sound, these creative, oft-times improvisational elements are at the forefront of cutting-edge performance in the electronic music world.



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Pretty Lights teases unreleased music in the new ‘Pretty Lights USB 2.0’

Pretty Lights opens new chapter with Pretty Lights Movement evolution






Pretty Lights teases unreleased music in the new ‘Pretty Lights USB 2.0’

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Just a few months ago, Pretty Lights launched an ingenius marketing campaign— sending a select number of loyal fans USB drives filled a number of unreleased music, remixes, and posters featuring dates for upcoming performances.

Given the instant success of the initial campaign, it is unsurprising to see Pretty Lights bring out a new iteration of the scheme, “Pretty Lights USB 2.0.” The new 16 track compilation features 9 previously unreleased tracks and has been released just before his maiden Episodic Festival performance.

The playlist features an eclectic selection of hip-hop inspired music, including a remix of Wrong Platform with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. If the producer’s recent output is any indication, his flyaway festival in Puerto Rico is sure to stun.

The entire playlist can also be downloaded via Google Drive.


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Unlike Pluto – Let it Bleed (feat. Cristina Gatti)


Pretty Lights opens new chapter with Pretty Lights Movement evolution

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While fans wait patiently — sometimes very impatiently — for the next Pretty Lights album that is rumored to be dropping sometime this year, Derek Vincent Smith continues to distinguish himself as one of the most groundbreaking and inventive artists of this era. Whether it is adding new features to his ever transforming live performance set up, crushing festivals like Camp Bisco and Euphoria or planning his own destination festival in Puerto Rico, Pretty Lights simply does not cease to push the envelope in terms of artistry and innovation. Now, amidst the announcement of even more stops on his second Episodic Festival, Pretty Lights has given fans a peek into his latest venture, an exciting new chapter that he and his team have dubbed Pretty Lights Movement.

In an attempt to inspire young artists and musicians, while also bringing them into an inclusive and supportive community, the Pretty Lights Music record label will take on a new form. In a post on Pretty Lights’ Facebook, fans are given the first glimpse of what Derek Vincent Smith has in store for the evolution of his ever growing family. The Pretty Lights fan base has grown and evolved with Smith throughout his career and this latest announcement is a testament to the special connection between this artist and his supporters. Details are still scarce as to what this new venture will look like but it is already a thrilling proposition to look forward to.

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Watch Pretty Lights premiere new music from his forthcoming album

Pretty Lights reveals line-ups for two more Episodic Tour stops

Pretty Lights just mailed hardcore fans USB drives full of unreleased music

Watch Pretty Lights premiere new music from his forthcoming album

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Derek Vincent Smith has left fans with no shortage of news in 2017. Over the past several months, Pretty Lights has announced such momentous events as his Puerto Rican “Island of Light” festival, and weekend concert series at The Gorge and Red Rocks. Alongside his new live developments, Smith has also satiated fans on the musical front by releasing two large drives of unreleased live flips from his 2016 Episodic Festival tour.

However, from a studio release standpoint, Pretty Lights has remained silent for quite some time. In December, the artist broke news of a forthcoming audiovisual album, which would mark his first release since his single, “Only Yesterday,” in March of 2016. As the year meets its halfway point, the anticipated LP has yet to arrive, but that may soon change.

In the early hours of Sunday, May 28, Pretty Lights performed a three-hour set at Illinois’ Summer Camp Music Festival, Pretty Lights debuted a new single, reportedly titled “The Sun Spreads in Our Minds.” Captured on video by Press Pause Films, the unreleased track takes on the essence of the artist’s 2013 album, A Color Map of the Sun. Beginning on a sedate note before progressing into a formidable, glitch-laden crescendo, “The Sun Spreads in Our Minds” simultaneously induces nostalgia among Pretty Lights fans while instilling hope for his next album’s imminence.

H/T: River Beats 

Featured Image by Cait Falc Photography.

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Pretty Lights reveals line-ups for two more Episodic Tour stops

Pretty Lights reveals lineup for new Island of Light festival

Pretty Lights reveals dates for offshore winter event, ‘Island of Lights’

Pretty Lights reveals line-ups for two more Episodic Tour stops

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When Pretty Lights surprised his loyal family following with USBs of new live recordings recently, the analog sound-sculptor also announced two more destination events as part of the Episodic Festival Tour. Now the producer born Derek Vincent Smith unveiled an impressive line-up of supporting talent for his return to Denver and Chicago in August.

On August 11, Pretty Lights will begin a two night run with his live band at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO with special guests G Jones, Manic Focus, SoDown and Daily Bread. The next weekend, Pretty Lights and his band will head to Chicago’s Northerly Island with special guests The Floozies, Big Wild, and The Soul Rebels, amongst other acts.

These two-day experiences make for a busy month for Pretty Lights, as he is kicking off the August at the Gorge Amphitheater for Episode 06 of the Episodic Tour, featuring the likes of Atmosphere, STS9, Tipper, Lettuce, Cherub, and many more.

Two-Day general admission tickets, VIP, and Red Rocks travel packages are available right now via Pretty Lights’ direct-to-fan pre-sale. Tickets will go on sale to the public on May 19th at 10am MT

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Pretty Lights just mailed hardcore fans USB drives full of unreleased music