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Kim Ann Foxman preps for Movement with a high-energy Orbit playlist

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Play and make music that makes you happy, and people will naturally feel that honesty,” proclaims the New York-based DJ Kim Ann Foxman. If there were ever a DJ who’s an embodiment of that notion, not to mention adheres to a commendable free-flowing expression, it would be Foxman. Virtually unfazed by outside trends and one with her deep love for the craft, Foxman is a rare specimen.

The Hawaii-born artist quickly ascended into the musical sphere for her role in the neo-disco outfit Hercules and Love Affair, a vibrant-live disco troupe and glittery amour. Since then, she’s become one of New York’s finest DJs, possessing an unparalleled dynamic air to her performances.  Foxman’s tapped into the same affectionately off-kilter vibes of her former entourage in a manner all her own having launched her Firehouse Recordings label in 2014, she’s been able to coalesce euphoric house flavors and New York house sensibilities with a chameleon-like aptitude towards virtually any live environment she’s thrown into.

From playing shows at Berghain‘s revered Panorama Bar in Berlin to Tel Aviv’s The Block— Foxman’s a continually exuberant act, playing to the room, and staying true to herself, and her love for music along the way.

Dancing Astronaut had the chance to touch base with Foxman ahead of her highly anticipated performance at Ghostly International‘s Movement pre-party, where she’ll be playing alongside Matthew Dear, Tadd Mullinix as X-Altera, Shigeto, and more. She’s even managed to drop off an infectious, exclusive playlist, or if you’d prefer her own words — “a bunch of nice jammers.”

“The latest one on Firehouse Recordings I’m honored to put out as its a 1994 rave jam that I’ve always love,” Foxman told us.

“The release has both original mixes and two new remixes by Deetron and myself! New Beats The House is an instant party when you play it. New Beat / House vibes! Objekt is a definite YES. I’m really excited to have him play at my next Firehouse residency at Good Room on May 24th! I also really dig the DJ Normal 4 mix of Persian “Morning Sun” on Mysticims, a pretty old school breakbeat done fresh. I love what Bézier has been doing musically for a long time, his whole new album is great, so melodic and pretty.”


Keep On Climbin’ – Mix 1 – Psychedelic Research Lab
Underground – Jace Syntax
New Beats The House – Grey House
Galactic Devotion – Nick Anthony Simoncino
House Of 1,000 Organs – Jozef F, Winter Son Original Mix
Atmospherica – Mind Lotion
Theme From Q – Objekt
Morning Sun – Persian DJ Normal 4 Remix
Organisation Maritime – Bézier

Tickets and more information for the Ghostly International Movement pre-party can be found here.

Photo Credit: Tim Sweeney

Navigating the technosphere with Ø [Phase]: a pre-Movement discussion

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An enigmatic persona exists deep within the techno rabbit hole. Using the moniker Ø [Phase] (né Ashley Burchett), the stalwart DJ and producer has made his mark on things dark, atmospheric, and downright technical. His productions are as hypnotic and diverse as his sets, covering a mélange of stylings that range from subdued and almost tribal, to acidic, to deep, to sinister and driving. He refuses to be boxed into any one category, which is why he’s remained firmly at the cutting edge of his arena.

Ashley’s expertise has been cultivated over quite an extended period of time; over two decades, to be exact. As a mastering professional and a budding musician inspired by the new, innovative sounds imported from Detroit, he soon found his way onto Steve Bicknell’s Cosmic Records imprint before moving onto his primary home label of Token. Techno, with its wide range and malleable structure, was particularly appealing to his sound engineer’s ear, and he has certainly taken this notion in stride with his production MO.

The word “techno” stretches beyond a mere genre, however. It’s built to be paired with the right setting, atmosphere, and mindset. Nuances within it demand appreciating subtle musical details, and an environment that allows for full focus on these aspects.

Who better to dive into the nitty gritty of techno than Ø [Phase]? Given his imminent arrival to Los Angeles, and later, to Detroit’s iconic Movement Festival (where he will be making his debut), we nabbed him for a chat on the sound and the scene. Additionally, Ashley shares his excitement for Movement, and offers a little taste of what to expect from his set at the Underground stage.

