Crystal Skies showcase their electronic sensibilities on resplendent new EP, ‘Constellations’

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Crystal Skies showcase their electronic sensibilities on resplendent new EP, ‘Constellations’DSC 6121

Give virtually any cut from Crystal Skies‘ catalog a spin, and the suitability of Ophelia Records for the electronic duo will assuredly be apparent. From its luxuriant, layered melodies to its light flirtation with psy-trance (see “On My Own”) to its potent kisses of bass, Constellations brings the synchronicity of Crystal Skies’ sound with Ophelia’s into sharper focus.

In the time that has followed its February 2018 inception, Seven Lions‘ imprint has gained repute for its immersive releases, which routinely marry bass, dubstep, and psytrance elements with emotive chord progressions and lyrical content. Constellations easily fits into this broader aesthetic. The successor to 2017’s Dichotomy, Crystal Skies’ Constellations arrives as a five-cut exploration of electronic texture that is audible in the strings that provide the poised opening to “Release Me” and the resounding bass that explodes at “Feels Right” and “One More Night’s” drops.

The lyrically expressive character of Constellations‘ inclusions tug ever so gently at the heartstrings as the project’s enveloping, larger than life production creates a sense of sonic fullness. Given the EP’s title, it might seem a syrupy cliché to call Constellations a starry showing, but that’s exactly what is is.

‘Everything changes’: Seven Lions reflects on progress and Ophelia Records from Electric Zoo

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‘Everything changes’: Seven Lions reflects on progress and Ophelia Records from Electric Zoo636132311417960229 1247347347 Jeff

A lot can change in a year.

In February of 2018, Seven Lions took a career-altering step: he erected his own record label, Ophelia Records, swiftly consummating the imprint with the brand’s very first production, “Calling You Home.” The celestial, two-track EP, Ocean, co-produced with Jason Ross soon followed the seminal single. Not long after, “Horizon” arrived, with well-founded assistance from Tritonal and Kill The Noise. The Ophelia agenda continued raking in high-profile ammo in the months that followed.

“My vision for Ophelia was just a place for me to put out my music,” Seven Lions told Dancing Astronaut in an interview at Electric Zoo‘s recently concluded 2019 iteration. “[But] everything changes. Within the last two or three months, our release schedule has gotten so busy that I’m struggling with where to put my [own] music.”

Ophelia’s crowded release schedule led Seven Lions to just last month share two brand new singles, the MitiS-assisted “Break The Silence” and “Another Me,” just a week apart.

The theme of transcendence, which Seven Lions credits as a key creative motivator both in the way that he stylizes his music and in the manner that he disseminates it, has been paramount to Ophelia’s progression in the time since its foundation. Whereas Seven Lions originally conceived Ophelia as a platform for his own releases, the imprint has morphed into something else altogether. Case in point, Ophelia’s takeover of Electric Zoo’s Riverside stage proved a multitudinous showcase of the label’s heavy-atmospheric talent that included Said The Sky, Wooli, Jason Ross, Blastoyz, Crystal Skies, Dimibo, MitiS, and, of course, Seven Lions himself.

“I never really thought it was going to be the way that it is right now but I’m super stoked,” Seven Lions said of Ophelia’s evolution to date. “I had no visions of doing a stage at EZoo or anything like that [when I first founded the label], so now that it’s happening I feel that I’m watching it happen, and I’m going to [continue to] dig further into it.”

More showcases and stage takeovers will be an integral part of Seven Lions’ Ophelia expansion, according to the producer. As 2019 continues winding down, many artists look considerably ahead to calculate their first major career moves in 2020, including Seven Lions, who hopes to book more shows with the express purpose of exhibiting the prolific talent of Ophelia artists.

“I want to have more showcases and want to do more stuff like [stage takeovers] where I can get more people like Crystal Skies in front of a crowd, so they can throw down and show what they can do, because I feel like they don’t really have that opportunity very often,” Seven Lions explained. “Specifically Crystal Skies, Blastoyz, Last Heroes, Trivecta, all those people who haven’t had the exposure that they deserve as producers, trying to get that for them: that’s my goal, to help them get in front of larger audiences.”

