Deep Dish are back again! Dubfire & Sharam announce one-off reunion at Hot Since 82’s Labyrinth

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Deep Dish are back again! Dubfire & Sharam announce one-off reunion at Hot Since 82’s LabyrinthDeep Dish Photo Credit Their Twitter

Anyone remotely interested in dance music has probably heard of Deep Dish at some point. Though the duo — made of Dubfire and Sharam — went their separate ways in 2006 and have since evolved drastically in style, they were easily one of THE most iconic duos in dance music history, and largely credited for helping bring dance music into the mainstream when they were at the top.

They had a brief reunion in 2014, but have remained firm in their decision to continue on as separate entities. That’s why fans of the legendary group will be happy to know that the chance has risen once more to see these two behind the decks as one come July 13. Hot Since 82 has managed to reunite Deep Dish for a special edition of his Labyrinth night at Pacha, where they will be headlining.

The appearance comes at almost the exact two-decade mark since Deep Dish made their debut at the famed Ibiza superclub.



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Photo credit: Deep Dish’s Twitter 

Calvin Harris announces three-date Pacha Ibiza run this summer

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One Kiss” might be all it takes, but one night on the White Isle certainly won’t cut it.

At least that runs true in Calvin Harris‘ recent announcement that he’ll be taking over Ibiza’s most esteemed clubbing destination, Pacha Ibiza, for three nights this summer. Pacha celebrated its grand re-opening on May 4, and despite some recent confusion surrounding two go-go-dancers impersonating cops, it’s looking to be a banner year for the club.

The Fly Eye executive’s headline slots, dubbed Tuesdays On Mars, are a part of Pacha’s latest party concept, which also features Fatboy Slim, Alesso, Martin Solveig, and Oliver Heldens. Harris will be playing on August, 14, 18, and 28, marking the only three dates outside of his Vegas residency fans will be able to catch the “Nuh Ready” producer this summer.

Ibiza authorities investigating go-go dancers impersonating police at Pacha reopening party

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Wearing the crown as Ibiza‘s hottest nightclub proves no easy feat. Now it seems the White Isle’s clubbing crowned jewel, Pacha, could be in quite a bit of hot water.

Ibiza’s public prosecutor’s office is currently investigating a May 4 incident involving two go-go dancers impersonating policemen at Pacha’s reopening party.

Originally reported by El Mundo, two men in local police uniforms led a group of VIPs from the neighboring Pacha Hotel to the club, even managing to stop traffic along the way. When they then entered the club, the two alleged officers soon jumped onstage and ordered that the music be turned off. Fortunately, the 5,000-strong crowd started whistling and booing, and the music soon returned.

Two legitimate police officers reportedly witnessed the entire incident and reported it immediately to the local authorities and a local citizen group, EPIC, which demanded that Pacha apologized for the PR stunt.

“What happened that night concerns us,” reads a statement from local citizens group EPIC. “Usually when someone is dressed up, you notice straight away, but in this case that didn’t happen, so everyone at the party initially believed that the two young men who turned out to be go-go dancers were really policemen.”

It  continues: “It’s particularly serious given that members of the local council were present and did nothing to stop it from happening. This wasn’t just a crime; it was a shameful joke at the expense of the police, whom we should respect.”

Pacha has now responded, claiming the uniforms were not in fact official and had been made by the club’s costume department. They also said the uniforms had been used at previous events without issue, and that the uniforms didn’t include any official badges or other official paraphernalia.

Photo credit: Pacha Ibiza

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Hot Since 82 returns to Pacha Ibiza with ‘A Labyrinth Story’

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Swiftly becoming an Ibiza powerhouse, Knee Deep In Sound label boss Hot Since 82 is set to return to Ibiza’s storied Pacha for a second season of Labyrinth. The Yorkshire native will host a staggering 21 weeks of “A Labriynth Story”  from May 25–October 12, each Friday at the club.

Last season, Hot Since 82 welcomed a wide range of guests into the Labyrinth. From newcomers like Eats Everything to Ibiza legends like DJ Harvey and Erick Morillo, or even techno heavyweights Adam Beyer and Dubfire, Labyrinth’s celebrations were a tribute to life and color in full.

As a new image of Ibiza emerges, one thing is for certain: events like Labyrinth will continue to ensure travelers they need not worry about finding the party.


Photo Credit: Alex Neidhardt

DJ Rae – Surrender

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Listeners looking for the next up-and-coming house music DJ can find that in DJ Rae with the release of her new euphoric, 90s-infused track “Surrender.”

DJ Rae is a multi-talented artist with top-notch vocals, production and DJ skills, which have allowed her to attain residencies at some of Ibiza’s most prominent nightclubs such as Pacha and Ushuaïa.

The London-based DJ fuses bass and acid house elements in “Surrender,” with cowbell hits and deep synths on the bass line that complement DJ Rae’s captivating vocals. Released off her own imprint, RATED, house lovers can expect to be groovin’ to this one on their next trip to the UK nightclubs.

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