There’s a Diplo sighting in the new ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer [Watch]

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There’s a Diplo sighting in the new ‘Detective Pikachu’ trailer [Watch]Diplo Pokemon

Diplo and Ryan Reynolds are rendezvousing in the filmic arena once more, a new trailer for POKÉMON Detective Pikachu confirms.

Due in the US this May, the Warner Bros. live-action mystery, based on the 2016 Nintendo game, orbits Detective Pikachu (voice by Reynolds) in his hunt for the whereabouts of his missing father, with the help of some choice allies, most notably former Pokémon trainer, Tim Goodman (portrayed by Justice Smith).

In addition to a flash of Diplo assuming his most innate position (locked in behind the decks), the trailer hosts sightings of some seriously nostalgia-inducing personalities: Charizard, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, and Bulbasaur, just to name a few. Diplo and Reynolds recently crossed paths in regards to the Deadpool 2 musical score, for which Diplo produced “Welcome To The Party,” the track behind the film’s climactic, over-the-top fight scene.

Habstrakt teams with josh pan for the nefarious ‘Movie’

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habstrakt - movie (1)

Adam Jouneau, the Frenchman better known as Habstrakt, is back with another bass crunching tune, “Movie,” featuring josh pan, to add to his long, multifarious catalogue. The Mad Decent release comes after the Frenchman’s wildly popular, ear-splitting collaboration with Skrillex, “Chicken Soup.”

Habstrakt is known for his ability to repurpose wide-ranging assortments of popular elements on the electronic spectrum and shape them into something altogether unrecognizable–his latest creation not withstanding.

“Movie” is a continuation of the heavy-handed house leanings Uncle Habby has displayed in both his recent productions and DJ sets as he accompanies Destucto along his Let’s Be Friends Tour. Josh pan’s shadowy vocals are all smoke and mirrors, carrying us through minimal, downtempo interludes. But the drop soon erupts into a jarring, serrated display of metallic bass and house beats–almost as if Habstrakt has translated his longstanding dubstep devotion into a 4×4 house pattern.

Don’t expect to hear “Movie” in any generic big room sets any time soon.

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