From his seat backstage at the Riverside stage, where his label mate, MitiS, is performing, Seven Lions traces Ophelia’s activity over the past year for Dancing Astronaut, noting that the exponential growth that Ophelia has gleaned is largely akin to his own rise as an artist.

“[Music] was a hobby and it turned into something,” Seven Lions reflects. “I’m going to go after it with everything I can. I guess I never dreamed that big and then once it’s right in front of you [it’s] like I’m going to get that sh*t.”

As Ophelia matures, its label head will nevertheless continue to advance the Seven Lions project, which he cites as his “legacy,” enduring on the forefront of the multi-genre master’s creative focus. The weighty entrepreneurial undertaking has certainly kept Seven Lions busy in recent months. In addition to producing and planning his own releases, Seven Lions has also been engaged with his Alchemy Tour.

The ongoing live initiative, which commenced in Long Beach, California on August 17, positions Seven Lions among co-headliners, The Glitch Mob, SLANDER, and NGHTMRE, among supporting acts like SVDDEN DEATH, Jason Ross, and Shadient for a 25-date run across North American cities.

For Seven Lions, the collection of artists convening for The Alchemy Tour represents a synergistic continuum of electronic seniority.

“I wouldn’t say SLANDER and NGHTMRE are newer, but they’re very on the ups [whereas] I’ve been around for a little while,” Seven Lions posits. “But The Glitch Mob has been around for even longer, so it’s cool to expose The Glitch Mob to a newer, younger audience. In general I feel like [the tour] ticks all the boxes: buzzy artists and legends; I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle.”

And with almost a decade of releases under the Seven Lions moniker spanning everything from hardstyle, to trance, to his globally reverberative approach to worldly chill-step, one would be hard-pressed to suggest otherwise.

Listeners can purchase tickets to The Alchemy Tour, here.

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Jason Ross blends styles with new single, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’

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Jason Ross blends styles with new single, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’Dont Give Up On Me

Jason Ross has had a busy year — and he’s not done yet. The producer has released a new single titled “Don’t Give Up On Me” featuring previous Illenium vocalist Dia Frampton. Ross has made a name for himself over the past years thanks to his ability to merge progressive trance and melodic dubstep, and the producer recently landed a spot on Seven Lions‘ Journey 2 tour as a result.

Ross continues to keep things fresh with “Don’t Give Up On Me.” He melds a future bass drop with trance chords to create pounding notes that overtake listeners’ consciousness. Ross spoke about creating the track in an official release, saying, “The track started off as a simple piano progression that can be heard in the intro of the track. This was around the time where I really started experimenting with the melodic dubstep sound, and I knew I wanted to take it that route. When you’re making a new genre of music that you’re not accustomed to, you really start to second guess yourself, but with this track, I knew it was something special and I was proud of how it turned out.”

The single marks his second release on Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records. Now fans can patiently wait for Ross’ headlining ROOMS tour and his accompanying full EP release, set to come out in early 2019.

Seven Lions surprises with new psytrance collaboration, ‘After Dark’

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Seven Lions surprises with new psytrance collaboration, ‘After Dark’Seven Lions After Dark

Seven Lions reunites with esteemed vocalist Fiora and teams up with Israeli producer Blastoyz for new release “After Dark.” The release showcases a new direction for Seven Lions’ productions.

Fiora’s enthralling vocals have a mysterious twist with echoing chords resonating during the track’s build. The song takes a very surprising turn during the drop, falling into a hectic psytrance high energy beat. This is undoubtedly thanks to collaborator Blastoyz’s influence, since he is known for his psytrance releases.

“After Dark” is the second single off of Seven Lions’ forthcoming EP, which is out via his own imprint Ophelia. He will also be stopping on a 42-stop North American tour, for those who would like to witness the track performed live.

