Believe it or not, Moby played a role in Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry

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Believe it or not, Moby played a role in Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiryMoby Wide 6925d50d9bc088596fd4d7e57c24f6131c25e797

Veteran electronic artist, and vehemently outspoken critic of Donald Trump, Moby, has in some strange, intricately weaved web, had a hand in the investigation of Donald Trump and his dealings with Deutsche Bank.

Allegations that the controversial Deutsche Bank ignored employees’ suspicions that the Trumps laundered money from Russia have come under scrutiny in the past few months. So how does Moby play into the puzzle? Classic case of Hollywood who’s who.

Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (responsible for the investigation), is good friends with Moby and is a frequenter at Moby’s vegan restaurant, Little Pine. The producer then introduced Schiff to another one of his A-list friends, Val Broeksmit. Broeksmit happens to be the adopted son of William Broeksmit, the late executive of Deutsche Bank. Broeksmit obtained documents from his parent’s computers that have now been subpoenaed by Schiff for Congress. The investigation is ongoing but Schiff is surely thankful for Moby’s connections to people in high places.

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 165, with Moby, Icarus, Gorillaz, + more

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Sunday Morning Medicine Vol 165, with Moby, Icarus, Gorillaz, + moreSMM 2400

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections—old and new—in attempts to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

Essex’s Lapalux is nothing if not avant-garde. His rousing, off-kilter melodies from “IAMSYS” are an idyllic dose of swirling strange to get your brain in gear, even if your body is a bit more reluctant.

From Gorillaz‘s most recent album, The Now Now, “Magic City,” paints a decadent portrait of what could be this Sunday. Find some wistful comfort in knowing Damon Albarn, too, is “questioning it all.”

Pristine and plaintive, Moby‘s Porcelain is the sonic reconciliation you never knew you needed.  Languorous keys and reverberating strings will restore your likely fragile insides to their natural state.

With its languid, downtempo allure, “All I Can Do,” emulates the moody, retro synth struts of Tame Impala, alongside his own nuanced brand of smoky surrealism. A soundtrack to disintegrate.

The most compelling offering from Icarus‘s technicolor house EP, This Must Be The Place, “Running Away” breathes truth to its eponymously named escapism. Let the track wipe your worries clean with its wandering synth line and prophetic lyricism.

Moby to drag dark parts of fame from the shadows in new memoir, ‘Then It Fell Apart’

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Moby to drag dark parts of fame from the shadows in new memoir, ‘Then It Fell Apart’Moby Then It Fell Apart 123 1

Electronic music pioneer and notable vegan advocate/entrepreneur, Moby, has announced he will be unveiling a part-two of his memoirs this June, titled: Then It Fell Apart. 

The upcoming book, which details the less glamorous, more punishing facets of fame, will serve as a follow up to Moby’s first book, Porcelainnamed after his chart-topping track circa 1999. Often drowning the reader in humor and heartache, the first edition outlined Moby’s tumultuous ascension to super-stardom over the course of the late ’80s and ’90s. NYC’s flourishing, underground rave scene and the height of the AIDS epidemic as its backdrop, the first memoir saw the Play producer illustrate the trials and tribulations the starry-eyed artists of his generation (though his struggles are applicable to any musical epoch) endured in hopes of making careers of their crafts.

Moby has been unflinchingly transparent about his on-again off-again relationship with addiction and self-destructive lifestyle over the years. Now, 10 years sober, he plans to illuminate his demons, a categorical side-effect of fame, even further in Then It Fell Apart. Moby’s publisher, Faber Books released a recent statement, referencing the upcoming work’s focus:

“In summer 1999, Moby released the album that defined the millennium, Play. Like generation-defining albums before it, Play was ubiquitous, and catapulted Moby to superstardom,” said the Faber Books release. “Suddenly he was hanging out with David Bowie and Lou Reed, Christina Ricci and Madonna, taking ecstasy for breakfast (most days), drinking liters of vodka (every day), and sleeping with super models (infrequently). It was a diet that couldn’t last. And then it fell apart.”



Moby to sell 200 of his drum machines to raise money for charity

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Moby to sell 200 of his drum machines to raise money for charityMoby 2014

Moby fans will have an unprecedented opportunity to get their hands on instruments from the musician’s very own private collection, and to do some good in the process. Moby will part ways with 200 drum machines from his own collection in an effort to raise money for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The machines will be sold on online marketplace,, and 100% of the proceeds will be directed to the Physicians Committee, a non-profit research organization dedicated to a “higher standard of ethics and effectiveness in research.”

Moby’s inventory includes several vintage pieces, like a Roland 909 that the “Natural Blues” producer bought in the early 1990s at New York’s Rouge Music store. Two Chamberlin Rythmate drum machines are also among the handful of equipment that will be sold. Only ten of the Chamberlin Rythmate machines were manufactured under Harry Chamberlin in 1949. Moby previously partnered with Reverb earlier in the year to sell off 100 studio and tour equipment pieces, in addition to his entire record collection.

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Bassnectar, Moby, Kill The Noise, and more observe Voter Registration Day

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Bassnectar, Moby, Kill The Noise, and more observe Voter Registration DayMoby Vote 1

Another National Voter Registration Day has come and gone in the US. This year, a sundry of the electronic circuit’s top-drawer DJs and producers observed the holiday, which falls on the fourth Tuesday of every September, by encouraging their own constituents (listeners) to exercise their right to vote.

