ODESZA share how they found inspiration for ‘Higher Ground’

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ODESZA Naomi Wild

In a new video, ODESZA tell their story about starting production on their massively popular album, A Moment Apart. The duo needed to get away from the pressures and distractions of everyday life, so they took a writing trip to Lake Chelan in Washington.

They struggled with finding inspiration in the first couple days. That’s when Naomi Wild came in. In the below video, the singer/songwriter tells her story about finding inspiration to write from ODESZA’s performance at the Do LaB during Coachella 2014. Wild wrote the lyrics for “Higher Ground,” recorded them, and had her manager find a way to send the vocals to ODESZA. Once they heard her vocals, their writers block was cured. The rest is history.

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ODESZA releases 3-track remix pack for ‘Higher Ground’ ft. Naomi Wild

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After a three year long hiatus from releasing new music, ODESZA finally unleashed their third studio album, A Moment Apart, last fall, much to fans’ skirmish delight. The Seattle-based duo, made up of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, hunkered down in their home studio in a winter’s long search of inspiration for their next project of PNW-tinged sounds. They arose from their creative cocoons with a 16-track Grammy nominated LP, which also premiered at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Electronic/Dance Albums Chart.

“We kind of rediscovered [our] sound, in a sense, and reconnected to it,” said Knight of the album, “It has flavors of what was, but is also something new and progressive.”

Now that the indie-electronic superstars have just wrapped their sold-out album accompanying world tour, the pair has tapped three talented producers for an official “Higher Ground” remix EP. From Flight Facilities‘ bubbly, upbeat take on the single, to Reske’s slow tempo, soulful rendition, to pluko’s ethereal, echoing landscape, each re-imagined track injects a distinctive new energy into the single, with added sonic elements for evoking different tones and moods. The strongest element of the three remixes, when taken together, is how they spotlight the strength of Naomi Wild’s angelic vocals, for which the original was primarily built around.