Premiere: Tim Schaufert & CASHFORGOLD – Always High [Q&A]

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Tim Schaufert and CASHFORGOLD have collaborated on more than a dozen songs since they began releasing tracks together last spring. The German producer’s and Detroit songstress’ styles come together brilliantly from across the sea, blending into a glowing atmosphere that’s simultaneously ethereal and eerie. From last November’s “Gold” to July’s “Awake,” the duo demonstrate a perfect mastery of a style that’s all their own.

In their latest piece of work together, “Always High,” Schaufert and CASHFORGOLD spin a mysterious and complex web, packed with melancholy chords, wistful vocals, and a subtle trap beat.

DA caught up with Schaufert to hear about his production process with CASHFORGOLD’s Jacqueline Torgerson and what he has in store for the remainder of the year.

What has your evolution been like as an artist over the past few years? What’s most important to you as an artist?

In my teens, I listened to minimal and house, which is very prominent in Germany, but took a complete shift in my listening and producing habits two years ago. After a break from electronic music due to university and mental health stuff, I came back in 2016 and started all over. I got disinterested in house and instead got into chill and wave music. I started taking music seriously and since I couldn’t stand studying and not doing something creative any longer, made the decision to pursue it professionally.

What is your production process like when you and CASHFORGOLD work together?

I usually start by making an instrumental, either a loop or a quick sketch of an arrangement, nothing too complex. The chord progression is the important part for Jacqueline to write the vocal to. After the vocal is recorded the song can take on a lot of new directions. I’ve been enjoying working this way, because it gets me to think more creatively and try out different song structures and styles. If I planned out everything in advance, it would more formulaic.

How do your styles fit together?

The great thing is that they don’t always line up, so we force each other to be open in that way and try out ideas that you wouldn’t have tried when working on your own. This comes with obstacles, but I much prefer it to becoming stagnant.

How would you describe your music in three words to someone who’s never heard it?

haunted, emo, chill

What’s coming up for you in the second half of 2018?

CASHFORGOLD and I have our first EP coming up in July, which I am very excited about. It’s got a dark, witchy theme and the EP format glues that side of our sound together. The weeks before and after that are filled with singles, pretty much every Friday there will be something new.

If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be?

In the middle of a hillside, in a warm evening in spring. Not a huge crowd, intimate. My focus has very much been production, so I actually haven’t played a single show since 2016, but maybe that’ll change soon.

Premiere: Eli Nissan – Yellow Fog

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Eli Nissan

Followers of Sudbeat, Lost&Found, and other strong progressive labels have probably seen Eli Nissan’s name floating around, or have heard his work rinsed in his peers sets. Having returned a few years ago from a brief hiatus, this stalwart — who’s played a pioneering role in the Israeli music sphere for two decades — has made his return full force and has since captivated the global dance audience at large.

Nissan has made a glittering return to Guy Mantzur‘s Plattenbank in the form of Everlast/Yellow Fog. Our focus is on its closer, “Yellow Fog,” which chases the EP’s opener with piercing, ethnocentric instrumentation before opening into a fluttering, bliss-tinged soundscape that carries the listener through to finish. It winds through its various stages of development with ease, fading away with lush percussion.

‘Yellow Fog’ is set for a June 18 release. Order a copy here

Premiere: Ovend – Nuits Fauves

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France has a vibrant electronic scene, known for its pioneering artists that have breathed fresh life into techno, electro, and house. That said, hearing of softer, more melodic sounds rising out of the country is rarer, and often over-looked.

Enter Ovend, a promising new talent who’s already been tapped by Tale Of Us for a collaboration as of his third release. His abilities in track production speak for themselves, as do his influences in classic trance and contemporary techno, with each of his tracks thus far leading the listener on an immersive journey.

His latest “Nuits Fauves” lands once more on Afterlife, this time on the latest Realm Of Consciousness compilation. It’s hauntingly captivating, caressing the listener with contrasting elements of stark melodies and warm instrumentation. A trancey breakdown ties the piece together, bearing resemblance to earlier days of the genre while promoting a soaring sentiment before the track reassembles itself for a nuanced second half.

Pre-order a copy of ‘Realm Of Consciousness Pt. III’ here

Premiere: Chores – Vampire Teeth ft EYE SAK MAC

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While the northern hemisphere is in full swing summer mode, Australia and New Zealand are trying to keep their minds in the warmer weather as winter approaches. Inspired by disco favorites like Chromeo and Miami Horror, New Zealand newcomers Chores are taking it upon themselves to keep summer moods still going strong with their new single “Vampire Teeth.”

Assisted by vocalist EYE SAK MAC who’s smooth yet upbeat vocals lead the track, “Vampire Teeth” is a balanced assortment of pumping bass, shimmering synths, and a sturdy percussion arrangement that blends together to create a necessary poolside tune.

Premiere: Matt Fax x Dezza – Sweet Dream

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Remember “The Veldt” by Deadmau5? The track that gave everyone the feels? Well, prepare to get that same euphoria right through the spine, as Canadian born Dezza and French producer Matt Fax have created a masterpiece with “Sweet Dream”, out on Enhanced Music.

Both producers have made it apparent that they take inspiration from Mr. Zimmerman, which is clearly evident in this collaboration as it heavily features piano-driven chord progressions, light kicks, and harmonizing electro-synths. The positive vibes from the production is complimented by some dreamy, vocals by Dezza himself.

