Dancing Astronaut presents AXIS 196: Mixed by LAKIM

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Soulection has arguably developed into one of electronic music’s most respectable names. The multifaceted LA collective has been a monumental driving force in kickstarting the careers of indie-electronic and urban-electronic stars like Sam Gellaitry, Ta-ku, Mr. Carmack, GoldLink, and LAKIM.

Hailing from Virginia, LAKIM has been one of Soulection’s original needle-moving acts with notable accomplishments including an official remix for Janet Jackson and production credits for GoldLink. With unparalleled tastes and impeccable mixing abilities, the innovative producer gives Dancing Astronaut an hour of groove-ridden, steamy cuts that blur the lines between the urban, electronic and indie. This mix includes favorites from Sam Gelliatry, Tennyson & Mr. Carmack, Geotheory, and more.

– Jafunk – Why Would You (Bambarra 2 Step To Me Edit)
– Sam Gelliatry – dntstp
– PYRMDPLAZA – Didn’t Know
– LAKIM – Don’t Need You (Teeburr Remix)
– Scott Morter – Jack Sounds Good
– Lunabe & Djeff – Temed
– Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies (DJ Spinna & Ahmed Sirour Remix)
– R. Kelly – Ignition (Clyde Rerub) (Fingalick)
– Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Jasper Staal Remix)
– Tennyson & Mr. Carmack – Tuesday
– Ase Manual – 50000 Just To Book Me (Habibiboi Remix)
– Osunlade – Cantos A Ochun Et Oya (Juan Valentine Edit)
– Dotorado Pro – Flauta Magica
– Color Plus & Kanyon – Whip & Flip
– Eugene Cam – Comminicate
– Habibiboi – Step Dance
– BCOTB – 404
– Supraman – Resonate
– Motorbass – Flyin Fingers (Good Junk Bootleg
– Roska – This May Take A While (JD Reid Remix)
– More//Night – Garage Ish
– Geode – Embrace
– Geotheory – Lovebug
– Kuhn – Slime Beach
– LAKIM – Love Is Mutual
– Wiley – Flying (LAKIM Remix)
– LAKIM – Wait & See
– LAKIM – White Gold
– LAKIM – A Conscious Mind
– Janet Jackson – Go Deep (Kaelin Ellis Refix)
– Bi5cut – Gold Watches On Deck

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Stream Tchami’s sixth ‘Confessions’ mix

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Three months have passed since Tchami shared his most recent “Confessions” mix, which came in February, shortly after his  latest single, “Adieu.” Now, days after the release of Chace’s broadly-reaching “Adieu” remix, the French future house influencer has published the sixth installment of his fervently followed mix series.

Tchami opens “Confessions #6” with Kevin Spacey’s chilling delivery of the foreboding line, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Thereafter, the stage is set for Martin Bresso’s musical opener – Habstrakt and Dustycloud’s menacing, unreleased bass house collaboration, “Crows.” Throughout the hourlong set, Bresso vacillates between an array of bass house (including Habstrakt’s high-profile Skrillex joint, “Chicken Soup), future house, and club-germane tech house.

Some standout selections from “Confessions #6” include Cazztek’s formidable remix of “Devils” by ANGELZ and CamelPhat’s “Hangin’ Out With Charlie” – a current tech house favorite in clubs globally.

Tracklist (Via 1001):

01. Dustycloud & Habstrakt – Crows
02. BROHUG – If I’m Wrong [CONFESSION]
03. Loge21 – Just Bass
04. RICCI – Boom
6. Chris Lake – I Want You
07. Redlight ft. Taya – Here With Me (ID Remix) [WEA]
08. t q d – A Letter To EZ
09. Direct – Rikos Revenge
10. Tchami – Superlativ
11. Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup
12 ANGELZ – Devils (CAZZTEK Remix)
13. Taiki Nulight & Tchami – Fallin’
14. Dillon Nathaniel – Frequent
15. Niels Van Gogh – Yucatan
16. CamelPhat – Hangin’ Out With Charlie
17. Noizu – Lazers
18. Tchami – Adieu (Chace Remix)
19. Stones & Bones ft. Toshi – Amahloni (Manoo Remix)

Featured image by Maria Boyadgis.

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Tchami makes his Essential Mix debut

Soulwax debut an hour of unreleased music in their revolutionary two-part Essential Mix

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BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix doesn’t mint any duds. Pete Tong’s weekly broadcast has established its iconic status over the past two decades by consistently selecting the world’s best DJs to proffer their best possible mixes, so the quality of product can be assumed.

However, there are Essential Mixes and there are Essential Mixes. On May 19, Stephen and David Dewaele put forth the latter.

The Dewaele brothers are among the rare breed of artists who are legends twice over – both as Soulwax and 2ManyDJs. For their first Essential Mix since lending to the program as Soulwax in 2005, the fraternal duo put forth an unprecedented effort in their inimitable two-part mix.