How do you think your career would develop/be if you started out today rather than two decades ago? Do you agree with people saying it was ‘easier’ then to ‘make it?’
No I don’t think it was necessarily easier, it was just a lot different. Changes in technology have altered things beyond measure for good and bad. On the one hand you have social media and the internet which make it so much easier to reach and connect with potential fans, while on the other the ability to make electronic music has become much much cheaper and easier. This means there’s a far wider pool of competition for new artists. I still believe despite all that that if a piece of music genuinely is great it will find its audience eventually.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment, or ones that you’re finding particularly cutting-edge?
Well, if we just stay within the bounds of straight techno; I’ve been listening to Randomer in a lot of detail recently. Blawan’s approach to production and dynamics and his general originality – to me – stands way out in front. Actually Jamie was kind enough to send me his forthcoming album ahead of time. It really is superb. Stanislav Tolkachev is also a long standing favourite.

What place would you say has the most underrated scene? We hear so much about Germany/Spain/Argentina etc, but we want to hear more about places like Lebanon/Georgia/Croatia.
Techno in Georgia is thriving yes (in fact its thriving a little TOO much according to ‘certain factions’ as we’ve recently seen) and has gained a lot of international attention for it so I’m not sure I would class it as underrated. To be honest, these days I find it hard to pinpoint specific cities or places because it feels as if the scene is constantly connected through the internet. It’s almost as if manifests itself when the conditions are right and certain clubs and promotors have nailed the setting and presentation – Kompass in Ghent is a good example. Drugstore in Belgrade another.

Space/setting as important as music itself – how do you go about choosing places to play through the year? Do you turn down gigs, or do promoters approach you that you’d generally work with in the first place?
I work closely with my agent regarding the shows we do and don’t take. It’s a mixture; there are some clubs and promoters we have worked with on multiple occasions – sometimes going back many years – but always new opportunities to be discussed and considered. There’s no set pattern.

What are the details, exactly, of a perfect techno party, and how can we find that in the States?
I touched on it above and have said it before; to me this kind of music requires good sound, low lighting and minimum distractions. Over the top lighting just doesn’t work as far as I’m concerned. It’s should be an immersive experience.

I’m still discovering the US so can only really speak for the places I’ve played so far. Obscure in Chicago was a great underground vibe. The Synthetik Minds/Compound guys in LA have a perfect attitude and approach to what they’re doing. Output club in New York is very cool too.

Do you have a specific starting point when making a track? Ex: making a perfect low-end before adding samples and synths.
No, I’ve always worked in a completely unstructured fashion.

You’ve said in the past that the influx of new music is a blessing and a curse. what is your MO for finding the good stuff?
I wish I had one! I currently have around 1000 unopened promos in my mailbox because I simply can’t keep up with the release rate.

Finding good stuff is always a challenge. Ultimately it just takes time and the gathering of knowledge.

What are the sonic elements that make a song click for you?
It’s difficult to say. It might be an arrangement it, might be the baseline, the hook. It might just be wildly original. It might be dynamically perfect or dynamically inventive… Maybe all of these elements together and you’re close to a hit.

Name a piece of music people wouldn’t expect you to be keen on.
Bert Jansch – The Waggoner’s Lad

You’re about to play Movement Detroit – how do you like the city? What excites you most about Movement?
Again, I’ve only visited Detroit once before at last year’s Movement so can only speak within those terms. I got the feeling – through talking to people as much as actually being there – that the city is changing for the better and I think Movement has had an influence on that. I could feel a sense of creative energy lurking amongst the concrete. I’ve no idea whether that was just because it was the festival weekend or if that’s a permanent vibration. I expect it’s the latter. Either way I’m looking forward to returning next week.

What can people expect from your set there?
Expect pace! I’ve been pushing the BPMs a lot in recent months.

Any interesting things in your pipeline?
I have a fair bit of new material I’m currently testing but no set release schedule as yet. Also one or two remixes lined up. Besides that I’ve been in the studio with Underworld at various points in the last year; that is still a work in progress at present.

Feature Image Credit: Radlibb

Tickets to Movement, here

Movement Afters? Dancing Astronaut is here with a comprehensive, yet well-curated guide

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Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching for the city of Detroit. Soon, thousands of house and techno fans will embark on their annual pilgrimage to Movement Festival in order to celebrate their music of choice in its very birthplace.

The festival itself is going to be quite the thrill; talent from all over the house and techno spectrum — from Dirtybird acts, to Ostgut Ton — will be represented, offering attendees a large menu of music to sample throughout its three-day duration. However, the festivities don’t stop at Hart Plaza. Detroit transforms into a party town each night of Movement, opening its venues up to the multitudes of caliber acts flooding the city alongside their fans.

