Ekali preps for warm weather with dynamic Awakening 7 mix

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Ekali preps for warm weather with dynamic Awakening 7 mixEkali Biseual

Ekali has returned to his beloved Awakening mix series to release its seventh installment. A few hours after announcing that a new Awakening mix would be dropping on April 16, the producer shared the mix’s track list, which features new Flume songs “Jewel” and “Friends,” along with remixes from DROELOE, Medasin, and Just A Gent, and fan favorites from Louis the Child, Juice WRLD, and What So Not. This is his first Awakening mix of 2019, following December’s Awakening 6 mix.

“This one is all about the vibe,” the Canadian producer said on Twitter.

The producer also just released his much-anticipated collaboration with YOOKiE via Big Beat Records and was recently announced to play Diplo‘s Super Mega Ultra Giant Mad Decent Block Party Festival, taking place July 20 and 21 at Foxborough, Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium.

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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to a rare Deep Dish set ahead of their Coachella Reunion

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EXCLUSIVE: Listen to a rare Deep Dish set ahead of their Coachella ReunionDeep Dish Press Shot Credit Joseph Llanes

Before Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Armin van Buuren , and the like, Deep Dish reigned supreme as dance music’s first super stars. Climbing straight to the top of charts with infectious anthems like “Say Hello” and their Stevie Nicks collaboration, “Dreams,” the two-time Grammy-winning pair made of Dubfire and Sharam enamored in their prime with their accessible, yet forward-thinking brand of dance music. Their split in 2006 over creative differences shook the community.

Deep Dish have since come closer in their life paths, with both members entering the underground. While Sharam errs more toward house and Dubfire toward techno and minimal, they still have a certain chemistry that has stood the test of time. In 2014 they did a brief reunion tour together, where they showed off their ability to play polished, extended b2b sets as though they were never apart. They rejoined again in 2018 for a one-off show at Pacha Ibiza in celebration of their debut at the superclub 20 years prior.

It’s this set that we at Dancing Astronaut have the pleasure of showing to the world. Dubfire and Sharam will be reprising their legendary project once more at Coachella on both weekends, and there is no time like the present to get an idea of what’s in store. Sharam’s penchant for infectious melodies and Dubfire’s technical prowess are on full display, with the performance heading down the proverbial rabbit hole into complete darkness by the time it reaches its second half. It’s flawlessly mixed and well-balanced, proving that Deep Dish has still got it.

DA Exclusive: ANDHIM spin an hour of cinematic soundscapes before heading to Barbados for Vujaday

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DA Exclusive: ANDHIM spin an hour of cinematic soundscapes before heading to Barbados for VujadayAndhim Vujaday 2019 1

Germans are nothing if not ardent about their electronic music; and Cologne’s ANDHIM are no exception to the rule. Their vastly fluid emotional palette has led the duo to dub their ever-oscillating sound “super-house.” Just a few years ago, the two artists cemented their multi-national success by establishing their own record label, the aptly named Superfriends, through which they released their own, impeccably received Tosch EP as the imprint’s first offering.

Before taking their talents this spring to the lush island of Barbados for Vujaday Festival at the top of next month, ANDHIM have woven listeners a mix adorned with an hour of getaway-friendly selects; though they’re hardly your run-of-the-mill, tropical tracks. ANDHIM assume their rightful role as tour guide through playful techno terrain, brooding experimental brush, and even sinister sonic corridors for a rich, evocative hour of anticipatory Vujaday listening. There’s certainly nothing to dread about this pre-fest homework assignment.

Vujaday will land in Barbados for five days, April 3-7, of multi-site performances and island-immersive activities. Tickets and additional festival information can be found here.

Defrost with Lane 8’s sumptuous ‘Spring 2019 Mixtape’ [Stream]

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Defrost with Lane 8’s sumptuous ‘Spring 2019 Mixtape’ [Stream]Lane 8 George Fitzgerald Burns Remies

Each individual season bears witness to the release of a new Lane 8 mixtape, which concurrently arrives just as one season gracefully begins to fade into the next. Lane 8 imitates the gradual, seamless nature of seasonal transition through the fluidity of his mixing of his “Spring 2019 Mixtape.” The three-hour offering is an extended soundscape that unfurls with the poise of a spring flower newly beginning to bud. The mix melds melodic cuts with percussively driven tech house and house inclusions, for a balanced amalgamation of the viscous and the vigorous.

