Good Morning Mix: Relive Jackmaster’s 2016 DJ-Kicks mix

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Glaswegian DJ Jackmaster, real name Jack Revill, is best known for his ability to seamlessly intertwine genres and vastly different musical elements.

In 2016, Revill had the honor of creating the DJ-Kicks mix, which he used as an opportunity to pen an open love letter to the diverse cities that shaped him as an artist — Detroit, Chicago, and of course, Glasgow. According to Jackmaster, the DJ-Kicks mix was almost ruined by near disaster. In a press release around the delivery of the mix he delved deep into its origins.

“I was in the Caribbean DJing on a cruise ship that had no internet and got a call with the deadline. I went straight to my cabin on the boat and started picking out tracks on Rekordbox. The boat docked in Miami and I left my record bag in a taxi. I lost everything. My computer, all my USBs and new records. Once I got to Glasgow I bought a new computer, salvaged what music I could from old machines but most importantly delved deep into my record collection to find some obscure and forgotten bits that would do the CD justice. I holed up in the studio and managed to get the tracklist down within about a week, which is very quick for me. I thought it was solid but I listened to it on the plane and really hated it. So I went back to my old flat where my whole record collection is and started again. I probably did four or five different versions till I arrived at something I was really happy with.”

As a result, the mix is heavily influenced by the early techno and DIY-style Revill championed when he first started out on the circuits.

Says Revill of the style:

“Music was my escape when things were bad at home. Music was the bond that brought me and my best friends together, particularly Spencer who taught me how to DJ and who I’d hang out with every day mixing records. Music became my drive to do something with my life. I think it’s different to what a lot of people would expect from me, but for me it was important to do something honest and something that sets the record straight in a way.”


  1. Lnrdcroy – Freedom For Antboy II (Mixed)
  2. Denis Sulta – MSNJ (Mixed)
  3. Phil Moffa – Center Of The World (Mixed)
  4. X_1 – Happy Hippie Hifi (Mixed)
  5. Eliphino – Isabella Road (Mixed)
  6. Massimiliano Pagliara – I Am Running All My Drum Machines At Once And Dancing (Mixed)
  7. Mike Dunn – A Groove (Mixed)
  8. Playground Productionz – Orgy (XXX) (Mixed)
  9. Eli Escobar – Tension (Vinyl Mix) (Mixed)
  10. Alcatraz Harry – Ode To Frankfurt (Mixed)
  11. Lory D – Deep Acoustic (Mixed)
  12. Tomahawk – Forever Free (Mixed)
  13. Anno Stamm – A Night Out With Therese (Mixed)
  14. Denis Sulta – Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP) (Mixed)
  15. Konakov – Clonki Part II (Mixed)
  16. Mr G – Transient (Mixed)
  17. Basic Channel – Q1.1/l (Mixed)
  18. Fango – Vena Cava (Mixed)
  19. Tessela – Up (Mixed)
  20. Ricardo Villalobos – Logohitz (Mixed)
  21. Dean & Deluca – A2. (Mixed)
  22. Robert Hood – The Pace (Mixed)
  23. Overmow – Convulsions (Mixed)
  24. POM POM – POM POM 18 B2 (Mixed)

The Radar 108: Mixed by Spirix

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Based out of Southern California, Spirix is a name in the SoundCloud community that has been on the rise with his wavy original and remixes Vanic, Gryffin & Illenium, The Chainsmokers, and more. Additionally, he has begun making his debut festival appearances at SnowGlobe and Euphoria Festival. To further show-off his sonic palette, Spirix has taken the reigns on The Radar for an hour of dance pop gems and moving future bass. Featuring favorites from DROELOE, Slander, RL Grime, and more, the SoCal up-and-comer gives new listeners a window into the type of music he will be playing in his live sets at festivals this summer and fall.

Kozah – Dream State
Nurko – Let Me Go
Sem – Reasons
The Chainsmokers – Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix)
DROELOE – Sunburn
Flume – Insane (Kaivon Remix)
Post Malone – I Fall Apart (Slander Remix)
Justice – We Are Your Friends (Two Lanes Remix)
MALAA & TCHAMI – Summer 99
EPTIC – The End (Breaux Remix)
Spirix – Little Doubts (TYNAN Remix) (Unreleased)
QUIX – Lucys Place
SLANDER – Superhuman Ft. Eric Leva (ORIENTAL CRAVINGS X Willco Flip)
Nonsens x Nitti Gritti – Buti
Nitti Gritti – Crack
RL Grime – I Wanna Know (feat. Daya)
jeremy zucker ft. blackbear – talk is overrated (Manila Killa Remix)
San Holo – One Thing (Spirix VIP Remix)
Spirix – This Is What It Feels Like

The Radar 107: Mixed by Enamour

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While his name may be only just starting to bubble, Enamour has been making friends in all the right places. The DC-based whiz ended last year with a release on mau5trap and UK-based label Glasglow Underground, and started this year supporting Lane 8 on his This Never Happened Tour and earning airplay on BBC Radio 1 during Lane 8’s Essential Mix. Additionally, Dancing Astronaut premiered his impressive flip of Will Eastman’s “Froggie.”