Making a decision on the right party always tends to be an arduous task. To help refine the list, the Dancing Astronaut staff have chosen their picks for places to go when the late night kicks in.

Purchase last-minute Movement tickets here



The Annual smartbar opening party with Palms Trax, Tin Man, Garrett David, & more
Friday, 6:00pm-4:00am at the TV Lounge | Tickets

Movement is such a pleasant reminder that dance music originated in the midwest United States. For this party, Chicago institution smartbar invades the D for their annual takeover featuring a who’s who of DJs’ DJs. Get there early for the free BBQ, while supplies last!


Official Movement Opening Party with Ghostly International
Friday 9:00pm – 4:00am at the Marble Bar | Tickets

Ghostly is one of the shining success stories of modern Detroit music. Although they’ve moved their headquarters from Ann Arbor, Ghostly still reps hard for Detroit and this party is no different. Featuring appearances from Ghostly boss Matthew Dear, Firehouse NYC head Kim Ann Foxman, and a special b2b between Detroit selectors Mike Servito and Derek Plaslaiko, this will no doubt be a Detroit-heavy way to kick off the Movement weekend.


Official Movement Pre Party featuring Blank Code + SYSTEM + Communion
Friday, 10:00pm at The Works | Tickets

Blank Code, System and Communion are collaborating to bring their sophomore official Movement pre party to The Works. With a lineup that features a three-hour live set from Function, Dustin Zahn, Karl Meier, and more, this pre-party kicks off the weekend with a bang.

10 Years of No. 19 Music
Friday, 9:30pm at The Magic Stick | Tickets

Toronto label No. 19 Music is celebrating its 10th birthday with a stellar Movement pre-party. The evening will feature sets from Art Department, Kenny Larkin, Terrence Dixon, Ryan Crosson, Nitin, and Teeloo.

Modern Cathedrals – Eden IV
Friday, 9:00pm-9:00am at the Tangent Gallery | Tickets

Eden IV has put forth one of the finest all-techno lineups of all of Friday. Across twelve hours, the likes of Headless Horseman, Anastasia Kristensen, DeepChord, and more will be filling the Tangent Gallery with throbbing percussion and shadowy tones. This is an unmissable for those who like their techno raw and raunchy.


Soul Clap’s House of Efunk
Saturday, 11:00pm – Sunday 11:59pm at the TV Lounge | Tickets

Anyone who’s been to a Soul Clap party knows how fun they are — smiling faces, bumping beats, and a jovial atmosphere pervades the dancefloor as Charlie and Eli take the reins in their self proclaimed “second home” of Detroit. This year, they’ve outdone themselves booking legends such as electro Don Egyptian Lover, drum n bass king LTJ Bukem, Detroit OG Scott Grooves, and countless others.

Discwoman Detroit
Saturday, 10:00pm – 5:00am at El Club | Tickets

Discwoman has never messed around, period, but they are most definitely not messing around with their lineup for Detroit this year. Featuring a mix of some of the heaviest hitters from their ultra talented roster such as Juana, Volvox, and Shyboi, while also showcasing a different side of their sound with live performances from sonic poet Moor Mother, this party is going to be bumping well into the morning hours.

Dirtybird Players Official Movement Afterparty
Saturday, 11:00 pm at The Masonic Temple | Tickets

The Dirtybird Players are taking over the famed Masonic Temple on Saturday with a yet-to-be-announced lineup that’s sure to thrill and delight fans of the iconic house label. Last year’s performances included ones by Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J.Phlip, Will Clarke, and Walker & Royce, so the sky’s the limit!

Octopus Recordings Showcase
Saturday, 9:00pm-4:00am at Bleu | Tickets

Sian and his Octopus colleagues will be packing Bleu in with their avant-garde techno sound on Saturday. In addition to a special set by Marsian — the new joint project between Sian and Marc Houle — Carlo Lio, Lee K, and more will be throwing down reverberating beats into the wee morning hours.

Texture Official Movement Afterparty
Saturday, 10:00pm at The Marble Bar | Tickets

In its second year, Texture and The Marble Bar team up to offer a “multi-disciplinary experiment to explore the intersection between light, sound, and space” at their Movement afterparty. With a lineup that includes Danny Daze, Lena Willikens and Randomer, they will feature “elite cutting-edge innovators from across the global underground along with forward-thinking local Midwest talent.”