Serial testaments to Lane 8’s curative finesse, the seasonally inspired mixtapes consistently merge Lane 8 originals with remixes from some of electronic music’s most savvy producers. Case in point, the “Spring 2019 Mixtape” corrals Solomun‘s re-imagination of “You’re Not Alone” with Luke Alessi’s take on “Deja Vu,” and Patrice Bäumel‘s polished reboot of Claptone‘s “La Esperanza.” These remixes are but the tip of the sonic iceberg, as Bonobo, Luttrell, Jeremy Olander, and a slew of other artists receive nods from Lane 8 in the mixtape. Lane 8 defrosts streamers’ winter hearts, to stir their spring souls with his “Spring 2019 Mixtape.”

Photo credit: Jason Siegel

BENZI unloads new ‘Girl Trapz 15’ mix featuring Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, and many more

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BENZI unloads new ‘Girl Trapz 15’ mix featuring Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, and many moreDwHjNFKVsAARfmw

BENZI, A favorite “make-out party DJ,” let loose the 15th rendition of his high energy GIRL TRAPZ series. Featuring 45 cuts and all-star caliber sounds from the likes of Flume, RL Grime, Rihanna, Calvin Harris and many more, Benzi continues to showcase his energized appeal on a platter of popular new edits paired with older gems. The future bass and trap mix is perfect for fake iPhone DJing, divorce ceremonies, keggers, pregames, slapping the bag, primetime, tailgates, frat parties, and even festival sets if a DJ forgets their go-to USB.

Known for his beloved edits, mashups, and bootlegs; BENZIis a BBC Radio 1 mainstay and Diplo & Friends stop-by who is also featured on Sirius XM #BANGUERS with BENZI. With crates running deep, there’s no telling what this genre chemist will come up with next, but what’s certain is uncontrollable head bobbing while organizing an impromptu party with all your friends. 


Good Morning Mix: Zeds Dead threads together their favorite releases of 2018 for #079 Deadbeats Radio

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Good Morning Mix: Zeds Dead threads together their favorite releases of 2018 for #079 Deadbeats RadioZeds Dead Deadbeats 1

It’s often easy to forget that the most prominent producers are also fans and connoisseurs of their gifted counterparts. Using their ever-expanding Deadbeats platform, Zeds Dead resolved to extend a retrospective tip of their producer caps to their favorite records and fellow artists of 2018. “The Boys” dedicated their 79th edition of Deadbeats Radio to rounding up their personal favorites from the calendar year–sneaking in a few of their own concoctions, of course.

From Fisher’s ubiquitous hysteria-inducer “Losing It,” to lesser-known drum ‘n’ bass delight, Noisa‘s remix of Pendulum‘s “Hold Your Colour,” the iconic duo’s multifarious taste is palpable as ever. Their fervent love of hip-hop is observed with additions like Pusha T’s “The Games We Play” and Nas’ “Adam and Eve” featuring The-Dream. Make no mistake: bass music, in its seemingly infinite forms, is sprawled across their preference palette, even over a decade into their career under their now-hallowed alias; as the mix recognizes offerings from Rezz, PEEKABOO, Skrillex, Dion Timmer, to name a few.

Track List:

Zeds Dead & DNMO – We Could Be Kings (feat. Tzar)
Pendulum – Hold Your Colour (Noisia Remix)
Dillon & Batsauce – Keep Pushin’ (feat. Sadat X)
Friction – Stinker (feat. Riko Dan & Tantrum Desire)
Rezz & 1788-L – H E X
Nas – Adam and Eve (feat. The-Dream)
The Voidz – ALieNNatioN
Fisher – Losing It
Vato Gonzales – Bump & Grind (Bassline Riddim) [feat. Scrufizzer]
Funkin Matt – Aeon
Mozzy, Sjava, Reason – Seasons
TroyBoi – Hey Bo!
Ficci – Alone (feat. Yves Paquet)
Jim E-Stack – I Did the Best I Could
3lau – Touch (feat. Carly Paige) (Zeds Dead Remix)
What So Not – Beautiful (feat. Winona Oak) [ZEKE BEATS Remix]
Jorja Smith – I Am
AFK & Carbin – Boss (feat. Cody Ray) (Dirt Monkey Remix)
Travis Scott & Drake – SICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix)
Shades – ALARMA Ft Killa P
Dion Timmer – Shiawase
Gentlemens Club – Little John
Pusha T – The Games We Play
Gorgon City – Go Deep (Zeds Dead Remix)
A-Trak & Baauer – Dumbo Drop (Gammer Remix)
ZHU – My Life