Seven Lions releases stunning new single ‘Dreamin’ featuring Fiora

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Seven Lions releases stunning new single ‘Dreamin’ featuring FioraSeven Lions Tessa Paisan Ritz Ybor 29

Seven Lions has had a memorable year in 2018, starting with the launch of his own record label, Ophelia, in addition to a string of hit releases and notable collaborations including Kill The Noise and Jonathan Mendelsohn. The multifaceted producer is back with new music again via his recently minted imprint in the form of “Dreamin’” featuring vocalist Fiora. The track is a stunning combination of Fiora’s vocals juxtaposed against an electro backdrop and galvanizing guitar chords. Vocals propel the track into a powerful break, playing up on Seven Lion’s affinity for melodic bass drops.

Eager Seven Lions fans will inevitably be treated to the new collaboration live as Seven Lions sets out on his 42 stop Journey 2 North American tour.

Seven Lions unveils two-track remix pack for ‘Oceans’

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Fans of Jeff Montalvo’s emotive line of dubstep certainly have no reason to fret as Seven Lions has been on the prowl lately. With a 42-stop Journey 2 tour ahead of him, along with the launch of his own record label, Ophelia, and several new releases under his belt this year, Montalvo has become a gentle predator and 2018 is his prey.

Earlier this year, Seven Lions released one of his newly minted cornerstone tracks, “Ocean,” with Jason Ross and Jonathan Mendelsohn. He now unveils a powerful remix package for the single, featuring reinterpretations of the track from Au5 and Grant. Colorado-based producer Au5 brings an electrifying twist to the original, resulting in a glitchy-bass rendition of the track. On the other side of the coin is the upbeat, refreshing jolt of color and pop sensibility that Grant brings to “Ocean,” resulting in a version sure to be a summertime fan favorite.

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, and Au5 will all be hitting the road together this fall on The Journey 2 tour, along with additional support from MitiS.

Seven Lions returns with two new tracks in tow

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Seven Lions

Seven Lions continues to fortify his newly founded Ophelia label via the release of “Ocean” and “The Sirens,” both of which succeed “Calling You Home,” the very first production to make its Ophelia debut. Fans of the producer will recognize “Ocean” as a staple of Seven Lions sets. “‘Ocean’ is one of the tracks that I’ve been playing out for awhile and people have been asking about,” Seven Lions says of the track. The artist touts “Ocean” as “the most talked about unreleased song [of his catalogue] in awhile.”

“Ocean” places Jonathan Mendelsohn on vocal duties, layering Mendelsohn’s vocal contribution atop a melody that rises and falls with both balance and precision, making for one of Seven Lions’ most polished releases yet.

Seven Lions and Jason Ross unite on “The Sirens,” a point of sonic contrast for “Ocean.” A collaboration that conveys the strength of Seven Lions and Ross’ co-productive effort,“The Sirens” dwells in an inherently darker mood space in its embodiment of sharly implemented, punching psy-step percussion and inverted vocal elements.

H/T: Billboard

Seven Lions debuts first track, ‘Calling You Home,’ on his new label

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Calling you home

Seven Lions is the rare artist with an ability to captivate electronic music enthusiasts across multiple genres. From trance fans to dubstep lovers, the producer has something for everyone. His newest single “Calling You Home,” featuring Runn, certainly has the capacity to appeal to a diverse group of fans as well with its mystical vibe.

Runn’s vocals are a focal point of the track, but pulsing basslines with dramatic breaks and builds captivate the listener to their chore. The release comes on the heels of Seven Lions’ launch of his own record label, Ophelia. “Calling You Home” is the label’s inaugural release, and if this track characterizes what we can expect from future releases on Ophelia, fans will certainly have a new destination to curate great playlists from.

Seven Lions founds his own record label, announces new single to come

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Following the reveal that he is set to host his very own curated event series, Seven Lions made another big announcement: the establishment of his own record label.

Dubbed “Ophelia,” the imprint represents a sort of self professed “home base” for Seven Lions’ music — the producer has released music on a variety of different labels in the past, including Monstercat and OWSLA.

Ophelia’s debut release,“Calling You Home,” is scheduled to bow February 16.