To see how the track was forged production wise, check out Dezza’s walk through below:

Premiere: Matador – Surrender

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A new craze has been swept the underground as a counterbalance to the banging, percussive techno du jour: “melodic techno/house.” It resembles classic trance, albeit a bit slower in tempo, and songs produced under this banner have been captivating listeners worldwide with touching melodies and ethereal breakdowns.

RUKUS owner Matador is no stranger to melody-infused tech and techno either, having placed these elements into his own fold for quite some time. However, he’s gone particularly hypnotic, dare we say “trance-y,” in his most recent Air EP.

Take “Surrender,” for example, which Dancing Astronaut has chosen to premiere. Shadowy by way of its minor key, its burst of synthesizer, downward melodic progressions, and hits of vibrating, electro accents make for quite the sonic adventure. It builds slowly into its relaxing break, only to gather back up again into a full-blown symphony of driving harmonies and pungent percussion. One feels almost like they’re driving down an empty highway at night while listening.

“Surrender,” and the rest of Air, are set for a June 8 release. Order a copy here



Premiere: Dense & Pika – Hard Light

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UK duo Dense & Pika, comprised of Chris Spero (also known as Glimpse) & Hypercolour boss Alex Jones, have grown to be some of the most trusted names in dance over the years. Known for their signature emotive and uptempo touch that’s landed them on esteemed imprints such as Hotflush, Planet E, Drumcode, Aus, and many more, Spero & Jones have touched down at Jones’ own Hypercolour label with a high-octane two-track EP entitled ‘Amber’.

The EP’s second track “Hard Light” starts with a percussive workout and taut kicks that set the pace as dark chords enter the fore. Shuffling hats send the track soaring upwards as pads waft in the background for an eyes closed moment on the floor. Before coming back down, silvery bleeps and synth stabs bring a big sonic whoosh to any big room, truly bringing some ‘Hard Light’ to the dancer’s ear.



Pre-order a copy here

Here’s your chance to remix RL Grime and Daya’s smash hit ‘I Wanna Know’

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RL Grime‘s impending sophomore album, Novahas had fans anxiously on the edge of their seats, awaiting the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2014 debut LP, Void. An exceedingly promising glimpse from Nova finds Henry Steinway connecting with heavyweight pop vocalist Daya on “I Wanna Know,” landing unequivocally as RL’s most commercially successful offering to date. Marking the WeDidIt producer’s first top 10 US dance record with over 14 million plays to date, as well as grabbing the top slot on iTunes Electronic charts in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, “I Wanna Know” has been one of the most in-demand tunes of the year — and now the remixing effort is officially in fans’ hands.

Dancing Astronaut, in conjunction with and RL Grime, are lighting the beacon for producers to try their hands at remixing “I Wanna Know,” offering the chance to lay down an inventive new take on RL’s sweeping summer hit. The remix competition will run through July 9, and the winning remix will receive a worldwide premiere on Dancing Astronaut. The grand prize also includes a lifetime WAVO Pro membership and an exclusive Nova merch capsule.

Download “I Wanna Know” stems and submit completed remixes here. 


Premiere: Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry Feat. JJD versus John Digweed & Nick Muir – Close Your Eyes

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John Digweed

A catchy anthem has been circulating through the dance world. Though carrying 80s undertones with its acidic elements and JJD’s nostalgic vocal clips, it commands the modern dancefloor with roaring synths and contemporary arrangement.

This song, titled “Close Your Eyes,” belongs to Luke Brancaccio and Simon Berry; and as it turns out, it has just received a brand new interpretation by none other than the esteemed John Digweed and his longtime collaborator Nick Muir as part of their new “versus” series which sees them providing their refreshed takes on iconic modern releases.

The two distinguished gentlemen have made the original completely their own in this case, emulating the acidic tones of the original while completely rearranging it to create maximum energy output. A driving low end, crisper kicks, and gritty basslines and synthwork merge together in a way that completely detonates the dancefloor serving as an excellent record for the peaktime, without diminished quality — an expected result from the remixers involved.

“Luke Brancaccio & Simon Berry Feat. JJD versus John Digweed & Nick Muir – Close Your Eyes” will be available on Bedrock come June 4, where it will close out Bedrock‘s special XX compilation, which celebrates the pioneering label’s 20th birthday. In the meantime, pre-order a copy of the single here.

Premiere: Roy Rosenfeld – Gran Poema

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Roy Rosenfeld

Israel is known as a hotbed for caliber talent, and Roy Rosenfeld is no exception. Possessing a keen ear for arrangement and a refusal to adhere to any genre “rule” in particular, he entered the underground circuit swinging and soon found himself held in high esteem among peers like Guy Mantzur, Guy J, and more.

His career has only continued to skyrocket, with recent releases on All Day I Dream, Plattenbank, and of course, Guy J’s Lost&Found. He returns to the latter imprint with his newest EP, an ethereal and introspective Helena.

Rosenfeld follows up the EP’s namesake opener with “Gran Poema,” which builds upon the theme set by its predecessor, adding complexity to its drawn-out, hollow base with glittering synthwork and bittersweet piano chords. New elements poke out as the song unfolds, maintaining attention until the very end and into the closing track. Given his track record thus far, we suspect Rosenfeld is sitting on quite a few more goodies that will continue to draw fans into his fold.



Pre-order ‘Helena’ here