Photo Credit: Beatcue

Beyond the Booth 018: Talking natural remedies and keeping the brain and the environment healthy with Blond:ish

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Beyond the Booth 018: Talking natural remedies and keeping the brain and the environment healthy with Blond:ishCredit Aneta Pruszynska 01

Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

“Substance” is a word that comes to mind when defining the Blond:ish ethos. The two are far more than a mere DJ duo choosing to be part of the perceived status quo of playing to superficial rooms of people who rave solely for the purpose of debauchery. Instead, they bring intention into the mix, calling attention to the deeply connective and healing properties that dance music hides under its surface. Armed with the knowledge of manifesting reality and relentless optimism fueled by their love for house and playful personalities, Vivie-Ann and Anastascia have more-or-less helped spearhead dance music’s holistic movement since transforming into Blond:ish a decade ago.

They’ve certainly proven the idea that passion and intuition can turn into a career. A few short years after joining forces under the Blond:ish moniker, the pair let their instinct guide them to London to find inspiration, which kicked off their relationship with the Get Physical crew and with other likeminded veterans in the underground space that have included Damian Lazarus,. From there, they continued to capture the hearts of creators and fans alike, promoting a communal bond with each of their performances while using their mysterious sounds to prompt meditation on the dance-floor. They now sit at the top of major billings across a wide range of events, whether traveling with Ibiza institution Circoloco, playing renowned events like Day Zero, BPM, and Sonar Barcelona, or hosting their newly-christened A B R A C A D A B R A nights at various locations across the globe.

Curious to learn more about the Blond:ish ripple effect, we were able to snag Vivie-Ann for an in-depth discussion on universal energy, holistic healing and manifestation, and environmental activism. Talking about the outside forces that drive their narrative is eye opening to say the least, and inspiring. To top off the discussion, both ladies have fashioned a mix that immediately sweeps one off to the jungle, where they will soon be settling down to play in the New Year.

Hi there, Vivie-Ann! We’ve read somewhere that you’d tried out a kambo treatment before. Have you received any other non-traditional treatments of this nature? Did you gain anything out of it or adapt it into your lifestyle?
Depends what you consider traditional!

For kambo, I did it twice. It’s supposed to boost the immune system and start the process on your journey of giving up habits. Like coffee for example. I used to drink coffee but after kambo, I stopped cold turkey and just migrated to matcha, which I love dearly more than my unborn child right now. But it’s really just another caffeine without the spikes and somehow a bit better in its properties, “THEY” say. I’m actually a bit hesitant to do it again because last time I got really brave and did 9 dots on my liver meridian line. I looked more like a frog than a frog does… and it was the hardest process I’ve ever been through. Still not sure if it was an allergic reaction, or just the plant medicine giving me what I needed! Message me if you have the answer…

Ayahuasca — this is something that comes along when the mother plant calls you, it’s not something you just get into by accident. For a long time everyone was doing it and going regularly to ceremonies, so much to a point where the joke was, “hey, wanna go on a date to an Aya ceremony?” Finally it called me, and I made sure to do it nature, in a beautiful ceremony space. It’s a personal process. Just about at the tail end of the ceremony, the entire jungle/forest area and its animals howled in unison with the other musicians singing. It was a moment I will never forget. Its effects last, but all these medicines are just planting seeds to unlocking different doors on your journey; a “choose your own adventure” if you will.

I love sound meditations and receiving gong vibrations around my body. It’s like a portal to your inner workings, also working with different Eastern instruments. These instruments really get into the “space between” — which are the details, the places that matter, where all the work is done.

The thing that was and is still going around which I quite like is sound meditations with psychedelic mushrooms. It’s said to be the gateway to your soul. The one time I did get to do it, the message I was channeling is that language is the lowest form of communication/expression, and that my music can speak so much more. So life is gravitating towards that for me.

Speaking of non-traditional treatment, let’s shift over to natural remedies. Do you take any supplements like these, and which would you recommend/have worked best for you?
This question could be a book! I love mushrooms, remember — I take many mushroom supplements like chaga, reishi, cordyceps, lions mane. It’s super important which mushrooms you are buying, just because it says cordyceps doesn’t mean its good.

