DA Presents: ’30 Days of Fright’ featuring REZZ, Gesaffelstein, Noisia, Drezo, and more [Playlist]

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DA Presents: ’30 Days of Fright’ featuring REZZ, Gesaffelstein, Noisia, Drezo, and more [Playlist]SPOOKS PLAYLIST 1

Grab a mask, slam back some candy corn, and get primed to get spooky: it’s October and officially witching season. Electronic music fanatics might be creatures of the night all year round, but there’s something so undeniably righteous about the Halloween season that makes the rapturous roar of dance music even more spellbinding. Whether in the form of diabolic dubstep or demonically deviant techno, the advent of electronic music has given the world some of its most truly terrifying tunes. In that vein, the Dancing Astronaut terror squad is proud to present 30 Days of Fright, our most dastardly dance music favorites for the spookiest month of the year.

By Asher Norris and Bella Bagshaw 

Surrender your consciousness and step inside REZZ‘s world of swirling asphyxia with “Relax.”

Feel your blood begin to bubble and your pulse hectically hasten as BlackGummy and Brooks’s “Neverdeader” breathes a bit of electronic hellfire.

Stream if you dare, as this flame-throwing dubstep track from Kill The Noise, “Black Magic,” will leave your eardrums scorched, but entirely satiated.

Zeds Dead offers up the score for entertainment of the entirely un-dead variety with their timelessly terrifying, “Demons.”

Careful – Megan James’s delectably delicate voice may seem perfectly benevolent, but make no mistake: lofty pipes like hers are witchy by nature.

ZHU plays maestro for all things that boogie and bump in the night with “Nightcrawler.”

Taste the psychedelic strangeness of An-Ten-Nae and Alice D.’s “Raindrops On Roses,” and fall into their preternatural purgatory.

Ever wanted to dance with the devil himself? Habstrakt‘s harrowing house track, “She Goes,” is an opportunity to do just that.

Zomboy invites you to venture through his dubstep-riddled zombie apocalypse with “Ressurected.”

Crowned prince of menacing sound design, Drezo sprinkles a ghastly vocal cut and some unearthly growls in one of his most downright evil releases, “Dead.”

Ivy Lab puts a wickedly delicious spin on an already-crazed Noisia classic, “Tentacles.”

Bask in the eerie ecstasy of Eekkoo and Forrest’s pulsating house production, “Preach.”

NERO solidifies their title as masters of destruction and drum ‘n’ bass with “Doomsday.”

Slithering and psychotic, Noisia’s “Lilith’s Club” will summon spooky sentiments from listeners across the board.

Catch a case of the techno scaries with Gesaffelstein‘s devilishly danceable “Viol.”

Magic Sword wields triumphant electrowave, “In The Face Of Evil,” to fend off even the most nefarious of forces in the days leading up to this All Hallow’s Eve.

Phantogram‘s off-kilter ambiance from “Funeral Pyre,” is the ideal supernatural soundscape, topped with seductive static and levitation-inducing guitar chords.

An undoubtedly foreseen, but fundamental addition to the list, deadmau5‘s “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” keeps the freaky, phantasmic fun flying all season long.

Float through the ectoplasm of The Upside Down with this exquisitely melodic synthwave track direct from the second Stranger Things soundtrack.

We’re not really sure what Moody Good is investigating in the malignantly-sampled “This Is The Investigation,” but we’re pretty sure it’s not natural.

Step inside Pryda‘s low-lit techno tunnel and experience the roaring mania of “Rebel XX.”

Those with a predilection for the creepy crawly end of the electronic continuum need only submit themselves to Knife Party‘s iconic “Centipede.”

Street Fever’s winding techno musings inside “Dispose” may be simplistic, but they’ll leave listeners reeling with haunted rejoice.

Feed Me‘s two-headed trap/dubstep hybrid “Pink Lady” will have you seeing phantom strobes well into the afterlife.

It’s virtually impossible to overload on REZZ tracks during any month, but it’s especially tricky this time of year. Her immortal state of “Delusion” thrusts listeners below ground, where the most formidable forces can frolic freely.

Virtual Riot unleashes a bloodcurdling, cinematic ruckus with zombie-apocalypse-themed, “Haunted.”

Names are not at all deceiving as Shadient takes Wavedash and Quest‘s unnervingly vocalized “Devil Music” for ransom.

Coast the un-departed synth-pop streets of Dance With The Dead’s chillingly regal “Nightdrive.”

Spirits loom overhead, as Stephan Bodzin’s “Singularity” permeates shuddersome sounds of uncertainty.

The evil computers of the underworld unite on Knife Party’s riot-conjuring, “Internet Friends.”

There’s too many spooky dance cuts to round up all at once, alas, we’ve got you going with a pretty good start. Keep the spooks in rotation all month long, and don’t forget to mix in “Monster Mash” a few times to get into the spirit of things this season. Stream the full 30 Days of Fright collection below.

