1788-L remixes Skrillex and Poo Bear’s ‘Would You Ever’

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1788-L skrillex

Newcomer 1788-L has thrown a wrench in Skrillex and Poo Bear‘s hit track “Would You Ever.” The remix is an ode to the dubstep king himself, praising his distorted vocal production, chops, and sub bass play. Poo Bear’s vocals are center stage, as one of Justin Bieber‘s main writers should be, providing a stark contrast to the heavy drop. There’s even a bit of a groovy vibe on the second verse.

The heavy use of sub bass allows listeners to feel the music. When it’s contrasted with sparkly, glitchy high ends, there’s a vast dichotomy at play. The computer is an instrument, and 1788-L is a prime example of its capabilities.

1788-L has had a quick rise to the top, already working with some of the industries top producers. The mysterious producer has dropped stellar remixes that bring out the best elements of their original predecessors, as evidenced in his remixes of Virtual-Self, Daft PunkKraftwerk, and 4AM.

Before this remix of Skrillex and Poo Bear, the enigma’s latest was a huge collaboration with ILLENIUM, Said The Sky, and Kerli called “Sound of Where’d U Go.”

Download his remix of “Would You Ever” for free here.

Team EZY puts colorful spin on Skrillex & Poo Bear’s ‘Would You Ever’

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Team EZY just released a remix of the Poo Bear-assisted Skrillex record, “Would You Ever.” With an effervescent approach and futuristic special effects, Team EZY adds a splash of color to the 2017 track.

Team EZY and Skrillex also collaborated on the 2016 track “Pretty Bye Bye” featuring NJOMZA, and the artist has even worked in the A&R division of Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Judging by the merits of this track, hopefully, it won’t be the last of their work together either.

Photo Credit: Liam Underwood

Jennifer Lopez delivers ‘Us’ produced by Skrillex and Poo Bear

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Credit: Genaro Molina

Recently Jennifer Lopez unveiled her long-rumored collaboration with Skrillex  live in concert, and now the pop icon’s newest track, “Us,” is finally ready to see the light of day. Skrillex and his trusted co-proprietor of crossover pop products, Poo Bear, join Jenny From The Block on a vivacious, salsa-inspired dance piece that follows “Would You Ever‘s” basic formula of playful vocal chops in the melody and comfortable percussion rhythms. It’s a palatable radio-primed pop number that will have Skrillex diehards weeping, commercial EDM consumers satisfied, and fans from J.Lo’s late ’90s heyday scratching their heads.

“Us” comes ahead of Lopez’s promised full-length Spanish project, which is due sometime later this year via Sony’s Epic Records. The album is set to be produced by Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony. With Latin music experiencing such a swell right now, it’s not entirely surprising to see Sonny Moore link up with one of the biggest Latin pop stars of all time to deliver his contribution to the flavor of the moment.

Featured photo by Genaro Molina

Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever (Naderi Remix)

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Since it’s release in July, remixes of Skrillex and Poo Bear‘s “Would You Ever” have popped up all over the internet. That track has gotten reworks of all sorts, but perhaps none as dramatically bass-heavy as Naderi‘s.

The Sydney producer has put his own spin on the track, shifting the focus to an ominous bass pattern. He builds the tension almost right away, with a slow, dramatic build that spans the entire first minute of the track. The focus then shifts to a drastically deep bass line that dominates the entire chorus for a dark, powerful effect.

“I heard the original while I was driving around and fell in love. Skrillex sent me the parts and I did most of it in one night. I really wanted to make something that didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before.”

Naderi was on a mission to make something totally unique and effectively fulfilled his goal with this impressive remix.

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Skrillex & Poo Bear – Would You Ever (Branchez & Charlie Klarsfeld Remix)

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Skrillex and Poo Bear‘s hit “Would You Ever” has received a mellowed remix treatment by Branchez and Charlie Klarsfeld.

Branchez and Charlie Klarsfeld’s take on “Would You Ever” is extremely nostalgic, utilizing guitars and other elements to create a pleasant listening atmosphere. The collaborators take their time building up the song, allowing for the listener to truly indulge in every musical detail that this remix has to offer. Branchez and Klarsfeld’s remix in effect is nothing short of breathtaking, blending together of retro, synthpop, electronic, and commercial sounds in perfect harmony for a piece of music that appeals to the masses.



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Listen to the Skrillex-produced Fifth Harmony song, “Angel”

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Skrillex is a man of many shades — from massive bass tunes to pop jams, he knows how to hit the sweet spot. Skrillex and Poo Bear were behind Fifth Harmonies latest single “Angel,”  their second single promoting their upcoming album which is set to release on August 25. The producer pair did a great job highlighting the girls’ vocals, crafting a deep bass canvas with minimal percussion and synths that results in a palatable record for the masses.

Fifth Harmony lost their 5th member Cabello several months ago, who will be releasing her own album later this year. Stream “Angel” in full below.




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Stream Skrillex’s remix of LH4L and Billion Dollars’ “Neoprene”

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July is going out with a bang.

Listeners of “Would You Ever,” the Skrillex collaboration with Poo Bear that dropped last week, were understandably surprised to find the “Purple Lamborghini” producer’s name tied to a house music production. Yet, those disoriented by the unexpected deviation in aesthetic might now put their minds at ease with the knowledge that Skrillex won’t permanently be crossing over genres, the confirmation verbalized by Skrillex’s remix of LH4L and Billion Dollars’ “Neoprene.”

Uploaded today, July 31, via Proximity, the remix is a longtime fan favorite, and sees Skrillex deliver his celebrated, formidable dubstep roots in a fashion which many fans missed on “Would You Ever.”

H/T: Reddit (r/skrillex).

Featured image via Jas Davis.

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MUST LISTEN: Skrillex and Bieber-collaborator Poo Bear drop hot new track Would You Ever

MUST LISTEN: Skrillex and Bieber-collaborator Poo Bear drop hot new track ‘Would You Ever’

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Skrillex has had a quiet first half of 2017 with a reduced tour schedule and a sparse offerings in terms of new music. In the past month, the producer has hinted at future collaborations and a potential revival of Dog Blood.

Skrillex enthusiasts can breath easy because today, however, as the producer dropped a new collaboration with with Justin Bieber‘s preferred producer Poo Bear. Dubbed “Would You Ever,” the track is a new direction for the famed producer with a groovier, more pop skewing sound. The song still has Skrillex’s signature complex layering and upbeat bpm, but Poo Bear’s vocals ensure this will be both a radio and club hit.

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