Amsterdam initiating strict sound limitations for music festivals

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The Amsterdam City Council has announce it will be enforcing strict sound limitations for large-scale music events within the city.

Sound will now be capped at 85 decibels in the Dutch capital, and organizers of festivals will be doing “permanent acoustic research” for performances going forward so as not to inconvenience the city’s residents.

The council also stated that three sound-intensive days per year are acceptable to residents. An exception is made for more than 20 popular places in the city, however, such as the Zuidas, the Museum Square and the new event center in Westpoort.

“Organizers are now mainly concerned with how the sound sounds on the field,” a city council spokesperson said. “According to the new rules, they will also have to focus on the question of the effect of noise on the environment, and how to minimize the inconvenience.”

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Selena Gomez taps Marshmello for track on upcoming album

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Selena Gomez has an upcoming album and, after her hit collaboration “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo, it was only a matter of time before she chose to collaborate with another electronic music great. The singer recently confirmed that she has tapped Marshmello to produce one of the songs on her new album.

Gomez spoke with a radio station in San Diego about the track and described it as “beautiful” and “one of my favorite songs.” She went on to state that, “It’s really cool. It’s kind of in that world, his world, and I’m stepping into it and bringing my style too.”

Given the singer has described the song as being part of “Marshmello’s world,” there is no doubt that the song will be a chart topper like his recent string of releases including “Silence” featuring Khalid.

No release date has been announced for Gomez’s upcoming album.

H/T: Billboard

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Beyonce will release a limited edition Vinyl set of ‘Lemonade’

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Beyonce further cemented her status as America’s Queen when she dropped her surprise album titled Lemonade in 2016. The album went on to win a Grammy for the Best Urban Contemporary Album, while earning another win for Best Music Video for her track “Formation.” The album was a stunning success, so die-hard Beyonce fans have yet another Beyonce-special to celebrate as it was recently announced that Beyonce will be releasing a limited edition Vinyl box set of Lemonade.

BEY_how to make lemonade

The set will contain a double vinyl LP as well as audio and visual album downloads. The album itself was released alongside a 60-minute HBO film also titled Lemonade, so it is only fitting for her vinyl release to have visual components as well. Lastly, the set will come with a 600 page coffee table book titled How To Make Lemonade.

How To Make Lemonade features behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the album as well as notes, poems and essays from the artist. Its forward is written by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, with additional poetry by Warsan Shire. Fans can pre-order the limited edition set on Beyonce’s website starting at $299.99.


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Elrow responds to allegations of tear gas-like substance sprayed on crowds at festival

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Elrow‘s Festival took place at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London this past weekend, and the pleasant festival experience turned very sour when a tear-gas like substance was reportedly sprayed over the crowd. The substance was allegedly dispersed over the crowd during Jamie Jones‘ DJ set between 8 and 9PM local time, and festival goers say they were left coughing, unable to breath, and with burning eyes.

The substance was described as coming from the right of the stage, and security guards were unable to determine where the gas was coming from or what specifically it was. The gas has been described as similar to either pepper spray or tear gas.

Festival goers have taken to social media to question what the gas was and how it entered the festival and organizers have yet to respond.

Update: 08/21/2017 12:33 PM EDT: 

An Elrow representative reached out to Dancing Astronaut to provide the following statement and clarifications for the event:

“In response to comments on social media from members of the public who attended the elrow Town London event this weekend that ‘tear gas’ was disseminated during one of the shows, we want to reassure people that this was not the case and have been provided with statements from key officials including the Metropolitan Police Service stating ‘there was no belief that any noxious substance had been discharged.’ Security Operations Managers have also confirmed “no evidence of criminal or any anti-social activity”.
The onsite Medical Manager has reported that “no-one presented themselves to the medical team having suffered the effects of tear gas or any similar substances(s).”
And a statement from the Incident Response Manager confirmed that “After a full investigation and thorough liaison with all partner agencies and organisations, I was unable to find any indication or information that could be gained to support the suggestion that any irritant had been released.  Elrow was a safe and successful event where over 25,000 people enjoyed the spectacular over the weekend”

Investigations are ongoing as to what may have caused the the irritant effects reportedly experienced by a few customers, however these effects are not inline with symptoms caused by tear gas. Elrow organisers are available for any further comment or information for this wishing to understand more.”

H/T: EDMTunes and Daily Star

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Chance the Rapper is the youngest entry on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list

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From working with various initiatives to support the growth of education and music programs, to playing a pivotal role in saving Soundcloud from it’s demise, Chance the Rapper has captured the hearts of many and easily taken the unofficial title as Chicago’s sweetheart.