No Way Back 2018
Sunday 11:00pm – 12:00pm at the Tangent Gallery | Tickets

Many consider this to be THE afterparty to hit, an immersive “truly Detroit” party that continues to evolve and gain steam from year to year. Now on their 11th year, No Way Back is a Detroit institution lovingly tended to by the core group of Erika, BMG, Patrick Russell, and a whole slew of insanely talented Midwest-rooted DJs. Get a taste of the heads-down no-frills Midwest flavor that started this whole thing.

OK, Cool
Sunday 11:00pm – Monday 11:59pm at the TV Lounge | Tickets

OK, Cool continues the weekend long party at TV Lounge where outdoor patio, inside club, and side alley all come into play with rockin vibes. Festive big man Eats Everything headlines while headier techno comes from the likes of Cosmin TRG and Ataxia. There’s also plenty of Detroit love in the lineup too, with Delano Smith and Eddie C also taking the controls for this blowout.

Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann Official Movement Afterparty
Sunday, 11 pm Sunday at The Masonic Temple | Tickets

In the heart of Movement weekend, The Masonic Temples brings together heavy-hitters Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann for an unforgettable evening. Under one roof, the Russian techno goddess and pioneering German producer, along with Helena Hauff and Luke Hess, guarantee an evening of ceaseless dance floor magic.

Seth Troxler b2b The Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice b2b Stacey Pullen
Sunday, 10:00pm at the Leland City Club | Tickets

In perhaps one of the most anticipated after parties of Movement weekend, Paradigm and Paxahau present back-to-back sets from Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers, and Loco Dice and Stacey Pullen. The party will rain a heavenly mix of house and techno upon attendees for eight hours.

Lost&Found Showcase
Sunday, 10:00pm-4:00pm at Bleu | Tickets

After all the techno and house-based grooves taking over Movement during the day, who wouldn’t want a bit of respite in the form of some of the best progressive in the game? Guy J, Khen, and Eagles&Butterflies will be leading the night into the early morning hours, putting forth what is sure to be six hours of hypnotic, enchanting, and melodic tunes.


Where Are My Keys
Monday, 9:00am – Tuesday 4:00am at the Marble Bar | Tickets

Any time Omar S shows up, it’s a reason to party! This entire lineup is insane though and features somewhat rare US appearances from selectors Move D, Osunlande, DJ Minx, and many others slinging rare wax on the decks. Please note this party’s late / early start time and be prepared for a marathon dance!


IT presents: 15 Years of the Bunker
Monday, 10:00pm – 6:00am at the Tangent Gallery | Tickets

The Interdimensional Transmissions crew is another one of these Detroit institutions that puts on landmark events throughout the year, especially during Movement weekend. For this year, IT has teamed up with New York’s infamous The Bunker crew for a lineup bursting at the seams, with a room even specifically for “come downs”. Techno legends like Adam X and Jane Fitz lead the way on this one, another standout event at the hallowed Tangent Gallery.

MoodRAW Official Movement Closing Party
Monday, 11:00pm at The Masonic Temple | Tickets

As Movement draws to a close, those wishing to keep the party going can continue their Monday night at The Masonic Temple, where MoodRAW will offer sets from Dubfire, Hito, and Nicole Moudaber. This star-studded lineup promises to draw in music fans of all persuasions and keep them on their feet until its 4:00am close.


Repopulate Mars Official Movement After Party
Monday, 11:00pm at The Magic Stick | Tickets

The Magic Stick closes down Movement weekend with a five-hour fiesta featuring Lee Foss, Moon Boots, Nathan Barato, Anabel Englund, Will Clarke, John Johr, and Dru Ruiz. The diverse lineup guarantees an evening of innovation from some of the industry’s key players.

Feature Image Credit: Bryan Mitchell for Paxahau

DA presents: 10 sets you can’t miss at Movement 2018

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Words by Bella Bagshaw and Grace Fleisher

Despite a visibly shifting techno scene stateside, 2018 marks one of the most banner years for  Detroit, and America’s finest house & techno institution — Movement. With a booking that arguably serves as a controversial departure from the city’s roots, Movement’s 2018 programming captures the experimental essence of the times, a time where producers are gifted more creative freedom than ever to explore new sounds and the space between genres. As some techno becomes more and more of an amorphous body of music, free from rigid delineations, and a spectrum of experimentation emerges, there will always be those that prefer the pioneers lead the way.

