At long last, Dog Blood returns with four-track ‘Turn Off The Lights’ EP

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At long last, Dog Blood returns with four-track ‘Turn Off The Lights’ EPDog Blood Live 2

As singular entities both Skrillex and Boys Noize need no introduction. Together, under their star-speckled Dog Blood umbrella, they’re not a penny short of patent electronic music majesty.

After a six-year hiatus, Dog Blood is back in action with a four-track extended play, entitled Turn Off The Lights. The EP features a number of guest credits, including OWSLA veteran, josh pan, X&G, and Otira. The reemergence clocks in as the duo’s first multi-track release since their Middle Finger Pt. 2 EP of 2013. Anticipation ensconced the auspicious pair after they released the EP’s eponymous single back in March just before setting the Ultra main stage ablaze. The momentum continued with the release of their EP-geared Clap Back Vol. 1 mini-mix, which they doused in IDs.

Skrillex has been causing quite the commotion all by his lonesome, too. Mid-May he announced he would be unfurling a steady stream of “random releases” in coming weeks. The first of these came to fruition in his recently released Kelsey Lu remix of “Due West.” Now, Skrill is back with Boys Noize in tow for one of the most anticipated EPs of the year. Stream Turn Off The Lights below.

Salvatore Ganacci releases hilarious new OWSLA music video

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Salvatore Ganacci releases hilarious new OWSLA music videoSalvatore Ganacci

You might know Salvatore Ganacci from his creative and infectious dance moves behind the decks, most notably at Tomorrowland. The Swedish producer released an equally funny music video for his new single, “Horse,” released off Skrillex‘s OWLSA label.

The visuals for “Horse” continue off the enigmatic DJ’s performance energy with the animal-whispering Salvatore rushing to save his friends from the abrasive humans.

The song is a tribute to raving in the ’90s with the throbbing kick and riding high hat. Going back to Ganacci’s youth was vital for capturing his one-of-a-kind persona, which also included hiring his childhood friend as the director, who runs the production company Business Club Royale.

This May, Ganacci’s will make his EDC Las Vegas debut along with a hefty tour schedule in Europe this summer. He also recently released the high-energy bass house track “Cake” with Megatone off Big Beat’s Ignition Compilation series.

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Skrillex links with rising rapper and songwriter Saint Jhn for multiple new tracks

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Skrillex links with rising rapper and songwriter Saint Jhn for multiple new tracksSkrille Shanghai 2

Skrillex has always been one of the sharpest A&Rs in the game. He’s got a keen eye for the next up-and-coming talent, just look at artists like Elohim, Getter, JOYRYDE, or even Chance The Rapper. Generally, whenever Skrillex comes through with an early stamp of approval on and emerging act, you can expect a meteoric rise to closely follow. That’s why if rapper/songwriter Saint Jhn isn’t on your radar yet, he better be. Because after linking with Skrillex to record as many as six, or “maybe [six] and a half” Saint Jhn is definitely bound to be in everyone’s line of sight…soon. Jhn already has credits working alongside Gorgon City, Usher, Kiesza, and more.

The multi-threat NYC-based artist recently took to social media to share the news. Recently Skrillex has also been linked to studio sessions with his former screamo outfit From First To Last, Ty Dolla $ign, and of course his Dog Blood counterpart Boys Noize, with three new collaborative cuts from the duo expected to land any minute now.

H/T: Run The Trap

Big Beat Records begins teasing mysterious compilation album—sounds like new music from Skrillex, Ekali, and more could be on the way

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Big Beat Records begins teasing mysterious compilation album—sounds like new music from Skrillex, Ekali, and more could be on the wayEkali Awakening Radio Mi 001

Big Beat Records has something interesting under the hood, though what exactly the label is rolling out, as of now, remains a mystery. The imprint, which hosts artists like SkrillexEkali, Whethan, Knife Party, and more, posted 15 short, enigmatic snippets to SoundCloud on March 25, captioned simply with a release date of April 11. Without much more to go on, a quick dive into the audio teasers reveals that the impending release is likely a compilation from a group of artists—a fact that Big Beat confirmed in a statement to Dancing Astronaut.