Nero members of The Night release second single, ‘Set Me Free’

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Nero members of The Night release second single, ‘Set Me Free’The Night Set Me Free 1

Nero‘s got a brand new bag, and regardless of the name, The Night is all about the light. Wedded in both marriage and sonic union, Nero’s Alana Watson and Daniel Stephens have for years now been using their lustrous side project as a way of decompressing from the menacing motifs inherent in their original, Grammy Award-winning act’s core design. However, until recently, The Night was kept in the shadows. Mid-March housed the release of the duo’s first single, “Different Story,” — something of a coming-out track — under the new moniker, via Monstercat.

Now Watson and Stephens return to the Canadian imprint for “Set Me Free.” Watson’s ’80s pop-influenced voice seems to be the only discernible trace of Nero influence evident in the new single, which is brimming with bubbly production. While a slightly cryptic synth interlude snakes between the chorus, the drop is all glossy reverb, animated vocal chops, and even a hint of cowbell for good measure.

New Nero project The Night release anticipated debut track

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The Night - Different Story (Art)

After posting a series of cryptic messages on Nero‘s social media accounts, members Alana Watson and Dan Stephens announced they were working on a side project from their hit trio. The two announced they would be producing under alias The Night, and today fans get a first listen at what is to come for Watson and Stephens’ new alias in “Different Story.”

They have released their debut single as The Night on Monstercat, and the track boasts a vibrant sense of groovy funk and pop. They have also announced that fans can expect an EP to follow under the same name as the single, Different Story. If the EP is anything like its title track, this will certainly be a different direction for the producers, but a direction that showcases their wide-ranging production abilities and creativity.

Nero’s Alana and Dan confirm new alias, upcoming EP

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the night  (1)

Many know Nero as the darkly dressed drum & bass devotees, who, for more than a decade, have enraptured the electronic scene with their high-powered, ’80s-channeling anthems, like “Two Minds” and “The Thrill.” But now, under the moniker The Night, the trio’s two married members, Alana Watson and Dan Stephens have set out to “tell a different story,” as they indicated in a recent, mysterious tweet.

However, the pair have now confirmed they have a full-length EP, Different Story, set for release in either spring or summer of 2018, via Monstercat‘s Instinct imprint. The new project will create a space for the traditionally shadowy characters to explore smoother dance and synth-pop sounds that would be ill-suited under the nefarious Nero name.

Stephens recently told Billboard that the side project — two years in the making— salvaged his creative energy. Over time, he grew weary of the notoriously dark color palettes ensconcing Nero’s larger-than-life productions. Although now, Stephens says he “feels fresh” divulging back into Nero.

The first of a long list of releases to come, “Different Story,” which Stephens has used to close out a number of Nero DJ sets as of late, can be pre-saved here.

H/T: Billboard

Nero members Alana and Dan announce a ‘different story’

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nero the night

In a post scattered across Nero social media channels, the UK band have made a cryptic announcement.

“For the past decade you’ve stood by our side as Nero. It’s now time to tell a different story.” The post is signed by two of the trio’s members, Dan Stephens and Alana Watson, along with the words “The Night.”

The post appears to point to a new project by the two Nero members, possibly called The Night.

Summer 2017 was big for all three members of the group. Last June, the third member of the trio, Joseph Ray, released a single with Meli under his solo project called “Inside.” Around the same time, Stephens and Watson, who are married, announced that Watson was pregnant last summer and would be taking time off of performing for the remainder of the year.

For now, fans of the supergroup wait with baited breath to see what’s in store for this new endeavor.


Joseph Ray of NERO responds to Donald Trump’s ‘shithole’ remarks

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United States President Donald Trump is enmeshed in yet another firestorm after allegedly referring to a number of countries as “shitholes” while discussing a bipartisan immigration deal in the Oval Office. Trump singled out El Salvador, portions of Africa, and, particularly, Haiti — for which the president allegedly remarked, “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

Over the weekend, the backlash from politicians, media professionals, and celebrities have been overwhelmingly harsh. The latest musician to join the conversation is Joseph Ray of NERO, who shared a number of personal experiences from the six months he spent living in Haiti. The Grammy award-winning producer and Oxford University graduate discussed the country’s rich culture and it’s connection to music:

“Spending time in Haiti and digging into the music has truly opened my mind. The poverty in Haiti is obviously widespread and profound, and probably what most people think of when they hear the country’s name, but by only focusing only on that, you end up leaving out most of the picture. I’ve traveled the world with Nero, but the place I’ve gone back to most is Haiti. Beautiful, alive, complicated, mystical, musical..it’s all of that. One thing it isn’t, is a “shithole.”

This month, Ray returns to Haiti to continue working on a musical collaboration with a Haitian band called Lakou Mizik. He plans to reveal the project sometime this year.