No matter whether one’s an old techno head, a Drumcode-stan, or feeling the direction that Dirtybird is taking tech house, there’s one thing we can all agree upon — Movement will deliver. Ahead of the festival, Dancing Astronaut has taken to compiling the 10 sets not to miss. From the more obvious, Detroit-heavy mainstays who continually rep the city, to the purveyors of present and past innovation, 2018 promises to be an unmissable installment. Movement is techno history in the making. Don’t miss out. 

10) Shigeto

Photo Credit: Kristin Adamczyk

Movement 2018 marks a proper Shigeto homecoming. Beyond the Ghostly International artist’s booking, which will allow him to showcase his triumphant new album, The New Monday, Zachary Saginaw represents the exemplary booking of Movement’s solid undercard. An equally exemplary representation of what it means to be a musician in the modern age, Saginaw’s music is a union of classical training, energetic ambient programming, hip-hop, jazz, raw passion, and everything in between. His latest work was inspired by a return to the city of Detroit and is delivered with an unequivocal passion that meets Motown’s diverse musical history, which not to mention, promises a spectacular live show, complete with an impassioned fervor on the drum kit. Shigeto recently launched his own label, Portage Garage Sounds, which doubles as a creative outlet for the city’s local musicians and as a weekly showcase purveyor at the city’s Motor City Wine. He’s steeped in the breadth of what it means to be a working artist in the birthplace of techno and will undoubtedly do the city justice, playing everything from Motown to Danny Brown come his Hart Plaza descent.

9) Mija

Photo Credit: Ryan Farber

It’s more than likely Mija’s “Fk A Genre” mentality will take a backseat to her longstanding love for Detroit techno, if nowhere else but for her 2018 Movement set. Coming off her highly stylized HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS EP, Mija can usually be found wielding buoying bass music these days. However, cleaning up the festival this year just behind Rezz, from 8-10 on Monday, she’ll be showing the Stargate Stage just how deep her omnipresent tech house tastes run. 

8) Dubfire

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of both his illustrious solo career and the inception of his SCI+TEC label, internationally revered DJ, Dubfire is showing no signs of ware. The Iranian “Exit” producer will return to Movement for a two-hour 10-midnight headlining set. Fans would be hard-pressed to miss it, as the four-time nominee and Grammy-Winner is known to seamlessly summon sets straight out of the techno underworld.

7) Carl Craig

Photo Credit: Ryuya Amao 

Carl Craig can be described as an electronic music icon, a world-class dancefloor experimentalist, and an ambassador for his native Detroit, but no such term would suffice for the work and art the man has bestowed upon the city of Detroit — and really, the entire world of techno — over the last few decades. Having served as the co-creator and artistic director for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000 and 2001, Craig’s served on the frontlines of the techno revolution in Detroit since its dawn.  With a plethora of releases under a multitude of aliases, Carl Craig has had more musical personalities than most electronic artists in their lifetime. Whether he’s serving up his deep commitment to soul, jazz, or techno come Memorial Day weekend, Hart Plaza is in for a treat. Craig will be reminding attendees that Detroit is the birthplace of techno, after all.

6) Ida Engberg

Photo Courtesy of Awakenings

One half of the techno’s Swedish power couple, Ida Engberg has been spinning her intoxicating web of minimal house and techno on the high-profile, low-nonsense techno label, Drumcode, spearheaded by her highly decorated husband, Adam Beyer for quite some time now. Born in the suburbs of Stockholm and coming up through the Swedish underground club scene, she has more than paid her dues. Don’t miss Engberg show the boys at Pyramid Stage how it’s done Saturday.

5) Helena Hauff

Photo Credit: Vitali Gelwich

Revered for her outpouring love for 80s synths, industrial, and cold wave classics, Helena Hauff is leading the avant-garde hardware movement in both electro and techno. As a supreme selector and enthusiast for a vast array of musical subcultures; her sets boast everything from punk to nu-wave, industrial, krautrock, and avant-garde electro. Hauff’s pushing the boundaries of what it means to exist as an artist.  She’s rooted in raw experimentation, and her Movement set promises a polar opposition to the perfect, polished mainstream.


Photo Courtesy of Artist

Dirtybird Australian newcomer, Fisher’s iconic “Ya Kiddin’” track took on a life of its own last summer, rapidly becoming one of the most Shazamed anthems of the 2017 festival season. Since then, he has stunned with his Oi Oi EP, containing hits like “Stop It,” which has had everyone from Dirtybird Campout to Coachellamovin’ up and down side to side like a rollercoaster.” Follow the Fish Saturday to the Movement stage to get a piece of the funky frenzy everyone in house music has been raving about.