The tracklist spans a wide variety of genres, all with a heavy bass theme, from pumping bass house to echoing big room trap. The mysterious, yet-to-be-revealed compilation sounds like it could include contributions from OWSLA labelmates—in fact, the third track teased already appears in Ekali’s Awakening Mix Vol. 6Though largely unsubstantiated and merely speculation as of now, the EP’s first official release is due on March 29, and a full tracklist is expected to land soon as well. The nameless compilation definitely packs some heavy handed punches, and it’ll likely be well worth the wait come April 11. In the meantime, listen below, guess for yourself, and let us know what you come up with.

Skrillex and Boys Noize reunite in New Orleans with a trove of new Dog Blood IDs [Watch]

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Skrillex and Boys Noize reunite in New Orleans with a trove of new Dog Blood IDs [Watch]Dog Blood Live

The dance world is waiting on the edge of its seat, salivating over imminent new material from Dog BloodSkrillex and Boys Noize‘s elusive, acidic side project. The pair recently linked in New Orleans to headline BUKU Music + Arts Project, reuniting for their first show since 2017, and only their second since 2015. Exceeding expectations, the duo used BUKU’s main stage as a testing ground for a trove of new, yet-to-be-named material, followed by a confirmation from Skrillex that new music is indeed underway, and landing soon.

Dog Blood’s performance at BUKU has been one of the most anticipated sets of the early part of 2019, along with Skrillex’s reunion with his former screamo outfit, From First to Last, which also took place at BUKU. As the Dog Blood’s performance schedule continues to materialize throughout the summer, expect more new music to debut from the OWSLA and BNR helmers. For now, get the first taste of new Dog Blood below and prepare for Boys Noize and Skrillex’s impending release—it’s bound to live up to the hype, and it could drop any minute now.

josh pan ditches electronic stylings on debut joint album, ‘This Car Needs Some Wheels’ with Dylan Brady

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josh pan ditches electronic stylings on debut joint album, ‘This Car Needs Some Wheels’ with Dylan BradyJosh Pan Dylan Brady

OWSLA‘s josh pan continues to prove himself as an unstoppable force bound by no musical limits. Establishing his initial sound in heavy-hitting bass production but quickly showcasing his shapeshifting artistry from trap to house to lofi-esque beats, pan’s latest production foray into the indie realm should come as no surprise, but still defies all expectation. Teaming up with Mad Decent artist and pop producer Dylan Brady on the collaborative full-length project This Car Needs Some Wheels, josh pan once again reinvents his brand and subtly flexes his versatility as an ever-growing artist.

This Car Needs Some Wheels has many faces, and the only semblance of each track to the next is their minimalist stripped-down foundation. The album’s overarching broodiness makes sense in the context of pan opening up about his vulnerability and his human loneliness in an exquisitely raw form permeate tracks like “Past Lives” and “Save the World.”

“I was self-medicating a lot during this time, really depressed, and towards the end of writing the album, I realized I could be happy, that I don’t just have to hide in myself, and that I could totally depend on and trust other people again,” pan told Nest HQ.

A true concept album, This Car Needs Some Wheels expresses complexity in both themes and musicality from electronic artists that lend increasing credibility to the industry’s growing crossover territory.

It has been half a decade since we were blessed with ‘Recess,’ revisit Skrillex’s celebrated debut LP here

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It has been half a decade since we were blessed with ‘Recess,’ revisit Skrillex’s celebrated debut LP hereSkrille Do Lab

Five years in electronic music can often feel more like fifteen. The breakneck pace by which our culture moves, develops, and evolves these days makes a half decade gap feel more like a lifetime for Skrillex fans celebrating the five year anniversary of Recess today (March 18). The album’s release date is often contested, as the LP arrived in perfectly quintessential Skrillex fashion—leaked early through a cell phone app posing as an intergalactic video game. No matter how or when the record arrived, it undoubtedly changed the electronic landscape and set Skrillex on a crash course for pop super stardom.

Sonny Moore’s debut LP under the Skrillex moniker came well after he had already established his Grammy Award-winning sound, though the album is really what planted Moore’s flag as an electronic trailblazer that was here to stay. The record was a carefree electronic thrill ride that featured a budding Chance The Rapper, a preview taste of the oncoming k-pop tidal wave with G-Dragon, CL, and Diplo, and a healthy dose of heavy dub appeal from the Ragga Twins. Infectiously aggressive yet in touch with its dance-friendly roots, Recess culminated in what many still believe Skrillex’s finest body of work to date.