To further introduce the dance community to his dark yet atmospheric sound, Enamour has graced The Radar and made it extra special with an extended 90-minute mix chock-full of unreleased material. The impresario begins the mix with an intro edit of his unreleased single “Kenosis” before diving into a stack of four unreleased tracks that are a blend of worldly, organic and processed sounds. As the mix goes on, Enamour slates tracks from Martin Waslewski, Patrice Baumel, Mira J, and more as well as more IDs to sum up a whopping 10 cuts from his studio vault that have yet to be heard.

With a blazing mix to keep his momentum at an all-time high, Enamour is sure to be a name to watch for deep house and progressive techno fans to watch rise through the ranks in the coming months.

1. Enamour – Kenosis (Intro Edit) [This Never Happened] – TBA
2. Enamour – ID
3. Enamour – ID
4. Enamour – ID
5. Enamour – Soul Release [This Never Happened] – Out May 10
6. Martin Waslewski – Expectandum [Get Physical]
7. Enamour – Still Life [This Never Happened] – Out May 4
8. Sterling Grove – How Far (Enamour Remix) [House of Youth] – TBA
9. Patrice Baumel – Engage [Afterlife]
10. Enamour – ID
11. Enamour – ID
12. Enamour – ID
13. Lane 8 – Skin & Bones (Enamour Remix) [This Never Happened]
14. Will Eastman – Froggie (Enamour Remix) [Blisspop]
15. Enamour, Arien – Run Away [This Never Happened] – TBA
16. Mira J, Galestian – Tell Me (Ezequiel Arias Space Mix) [ICONYC]

RYBO primes Desert Hearts attendees for a bonanza [Exclusive Mix]

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Desert Hearts is just around the corner, and to prime its guests for four days of house, techno, and love, RYBO has fashioned a high-charged mix filled with some damaging material.

The family newcomer shows off his knowledge of all things pumping and tech house, packing a juicy array of tunes into an hour-long frenzy. Tribal, raunchy, left-field, and straight-up funk soundscapes are all explored, helping build energy levels to maximum capacity. He succeeds in putting forth an diverse, yet concise taste on what’s to come as soon as the weekend arrives.

Joeski – Devour You (XXX) (Original Mix) [Maya Records]
Tobias – Fiya Bun (Original Mix)
Pablo Fierro – La Palma (Original Mix)
Lauren Lane – Ruff Ryders v1
JJ Fad – Supersonic (Brian Busto Edit 2)
John Tejada – Sweat (On The Walls)
Around7 – Discotronic (Original Mix)
Rework – Like Me (Original Mix)
Sydney Blu – On the Brink
Omar Labastida , Fhaken & Wayne Madiedo – Tonight (Original Mix) [MASTER]
Bohemien, Raf Parola – Nevermind (Original Mix)_Mst
2 Sides Of Soul – My Body Is Hot (Original_Mix)
Disaia – Destination (DUB EDIT)

Habstrakt spins energetic one hour bass mix for Triple J

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Habstrakt has released a bass heavy mix fresh off of his performance at Touch Bass festivals throughout Australia. The one hour compilation features tracks from Getter, Joyryde, Ekali and more. He also disperses many of his own releases throughout.

Mixed for Triple J, the seismic show is perfect for bass fans looking for an energizing mix.