3) Nina Kraviz

Photo Credit: Luigi Pica

Perhaps the best way to sum up the work of the Russian dentist turned DJ, Nina Kraviz, is by taking a look at her quote “Music is a continuum connecting generations,” in her crowning piece as Mixmag‘s 2017 DJ of the year.  The cosmonaut dentist weaves through eras with ease, and with little to no novacane, too. Her Movement set will be one of her few performances stateside in the next year, and with her burgeoning, mutant techno, power-house bombs, and a few trance numbers, attendees won’t want to miss one of the most talked about stateside techno sets of the coming year.

2) Claude VonStroke

Photo Credit: Tim Jones

Dirtybird label head and founder, Claude VonStroke, will show fans who isn’t afraid of Detroit Saturday at the official Movement Stage. The Dirtybird crew is an unrelenting force at movement each year—this year notwithstanding—though VonStroke is sure to wield a massive set, as his proclivity for Detroit techno is hallmarked by his explosive, omnipresent appearances at Movement. His 2016 set at the fest for example, shook Detroit to its core when he teamed up with none other than Green Velvet at the Red Bull stage for one of their classic, unforgettable 90 minute b2b sets.

1) Charlotte de Witte

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Charlotte de Witte is the name on the tips of the techno world’s proverbial tongue. With a style that remains as tied to the underground techno scene as it is trance, and Belgium — where de Witte’s from — she’s proving to be an all-around revelation for the state of techno. With a DJ set that’s guaranteed to keep the audience moving and a thunderously aggressive, stripped-down approach to her own music, de Witte is a multifaceted artist of the finest degree, and her Movement set will undoubtedly deliver on the thunderous nature of techno that so many desire.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Stephen Bondio

Movement Music Festival announces stages and set times ahead of 2018 edition

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Movement Music Festival shared details of its 2018 programming, ahead of its return to Detroit’s Hart Plaza May 26–28, Memorial Day Weekend.

As in previous years of Movement, the  occasion will feature its original five stages, while presenting new designs via its Red Bull Music, Stargate, and Pyramid Stages. Red Bull Radio will live stream performances from the sponsored stage throughout the festival weekend on Red Bull Radio.

Detroit Yoga Labs will reconvene for on-site Movement Yoga, slated for Sunday, May 27, and Monday, May 28 at the Pyramid Stage.

Movement rounds out its release of stage and set time information with its Movement 2018 App, now available for download for both iOS and Android. App users can customize their weekend schedules, view the festival map, and more.

Single-day and weekend passes remain available, and can be purchased here.


