Lane 8 showcases serene soundscapes in new winter mixtape

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Lane 8 showcases serene soundscapes in new winter mixtapeDSC 0085 Copy

Lane 8 has squared away 2018 with the release of his winter mixtape. He’s gracefully arranged four lengthy mixes over the course of 2018 that uniquely embody the not just the nature of their respective seasons, but the transformative essence of those seasons changing.

Through his fall 2018 mixtape, Lane 8 sonically thread warm and bright vibrations together with the moods evoked of changing colors and longer nights. His summer mix set the scene for waves crashing on beaches and warm breezes. The spring mixtape took listeners into this year with grace, through a soundscape that pollen could dance on. With each mix Lane 8 has accomplished the personal, trying, and unique feat of giving a portion of time — and the change that happens during that time — a sonic stamp.

The winter 2018 mixtape is no exception. Through four hours of fluid mixing and careful, hand-picked arrangement, Lane 8 has given this winter his stamp. Starting in with his own remix of Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices,” Lane 8 starts guiding his listeners into the mix, gliding over the icy inhibitions and harsh winds of the season. By an hour and a half into the mix, he hits listeners with the Yotto edit of Fatima Yamaha’s haunting “What’s a Girl to Do.” Through the acts of Jon Hopkins, Rampa, Eelke Kleijn, Black Coffee, Dirty South, the crews of Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream, and many more, Lane 8 finds an enjoyable, quintessential feeling that unifies the chill of winter with the warmth within people who not only withstand the cold it but love it.

Lane 8 has been putting these seasonal mixes for a few years now, and with each passing year, they’ve become more refined and more needed, bringing out the best of each season. This winter mix evokes visions of fur rugs, fireplaces, and snow falling softly outside wooden-frame windows — cozy spots where one would hope to be posted for a quick four hours in the upcoming months. Now, thanks to Lane 8, those moments have a perfect soundtrack.

David Guetta confirms new alias Jack Back, releases extensive tech house mixtape

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David Guetta confirms new alias Jack Back, releases extensive tech house mixtapeDavid Guetta New Album 7

David Guetta is a busy man. With his upcoming artist album, on the way, the international star has revealed he’s behind the alias Jack Back right as he released another long form project as the Jack Back Mixtape. Here, he’s connected house and techno to further boost his credibility in the production booth.

In 2012, an artist named Jack Back emerged as the artist behind the now multi-platinum single “Wild One Two.” The track featured David Guetta, Sia and Nicky Romero, and after its release, Jack Back went radio silent. That is, until recently, when a new track entitled “Overtone” emerged from the artist. Shockingly different from the artist’s former work, the single had a late night sensibility, with techno influences and brooding progressions. Obviously the work of a seasoned producer, speculation began circulating that the single was the return of the David Guetta alter ego, and it continued as Jack Back released “(It Happens) Sometimes” via Defected Records, “Reach For Me,” and finally “Grenade.”

But it isn’t until now that David Guetta has confirmed he is indeed behind the music, releasing a 12-track mixtape featuring all new music from his revived alias. The Jack Back Mixtape marks a pivotal moment for Guetta as he gears up to release his next electro dance-pop artist album, 7. As Jack Back, he’s signaled a reminder of his talent as a producer through the history of his work in house music. While may be an upcoming reminder of his pop prominence, this mixtape is a reminder of how he got there. Conquering a range of techno, tech house and house sounds, Guetta as Jack Back connects the dots between the house music of his early years to today’s deeper underground sounds.

Malaa drops first single off of forthcoming ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2’

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Malaa drops first single off of forthcoming ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2’Malaa Charly Chivteam

The infamous masked Parisian beatmaker Malaa is back with new music. This time, we have a new original work titled, “Bling Bling.” The track is the first release off of the “Kurupt” producer’s forthcoming Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2, slated for a fall release via Tchami‘s Confession imprint. The new cut comes hot off the heels of Malaa’s 21st “Who Is Malaa” mix installment.

The track leans on playful, energetic house features, driven by vocals that propel the tune into an intricate drop capped by a barrage of bouncing synth layers. Promoting the new mixtape project underway, Malaa will be kicking off a fall tour to accompany the release. See the dates below and expect to hear this one out on the road, its a shuffle-ready crowd pleaser from front to back.