Habstrakt – Episode 1 (Intro)
Zomboy – Saints & Sinners (Habstrakt Remix) – Never Say Die Records
Ekali – Faded Saints Edit
Kiesza – No Enemies (Jauz Remix) – Island Records
Dustycloud – Move – Confession
Habstrakt – ID
Blatta & Inesha, Congorock – Stepoff – Hell Yeah Recordings
Mr Oizo – Fiat Beat – f-communications
Joyryde – The Box – Unwanted
Getter – 666! VIP – OWSLA
Angelz – 99 J.Lo – Confession
Moksi – Get U There – Barong Family
Badjokes – Nightmare – Confession
Koos – Volcan – Confession
Eptic – Danger (Habstrakt VIP) – Never Say Die Records
Habstrakt & Dombresky – Antigone – Mad Decent
Godamn – Messin
Herobust – Vertebreaker (Habstrakt Remix) Mad Decent
Joyryde – I Ware House – OWSLA
Dustycloud – Jumpin’ – Confession
Tony Romera – Grand Jour
AC Slater – Taking Off ft. Shoffy (Jay Robinson Remix) – Night Bass Records
Zeds Dead & JAUZ – Lights Go Down (SQWAD Remix) – Deadbeats
Torro Torro – Make a Move (Habstrakt Remix) – OWSLA
Eptic & Habstrakt – On The Block – Never Say Die Records
CYMN & Soul Surgery – Pass That Back
Koos – Problems
Habstrakt – ID
Juelz – Cocaine – Flow Fi recordings
Phazz & Ozzie – Illusion
Wongo & Jace Mek – Why – Confession
Lowdown – Dance 4 Me
Asdek – What’s In My Head – Dim Mak
Skrillex & Habstrakt – Chicken Soup – OWSLA
Slander & Yookie – After All (Habstrakt Remix) Never Say Die Records
DJ Medhi – Signatune – Ed Banger
Damien N-Drix – Party
Sidtrus – Ma Nec Ma Bac – Gold Digger
Habstrakt – ID
Hydroski – ID
Monista – Clandestine
Bellecour – ID
Destructo – BassFace (Koos Remix) Hits Hard
Habstrakt – Episode 5 (Prelude)
Habstrakt ft Josh Pan – ID
Travis Scott – Yah Yah (Loge21 Remix)
Yellow Claw – Run Away (Moksi Remix)
Habstrakt & Eptic – Lazor3000
Habstrakt & Jace Mek – I Wanna – Confession
Habstrakt – Time
Madlib – Movie finale – Stones Throw

The Radar 106: Monoverse

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It’s rare in today’s climate to hear of reputable new trance acts rising out of the United States. Monoverse is one of those few, and is helping lead a new generation of producers who crave sounds of trance that aren’t currently dominating the market. He’s additionally known an incredibly hard worker, building his brand through consistent output and planting himself firmly on the East Coast circuit before being recognized by the Cold Harbour camp and breaking through onto the global sphere.

Since then, Monoverse has been on a seemingly unstoppable ascension in his career. His work can regularly be found not just on Cold Harbour, but also the iconic Future Sound Of Egypt, among others. He recently launched his Parallels brand through there, which he is now expanding into a party series as well for the finest in progressive trance.

Monoverse’s dedication to his craft and growing reputation in the scene made him a natural pick for this edition of the Radar series. In his mix, the burgeoning trance talent offers up a sonic interpretation of where his is musically at the moment, featuring a series of well-mixed selections — some of which are exclusive. We see the full spectrum of the Monoverse sound, in addition to a look at what the genre truly means in his eyes. The result shows an artist with no sign on slowing down anytime soon.


01. Tonal Axis – Rainfall (Monoverse Remix) [Pure Progressive]
02. The Stupid Experts – Bittersweet [FSOE Parallels]
03. Liam Wilson – Always With Me (Mir Omar Remix) [Subculture]
04. The Thrillseekers – In These Arms (Gundamea Remix) [FSOE UV]
05. Gordey Tsukanov – Radioactivity [FSOE Parallels]
06. Revkin – No Release [FSOE Parallels]
07. Anden – Venice Grind [FSOE Parallels]
08. Emerge – Whisper [FSOE Parallels]
09. John Fisherman – Andromeda [Exia Underground]
10. ID – ID [FSOE Parallels]
11. ID – ID [FSOE Parallels]
12. Digital Rush – I Should Be Free (Instrumental Mix) [FSOE Parallels]
13. ID – ID [FSOE Parallels]
14. ID – ID [FSOE Parallels]
15. ID – ID [FSOE Parallels]
16. ID – ID
17. Attila Syah & Ramsey Westwood – Horizon [FSOE Parallels]
18. Alex Wright – Aswan [FSOE Parallels]
19. ID – ID
20. Monoverse vs. Eco & Jennifer Rene – Aria Running (Monoverse Mashup)
21. Thomas Datt – Fluid Karma [FSOE Parallels]
22. Farid & Hidden Tigress – Diamond Eyes (Enzo Remix) [FSOE Parallels]

Relive Anna Lunoe’s full performance from San Diego’s CRSSD Festival

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Following her prime time performance at HARD Summer 2017, Anna Lunoe added another huge credential to her list of accomplishments in becoming a mother for the first time. Baby Willa came just weeks after Lunoe’s final DJ set (though, at the time of HARD it seemed like she could go into labor during her b2b with AC Slater), bringing the perennially-moving Aussie’s itinerary to a much-needed halt. As 2018 began, Lunoe kicked off her comeback, announcing a Las Vegas residency, dropping off new music, and returning to the festival circuit — most notably with CRSSD Fest in San Diego.