Late in March, Soulwax released their latest album, From Dewee, but for this weekend’s broadcast they didn’t rely on the LP’s releases whatsoever. Instead, the prodigious outfit put forth an entire hour of entirely new Soulwax music, produced specifically for the Essential Mix – an endeavor which Tong giddily notes is a first for the program from a group of their stature. The brand new songs – titled “Essential 1 – Essential 12” – are bizarre, experimental techno and electro. Indeed these offerings are straightforward, high caliber Soulwax classics.

For the second half of the set, the brothers don their other act’s hats, launching into a masterfully diverse 2ManyDJs set. Over the next hour, the brothers explore an eclectic range of dance music, exploring a tasteful array of jazz and reggae-inspired electronica, and generally unclassifiable – but high quality – selections.

Though the following statement is a bold assertion, it is nonetheless true: the Dewaele brothers just put forth the front runner for 2017’s Essential Mix of the Year.

Listen to the Soulwax/2ManyDJs Essential Mix here.


Soulwax – Essential Intro
Soulwax – Essential 1-12
Asa Moto – Systema Naturae
Astarius – Ancient Times 1
Sammy Burdson – Disco Cola
Daevid Allen & New York Gong – Jungle Windo(w)
Kayanza – Salutation Akazéhé
Sheila E. – Koo Koo
Ghassan Rhabani – 2nd Reggae
Poligam – A-Dur-Funk
Klaus Weiss – Running
Roland Vincent & Jean-Pierre Lang – Le Trou Noir
Funky 4 + 1 – Rappin And Rocking The House
Crazy Bank – Up Down Push (Soulwax Edit)
Nina Scott – Drap De La Contrebasse
Klanken – Vier
Hossam Ramzy – Eshta
Lazlo – Hazard
Bobby Heath, Eric Peters & Robert Hunter – Power Grid
Voice of Authority – Stopping & Starting (Soulwax Edit)
Doxa Sinistra – Modern Age (Soulwax Edit)
DJ – Over Dose (Fear II)
Timmy Thomas – Funky Me
Kamikaze – Tokyo Rose
Osamu Mundi- Sexafari
Zohra – Badala Zamana (Soulwax Edit)
Jean Philippe – Midi
Waffles – Poland
Yannick Chevalier – Rhythm Tom Drums 2
Peder Mannerfelt – Request Line (Soulwax Edit)
Tristesse Contemporaine – Get What You Want
Whyte Horses – Feels Like Something Changing
Love Collection starring Jean Sharon – Papa Bully (Soulwax Edit)
Waffles – Croatia
Cornelius – Clap & Whistle & Walking
Klanken – Vijf
John Cravache – Paris Roswell
DJ Bert & Eagle – I Am Your Master

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Eric Prydz debuts new music in his triumphant EPIC Radio return

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Though EPIC Radio’s recent two-month break was much shorter than the two year hiatus which preceded it, the absence of the bi-weekly broadcast was felt very strongly. Fortunately, in preparation for next week’s debut of EPIC 5.0, Eric Prydz has returned to Beats 1 to once again revive the program.

In his series’ newest episode, the Swedish vanguard provides a masterful selection of progressive from the genre’s most talented figures, giving nods to the likes of Eelke Kleijn, Cristoph, and Sebastien Léger. The profound Patrice Bäumel remix of Max Cooper’s “Organa” is a greatly appreciated inclusion to this sector of the hourlong mix.

Most notably, Prydz gives the first on-air listen to his Pryda remix of the Cirez D classic, “On/Off,” which he’s been teasing to great reception in a number of recent shows.

Tracklist (Via 1001):

1. Pryda – It’ll Do ID
2. Cirez D – On Off (Pryda Remix)
3. Eelke Kleijn – Rubicon
4. ID – ID
5. Cristoph – Feel
6. Martin Roth & Marymoon – Ahead Of Time
7. Max Cooper – Organa (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
9. Sébastien Léger ft. Laura Barrick – I Need You More
10. Emi Galvan – Nothing Less (Quivver Remix)
11. Sezer Uysal – One Of Us (Stefano Richetta Remix)

Featured image by Rukes.

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Boys Noize purveys a thrilling, warehouse-appropriate mix for ‘The Ransom Note’

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With rampant overdrive and reverb, the warehouse music Alex Ridha pulls into yet another Boys Noize mix grabs its listeners by the chest and throws them into a dark dance floor filled with sonic booms, thuds, and hisses. In the culture surrounding this music one can find leather-clad punks bouncing from dusk to dawn to repetitive acid-synth arpeggios in clubs around the globe. A complex melting pot of techno, punk rock, and disco house gives Boys Noize the unique sounds and image many associate with the project.

