Mura Masa makes tough love look fun on ‘Complicated’ music video [Watch]

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Mura Masa makes tough love look fun on ‘Complicated’ music video [Watch]Mura Masa Dancingastronaut

It’s not a breakup song, but it’s not a love song, either.

Mura Masa‘s latest single, “Complicated” emerged as a hybrid that lyrically bemoaned the difficulties of love, but when it came to sonic arrangement, Mura Masa took the road less traveled, opting not for a slow paced, piano driven tear jerker, but a spunky, tropical tinged summer staple that sounds less like a complaint concerning romantic woes, and more like a celebration thereof.

Now, an official music video follows the release of the Skrillex co-produced single to visually expound upon the song’s critical yet playful nature. Featured vocalist Nao breathes lyrical life into the video as the lens twists and turns, transitioning from scenes of dancers donning scarlet dresses, to shots that betray the dissonance between the video’s lovers. The music video arrives as a fun depiction of the highs and lows of love, as reflected in the production’s constant scene shifts.

Mura Masa and Skrillex have teamed up and the result is ‘Complicated’

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Mura Masa and Skrillex have teamed up and the result is ‘Complicated’Mura Masa Skrille Nao Complicated

What happens when Mura Masa and Skrillex pair up? The result one might expect from two established talents who refuse to stick themselves in a creative box.

Titled “Complicated,” it is indeed a tangle of tropical-tinged synths, a reggae-inspired bassline, and futuristic vocals courtesy of Nao — dressed with subtle guitar riffs that add depth to the finished product. It’s an irresistibly infectious record that isn’t just a palatable radio listen, but one capable of providing mental solace and blissful imagery amidst a chaotic real world.

Mura Masa’s influence in “Complicated” is overwhelmingly evident — the single is in a similar vein to its predecessor “Move Me,” which has been a summer anthem for the stalwart. Meanwhile, it’d been quite some time since the dance world had heard from Skrillex, likely due to diving back into his band of old,  From First to Last. Josh Pan caused a stir on July 31, however, stating the OWSLA owner would be releasing new music soon; therefore, “Complicated” may just the first of many new things we’re set to hear from the iconic producer.


Nile Rodgers & Chic enlist Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa, & Mura Masa for monstrous new disco collaboration, ‘Till The World Falls’

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Nile Rodgers & Chic enlist Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa, & Mura Masa for monstrous new disco collaboration, 'Till The World Falls'

Disco funk legend Nile Rodgers announced mid-June that he and his storied band Chic had a new album on the way, the band’s first effort in 26 years. Modern day maestros of the genre — and a few unassuming additions — were enlisted for the making of the record, including Anderson .Paak, Vic Mensa ,Stefflon Don, and Craig David and now, we’re getting a taste of the madness that’ll ensue with the LP’s first single, “Till The World Falls.”

A tantalizing and glitzy new disco track with a Vic Mensa verse and Mura Masa guest appearance; “Till the World Falls” is a meeting of glorious past and present funk extravagance. Anderson .Paak, NAO, and anaïs each had a hand in the track’s songwriting.

Nile Rodgers & Chic’s record is fittingly titled It’s About Time and will arrive September 7.

Mura Masa drops off infectious dancehall collaboration, ‘Move Me,’ with rapper Octavian

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Mura Masa releases his first track, “Move Me,” since his critically acclaimed 2017 self-titled debut album. The groovy new tune comes together with contributions from emerging London-based rhymer, Octavian, proctoring a sexy casual vibe blurring grime, dancehall, and R&B. The swinging, soca rhythm mixed with the driving bass line and twinkling melodies create a perfect bed for Octavian’s sprawled vocals. Mura Masa builds another characteristically unique combination of a snares and reverbed piano, continuing to show off his increasingly inventive sound designs.

Undoubtedly gunning for lofty chart placement on “Move Me,” Mura Masa continues to explore the boundaries and intersections of a range of different genres, while still managing to concept widely appealing pop hits. Reach for this one at a pool party, on the dance floor, or really anywhere all summer long.

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WATCH: Nile Rodgers & Chic join forces with Mura Masa & Nao on funky new track

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Nile Rodgers has proven his knack for writing hit songs over the past five decades, with collabs from Duran Duran to Daft Punk under his belt. Keeping up with the newest names in funky pop music, Rodgers and Chic have taken to the Jools Holland show on BBC Two with Mura Masa and NAO to premiere their funky new track, “Boogie All Night.”