In the years since Skrillex’s debut studio LP, his list of credentials has outgrown the confines of electronic dance music in remarkable ways. He’s gone on to produce for the world’s greatest pop stars, from Justin Bieber to Mariah Carey. He’s tackled movie soundtracks, linked with rappers, produced an entire joint album with Diplo, and grown OWSLA into one of the country’s premier electronic imprints.

Now, after a much-deserved year off for his 30th, Skrillex is starting to push the pedal to the floor once again in 2019, and though he’s coyly dismissed rumors of a sophomore album recently, something about this year feels like a full circle return for Sonny Moore. Whether its a full fledged follow up to Recess or not, a trove of new Skrillex music seems like it’s ready to be heard by the world. In the meantime, revisit his beloved debut LP below.

Moody Good brings the heat with ‘SIXTYSIXTY’

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Moody Good brings the heat with ‘SIXTYSIXTY’Goofball EP Moody Good

Moody Good or Moody God?

The former 16bit producer continues to prove the latter with his latest release “SIXTYSIXTY”,  a track off his forthcoming Goofball EP, set to release on March 15 via Never Say Die. A two-year old ID that finally got a name, “SIXTYSIXTY” saw its official release to high anticipation from fans. The OWSLA and MTA Records artist has stayed relatively under the radar with his last track “Super Lager” posted more than a year ago in June 1, 2017. However, the Goofball EP announcement and a tweet by Moody Good confirmed the enigmatic bass deity will be providing new material to fans hopefully all year long.

“SIXTYSIXTY” plays on Moody Good’s signature prowess of complex, high-filth sound design, crafting scratchy synths with punchy bass underlined by a wind-whipping loop that come together to define his unique brand of dubstep. “SIXTYSIXTY” baits with a smooth trap beat that quickly escalates into a headbanger heaven. Listen below.

Ekali and 1788-L deliver decadent and dizzying ‘R U I N’

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Ekali and 1788-L deliver decadent and dizzying ‘R U I N’Ekali Awakening Radio Mi 001

Recent collaborative counterparts, Ekali and 1788-L are among the most alluring names on the electronic agenda as of late. 1788-L, since his ascension through an auspicious feature on REZZ‘s “H E X,” has so far remained anonymous, at least by face. His off-kilter strain of glitchy electro is distinguishable to even the most untrained ear. Ekali’s fervent reception has landed him in some slightly larger arenas in the years since Skrillex remixed his “Babylon” original.

By way of their all-but-“R U I N”-ous brainchild, the pair succeed in scaffolding of one another’s diverging production styles for a complex and decadently maze-like sonic offspring. Drop one falls in 1788-L’s court, with its grinding, stop-and-go, mid-tempo electro, while Ekali ensconces the second breakdown with his invariably melodic DNA. Prophetic wind and piano synths join dizzying drum ‘n’ bass fills for a paradoxical delivery that melts monotony in its tracks.

The two have been teasing the track for some time, sprinkling it into their sets throughout Ekali’s Crystal Eyes Tour. Illenium offered up his edit of the track ahead of the release, bolstering anticipation for the original. “R U I N”‘s release comes with a Blade Runner/apocalypse-themed visual spearheaded by Quentin Deronzier.

Skrillex’s undersung ‘Leaving’ EP turns six

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Skrillex’s undersung ‘Leaving’ EP turns sixSkrille Scary Monsters Nice Sprites Eight Years

We’re celebrating the sixth anniversary of Skrillex‘s toned-down three-track EP, Leaving, which was exclusively dropped to members of OWSLA‘s subscription service, The Nest, on January 3, 2013. The extended play became public on Sonny Moore’s YouTube and SoundCloud pages the next day.

“Scary Bolly Dub” is a rework of “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites,” an edit of the mind-melting original that Skrillex played live and circulated on the internet a year before its release. One can really hear the slowed-down likeness toward the end of the track.

“The Reason” comes in at a cool 100 BPM — a few energy notches below the usual 140 BPM dubstep mayhem listeners were accustomed to at the time. This tempo has relevance these days in the slower wobbles that REZZ and other dubstep artists have been popularizing.

“Leaving” runs with a complex percussion pattern, showcasing Skrillex’s innate drum proficiency that he uses today for big label credit releases. The EP was a bit of a departure from his normal raucous tunes, showcasing a more tender side to Skrillex’s production capabilities.