All accomplished by the age of 24, the Chi-town native has maintained a high-profile and respectfully cashed in on his success this year. Described as an “annual ranking of the most influential young people in business”, Chance makes his way as this years youngest entry on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list. Amongst endorsements with large-scale brands like Nike and Apple, and immense success from Coloring Book, 2017 has thus far played out to be the best year of his career yet, and just the start of his mark on the music industry.

H/T: Billboard

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Excision gives fans a sneak peak into Lost Lands festival grounds

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Excision gave the bass community something to look forward to after announcing he would be holding his own music festival this past May. The festival, called “Lost Lands” will be held on September 29 – October 1 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. Fans and festival goers knew they could expect the event to have a prehistoric theme given the lineup artwork as well as the naming convention of the festival, however Excision has just given fans a first look into the festival site itself via his Snapchat.

The expansive festival grounds are in a beautiful field peppered with trees and covered by endless blue skies. If any location were to be festival-worthy, this one surely will be. Check out the full video below.

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Skrillex is working on a studio project with a group of hip-hop artists

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The multi-talented Skrillex is almost omnipresent these days, having been featured as a producer on Fifth Harmony’s new single ‘Angel,’ as well as dropping his own brand new single ‘Favor‘ in just the last two weeks.

He continues to push on relentlessly it seems, as an Instagram by Josh Xantus confirmed Skrillex’s work on a new project alongside a group of budding hip-hop artists. It’s unsurprising to seethe icon delve into this genre, given the success of his collaboration with Rick Ross, ‘Purple Lamborghini.’ However, it seems that Skrillex has been hired as simply a producer for his latest project, especially after listening to the video clip shared by Xantus.


After witnessing Barcelona terror attacks, Dubfire gives performance fee to victims

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On Thursday, Aug. 17, Spain saw its deadliest attack since the Madrid bombings in 2004. A van plowed into pedestrians in Barcelona, leaving 13 dead and injuring more than 120.

Witness to these attacks was Iranian-American producer Dubfire, who was riding his bike near Ramblas and saw the horrific collision.

Though shaken from what he witnessed, the producer still followed through with his scheduled show on Friday at Barcelona’s The Light Off at Café Del Mar Boat Club. He also donated his performance fee to the victims and their families.

Read his full statement below.

Yesterday I was an eyewitness to the senseless terrorist attack on innocent victims along Las Ramblas in the beautiful city of Barcelona which I love very much. I am still in shock and trying to process what I saw. Sadly such attacks have become a “new normal” in our society. That being said, we cannot allow these cowardly acts of violence to disrupt our daily lives, stripping away our freedoms, because that is precisely what their goal is. Therefore, after careful consideration and discussion with my friends, colleagues and internal team, I have decided NOT to cancel my gig tonight at @thelightoffbarcelona in Barcelona. We WILL NOT give into fear but will unite through music and the celebration of friendship. I will also be donating my entire fee to a charity that will care for the victims and relatives of this tragedy. I hope that it helps in some way.

A post shared by Dubfire (@dubfire) on

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James Murphy on ‘American Dream:’ ‘it’s the best I’ve felt about an LCD LP ever’

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LCD Soundsystem’s highly-anticipated revival record American Dream is just two weeks away from its long awaited release. In his classic-nervous-yet-celebratory-fashion frontman James Murphy has taken to Facebook to address some of the record’s final matters. First confirming— that yes— that is indeed the cover, despite others hoping a more exciting unveiling was around the corner.  Murphy also shared that anyone who purchased a ticket to one of the band’s upcoming tour dates will receive a free American Dream CD, and if that’s too uncool, they also have the option to pay slightly and receive a vinyl copy instead. But the best part of the post was when Murphy commented on the actual music, remarking, “some of you may hate it, but i’m very proud of it. it’s the best i’ve felt about an LCD LP ever. which could totally spell disaster.” Read the full statement below.

American Dream is out Sept. 1 via Columbia/DFA.

H/T: Stereogum

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Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran may release their collaboration after all

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Not long ago, Martin Garrix and Ed Sheeran enticed their respective fan bases with news of a collaboration, tentatively titled “Rewind Repeat It.” The news of the project created a substantial amount of buzz among fans that quieted just as quickly as it built once Garrix later announced that the song would not be released then, nor in the future, due to label related issues that prevented the song’s publication.

Yet Garrix and Sheeran seem to have now surmounted the label bureaucracy hurdles, scaling the blockade to officially register the song with The American Society of Composers. The track appears under an updated name, “Replay Rewind,” with Garrix and Sheeran credited as the tune’s songwriters.

As a Martin Garrix Twitter account noted, the song’s addition to the ASCAP’s repository signals that the collaboration may be nearing a release date, and it just might be closer than we think.

Via: EDM Sauce

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