There is something beautifully sinister to be found in the sweaty incantations that a mix like this places over its listeners. In this featured mix for The Ransom Note, Ridha teases out samples from and remixes of tracks in Mayday, his latest feature length album. Listeners can hear vocals from “Overthrow,” “Euphoria,” and “Midnight” cutting in and out between hypnotic kick drums and erratic breaks.

In an interview with The Ransom Note that accompanies the release of the mix, Ridha opens up about the inspiration, motivation, and history behind his music. Tracing his roots back to the 1980s house with names like Farley Jackmaster Funk, Steve Silk Hurley, Marshall Jefferson, and DJ Pierre, Ridha accounts his early days in DJing as a 15-year-old in Berlin gay and house clubs.

The atypical culture surrounding Boys Noize mentioned above seems rooted in Rihda’s 1990s experiences, such as seeing 2manyDJs mixing techno with punk-rock by Iggy & the Stooges. Ridha ends the mix by mixing punk rock with techno, enigmatic of the Boys Noize project, but also historically ironic because Iggy Pop hated techno. When interviewers ask, “what does your music sound like,” Ridha responds appropriately: it’s like “punching into a sunny side up egg.” Ridha’s jovial attitude brings to mind the yellow smiley face symbol iconic to acid house and adopted under the Boys Noize name for nostaligic merchandise. The interview is full of comical remarks by Ridha, and the mix features a transformed vocal with his unique “drink more water” introduction, which is a recurrent trope throughout many of his mixes.

Listen to the mix here:

H/T: The Ransom Note

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Deadmau5 continues to deliver in episode 2 of his BBC Radio 1 Residency [Stream]

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Kicking off February, deadmau5 has delivered the second episode of his monthly BBC Radio 1 residency mix. Joel Zimmerman met much acclaim when hit the airwaves in January with a his techno-filled residency debut. This February iteration follows suit, continuing to deliver techno to the airwaves, but also delving more deeply into the progressive sounds that many fans more traditionally associate with the deadmau5 moniker.

In this mix, Zimmerman weaves through the works of Maceo Plex and Lane 8, as well as remixes of tracks by Icarus and Moby.  Bookending his mix on strong notes, deadmau5 gives nods to some of dance music’s most prodigious talents, opening his broadcast with Kölsch‘s “Oma” and concluding with the thematically-fitting “Final Credits,” by this year’s Essential Mix of the Year winner, Midland.

Listen to the mix here:


1. Kölsch – Oma
2. Lane 8 – In My Arms
3. Olivier Giacomotto – Bipolar Star
4. Moonwalk – Landscape
5. Sailor & I – Black Swan (Maceo Plex Remix)
6. Drunken Kong – Chanted
7. Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)
8. Steve Bleas – Annex
9. No Mana – Fade
10. Popof – Serenity
11. Jeremy Olander – Caravelle
12. Icarus – Don’t Cry Wolf (Seven Doors Remix)
13. Guy Gerber & Deniz Kurtel – Here Comes The Rain
14. Cubicolor – Dead End Thrills (Patrice Bäumel Remix)
15. Blue Mora – Life
16. Matt Lange – Lying To Myself (Clear Skys Remix)
17. Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Countr
18. Midland – Final Credits


Infected Mushroom share mix filled with new and unreleased music [DA Exclusive]

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Released on January 27, 2017, the LP Return to the Sauce marked live-electronic outfit Infected Mushroom‘s return to the genre that most fans know them for: psytrance. The iconic duo who founded the band, Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, have provided an exclusive mix for Dancing Astronaut. The mix includes a number of tracks from Return to the Sauce, as well as some brand new, unreleased remixes of classics like “Bust A Move” and “Becoming Insane.”

Most anyone who’s attended an Infected Mushroom show can attest to the energy they bring to every venue, small or large. Seeing a band play some of the world’s best psytrance on real instruments – not to mention their ever-innovative stage design – is something that should be experienced at least once, especially if it’s the dynamic force that calls themselves Infected Mushroom. Fortunately for those who have never had the chance seen them live, they are currently on tour with the whole live band and a brand new stage production.

The full schedule and tickets are available here. Their new album, Return to the Sauce, is available for purchase here.


