SLANDER and Crankdat surprise fans with heavy metal collaboration featuring Asking Alexandria

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SLANDER and Crankdat surprise fans with heavy metal collaboration featuring Asking AlexandriaKneel Before Me

SLANDER and Crankdat have teamed up with UK heavy metal band Asking Alexandria for a release that can only be described as incredibly unexpected. Both producers have been teasing a collaboration for a while, but listeners may be surprised to find that the track is as heavy metal as it is electronic.

The SLANDER duo has expressed that hard rock was a huge influence for them musically growing up, making this release an exciting one for them. “Kneel Before Me” showcases the producers’ diverse production capabilities as they meld the different genres together into an exciting whole.

The track opens with rasping vocals framed by electric guitar chords. Screaming falls into what the listener believes will be a heavy metal drop, but surprisingly builds into a fusion of metal and dubstep. For those who grew up on Linkin Park and System of a Down, this track is a welcome addition to the collection, with its electronic chords fusing into a hard rock framework.

The track is out now via Monstercat.

Monstercat announces stacked ADE lineup

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Monstercat announces stacked ADE lineupMonstercat Ade 2018

As 2018’s edition of Amsterdam Dance Event draws near, Monstercat has announced a stacked lineup of talent for their third year.

On Oct. 18, Monstercat artists of the Uncaged persuasion will descend on Melkweg’s ADE for an unforgettable series of performances. The array of talent includes Noisia, Feed Me, Modestep, Pegboard Nerds, Gammer, Muzzy, Going Quantum, Tokyo Machine, and Orri + Friends.

The Bassrush event will take place from 11:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Early bird tickets and tier one tickets are already sold out, but additional tiers and a final set of tickets will be released as the event nears.

Learn more and buy tickets here.

Kill Paris delivers groovy ‘Two Minds’ using biodata from plants

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Kill Paris delivers groovy ‘Two Minds’ using biodata from plantsScreen Shot 2018 08 03 At 2.34.20 PM

Master of clean production, funky melodies, and the keytar, Kill Paris, is back at it again. His new chill tune incorporates heavier elements to create the groovy feel of “Two Minds,” featuring Tim Moyo.

The Monstercat release flaunts a bouncy bassline sprinkled with crispy snaps that form the perfect layer behind Moyo’s gentle yet impactful voice, which carries the song effortlessly into the gritty drop full of saw bass. Kill Paris also takes his creativity to the next level in this one by pairing up with the biodata transmitter MIDI Sprout, which uses transmitted electrical impulses of plants and turns it into MIDI to provide music notes.

Kill Paris is currently working on his sophomore album, and with the out-of-the-ordinary thinking he’s been showcasing, it’s sure to be a treat.

Gammer releases commanding new single ‘Needed U’

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Gammer releases commanding new single ‘Needed U’Gammer Needed U

Gammer immediately grasps the listener’s attention in his newest single, “Needed U,” with an ominous intro weaving dark undertones in and out of echoing chants of “needed you.” A commanding chord progression segues into an intense dubstep drop with piercing synths and a strong bassline.

Gammer took to Twitter to explain his naming convention for the song, citing he has always needed his fans. “I’ve always NEEDED U. U the fans and the supporters. U the ones who spend hard working dollars on music, shows and merch. U the ones I do this for. I’ve always NEEDED U.”

The British producer recently released the first official remix package for his hit track, “The Drop,” which has become a worldwide main stage fixture. This newest release will only continue to grow his swiftly increasing fan base, and it’s out now via Monstercat.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 49

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 49Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA music editor and staff writer Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Since its release in fall 2017, Slow Magic‘s “Wildfire” has received numerous remixes. The Float track has been flipped by the likes of Mielo, NΣΣT, and more — including the latest, from Airynore. This new rendition of “Wildfire” comes as a light, breezy song, highlighting the powerful, emotive vocals. Though the majority of the song lacks a percussion backbone, it’s illuminated by warm synths and intriguing piano melodies, making it calming and relaxing.

Monstercat mainstay Rogue has kept fans waiting since last fall for his next release — but it was worth the wait. His first release of 2018 on the Canadian label is “Mirage,” a melody-centric future bass track. The UK artist has been thrilling label listeners worldwide with his versatile production skills since 2012’s release with Tristam, “Pushed Away.” On “Mirage,” we see Rogue in his finest form: lending his own vocals over top of an irresistibly groovy synth melody.

I have Costa Rica’s Envision Festival to thank for my love and respect of Slynk. The gifted Australian producer flaunts insane mixing skills in his performances, and his original tracks are equally impressive. His latest comes from the 2018 Fractal Forest compilation and is called “Scrunched Up Faces.” This Westwood Recordings release radiates good vibes from start to finish, layered with funky guitar licks, lively flute melodies, and a substantial amount of bass along the way,

Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” has been remixed, covered, and redone in nearly every way imaginable. Nearly 50 years after the original’s release, artists are still drawn to its melancholy lyrics and haunting melody. Lido did a thrilling remix in 2014, and Jenaux adds his name to the list in a new cover with Andy Cooper. Jenaux’s mellow take on the iconic track is a minimalist approach, with Cooper’s vocals at center stage, backed by subtle guitar and wavy bass.