You need to check its potency, something GREATER THAN 20-25% Beta D Glucans — and make sure there’s a small percentage of starch — Please read online — “THEY” can explain it much better than me but basically you should always read the fine print.

I also take a lot of spirulina too, but the live frozen kind which is impossible to tour with, but any chance I get I incorporate it into my smoothies — spirulina powder is kinda a gimmick apparently — last week I got some delivered in dry ice to Miami after Art Basel, and I packed it with more dry ice in a cooler so it would last to my flight to Tulum, as it can’t defrost cause it loses its nutritional properties. It was like taking care of a baby to get it into my freezer in Tulum in frozen shape. First world “traveling trying to be healthy DJ” problems, I guess!

**** verify all the facts **** I actually don’t know what of which I’m saying is true! It’s just from my limited research caring about my health. I wish I had a chemist/biologist that I could verify everything with so I actually know.

How do you maintain mindfulness and self care on the road?
Another book! Just some examples of what I do on the plane when it’s going up and down…

I give myself some love, especially cause there are no distractions, I get out my tuning forks, and tune different parts of my body, like sternum, third eye, different parts of my face and legs, ears… I use a Refa roller to roll out the fascia on my face and body. I use doterra essential oils for all sorts of things, like my immune system, clove for cleaning the germs around the airplane seats & tables (yup that’s me). I listen to inscape meditation app and insight timer and all its thousands of guided meditations depending on what I would like to work on, as well as Beatfulness, which is an incredible binaural beats app. I have tuning balls too that I roll around on to loosen up tightness after flights; they work wonders, better than hands.

And I would love to add this to my carry on luggage repertoire — but it’s a bit big, it’s so powerful – check the hyper ice vyper2 roller — wow. I’ve never felt a vibration like that for myofascial release. Not sure if I could bring that out on the plane, but Gordon Weiss from San Francisco introduced me to this one! The company is a friend of his. I LOVE TOYS 🙂

On that note, meditation is of course one of the bigger items of importance in your routines. Can you pass on some tips for fellow busybodies on how to find one’s footing in the practice, and how to incorporate it into their lives?
This is something I can show in person … or on a video, it’s much easier. But it’s just learning the simple concept of what the present actually means. Put your feet on the ground, feel them on the floor, scan your body, how are you feeling? How’s your stomach? Is your jaw clenched? Tune IN!!! Take a deep breath into your heart, take a second deep breath into your solar plexus, take another deep breath, down into your root chakra, grounding you. That is the very start to a meditation, which just means BEING PRESENT. Start with 30 seconds, then do 1 min, 5 min, do some short guided meditations on inscape or insight timer, try not to think for a minute sometimes.

When you’re walking down the street look at the trees, observe the people around you, see how your feet are touching the ground with each step; THAT IS BEING PRESENT. That awareness, that understanding is what will enable you to go down the meditation portal and get you plugged into that world. It’s always there, just a few breaths away. Once you learn that, serendipity will start happening much more… no more coincidences. YOU ARE PLUGGED IN. Remember you don’t learn to speak a language in one day. It’s the same with meditation, it’s a process that is brought about by intention.

You eat a lot of vegan food and follow a flexitarian diet. Would you ever consider converting to full?
I need to do more ayahuasca before that will happen. Or if there is a solution for the “travelling trying to healthy DJ person” and finding good protein on the road then that could be another answer.

Give us some of your favorite vegan dishes that erase the stigma of the cuisine being “boring,” or “rabbit food.”
– Quinoa tagliatelle at Cafe Clover in NYC with Almond Parmesan
– Einkorn Pancakes with Coconut Cream at ABC V in NYC
– The Coconut Bacon (swear it was bacon but no) Flax & Kale in Barcelona

What other things do you try incorporate into your lifestyle to create a positive impact on yourselves and the world around you? Be it buying organic food, using fair trade materials, cruelty-free makeup, etc.
Less plastic. Wherever possible. Practicing and implementing the circular economy wherever possible.

You are also into fashion. Going off the last question, would you ever consider combining your love of the planet and style, and create an eco-friendly clothing line?
That would be a dream. 2019 is about serial collaborations so it’s definitely a possibility! I would love to collaborate with my friend Ali who does incredible things with bamboo. He supports leadership programs and women in rural villages in Nepal who because of the sustainable bamboo project can now train others to create sustainable and scalable projects in their communities. The materials are naturally UV filtered, anti bacterial and sweat proof, it’s pretty awesome. Check out marvaan.com.

