Mezzanine forced to shut down earlier than expected following reneged agreement

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Mezzanine forced to shut down earlier than expected following reneged agreementMezzanine Credit Susana Bates

The end of 2018 brought grim news that San Francisco institution, Mezzanine, would be shutting its doors the following year. At the time, sources close to the club advised that longtime building owners, The Chritton family, had been working with them to extend their lease tenure and ease the closing. The owners have since reneged on these agreements, however, leading to a darker side of the saga to be exposed.

A mailer from the Mezzanine camp has detailed the unsavory situation, dating back to November when the Chritton family presented a new lease whose terms the club had been unable to meet. At this time, the Chrittons reached out to Mezzanine owner Deborah Jackman to ease the exit with a Letter of Intent to extend their lease beyond eviction point.

“On January 11th, 2019, a letter of intent was sent to Mezzanine ensuring the venue would be given the extension they were hoping for, with the added possibility of re-negotiating the lease long term,” stated the mailer. “With a newly promised closing date of January 31st, 2020, the venue, acting on good faith, continued booking Fall/Winter events while waiting for the finalized lease to be signed by the Chrittons.”

On May 1, however, Jackman was informed to her dismay that the Chrittons had pulled out of their end of the bargain and maintained that the club must be out of the building by October 2019. This surprise reneging will cause great financial damage to the already struggling institution, which now has to face ramifications from both cancelling all of its winter events and moving locations. The Mezzanine is now calling upon all its followers to support them as they fight to retain the move-out date of New Year’s 2020.

Mezzanine has been a pillar of San Francisco nightlife and the Bay Area dance community since opening its doors in 2002. The club has hosted a wide array of talent through its years in business, spanning from Galantis, to Simian Mobile Disco, to Simon Patterson. It is also the largest female-owned venue in the city.

Dancing Astronaut will continue to update this post as further events unfold.

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Atlantic City’s DAER Nightclub locks in ZEDD and Alesso for Memorial Day Weekend

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Atlantic City’s DAER Nightclub locks in ZEDD and Alesso for Memorial Day WeekendImage 150

There’s a resurgence happening in the East Coast’s club scene, largely behind the emergence of DAER Nightclub and the revamping of Atlantic City’s once-boisterous nightlife circuit. The club, anchored in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, features a state-of-the-art hybrid indoors/outdoor design that allows revelers to take full advantage of the cutting edge new space—especially on major event weekends like Memorial Day. For DAER’s debut Memorial Day Weekend lineup they’ve pulled out all the stops, securing performances by two of the most in-demand DJs in the world: Alesso and ZEDD.

The pair will make their way to Atlantic City for the first official weekend of summer, with Alesso taking the decks on Saturday May 25, followed by ZEDD on Sunday May 26. ZEDD’s Memorial Day Weekend appearance comes in a larger batch of dates at DAER, where the “365” producer is slated for a short summer residency this year.

DAER is quickly making a name for itself as not only the formidable new kid on the block in Atlantic City, but as one of the premier clubs in the country. In addition to top-notch programming and internationally renowned talent, the club boasts a jaw-dropping audio-visual experience, equipped with a massive LED centerpiece and a 110,000-watt Funktion One sound system. Move over, Vegas—there’s another Memorial Day hotspot fans are flocking to this year, and by the looks of it, DAER is still just getting started. Learn more and grab tickets here.

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Atlantic City is starting to see a resurgence behind new venue’s push for top talent and programming

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Atlantic City is starting to see a resurgence behind new venue’s push for top talent and programmingAlesso 2

Before Las Vegas became the mecca for blockbuster DJ residencies at posh mega clubs, Atlantic City reigned supreme. The East Coast entertainment and tourism hub’s rich history began well before it became the first city outside of Nevada to offer legal gambling. Though over time, Atlantic City’s booming commercial appeal faltered, and at point of the city’s steepest decline, Vegas caught on to the global EDM boom, and the world’s top rap and dance talents all started vying for valuable residency slots at some of the hottest club properties in the country.

