Premiere: Namito Feat. Manaa – Covert Affection

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Premiere: Namito Feat. Manaa – Covert Affection180919 NedaRajabi Namito Crop

In 2018, Namito practiced the art of Letting Go with his groundbreaking debut album—a 14-piece multimedia epic that traced his path as an Iranian refugee adjusting to his new home of Germany. Now, it’s time to dive deeper into his past with his sophomore LP offering. He lands on Balance for this tale, which deals with his coming of age in Iran, and we’ve been given a first glimpse into what to expect via “Covert Affection.”

The track, which features violin playing from Manaa, is a cerebral listen. It takes listeners deep into a melodic house soundscape, with progressions and instrumentation from his homeland abound. Manaa’s solo work adds a haunting touch to the track, while analog synths simulate the nostalgia of Namito’s younger days. The piece is a powerful look into what’s set to be another emotive and cohesive offering from the Berlin-based musician. Order a copy here.

Photo credit: Neda Rajabi

Premiere: Borgeous debuts addictive first release from forthcoming ‘Lights Out’ EP

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Premiere: Borgeous debuts addictive first release from forthcoming ‘Lights Out’ EPIMG 6248

Borgeous has long been known for his ability to craft radio-friendly releases juxtaposed with dance floor-ready dubstep tunes. The multi-faceted producer likes to keep fans guessing what he may produce next, but his forthcoming Lights Out EP looks to be a compilation featuring some of the producer’s hardest-hitting dubstep tracks that fans will likely recognize from his live sets.

Borgeous has released the first track from the EP, and the song will leave the listener craving more. “Runnin’” manages to blend a catchy vocal with an intense series of drops that are ready for the main stage.

“To me, ‘Runnin” is the perfect combination of the past and the present,” the producer said of the tune in a press release. “It combines both vocals and high-energy builds that can be seen in my past productions, with the heavier dubstep sounds that I love playing out live in my sets today.”

Borgeous has been teasing his Lights Out EP on his social media platforms, and fans can expect for the producer to drop singles from the compilation ahead of the EP’s full release.

Listeners can pre-save Borgeous’ Lights Out EP here.

Premiere: Guy Mantzur & Khen – My Golden Cage

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Premiere: Guy Mantzur & Khen – My Golden CageGm Khen

The last time Guy Mantzur and Khen teamed up, they dominated the charts with “Children With No Name.” Three years later, the Tel Aviv powerhouses have reunited for another thrilling musical contribution—this time on John Digweed’s esteemed Bedrock imprint, where both have been signed to before. They’ve given us a full EP, Where Is Home, and have predictably risen to the occasion of providing top class progressive to the label’s 2019 repertoire.

After a glittering opener, “My Golden Cage” makes for a brilliant closer that keeps heads down and feet on the floor. It follows a tantalizing build, creating tense moments with well-arranged synths and a sultry bassline that carries the track forward. Crisp percussion rounds out the finished product for a truly slow-burning masterpiece.

Order a copy of ‘Where Is Home’ here

Photo credit: Beatcave Digital

Premiere: Rodriguez Jr. – Cluster#1

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Premiere: Rodriguez Jr. – Cluster#1Rodriguez Jr

One of Mobilee‘s brightest stars, Rodriguez Jr., is back on the imprint with an EP representative of his forward-thinking melodic sound. Malecón Azul was inspired by life on the road, and it seems influences gathered from around the world have inspired two distinctive tracks.

We’ve elected to focus on “Clusters#1,” which follows up an airy, yet poignant title opener with a grittier, almost shadowy aesthetic. The warm analog synths Rodriguez Jr. is known continue to play a strong presence in this single; however, a more prominent low end and percussion give off a more “heads down” feel to the finished product. As always, the French producer ensures excellence in his mixing and arrangement, crafting a well-balanced piece with subtle layers that keep listeners intrigued until the very end.

Order a copy of “Clusters#1,” and the rest of Malecón Azul , here

Premiere: Follow Me – Jam & Spoon (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

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Premiere: Follow Me – Jam & Spoon (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)Jerome Isma Ae Press Shot

“Follow Me” is one of the most well-known hits by the German outfit Jam & Spoon. The original is a timeless, perfectly trance anthem—a level of caliber effortlessly reached by the genre pioneers during their illustrious years on the circuit. While quite a few have already stepped up to the remixing plate, Black Hole has enlisted a new batch of veterans and rising stars to take on the classic once more.

Jerome Isma-Ae‘s take on “Follow Me” is easily a standout selection. Since his return to the darker, more underground sounds of progressive trance, the producer’s music has found its way into the afterhours’ crates of a vast amount of respected DJ talents. This new remix promises to do the same, with Isma-Ae dousing the original’s cornerstone synth riffs in shadows and slowing the tempo down to create a slow-burning, hypnotic effect. It’s quite the fine re-work, and another testament to Isma-Ae’s skills in the studio.

Premiere: Com Truise soaks Gold Fields’ ‘Waterfall’ in synthwave splendor

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Premiere: Com Truise soaks Gold Fields’ ‘Waterfall’ in synthwave splendorCom Truise Press Photo

Fresh off his new album, Persuasion System, Com Truise hasn’t slowed down. The notable synthwave producer unveiled the full LP in May on Ghostly International and has followed it up with a scintillating remix of Gold Fields’ “Waterfall” from the band’s Dalawa album.

The New York producer wastes no time in putting his signature vintage stamp on the indie electronic tune. Where the November 2018 original had an otherworldly, slightly psychedelic tone to it, Com Truise has added in a plethora of retro synths to complement the wafting filtered vocals. It’s dark and dreamy and full of nostalgia—even for the first-time listener. This remix of “Waterfall” is perfectly suited for a late-night drive and will be a welcome continuation for those who enjoyed the moody sounds found on his latest LP.