H/T: Mixmag

Featured photo: Billboard

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Gammer – Stay Tonight ft Dylan Matthew (Ray Volpe Remix)

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Ray Volpe is one of dubstep’s most prolific up-and-coming producers. With remixes of GTA and Delta Heavy under his belt, as well as releases on OWSLA and Mad Decent, the North Carolina producer is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

On his newest remix of Gammer and Dylan Matthew‘s “Stay Tonight,” Ray Volpe embraces Gammer’s melodic buildup with open arms. “And it’s okay if what you want is a breakup” sings Matthew, as the track’s piano samples evoke a sense of melancholy. As the track culminates, Volpe’s signature wobbles and thrashing dub synths usurp the focus of the listener.

The stark contrast between melodic buildup and heavy-duty breakdown is reminiscent of early dubstep legends like Skrillex‘s seminal remix of “Cinema” or Nero‘s iconic rework of “Feel So Close.” The track serves as another stepping stone for one of dubstep’s most incendiary up-and-coming acts.

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Nero vs Skrillex – Promises (Prismodified)

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Prismo has unveiled a rework of Skrillex & Nero’s collaborative “Promises.”

The original track was released on August 7, 2011 — the same summer that dubstep utterly invaded North America. Since then, “Promises” has been a staple in both Skrillex and Nero’s sets and has been played at countless festivals across the globe.

Nearly seven years later, Prismo adds his own twang to the track. The twenty year old, Texas-based producer injects his characteristic teeth grinding verve into the song, overlaying a frantic siren over whomping bass lines. The track serves as a glimpse into dubstep’s past, while also reinventing its structure with a contemporary stamp.

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 15

Zeds Dead deliver masterful Deadbeats 017: ‘Old School Dubstep Throwback Episode’

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Zeds Dead have churned out another installment of their label mix series, Deadbeats Radio, which gives fans the chance to hear the latest tracks from the boys and their entourage. However, DEADBEATS RADIO #017 is not just any episode, as the duo behind Zeds Dead have cooked up a very special “Old School Dubstep Throwback” show to take listeners on a sonic journey to a time when the duo first launched their collaborative project.

Hear tracks from The WIddler, Skream, Rusko, Chase & Status, Caspa, and Nero, along with many more legendary producers. Zeds Dead had the following to say in the mix that doubles as an old school dubstep lesson,

We’re taking it back. All the way back to when we first got into the [dubstep] genre, when we were first going to clubs and hearing this kind of music, and scouring the internet for anything we could find, these are the sorts of sounds that we were hearing that were inspiring us to start getting involved…It was also about the time that people were just figuring out where the boundaries lay for the genre.


Skream – Rutten
Benga & Coki – Night
N-Type – Way of the Dub (Caspa Remix)
The Bug – Jah War feat. Flowdan (Loefah Remix)
Stagga feat. Skamma – Sick As Sin
Subscape – Apple Candy
Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Marcus Visionary Remix)
Digital Mystikz – Anti-War Dub (feat. Spen G)
Joker & Ginz – ReUp
The Others – Africa VIP
Synkro – Dub Specialist
The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix)
Breakage – Hard (feat. David Rodigan & Newham Generals) 26.37
The Widdler – Lady Dub
The Streets – Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)
Conquest – Forever
Martyn – Vancouver
Mutt – Sherm
Chase & Status – Saxon
Zomby – Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)
Damian Marley – It Was Written (Chansing Shadows Remix)
Excision, Datsik – Boom
EmalKay – When I Look at You
Joker, Jakes – 3K Lane
Rusko – Cockney Thug
Zeds Dead – Dark Side Dub

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Nero reveals details of their collaboration with ZHU in recent interview

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Nero is easily one of the biggest names in electronic music,. The British trio made their highly-anticipated return to London’s legendary nightclub Fabric just a few days ago, much to the delight of their religious fans.

Before their return to Fabric, Dan, one of the trio, on caught up with the Fabric crew and opened up on the group’s high profile collaboration with ZHU — which didn’t go as smoothly as the finished product might deceive listeners into believing.

“He was really into it (the unfinished track) and wanted the stems. I was still a little unsure about collaborating, especially on that particular track, as it was already fairly complete and the plan was to write something together from scratch. But I gave him the stems, and he ended up putting some parts on it that we weren’t that into. We were actually going to pull the whole thing when he released a clip of it to the public without talking to us. We found out about it through Twitter. In the end we took off most of his parts and finished the track ourselves.”

He further went on to talk about the group members’ various side projects, which has been taking up most of their time. “We each had some ideas for side projects. Alana and I have been working together on a project called The Night. It’s hard to define genre-wise but it’s definitely a very different vibe from Nero, and it’s dropping next month. oe has released his first solo track under his own name: Joseph Ray. It’s called Inside. He’s also working on a project with the Haitian band Lakou Mizik. I’ve only heard bits but it’s sounding exciting.”

While the group’s side projects seem to be the priority at the moment, Dan assured listeners that new Nero music was in the works as well. “We’re also working on Nero stuff. It’s actually really nice to be writing all the time but having different things to focus on. It feels like the new Nero stuff is really strong as a result.”

Via: Fabric

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