Infected Mushroom – Bust a move (Bliss Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Groove attack

Xerox – Gravity ways (2017 Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Suliman (No Comment Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Becoming insane (Warriors Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Manipulator

Infected Mushroom – Cities of the future (Time Lock Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Return to the sauce

Infected Mushroom – Liquid smoke

Infected Mushroom – Nutmeg

Infected Mushroom – Demons of pains (Trance Remix)

Infected Mushroom – Milosh

Infected Mushroom – Flamingo

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Knife Party evoke major nostalgia in their latest mix for BBC Radio 1

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Demonstrating that their taste for cacophonous, aggressive, and loud electronic tunes has not diminished a bit over the years, Knife Party have taken to BBC Radio to deliver a outlandish hour-long mix. Featuring classic tracks from the duo like “Internet Friends” and “Centipede,” this mix gives fans a nostalgic sonic journey through the colorful history of Knife Party’s music. Tracks from KAYZO, Herobust, and Jauz are intertwined with Benny Benassi‘s “Cinema,” deadmau5‘s “Ghost n’ Stuff,” and Porter Robinson‘s “Language,” resulting in a glorious blend between the recognizable early dance music anthems listeners know and love and contemporary innovations from rising stars.

Pendulum’s Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have recently resurged their Knife Party project, teaming up with legendary guitarist Tom Morello to release “Battle Sirens.” Both the Brillz and RIOT remixes are featured in this mix. Not only are Swire and McGrillen revitalizing Knife Party’s aural presence, but also revamping Pendulum, the drum & bass project that led to their initial success. Neither Knife Party nor Pendulum have confirmed any upcoming releases, however the Pendulum website hints at an impending album and tour.

Nonetheless, this mix will give fans a taste of what Knife Party can still bring to the table.

Listen here:


1. Knife Party – You’re No Saint
2. Knife Party – Parliament Funk
3. Axwangingft. Dominique Fricot – The Twilight Faithful (BitasRemix)
4. Destructo & Wax Motif Feat. Pusha T & Starrah – Catching Plays (CONVEX Remix)
6. LAXX – Hardcore
7. KAYZO & RIOT – Wake Up
8. heRobust – Dirt Heater Tea
9. Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens (Brillz Remix)
10. Brillz & Willy Joy – Power
11. Knife Party – Centipede
12. Dirty Class – China
13. Porter Robinson feat. Bright Lights – Language(Gammer & KAYZORemix) w/ Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go vs. Yellow Claw & Mightyfools – Cinema vs. Lick Dat (Vice Ultra Bootleg)
14. Ekali & KRANE – Akira
15. heRobust – Bottle Swervice
16. Pegboard Nerds – BAMF
17. Galantis – No Money (Dillon Francis Remix) w/ Ookay feat. Ragga Twins – The Boot
18. Knife Party – PLUR Police (Jauz Remix)
19. Knife Party – PLUR Police
20. Ralvero – U Got 2 Know
21. 22 Bullets – Sounds Like This
22. Walden – Orx
23. EDX – Cool You Off w/ deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire – Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff
24. Knife Party – Internet Friends w/ Wiwek & Moksi-Masta
25. Contrvbvnd – Python
26. MOTi feat. Katt Niall – Livin’ 4 Ya
27. June Miller & Mefjus – Saus
28. Knife Party – Boss Mode
29. Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens(RIOT Remix)

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Slander releases all-inclusive mix on Diplo & Friends

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As one of dance music’s biggest rising acts in recent years, Slander has grown to be a familiar name to massive festival line-ups and sold-out shows across the world. In the duo’s recent Diplo & Friends mix, Slander makes it abundantly clear that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Kicking the mix off with their unreleased, emotionally-driven song, “Superhuman,” Derek Andersen and Scott Land have curated an all-inclusive brew of sultry R&B, signature Slander trap, synth-heavy LFOs, and cinematic instrumentals.

The mix has been a hit on Soundcloud, racking up hundreds of thousands plays in just a few days, with listeners openly expressing their gratitude for the duo’s innovative and free-form approach. As it continues to climb in views, Slander’s one hour mix is an abstract musical journey which will appeal to listeners of diverse persuasions.

Stream the duo’s Diplo & Friends mix below:


Stream episode 11 of OWSLA Radio featuring NGHTMRE, Slander, Mija, Team EZY and more

Jack Ü – Mind (Slander Remix) [Free Download]

Slander – Dead (Original Mix)

This seven-hour mix of deadmau5 classics is an illustrious sonic pilgrimage

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Could there be such a thing as “too much deadmau5?” A fan who goes by the name powerLien has tested this question in August when he uploaded a mix of the Canadian artist’s catalogue that spans seven hours and 23 minutes in length. In total, the mix contains 65 tracks, comprised mostly of Zimmerman originals. Within the extensive mix, powerLien gives a nod to practically every essential deadmau5 track conceivable, including “The Reward Is Cheese,” “The Veldt,” “I Remember,” and his new classic, “Snowcone.”

The mixer’s choice selection and ability to evoke nostalgia may very well leave listeners wanting more, even after dedicating close to a full workday’s length to consuming the compilation’s entirety. At the very least, the mix serves as a tidy selection of tunes that represent deadmau5’s skill as an artist that fans can listen to as they please.

Stream powerLien’s “deadmau5 7+ Hour Continuous Mix” below:

H/T: powerLien – YouTube

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