NAO acts as the main vocalist on the track, pairing her breathy, high-energy vocals with Rodgers’ classic guitar riffs. Mura Masa also takes the stage wielding a guitar, holding his own against the funk and disco legend. With a new album from Nile Rodgers and Chic set to arrive later this year, there is no telling what kind of groovy collaborations will be seen.

North Coast boasts diverse 2018 lineup featuring Miguel, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, Jamiroquai & more

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Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival unveiled the diverse lineup for its ninth edition, returning to Union Park August 31–September 2.

This year’s headliners include Jamiroquai, Miguel, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, DJ Snake, The Revivalists, and Yellow Claw.

Additional artists performing at “Summer’s Last Stand” include Vulfpeck, Snails, RL Grime, Gramatik, and more. This year, North Coast will also debut all-new daily showcases curated by industry collectives, showing off the best sounds in hip-hop, house, rock, and beyond with sets from the likes of The Cool Kids, Lyrical Lemonade, and more.

Tickets and more information are available here.

Featured Photo Credit: Michele D’Amaro

Skrillex shares video hanging in the studio with Mura Masa & Lido

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Skrillex has been relatively active in 2018 thus far assisting What So Not on his album with their collaboration as well as producing a track on The Weeknd‘s new album. While he has been teetering between the dance world and producing for other artists, Sonny Moore may have a couple power collaborations in tow as of tonight.

The OWSLA leader took to his Instagram story to share a brief window into his hang, and possible studio session, with fellow Grammy nominee Mura Masa, and previous collaborator, Lido. While the stories only features a short snippet of Mura Masa lip-syncing to American Football’s “Never Meant” and a boomerang of Lido bobbing his head, we can only hope the three production savants have something cooking behind closed doors.

You can watch the full story on Skrillex’s Instagram here for the next 24 hours.

Ceremonia festival announces stellar one-day lineup featuring Four Tet, Caribou & more

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Toluca, Mexico’s one-day independent music festival, known as Ceremonia, has announced its spectacular 2018 lineup. The event’s latest edition will see an impressive array of indie acts hit the stage with Four Tet, Caribou, Mura Masa, Soulwax, Cashmere Cat, Arca, and more.

Tickets and more information on the one-day installment taking place April 7 are available here.


Mura Masa stuns in delightful, electronica rework of HAIM’s ‘Walking Away’

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21-year-old Mura Masa has built up a staggering, incredibly impressive production catalog in a very brief time span.

Having finally returned off the debut of his self-titled album, out earlier this year, the British artist expectedly stuns in a catchy new collaboration. Taking on a production from indie rock’s favorite trio, HAIM, the producer breathes new life into their production ‘Walking Away.”

Masa opens his eclectic repertoire with the moving production opus. The resulting tune is a pleasing, electronica-washed rework taking the meaning of indie to entirely new heights. He’s flipped the track into a uniquely bright, melodious rework that’s surely unmissable and impossible to walk away from in all senses of the word.

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Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Flume’s self-titled debut LP [Stream]

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Five years in the electronic music space can seem like a lifetime, especially as this past half decade saw dance music grow into a $7 billion global enterprise. Production value, ticket sales, and arguably even talent are at an all time high in the social media age, with Flume a major standout. The Australian superstar started shaping the course of contemporary electronic music with his self-titled debut solo LP five years ago.

Harley Streten’s Flume project introduced the world to the experimental blend of liquid synths, off-filter percussion arrangements, and modulated basslines that are now ubiquitously considered future bass, at a time when Australia’s now massive pool of production talent just began to emerge. Compositions like “Sleepless,” “Holdin On,” and “Insane,” not only catapulted Streten to an iconic status, but are enduringly evident influences in the works of some of today’s most sought-after breakthroughs including Mura Masa and Marshmello.

Flume also came at a time when the full length LP didn’t carry much strength, or popularity in the electronic music world, though the record’s sweeping, monumental success undoubtedly paved way more full length studio products from fellow electronic artists to follow. The album even received a deluxe edition release, which hosted Streten’s seminal remix of Disclosure‘s “You & Me.” Creating a genre of his own, and then continuing to not only dominate it, but push it’s creative boundaries, Flume has earned his spot in morden electronic music’s uppermost echelon largely behind the work on his formal introduction, Flume. 

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