Saturday, May 26

Movement Stage

4pm-6pm Latmun

6pm-7:30pm Fisher

7:30pm-9pm Solardo

9pm-10:30pm Justin Martin

10:30pm-12am Claude Vonstroke

Red Bull Music Stage

2:30pm-4pm Black Noi$e

4pm-4:30pm Bevlove

4:30pm-5pm Count Mack

5pm- 6pm DJ Godfather

6pm-7pm Too $hort

7pm-9pm Ed Rush & Optical

9pm-11pm DJ Hype b2b Hazard

Stargate Stage

12pm-2pm Clark Warner

2pm-3:30pm Gaiser – live

3:30pm-4:30pm Waajeed – live

4:30pm-6pm Andres

6pm-7:30pm Luciano

7:30pm-9pm Stacey Pullen

9pm-11pm Carl Craig

Resident Advisor Underground Stage

2pm-4pm Carlos Souffront b2b Bill Converse

4pm-5:30pm Patrick Russell

5:30pm-7pm Eris Drew

7pm-8:30pm Helena Hauff

8:30pm-10pm Marco Shuttle

10pm-11pm  Ectomorph – live

Pyramid Stage

2pm-4:30pm Oona Dahl

4:30pm-6pm Manik

6pm-7:30pm Lee Burridge

7:30pm-9pm Christian Smith

9pm-10:30pm Ida Engberg

10:30pm-12am Maceo Plex

Sunday, May 27

Movement Stage

4pm-5:30pm John Jammin Collins

5:30pm-7pm Eddie Fowlkes

7pm-8:30pm John Digweed

8:30pm-10pm Seth Troxler

10pm-12am Loco Dice b2b The Martinez Brothers

Red Bull Music Stage

2pm-3pm Milan Ariel

3pm-4:30pm DJ Holographic

4:30pm-6pm Avalon Emerson

6pm-7pm Shigeto – live

7pm-8pm Will Sessions and Amp Fiddler featuring Dames Brown

8pm-9:30pm Modeselektor

9:30pm-11:30pm Laurent Garnier

Stargate Stage

1pm-3pm Kweku Saunderson

3pm-4:30pm Gene Farris

4:30pm-5:30pm The Saunderson Brothers

5:30pm-6:30pm Blake Baxter – live

6:30pm-8pm Kenny Larkin

8pm-9:30pm Eats Everything

9:30pm-10:30pm KiNK – live

10:30pm-12am Kevin Saunderson

Resident Advisor Underground Stage

3pm-4pm Shady P

4pm-5:30pm Antenes

5:30pm-6:30pm Aurora Halal – live

6:30pm-8pm Anthony Parasole

8pm-9:30pm Steve Bicknell

9:30pm-11pm Ø [Phase]

Pyramid Stage

1:30-2:30 Movement Yoga presented by Detroit Yoga Labs

3pm-4pm Ryan Dahl

4pm-6pm Nastia

6pm-8pm Tiga

8pm-10pm Marcel Dettmann

10pm-12am Nina Kraviz

Monday, May 28

Movement Stage

4pm-5:30pm Stacey Hotwaxx Hale

5:30pm-7pm Delano Smith

7pm-8:45pm Joseph Capriati

9pm-10pm Inner City – live

10:30pm-12am Wu-Tang Clan 25th Anniversary

Red Bull Music Stage

2pm-3pm Marshall Applewhite

3pm-5pm Beautiful Swimmers

5pm-6:30pm Todd Osborn

6:30pm-8pm PHUTURE – live

8pm-9:15pm DJ Premier

9:30pm-10:30pm BADBADNOTGOOD

10:30-11:30pm Diplo

Stargate Stage

1pm-4pm Chuck Daniels

4pm-6pm Golf Clap

6pm-8pm J.Phlip

8pm-10pm Mija

10pm-11pm REZZ

Resident Advisor Underground Stage

3pm-5pm Dj 3000

5pm-6:30pm Mike Huckaby

6:30pm-8pm Mark Flash

8pm-9:30pm Charlotte De Witte

9:30pm-11pm DJ Stingray

Pyramid Stage

1:30-2:30pm Movement Yoga presented by Detroit Yoga Labs

3pm-4:30pm Stone Owl – live

4:30pm-6pm Radio Slave

6pm-8pm Hito

8pm-10p Ellen Allien

10pm-12am Dubfire

Movement Festival releases unparalleled 2018 lineup

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Movement Festival

Though the start of festival season is still some months away, lineups announcements have begun in earnest.. From the recent additions of Alesso and Alison Wonderland to this year’s Tomorrowland lineup, to the announcement of REZZ’s headliner status at Shambhala Festival, 2018 is easily rounding out to showcase the brightest acts within the music industry.

Adding onto the anticipated list of high-profile events, Movement Festival unveiled an unprecedentedly packed and diverse 2018 lineup. Following the pursuit of festivals utilizing a variety of genres to pique attendees’ interests, this year’s headliners include Dirtybird founder Claude Vonstroke, an exclusive b2b set between Loco Dice and The Martinez Brothers, and the venerable Wu-Tang Clan called upon to close out the event.

Not only marking a special 20th anniversary of Paxahau, the mastermind behind Detroit’s electronic music bookings, the landmark event has shown true to their techno roots by boasting acts like Dubfire, Seth Troxler and, Tiga amongst a handful of other performances.


Taking place over May 26-28, weekend GA and VIP passes are available for purchase online.

Justice, Cashmere Cat, Gorillaz among nominees for 2017 Electronic Music Awards

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The Electronic Music Awards are coming to Los Angeles on Sept. 21 for their inaugural awards show. Dubbed he EMAs, the co-produced event by Paul Oakenfold and Hunt & Crest has just released its 2017 nominations.

Winners will be chosen across 11 award categories, including “Record of the Year,” “Remix of the Year,” “Festival of the Year,” “Club of the Year,” and “Live Act of the Year.”

Among the artist nominees are The Chainsmokers, Tycho, Bonobo, REZZ, Mura Masa, Flume, ODESZA, and Eric Prydz. View the full list of nominees by category below.