Atlantic City, once the home Caesar’s Palace, Bally’s, and more, may have fallen on hard times, but that doesn’t mean that the enduring entertainment hotspot has not hung on. Now, it seems the little engine that could may be picking up some steam once again. The city has remained an East Coast entertainment center point behind clubs like Hard Rock’s emerging DAER concept. The new indoor/outdoor hybrid, championed by the Hard Rock brand’s deep musical legacy, has been drawing in top-tier talent since it opened in June 2018, programming a state of the art venue that manages to capture big room energy and an intimate feel all at once.

DAER, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, has staked its claim on the national club circuit with major bookings including Drake, Tiësto, Alesso, Travis Scott, Above & Beyond, and more in its first months in business. The secret ingredient to DAER’s success though comes from venerated industry talent that has quietly migrated away from current social hotspots to head back to the East Coast and ignite Atlantic City’s resurgence. Former Hakkasan figures have brought their know-how to New Jersey and Atlantic City’s restoration seems to be underway. If DAER is the comparative barometer for what the boardwalk could eventually go back to, things are going to start looking up for the East Coast club scene. DAER hasn’t even had a full trip around the sun yet, but a recap of the club’s first six months in operation shows Atlantic City’s exciting comeback starting to materialize, largely behind what could likely become one of the most in-demand clubs in the country.


Nightclub stampede in Italy leaves six dead

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Nightclub stampede in Italy leaves six deadItaly Nightclub Stampede

A stampede at a rap event early Saturday in an Italian nightclub left five teenagers and one adult dead, and dozens injured, authorities said.

Hundreds of people were waiting to see Italian rapper, and self-proclaimed “the king of trap,” Sfera Ebbasta when someone in the club sprayed an “irritant substance” like pepper spray, which ignited a stampede, Italy’s civil protection agency advised in a statement. The dead have been identified by Luigi Di maio, a deputy prime minster, as Bendetta Vitali, 15; Emma Fabini, 14; Daniele Pongetti 16; Asia Nasoni, 14; and Eleonora Girolimini, 39.

Around 100 people were treated after the incident at the Lanterna Azzurra. Thirty-five of those 100 remained in a hospital Saturday afternoon with seven still in life-threatening condition, and five still in serious condition according to the chief of police in Ancona. Concertgoers were assisted out on the street by paramedics following the stampede.

A tweet by the local fire service indicates that the incident occurred at 1am local time:

According to CNN, as clubgoers rushed out in a panic a metal fence collapsed outside of the Lanterna Azzurra nightclub in Corinaldo. “One fell on top of the other,” leading to the injuries and deaths, said Luca Cari, spokesman for firefighters in Ancona province. Sfera Ebbasta said in a post on Instagram, he was unable to express how deeply he was saddened by this tragedy. He went on to say he would cancel his promotional events over the coming days out of the respect for the dead and injured.



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Berlin instates subsidized nightclub-soundproofing initiative

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Berlin instates subsidized nightclub-soundproofing initiativeNina Kraviz Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

Formally implemented on November 28, a novel noise reduction initiative in Berlin will seek to remedy an infamous issue in the context of the city’s nightlife: venue noise leakage. Berlin nightclubs that are unable to afford the necessary soundproofing to prevent the sound bleeding that has repeatedly caused resident unrest in the past will newly be able to apply for state-funded soundproofing via the Berlin Club Commission. The fledgling noise-buffering program is an imitation of an existing program in Hamburg — another location where club culture is a central component of the city’s economic fabric.

Berlin venues that have been in operation for a minimum of two years will be required to participate in a two-part application process. Preliminary application documents are currently available online and accessible to nightclub organizers who wish to apply for the state-subsidized support. An independent jury will begin meeting in February 2019 to determine which establishments will receive grants. The public grants can extend financial support of up to €50,000 to each regular applicant and can additionally offer a maximum of €100,000 to “projects of extraordinary importance.” The nightclubs that are approved for the financial backing will be expected to contribute anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of the total soundproofing cost. Venues that receive the funds must return the money if they are unable to remain open for a two-year period following state extension of the monies.