With a number of high-stakes US Congressional seats up for grabs this year in the often overlooked mid-term elections, artists like ODESZAMoby, Bassnectar, and Kill The Noise took to Twitter to acknowledge what’s at stake. This year, registering is easier than ever, with not only Google, but social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit helping to streamline the process by hosting registration links in various sections of their respective interfaces. So whether you’re a hardcore rail-rider or a laid-back electronica enthusiast, electronic lovers of all shapes and sizes can and should employ their ability to have a say in government.











Nicole Moudaber adopts two Moby tracks for ‘Adoption’ EP

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Nicole Moudaber adopts two Moby tracks for ‘Adoption’ EPNicole Moudaber Moby Adoption 1

Nicole Moudaber has extended her pronged and thriving techno foliage to intertwine with elder electronic icon and entrepreneur, Moby. Moudaber has released a two-track EP on her own MOOD Records, entitled Adoption — and fittingly so, as the release is comprised of a set of Moby reworks.

Moudaber acquires both Adoption tracks from Moby’s late Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt, his 15th studio album to date. Both her renditions of “Like A Motherless Child” and “Mere Anarchy,” discharge a subdued, calculated darkness. Through the smoldering cloud of Moudaber’s seductive techno, the weighty world of Moby’s original anxieties remain, though considerably anesthetized.

Adoption is out now exclusively for download through Beatport, with full availability coming October 5. Though Moudaber has already put a full-scale agenda of internationally acclaimed festivals (Tomorrowland, Ultra Korea, Japan, and Mexico) to bed in 2018, she isn’t letting up. In coming months, Moudaber will host her own MoodZONE stage at EDC Orlando, throw another edition of her warehouse event series, MoodRAW in Brooklyn, and board the exalted Holy Ship! in January.

George FitzGerald taps Moby for contemplative new rework

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George FitzGerald taps Moby for contemplative new reworkGeorge Fitzgerald PC Rhodri Brooks 12 300 Dpi

George FitzGerald has tapped the inimitable Moby for a brand new remix of his All That Must Be track “Burns.”

Though FitzGerald’s recent album as a whole is severely contemplative, “Burns” is a considerably melodic standout with fleeting vocals and a soothing melody. Moby takes “Burns” hand-in-hand and slow-dances with the track, creating an emotional new rendition of the tune with equal parts house music wisdom along the way.

FitzGerald is gearing up for a fresh new set of live tour dates, with performances locked in across North America and the UK later this fall.

Moby releases ‘The Sorrow Tree’ video

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Moby releases ‘The Sorrow Tree’ videoMobytrain

Moby has released the accompanying music video for the first track off of his live album rework of Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt (EastWest Sessions). The track, titled “The Sorrow Tree, ” is accompanied by a haunting video combining short segments of the vocalist juxtaposed with nature scenes artfully blended together into a dynamic whole. Moby spoke about what spurred him to create a live album of Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt (EastWest Sessions). 

“When we played the songs live, I loved how noisy and intense they sounded, and wanted to document them in a beautiful, legendary studio.” – Moby

The video is one of nine tracks off of the album that are reworked for the live studio edition.

Pendulum’s long-awaited remix album has arrived

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Pendulum’s long-awaited remix album has arrivedPendulum 1

Drum ‘n’ bass dynasty, Pendulum, sent the EDM world reeling when they reunited for a live set at Ultra in 2016 after a five-year hiatus, with new tour dates and festival appearances following soon after. But as of this March, fans have been writhing in anticipation after the group announced there was a remix album in the works, consisting of both their most-famed hits and personal favorites.

Finally, the prolific collection has arrived, with offerings from some of the scene’s most profound presences, including Skrillex (the previously shared “The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn)“) and drum ‘n’ bass counterparts, Noisia (“Hold Your Color”). Other outstanding offerings include that of Pendulum’s own dubstep duo Knife Party, consisting of the former’s founding members, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, for a full-throttle hardcore remix of “Blood Sugar;” as well as a racing rendition of “Witchcraft” from Pegboard Nerds; and ATTLAS gets uncharacteristically dark for a “Streamline” switch-up.

Pendulum will be touring modestly this summer, making stops in Romania, Ibiza, and even the U.S., for all of which fans would be hard-pressed not to hear some of these new momentous revisions.

Moby to sell personal record collection for charity

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Dance music legend, Moby, will put his entire record collection up for sale on June 14, with all of the profits going to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a research and advocacy group that seeks alternatives to animal testing and cruelty.

This is Moby’s second considerable fundraising attempt on the PCRM non-profit’s account, following April’s sale of over 100 of his musical instruments and equipment via Reverb. Moby himself has long been an outspoken vegan and animal rights advocate.

Moby’s record collection purportedly contains a prolific amount of 80s and 90s techno, house, and hip-hop–with many of the records displaying handwritten insignias which Moby used to direct himself through his live DJ sets.

“These are all the records that I bought and loved and played and carried all around the world,” Moby explains in a promotional video. “I would rather you have them than me, because if you have them, you’ll play them. You’ll love them. And the money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don’t have any records.”

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