Album of the Year:
Justice — Woman
The Chainsmokers — Memories…Do Not Open
Cashmere Cat — 9
Tycho — Epoch
Bonobo — Migration
Gorillaz — Humanz

Single of the Year:
· Skrillex & Rick Ross – “Purple Lamborghini”
· Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ – “Cold Water”
· The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – “Closer”
· DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber – “Let Me Love You”
· Porter Robinson & Madeon – “Shelter”
· Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa – “Scared To Be Lonely”

Record of the Year:
· Kidnap Kid & Lane 8 – Aba
· Kölsch  – Grey
· Todd Terje – Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix)
· Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze Extended Disco Version)
· Rüfüs Du Sol – Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)

Remix of the Year:
· Flume – Say It (Illenium Remix)
· Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (Medasin Remix)
· Rüfüs Du Sol– Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)
· Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze Extended Disco Version)
· Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (NOTD Remix)
· Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Major Lazer Remix)

Festival of the Year:
· EDC – Multiple Cities
· Tomorrowland – Boom
· Electric Forest – Rothbury
· Movement – Detroit
· Lightning In A Bottle – Bradley

Club of the Year:
· Berghain / Panorama Bar – Berlin
· DC-10 – Ibiza
· elrow – Barcelona
· Fabric – London
· Omnia – Las Vegas
· Output – New York
· XOYO – London
· XS – Las Vegas

Radio Show of the Year:
· Above & Beyond – Group Therapy
· Annie Mac – Annie Mac Presents
· Claude VonStroke – The Birdhouse
· Danny Howard – BBC’s Radio 1 Dance Anthems
· Diplo – Diplo & Friends
· Liquid Todd – Beta BPM
· Nicole Moudaber – In The Mood
· Pasquale Rotella – Nightowl Radio
· Pete Tong – The Essential Selection

New Artist Of The Year:
· Alison Wonderland
· Kungs
· Marshmello
· Mura Masa
· Rezz
· San Holo

DJ of the Year:
· A-Trak
· The Black Madonna
· Claude VonStroke
· Diplo
· Eric Prydz

Live Act of the Year:
· Bob Moses
· Bonobo
· Eric Prydz
· Flume
· Porter Robinson x Madeon
· Rüfüs Du Sol

Producer of the Year:
· Cashmere Cat
· Hot Since 82
· Sasha
· The Chainsmokers

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Despite technical difficulties, deadmau5’s TESTPILOT set impressed at its peak [Video]

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On Sunday, May 28, deadmau5 performed his long-awaited Movement headlining set as TESTPILOT, his techno-driven alter-ego. Unfortunately, technical difficulties due to weather-related issues disrupted much of the set, leading to another widely-discussed comedic onstage rant.

However, despite the inevitable impediments which Joel Zimmerman faced Sunday night did not prevent him from doing a spectacular job with the hand he was dealt. Outside of the hindrance of Detroit’s rain, the set which TESTPILOT purveyed was genuinely astounding.

At its peaks, as one would expect, the combination of Zimmerman’s sharp tastes with his mixing finesse and production resources yielded an impeccable techno show on the country’s largest stage for the genre. The thoughtful synchronization of the performance’s minimal visual arrangements with TESTPILOT’s cerebral, sinister track selection bore a spectacle which hopefully will be performed again soon in an unabridged live context.

Offering a silver lining to the setbacks of the performance, deadmau5 has announced that he will be re-recording his Movement set in full to be broadcast on the June episode of his BBC Radio 1 Residency show.

Though, sometimes, things get complicated, it’s important not to discount deadmau5’s momentous TESTPILOT project just yet.

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Tune into day 3 of Movement with DA & Red Bull – S U R V I V E, The Gaslamp Killer, and Danny Brown

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Movement is sadly coming to an end, but that in no way means its last day is lacking in quality musicians. Red Bull returns once again to its RBMA stage to stream the final day of action for those spending their Mondays at home.

In conjuction with us here at Dancing Astronaut, Red Bull is giving viewers the chance  watch synth magic in action from S U R V I V E at 5:45pm ET, who penned all the music for Stranger Things, powerful, yet eclectic bass from The Gaslamp Killer at 9pm, and groovy beats from Danny Brown at 10pm. All will be streamed live through Red Bull’s channels as well as Dancing Astronaut’s in a partnership to promote such forward-thinking sounds.


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