Catch a vibe with Colby J’s new ‘Mid Summer Night’s Dream’ mixtape

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Colby J is building a name for himself concocting well-rounded blends of disco, funk, soul, and blog era house, bringing his deep crates together to create a growing series of dynamic mixtapes. While there’s no shortage of LA-based up-and-comers tinkering with 808 drum arrangements and 909 snares, Colby J rather draws his inspiration in the likes of LCD, Soulwax, Tiga, and Holy Ghost, among others, and his indie-dance sensibilities undoubtedly shine in his newest mixtape titled “Mid Summer Night’s Dream.” For those with a sophisticated palate looking for an exceptionally well balance mix, reach for some headphones and turn on Colby J’s newest mixtape.

With a growing list of upcoming shows, and with his debut original material rumored to be in the works, expect Colby J to keep providing soothing sonics all summer long.


1. Shock Machine – “Open Up The Sky” (Soulwax Remix)
2. Mura Masa – “Love$ick” ft. A$AP Rocky (Four Tet Remix)
3. Robert Palmer – “Every Kind Of People” (JN Multicultural Multitrack Mix)
4. My Neighbor Is – “Little Freak”
5. Sadevillain – “Hold On Vaughn”
6. RockNRolla Soundsystem – “Morganton North Carolina”
7. Led Zeppelin – “Whole Lotta Love”
8. Adrian Gurvitz – “New World”
9. Mary Wilson – “Red Hot” (NY Edit)
10. Minako Yoshida – “Black Moon”
11. Devandra Banhart – “Santa Maria de Feira”
12. Cerrone – “Hooked” (Kon Remix)
13. JKriv – “The Queen On Her Throne”
14. J.M. Black – “Lipstick” (Shout)
15. Jean Guy Ruff – “Covergirl”
16. Paul Rudder/Tete De La Course – “Makin’ The Magic”
17. Stephene Deschezeaux – “On The Line”
18. Dimitri From Paris – “Flight To Jamaica”
19. Felix Leifur – “Berg Toppur” (Hidden Spheres Rocky Top Remix)
20. The Revenge – “Conkers”
21. Sharpio – “Dance Drone (We Can Make Your Body Move)”
22. Oliver Boogie – “Can’t Get Away”
23. Blutch – “Time After Time”


6.2 – The Echoplex (Silverlake)b2b Rambo w/ Darius, Kartell (Live)
6.20 – Friends w/ Benefits @ The Friend Bar w/ Adam After Hours
7.21 – The Saguaro (Palm Springs)w/ Sabio

Lane 8 eases listeners into spring with his first mix of 2018

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One is bound to find something wonderful in your mid-week work hour musings so long as you let Lane 8 soundtrack your day. The This Never Happened label head has just unleashed the first installment of his 2018 seasonal mixtape series, a regular fixture in his catalog since 2013.

Lane 8’s Spring 2018 Mixtape is the first we’ve seen of Goldstein since the release of his album, Little By Little. Like the seasons his musical mixes come to embody, the tone Goldstein sets here is bright and budding — a stark contrast from his bleak yet beautiful winter mixtape — which the artist uses to construct a landscape for easing his listeners into spring, a time of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings.

Lane 8 uses the two and a half hours to experiment with some of his new album material, which is apparent right off the bat with the slowed tempo of his single “No Captain,” ft. Poliça, before building on his ethereal deep house/electronica stamp with some hopeful atmospheres, winding melodies, and emotional peaks and valleys. 

The great thing about Lane 8 compositions is his ability to fully take the reigns on guiding his listener’s emotions, taking them on a whirlwind ride through the use of changing tempos and carefully executed highs and lows. Goldstein is a conductor of energy, in a sense, if not for his talents in forcing listeners into their deeply introspective, most somber places, before building them back up again, and dropping them off higher than he left them before.

Rinzen gives a glimpse into his personal crate with release of debut mixtape, ‘The Prologue’

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Deadmau5 has a proven A&R knack for spotting emerging talent, and historically, he’s equipped them to go off and take over their own corners of the ever-growing EDM empire. If the career trajectories of artists like REZZ or Skrillex serve as any indication, then we have another star on our hands with Rinzen.