Unfortunately, her performance wasn’t recorded in real time, however by popular demand, the “Godzilla” producer re-recorded the celebrated festival outing and it is now available in full for fans’ repeated listening pleasure. Holing up in a hotel suite with Diplo sometime after the festival, Lunoe went back through her CRSSD crate to deliver a redone version of her hour-long not-so-live set from the weekend. Packed with her signature club flavor, Lunoe stitches together an energetic blend of Chris Lorenzo, GTA, Riton, Disclosure and more, officially marking her return to her craft (again).

Boys Noize’s ‘Into The Dark’ Boiler Room set is here [WATCH]

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In an era of hyperbole, it’s always refreshing to bask in the aura of a true legend. Boys Noize fits that bill, and his latest mix for the inimitable Boiler Room series further solidifies his legendary status.

Dubbed his “Into The Dark” set, the mix is a particularly brooding brand of ominous acid and techno. While the mix is more than enough on its own, Boiler Room’s floor-level view of Boys Noize in the thick of a thoroughly amped up crowd only heightens the effect.

Thugfucker forges whimsical house mix ahead of Elements [EXCLUSIVE]

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Thugfucker were founded on the basis of uplifting peoples’ spirits with ethereal and mystical shades of house and tech. The outfit — now a singular act led by member Greg Oreck — rose through the ranks swiftly, making their mark on the underground world with their dynamic approach to sets and drive to create an ideal atmosphere at all their events. Thugfucker later paired with DJ Tennis to create their prolific Life & Death imprint, which helped break through the likes of Mind Against and Tale Of Us, among others.

Such an aesthetic has made Thugfucker a particularly highly-demanded entity within the transformational festival community. Oreck’s shamanic abilities with melodic manipulation have made him a staple at events like Burning Man and beyond. Come Memorial Day Weekend, he will make his return under his beloved moniker to Elements‘ second edition in Lakewood, Pennsylvannia.

Oreck stopped by the Dancing Astronaut offices ahead of his appearance at the festival to talk Thugfucker’s new beginnings, his sonic ethos, prized Elements memories, and more, in addition to providing us with an enticing mix to boost excitement in returning to Lakewood’s cozy confines.

How would you describe your musical ethos? How did you arrive there over time?
While it’s probably impossible to nail down something so big sounding as a musical ethos it is interesting (for me anyway!) to try and think about how I reached the point where I’m at musically. I was talking with Cosmo D from Nucleus a few years ago and I realized I could specifically draw a line from my friend playing “Jam On It” to me at age 12 to where I’m at now in my relationship to music (and dance music specifically) and it was an amazing moment to be able to talk with him about it directly. We’re all shaped by the various experiences we have throughout our life and I’ve been lucky to have a pretty wide variety of experiences that’s really exposed me to a lot. Too many musical movements and styles to try and make an exhaustive list but my whole life I’ve always found something to love in a wide variety of music and have been absolutely drawn to it so I guess that’s just who I am. One thing seems to always lead to the next but it only really makes sense while looking back at it. I remember calling into the radio DJ’s on the local alternative radio station so regularly when I was 12 years old that they got to know me by name. Who does that at 12? But I can’t imagine having been any other way so perhaps chalk that one up to nature versus nurture.

What draws you to the deeper, dreamier sounds of house and deep tech?
Hmmm, I’m not sure I’d be ready to subscribe to any specific genre labels as those are always moving targets that mean very different things for different people. However I wouldn’t deny that among the wide variety of music I find myself drawn to there is definitely a good sized space for some of the trippier sounds. More than anything I guess I love music that engages your mind and imagination while still making you move your body.. which cuts across a pretty wide swath of music overall and which, at the end of the day, is what dance music is really all about right?

It seems eclecticism is also a big motif of your sets and music. Is this correct? What are your tips for balancing the left field and a crowd who expects the hits?
It really depends on the situation. The crowd, the setting, the time of day, what’s happened before you’ve gotten there, what’s going on around you, what the crowd’s expectations are and what kind of relationship they have to you and each other can all have a big impact on how open people will be. Certain situations you can just walk in and they trust you and they’re really ready to follow you down the rabbit hole — so you can just jump right in and get playful. Other times you really have to work hard to earn that trust. The trust is what’s key.