H/T: Resident Advisor

German teen arrested for plot to attack gay nightclub

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German teen arrested for plot to attack gay nightclubGay Club

A teenager in Germany has been arrested for suspicion of planning an Islamist extremist attack on a gay night club and a Catholic church. Frankfurt prosecutor spokesman Sinan Akdogan confirmed the arrest of an unnamed 17-year old in connection to the plan set for September 1, where thereafter a judge ordered the suspect to be held in custody further for planning the serious act of violence. According to US-provided intelligence provided to Hesse state police, the teenager had obtained instructions on how to make explosives, as well as ordered chemicals online. While the intended locations of the thwarted attacks has been kept secret along with the suspect’s identity, the investigation continues to be ongoing.

H/T: NY Post

Famed Miami nightclub The Electric Pickle announces impending closure

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Famed Miami nightclub The Electric Pickle announces impending closureScreen Shot 2018 08 07 At 2.56.13 PM

Wynwood Arts District resident, The Electric Pickle will close its doors in June 2019. Venue owners and operators Tomas, Diego, and Mitch announced the nightclub’s impending cessation in a Facebook post published on the event’s official Facebook page.

“It’s been a crazy ride and we’re not done yet,” Tomas, Diego, and Mitch write, after acknowledging their mutual decision to forgo the renewal of the venue’s lease. “It’s time for a change,” the message continues, “We look forward to one more trip around the sun, filled with parties and memories.”

Those interested can get a look at The Electric Pickle’s event calendar leading up to the club’s June closure, here.

View The Electric Pickle’s Facebook post, here.

Photo Credit: The Electric Pickle

17 are left dead after horrific stampede at a nightclub in Venezuela

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According to CNN, 17 people are left dead after a horrific stampede at a nightclub in Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas, with an additional five left injured. The tragic event took place at the Los Cotorros nightclub on Saturday for a pre-graduation party. Five hundred individuals were packed into the venue when a fight broke out around 3am, where an attendee detonated a tear gas canister causing wide-spread panic and a stampede.

National Police reported 11 people passed away via asphyxiation. Eight of the victims were under 18. Venezuela’s interior minister Nestor Reverol said that seven people, including two minors, have been detained as suspects of the attack. According to Reverol, an eyewitness mentioned it was one of the minors who set off the canister. The nightclub has been ordered to shutdown and the venue owner has been arrested for not having proper security to ensure no weapons entered the club.


Berlin government set to invest in protection of nightclubs

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The Berlin government has pledged to invest €1 million in sound protection for various nightclubs throughout its city limits, according to Berlin based publication Tagesspiegel. The announcement comes in light of recent complaints from city residents about noise generated at large scale nightclubs.

Around 170 Berlin nightclub locations were forced to shut down from 2011 to 2015. Typically, when residents complain to city officials, the officials err on the side of caution, favoring residents over nightclub owners.

Now, Berlin’s city officials are taking preemptive measures to effectively soundproof its nightclubs, thereby mediating the concerns of residents and club owners.

The recent investment will fund renovations such as the placement of sound absorbing installations in venues, noise barriers in outdoor areas, and soundproofing the windows of local residents.

“The club culture has given Berlin so much that the city now has to save the clubs,” says Georg Kössler, club spokesman for the Green Group, who helped to arbitrate the funding approval.

How the money will be distributed is still unclear, but Tagesspiegel reports that a possible reference model would be the Hamburg model: wherein a charitable club foundation allocates funds as they see fit.

H/T: Mixmag

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Sydney proposes set of reforms to protect beleaguered nightlife

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Sydney’s notorious lockout laws have had quite a damaging impact on the city’s once flourishing nightlife. Introduced in 2014, the laws force a 1:30 a.m. lockout and 3 a.m. cease-service policy for all nightclubs and bars in central Sydney and the Kings Cross precinct. These laws have been widely criticized by Australians, including esteemed producer Flume, who went on to release a track as a form of protest.

The mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, has since decided that the controversial laws are in desperate need of reform. “Unfortunately, the lockouts have had a serious impact on Sydney’s cultural life, businesses and our reputation overseas — and while areas like Kings Cross are safer, we know the balance isn’t right yet in terms of Sydney’s nightlife.”

The reforms will aim to adopt the agent of change principle for residential establishments within 100 metres of a music venue. This rule will shift the onus of soundproofing new installations from club owners to residential developers, and aims to protect the interests of the many nightclubs and live music venues in Sydney.


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