The LA-based mau5trap recruit, currently riding his breakthrough wave on the recent “Prologue” tour, has now dropped off his debut mixtape of the same name, giving fans a glimpse at his crate of current personal favorites. Rinzen blends tracks from Mind Against, Adriatique, and Jeremy Olander, along with two unreleased original pieces and a handful of additionally sophisticated tech house selects.

So far, the burgeoning beatmaker has delivered exceptionally conceptual projects, and “The Prologue” mixtape is no different. There’s an underlying theme of equal parts trepedation and thrilling excitement that plays across the hour-long mix as it dips into deep house, progressive, and tribal territories. The mix reflects the process by which Rinzen continues to find his footing in this first chapter of his career as he sets out on what’s clearly going to be a momentous journey for the emerging producer.


Diplo serves up an hour of hip-hop heat in new ‘Give & Go’ mixtape

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Diplo recently added his two cents to the NBA’s All Star weekend, dropping off an hourlong basketball-themed mixtape, Give & Go. Following a recent stylistic shift with DRAM on “Look Back,” the Mad Decent head revisits his firmly planted hip-hop roots, coming through with a souped-up ode to America’s most popular genre.

The new mix rounds together a rhyming highlight reel that includes cuts from Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Kodak Black, N.E.R.D., Rae Sremmurd, Vince Staples and more. Rifling through the rap crate in honor of the annual weekend NBA festivities, LeBlonde James aka the Moombahton Malone laces up a mix packed with the top trending selects of the moment along with a handful of crossover remixes to glue it all together.

Kendrick Lamar, Baauer, Travis Scott, and Skrillex all make appearances in the new Give & Go mixtape, and with Diplo’s hiatus from solo work nearing an end with his impending California EP, perhaps fans can expect a heavy hip-hop motif on the upcoming release. Until then, enjoy this new 30-track roundup from EDM’s Flairry Bird.


Whethan and Louis the Child release collaborative mixtape, ‘Honey’

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Louis The Child Honey

18 year old up-and-comer Whethan teamed up with fellow Chicago natives Louis the Child to release a surprise collaborative mixtape, Honey. The high profile collaboration sees the two producers experiment with a left of center body of work, one in which their respective production touchstones accent each other in bubbling fashion.

Whether its the carbonated synths on “Monkey Bars,” thick layered bass on “drip drip,” or the atmospheric soundscape of “Synths with Bangs,” the project is an ambitious start to the year for both artists, and does well to catapult both Whethan and Louis the Child further into the electronic stratosphere.

TIL: Tom Hardy actually has bars? Actor’s rap mixtape from 1999 surfaces

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Every now and then, the internet proves to be more than…just the single most defining feature of modern society.

Among the endless collection of memes and trolls, occasionally the online experience does procure some decent finds — like troves of unreleased Skrillex cuts, or this shamelessly iconic Daft Punk fan. This time, the internet has bestowed us with one such gift: Tom Hardy’s rap mixtape from 1999. Yes, Bane raps, and it easily could have been roast-ready nonsense. That would have been fine. However instead, it actually kind of goes — and that’s what makes Falling On Your Arse In 1999 such a treasure.

The mixtape was quietly uploaded to Bandcamp and shared on Reddit in early January, featuring 18 unreleased tracks from Tommy No 1 and produced by Eddie Too Tall, better known as British director and writer Ed Tracy. Each distorted, sample-riddled rap cut is a quintessential slice of lo-fi hip-hop’s golden era from the early 90’s, and the whole collection is now available to stream.

Back in 2011, Hardy told BBC in an interview that he was signed in the 90’s, and that he recorded “loads of material,” despite “not being very good.” We’re still parsing through FOYA 1999, but for now, we’ll agree to disagree.

Excision announces release date for annual Shambhala mix

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Excision‘s seismic Shambhala mix has become a highly anticipated annual hour-long bass music enterprise to watch out for. Now, two months overdue on its release, the dubstep producer has just announced via his Twitter that the mix is undergoing its finishing touches. Excision has had a wildly successful year, having just wrapped his inaugural Lost Lands festival in the Midwest, in addition to announcing his new Paradox 2018 tour.

Prepare for a brand new edition of Excision’s heavy Shambhala Mix, out Nov. 21.

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