Next month, Com Truise takes off on a late summer European tour that consists of performances in Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, and more. Learn more and get tickets here.

PREMIERE: FIGHT CLVB deliver double-sided debut album, ‘RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE’

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PREMIERE: FIGHT CLVB deliver double-sided debut album, ‘RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE’FC Press Pic

For the past two-years, SAV and Mystero of FIGHT CLVB have industriously invested their time in an electronic endeavor that is now finally ready to land on streaming platforms, the duo’s debut album, RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE. After getting their start in 2014, FIGHT CLVB fluidly engaged a variety of sonic aesthetics, ranging from dancehall to pop to bass, and in the midst of it all, managed to earn their status as key contributors to the development of the Moombahton genre.

The dynamism that has distinguished FIGHT CLVB’s sound reflects in RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE’S double-sided format. The cuts that FIGHT CLVB deem decidedly radio friendly figure on Side A of the LP, while the inclusions primed for festival play comprise the album’s formidable finale on Side B. Together, both sides bring listeners a total of 12-tracks. Speaking to Dancing Astronaut on the new record, FIGHT CLVB explain,

“The first half of the album should transport you to a party on a secluded island somewhere in the far reaches of the world. The second half should drop you smack in the center of a crowded festival on the dark side of the same island. Here, you’ll find aggressive, percussive sonic frequencies running rampant throughout the night”


As FIGHT CLVB’s first-ever longform outing, RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE represents a musical milestone for the dance music duo, while simultaneously functioning as a retrospective nod to SAV and Mystero’s Caribbean and Latin roots. FIGHT CLVB describe the new collection as a body of work that draws inspiration from Major Lazer, as well as the dutch house sound that lies so closely to moombah sonics. FIGHT CLVB mingle these influences on RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE and urbanize the sound that results to effect a distinctive style of music that sets their new LP apart.

“Growing up we would frequent dingy clubs in Queens, NY that would play dancehall, reggaetón, and hip-hop records throughout the night. This is our love letter to that time period, with a revisionist spin on it,” says SAV.

RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE is FIGHT CLVB’s formal sonic statement, thoughtfully formulated, and vibrantly bodied: the duo has worked hard for their biggest moment yet, now upping the ante with a creative re-envisioning of electronic music animation. RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE will officially release on July 5 via FIGHT CLVB’s very own FIGHT FREE imprint. Until then, listeners can stream RVMBLE IN THE JVNGLE exclusively on Dancing Astronaut. Listen to the album below.

Premiere: HOKI – Almost Home (Clarian Remix)

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Premiere: HOKI – Almost Home (Clarian Remix)Hoki Press Shot Supplied By Hokis Team

Clarian‘s amid a streak of releases that have so far found homes on Culprit and Watergate. Now, he lends his masterful touch to a brand new project, HOKI.

“Almost Home” is HOKI’s first single. The nascent duo are coming up in the live space, where they’ve been honing in on a pleasantly melodic aesthetic that translates to easy listening. Clarian takes these motifs, already present in the original, and enhances them. The result is a beguiling tune, with its breathy vocals folding gently into sharp percussion and a reimagined melodic arrangement. In upping the tempo and emphasizing 4/4 time signature, Clarian has made “Almost Home” into an emotive dancefloor weapon.

“Almost Home” is also the first taste of HOKI’s album, which will be released sometime toward the end of 2019.

Photo credit: Marco Iammatteo

Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trap

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Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trapUntitledForeverArtwork

Exclusive: No Mana and EDDIE unleash ‘Untitled Forever’ on mau5trapEddi Lawton Puddle Image

Allow No Mana and EDDIE to lead you through the dark and shadowy corridors of their new collaboration, “Untitled Forever.”

The two mau5trap frequenters have returned to the famed label to unleash this latest offering, which proves to be a true amalgamation of their styles. Sinister in its beat and daunting in its melodies, “Untitled Forever” is an impressive showing from both artists, who’ve found the perfect haunting vocal to accompany their production.

With the release of the song, they’ve also put together an animated music video that shows the two producers working on the song and bickering about what to name it, finally settling on “Untitled Forever” after chucking hot Cheetos at each other.

The tune marks EDDIE’s second of the year on the label, following “Zombie Mannequin” in January and Spiritual Contraband EP in October. No Mana comes to “Untitled Forever” from his April Skin release with Electrocado and Julian Gray.

“Untitled Forever” is out June 21 via mau5trap. Pre-save it here.

Premiere: Brennen Grey — Reaper’s Theme

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Premiere: Brennen Grey — Reaper’s ThemeBrennen Grey Press

Over the latter half of the past decade, Brennen Grey has poised himself as one of techno’s more enticing up-and-comers. Since 2016, the Los Angeles-based artist has appeared on some of the genre’s most coveted labels, including Carl Cox’s Intec and Sian’s Octopus. Yet, perhaps his star shines brightest on Pleasurekraft’s cosmically-oriented Kraftek imprint, who backed his momentous H is for Hercules EP in the fall of 2018.

Tomorrow, June 7, Grey will release his second record for the label, Reaper’s Theme. The titular piece sets an ominous tone for the four-track EP, and provides a proper introduction to any unfamiliar with the artist’s catalogue. Fortified by an unrelenting percussive spine, “Reaper’s Theme” is an embodiment of Grey’s signature blend of mystifyingly haunting melodies and sinister, big-room ambiences. Stirring synth-laden breaks provide brief respites from nefarious bass lines before ultimately joining forces in a riotous, but dignified culmination.

“Reaper’s Theme” is available for preorder here.