Jeff Mills talks history of the T-909 drum machine

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Jeff Mills talks history of the T-909 drum machineJeff Mills 909 1

On September 9, audiophiles celebrated 909 day. What better way to celebrate the iconic drum machine than speaking with a pioneer of techno? Underground Resistance‘s own Jeff Mills, a king of the archetypal Roland TR-909 drum machine, took Mixmag through the history of the revolutionary machine. Mills is the perfect producer to talk about the product. For proof, watch his critically acclaimed Exhibitionist 2 documentary.

In the interview, Mills takes a deep-dive into his history with the 909. Readers find out how he discovered the legendary equipment, why he thought it was so special back then, its sounds, and his musical process. He mentions the pureness of sounds that come from the 909. There’s an art in its minimal nature, denoting there’s not a lot producers need to add to the sounds to make them sound great.

In 2017, Roland released a TR-09, a miniature and more affordable version of the original 909. Click here to read Jeff Mills’ full interview with Mixmag.

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WAV Media and Mixmag launch ‘MAGNIFIED’ to amplify artists’ careers

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WAV Media and Mixmag launch ‘MAGNIFIED’ to amplify artists’ careersJake West For Insomniac 2 Min

Many dance music artists aspire to make a career out of their craft, but cutting through the large pool of competition is often difficult task. WAV Media and their Mixmag partners endeavored to help musicians achieve such a goal, and have since birthed “Magnified” as a solution.

The series does what its name implies. Ten artists who sign up for a WAV Media account will be handpicked to be “Magnified,” with each being covered extensively in Mixmag and the WAV platform through exclusive interviews, videos, and performances. Fans will be given an intimate look into their processes that will only further their reputations as the next generation of top talent.

Ten artists, which include J. Worra, Cassian, Octo Octa, and more, have already been chosen for the inaugural round; however, the occasion has led to the Magnified hosts opening the class up for two more artists. Those chosen will score their own Mixmag Lab, a festival slot, and the extensive media attention that their counterparts are already set to receive.

More information on how to become ‘MAGNIFIED’ here

WAV Media began in LA as a platform dedicated to the artists. It’s forged partnerships with a number of media outlets across the musical spectrum to empower creators on the front end, while also providing a convenient back end for artists to more effectively track and grow their audience. With Magnified now in session, the process could be even more expedited for those driven enough.


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Director of Netflix’s ‘Ibiza’ has never been to Ibiza

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Director of Netflix’s ‘Ibiza’ has never been to IbizaAle Richanbach Ibiza

In an awkward interview with Mixmag, director of the new Netflix original film, Ibiza, Alex Richanbach, reveals he’s never been to the island of Ibiza. Granted, the movie is a light rom-com about three girlfriends traveling to Spain for “work.” Let’s just say the European party scene took over, and not much professionalism ensued. The protagonist, played by Gillian Jacobs, ends up falling in love with an EDM DJ, played by Richard Madden, and supposed hilarity ensues.

When Mixmag interviewer Jeremy Abbott asked Richanbach if he’s ever been to Ibiza, the director revealed he’s never even been.

“You know I hadn’t been able to go,” he told Abbott. “So I did all my research through our writer who spent a lot of time there and also Richard Madden who spent a lot of time there and I sort of watched as much as I could from a documentary stand-point and I read books and did as much as I could. But the speed of which we prepped the film I wasn’t able to get there.”

Abbott continues pushing the subject by mentioning the Spanish government’s disapproval and potential lawsuit. The movie was filmed in Croatia, which Abbott points out adds to the misrepresentation of the Ibiza brand and vibe. There were also accusations of stereotyping the island’s culture and drug use. The director’s response was to highlight a writer and actor of the film who spent time in Ibiza.

Read the full interview here.

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