Charlotte de Witte double drops ‘Selected’ and ‘Pressure’ EPs

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Charlotte de Witte double drops ‘Selected’ and ‘Pressure’ EPsCharlotte De Witte FuturFestival Credit Facebook

When Charlotte de Witte launched her KNTXT label in July, she said she hoped the label would “become a respected breeding ground and safe haven for unique talent, both new and established, as well as the main output for [her] own material.” By all accounts, she’s well on her way to achieving her goals with the double release of her new EPs, Selected and Pressure.

While the rhythms and forms of the each EP are similar, the tonal styles differ with vast nuance. Selected takes a more acidic approach to techno, featuring biting melodies from an ebbing and flowing synth line (with the exception of the meditative closing track “Amar”). On Pressure, de Witte employs throbbing bass kicks throughout, comparable to Selected, but tops them with more ambient accents. The balance of sounds helps the two EPs pair nicely with one another and offers a sampler for what the talented Belgian DJ, who’s proven herself behind the decks, can offer in the booth.

Photo Credit: Charlotte de Witte/Facebook

LA Rams borrow RL Grime’s ‘Pressure’ for promo video [Watch]

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LA Rams borrow RL Grime’s ‘Pressure’ for promo video [Watch]RL Grime Fb

The Los Angeles Rams have released a promotional video featuring EDM’s torrential trap titan, RL Grime’s track “Pressure” from his NOVA album of last year.

The grabbing sequence, dubbed “Bring the Pressure,” features a number of shots from across the LA area, the team’s recently reinstated home turf. As the intensity of the song builds, commentary from great Rams moments overlays the track. It’s the bleeding embodiment of a of a hype video—playing a swimming visual accompaniment to Grime’s explosive aural aesthetic.

Check out the video below; and with Halloween fast-approaching, keep an eye out for RL Grime’s eighth edition of his annual spooky mix series.

Featured Photo: @Rl Grime/Facebook

RL Grime unveils psychedelic music video for ‘Pressure’ [Watch]

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RL Grime unveils psychedelic music video for ‘Pressure’ [Watch]Screen Shot 2017 12 22 At 11.45.55 AM

Technicolor hues, hi-definition psychedelic landscapes, and heart pumping cuts of a motorbike rider comprise the official music video for “Pressure,” notably RL Grime‘s last release leading up to the arrival of his sophomore album, NOVA, due out on July 27.

The action packed production capitalizes on visual thrill, engrossing viewers with its successive scenes of RL Grime’s biker navigating constantly contorting territory. The titillating nature of the video complements the single’s gritty, bass heavy technical constructions.

Listen to RL Grime’s latest NOVA heresingle, “Light Me Up,” .

MUST LISTEN: RL Grime releases newest track, ‘Pressure’ from forthcoming sophomore album

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MUST LISTEN: RL Grime releases newest track, ‘Pressure’ from forthcoming sophomore albumRl Grime Spooky

It may be hard to believe that RL Grime released his debut album over four years ago. How Henry Steinway manages to stay so relevant is not a wonder. The venerated producer’s maintained prominence is due to the impeccable timing of his releases and his inane ability to remain a top festival billing year in and year out — to say nothing of his genre-bending bass productions.

Alas, the sun has set on the days of his critically-acclaimed debut VOID LP. The dawn of NOVA is now upon us. With two singles already teased from his forthcoming sophomore album — a dance-pop crossover track with Daya, “I Wanna Know,” and the more hip-hop leaning, “Undo,” featuring Jeremih and Tory Lanez — Grime has already begun unpacking an entirely new sonic suitcase that ventures far beyond the realm of trap.

Now the LA-native continues to tantalize salivating fans with a third single, “Pressure,” a pulsing bass product that assuredly pays tribute RL’s trap roots. In fact, it could very well be his next “Core.” RL’s latest instantly spirals into a high octane first break, complete with verbose drums, gritty lows, and the cacophonous, swelling synth arrangements we’ve come to love of Steinway. RL Grime is out to prove that he is no one trick pony; he’s a dark horse poised to infiltrate the commercial realm of dance-pop crossover stardom. The 15-track NOVA LP is set for a July 27 release via WEDIDIT.