When you’re throwing your own events you can have a lot of control over those factors and I really love to do that. In other cases I think as much as you can you just try and pick and choose the situations where you play to try to find the kind of environments where it’s possible to give people the best experience possible. Of course sometimes you just walk into a situation that’s a bit more challenging but in the end that’s the job of the DJ, to work with the crowd that’s there and the situation you find yourself in to create something special together. Just because you have an incredibly eclectic music collection put together over millennia or whatever doesn’t ever give you the right to bore people to tears. People come out after a hard week of work or whatever life has thrown at them and they come to dance for a release and an escape from all that. Something to lift them up and give them some proper dancefloor catharsis. They’re not just putting their hard earned money on the table, they’re giving you a big chunk of their time and that’s the most valuable thing any of us have. So you always have to honor that and remember that it’s not just about you, it’s about everyone in that space with you.

You two recently parted ways. What caused the part, and how does this affect the Thugfucker sound?
Really something pretty normal for artists working together so closely in a collaboration for so long. In a partnership there are always going to be certain restrictions because naturally you can only move forward on the things that you both agree on, and these restrictions bring both benefits and limitations. So it’s natural to reach a point where you have stories to tell and things to express outside the bounds of those limitations. Holmar reached that point and expressed his interest to go off and do his own thing and when you reach that point, that’s exactly what you need to do and I support him fully. I know this is going to be a great new adventure for him that’s going to bear some beautiful new fruit.

As far as how it will affect the Thugfucker sound, obviously it will continue to evolve which is something I’m proud to say it has been doing all these years. You always have to remain true to yourself but part of being a DJ comes from a relationship with music that’s always evolving. And I think that goes for all the DJ’s at a certain level, as far as I’ve experienced anyways.

Being out on the road these last few months has been incredibly inspiring and I feel like I’ve found a new flow and a new energy that comes from digging even deeper into music that I might not have had the chance to play before. It’s been super exciting to stretch myself in new ways and it feels like a really growing moment and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Similarly in the studio I’ve been feeling very excited to dig into new ways of working and have been back to working pretty exclusively with hardware lately just because that’s what’s really been inspiring me, not because I think there’s any one right way of doing things. I even started taking some music theory classes recently which I had always very consciously avoided as I felt it would take away some of the spontaneity and intuition from things. I remember hearing that Elvis Costello went back to learn music theory after 20 years on the road and despite some initial misgivings really loved it. For me it’s really been quite the same. I don’t think I could have done it before I already felt comfortable making my own productions as I appreciated having had to learn things my own way and on my own terms. But now it just feels like adding more tools to the toolkit which has been fun and motivating and a nice new challenge. It feels like the right time for it and I’m already very happy with the results!

This isn’t your first Elements festival. What are some fond memories from previous editions?
Last year was my first and it was absolutely stunning. The setting is beautiful and I ran into so many friends there from near and far which already says quite a bit about what they’ve accomplished in terms of the word getting out and people really talking about how special it is and traveling from far and wide to get there. Of course playing in the woods with DJ Three and Doc in the morning last year was amazing just because they’re both just such impeccable DJs and the setting was so beautiful as the sun was starting to shine on everyone through the trees. Talk about an environment where people are really ready and encouraging for you to give your all.. you just can’t help bring your A game in these kind of situations. I’m really looking forward to be back!

What else is coming up next for Thugfucker?
Right now I’m trying to walk the fine line between time on the road and time in the studio. I have some interesting long term plans (1 to 2 years out) which I’m very excited about but not really ready to talk about but in the short term I’ve been more energized to spend time in the studio then I have been in quite a few years so I’m trying to balance my time better so I can spend more time doing that. In addition to new Thugfucker material I’ve also been working on an ambient album with my old friend Eli Janney which has been super fun. Spaced out music for after the after-hours…

I’ve also started raising Alpacas which is a lot more work than I realized… Be sure to follow them on Instagram!

CRSSD Fest teams up with WeTransfer to give guests free exclusive content

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Fancy a free gift bundle from a set of reputable DJs? Luckily, CRSSD has paired with WeTransfer to provide such a package.

Assembling a variety of unique content from the likes of Shiba San, Mark Knight, Tchami, and more, the two companies have put forth a finished product that is aurally and visually appealing. Trippy Turtle, for example, contributed a salad recipe. Max Chapman has put together a bundle of Resonance exclusives, while Weiss, Nora En Pure, and Walker & Royce have contributed their own mixes to help boost the festive energy.

Download the bundle 

CRSSD Fest is sold out, but you can still view further information about the fest here.