Few songs of late have matched the sheer eeriness of WAVEDASH and QUEST‘s “Devil Music.” The title track off the duo’s recent Mad Zoo EP features creepy vocals and unhealthy doses of bass, and has been remixed by label founder Mat Zo himself, along with  label mate Shadient. Shadient doesn’t stray from the sinister atmosphere of the original, using the dramatic intro as a launchpad for his own rendition. He slows the track down considerably, honing in on hefty bass and letting it truly seep into his listeners’ ears.

Jay Cosmic releases new feel good electro-pop piece ‘One Way Dream’ via Monstercat

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Jay Cosmic releases new feel good electro-pop piece ‘One Way Dream’ via MonstercatJay Cosmic One Way Dream Art

On Jay Cosmic‘s latest original work, “One Way Dream,” the UK-born producer masterfully combines futuristic pop and uplifting electronic chords into an effortless sonic blend. In addition to writing and producing the new piece, Cosmic also lends his airy vocals to the track with a soaring top line, driving his newest electronic product from top to bottom. Steadily headed towards triple threat status, Cosmic recently noted to fans that he will be the featured vocalist on a variety of his releases moving forward. “One Way Dream” is out now on Monstercat, following up on the producer’s previous release on the Canadian powerhouse in,”Ocean Eyes” in early 2018.

Gammer releases first remix pack for ‘The Drop’ with Stonebank, Skellism, and more

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Gammer releases first remix pack for ‘The Drop’ with Stonebank, Skellism, and moreUnnamed 3

There’s no doubt that Gammer‘s “THE DROP” has taken festivals by storm since its release last November. With the track’s intense nature that cascades from each drop, along with the intricate production, he created yet another heater that’s not for the faint of heart.

With the success of the original, Gammer enlisted 4B x NvrLeftStonebankSkellismSlippy and Wooli for the first of two remix packs to take the track to the next level. Each artist carefully dissects the elements and then pieces them back together in completely new ways without losing any energy.

4B and NvrLeft channel some stuttering Jersey club, Skellism add cinematic elements and vocal chops, Slippy get experimental in the drops and adds some delicate arps, Stonebank creates drops with pumping synths and plentiful percussion, and Wooli puts a couple of edits that bring the original to a new level.

The remix package is out now via Monstercat.

Duumu releases third Monstercat single of 2018, ‘Forward’

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Duumu releases third Monstercat single of 2018, ‘Forward’Duumu

Duumu has returned with his third Monstercat single of 2018, “Forward,” featuring ÊMIA. This warm future bass track creates a bed of sparkling and ambient synths for ÊMIA’s gentle vocals to rest upon.

“The idea was for a big emotionally driven track with a dominant melody, something to convey the feeling of moving on from a difficult period in life and the tensions that come with that process of change,” the French producer said of “Forward.”

With already a handful of singles and an EP released on taste-making Canadian label Monstercat at the age of 18, the future is looking bright for the young artist. He was influenced by growing up around jazz and rock musicians in Paris and London. Currently entering the touring and festival circuit, Duumu has garnered support from the likes of Nervo, Virtual Riot, Manila Killa, and KUURO.

Photo Credit: @duumu_/Instagram

LVTHER releases ultra-catchy new track with Ayelle ‘Time Well Spent’

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LVTHER releases ultra-catchy new track with Ayelle ‘Time Well Spent’Lvther Time Well Spent Art

Emerging producer Lewis Dransfield, more commonly known as LVTHER to a quickly growing base of fans, is back with a sultry new collaboration that’s primed for summer playlists. The new track, “Time Well Spent” featuring Swedish-Iranian vocalist Ayelle, comes by way of Canadian imprint Monstercat. As LVTHER continues to build his profile, he’s dropped off a buzzing, futuristic pop cut on his latest, delving into the infectious new tune’s inspiration. Dransfield explains,

“It’s never been my intention to write poppy music really. I’ve always found myself obsessing over songs that I deem to be catchy, whether they’re in the pop realm or not. I listen to a lot of different types of music: psychedelic rock, hip-hop, soul.”

The track’s self-evident title is just that — time well spent on worthy repeated listens. Ready for headphones, poolside hangs, and windows-down cruising alike, LVTHER and Ayelle proctor the perfect summer track, comprised of groovy chords and ultra-catchy vocals. Although a pop-leaning product might not have been the intention, LVTHER has undoubtedly crafted a hit on “Time Well Spent.”

Ryan Browne transforms Grabbitz and Pegboard Nerds’ collaboration ‘All Alone’

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Ryan Browne transforms Grabbitz and Pegboard Nerds’ collaboration ‘All Alone’Ryan Browne All Alone

Ryan Browne is known for taking hard-hitting tracks and adding heavy metal and electronic elements to them. He did just this when he took his hand at transforming Grabbitz and Pegboard Nerds‘ cutting track “All Alone.” The original was released two years ago on Monstercat with a combination of sharp chords and dubstep drops.

Browne has found a way to make the track more melodic and flow seamlessly together while keeping an intense drum & bass drop. The scattered synths of the original blend into a cohesive pulsating bass whole with Browne’s rendition, breathing new life into “All Alone.”