It feels like holistic health and spiritualism are on the rise. Why do you think so many are beginning to look at different avenues of finding happiness and fulfillment compared to earlier generations? Could it be the age of social media? Geo-political climate? Realizing money and objects don’t equate to happiness?
We’ve realized the world we have grown up in and have been living in doesn’t give all the answers in a free and flowing way, so we’re gravitating towards that freedom and flowing world. Or trying to create if for ourselves at least. It’s also a trillion dollar business, so you must be careful on all the marketing not to be fooled on what is authentic or not.

You’ve been throwing your successful A B R A C A D A B R A parties for a good minute now. Multiple residencies in Europe, hosting a stage at Tomorrowland in Belgium…so much has happened since the brand was founded on a beach in Tulum! You’re heading back to Tulum for another ABRA in January. What is so special about holding these parties to you, what do you think you achieve with them?
It’s all about planting seeds to creating a new world for ourselves; music being the connector but the seeds being planted through the details. That is why ABRACADABRA is so important. LET’S EVOLVE TOGETHER!

Can you tell us what you’ve got in store in Tulum and Cabo with ABRA in January, who’s joining you for these ones?
We’ve got lots of music friends with us over these two nights in Mexico. BLOEM & BLOND:ISH of course for both events. Then for Cabo we have Marques Wyatt the legend from DEEP-LA, and Maga the rising star, we love him. Then for Tulum we have Kaz James, Emanuel Satie, and a Monality Live sunset set + one more special guest. They’re going to be amazing, come dance with us!

Catch BLOND:ISH at their ABRACADABRA parties at the Viceroy in Cabo on 31st December, and on 3rd January in Tulum (secret location) – tickets here


Photo credit: Aneta Pruszynska

Hear Thom Yorke’s eclectic new 90-minute BBC Radio 3 mix

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Hear Thom Yorke’s eclectic new 90-minute BBC Radio 3 mixThom Yorke Mi Unheard Solo Track

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and Radiohead lead Thom Yorke has curated a new 90-minute mix for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction. The mix opens with Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch” and showcases an expansive multi-generational span of experimental prowess from artists like Pierre Henry, Aphex Twin, and Mars89. All throughout, Yorke shares his love for experimental vocal techniques, even sprinkling in some classic Stockhausen, and the legendary krautrockers Faust. It’s a far cry from the recent atmospheric mix he curated for BBC Radio 6, but as equally demanding of a listen.

Listen to Thom Yorke’s BBC Radio 3 Late Junction mix here.


1. Radiohead – “Burn The Witch”
2. Justin Taylor & György Ligeti – “Continuum”
3. Victor Misomba & Patrice Ilunga – “Mamwana Kufika Munda (My Love Is Upset)”
4. Jamie Muir & Derek Bailey – “Carminative”
5. Thom Yorke – “Suspirium”
6. Ben Vida – “Damaged Particulates”
7. Faust – “Exercise – With Voices”
8. Karlheinz Stockhausen – “Gesang Der Jünglinge”
9. Carl Stone – “Shing Kee”
10. Mars89 – “End of the Death”
11. Bernard Parmegiani – ‘Conjugaison Du Timbre”
12. Aphex Twin – “Disk Aud1_12”
13. The Beacon Sound Choir – “Drone 3”
14. Pierre Henry – “Astrology”
15. Alvin Lucier – “Criss-Cross / Hanover”
16. Faust – “Untitled”


Photo credit: Getty

Boys Noize’s new ELAX alter-ego announces debut performance, drops Friendship Mix ahead of cruise

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Boys Noize’s new ELAX alter-ego announces debut performance, drops Friendship Mix ahead of cruiseBoys Noize Mayday Lil Internet

Boys Noize is amid the launch of his new solo side project, ELAX, and since the new moniker’s tantalizing debut, “Reaktor” on Solomun‘s Diynamic imprint over the summer, fans have been eager to find out what Alex Ridha actually has up his sleeve. Now, it appears the project is ready to fully materialize with the announcement of Boys Noize’s debut performance as ELAX. Ridha will take the stage at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles on December 7 to unveil his new alter ego. Shortly thereafter, ELAX will also sail on The Friendship‘s maiden voyage with longtime friend and collaborator Destructo‘s AMFAMFAMF brand.

ELAX’s live debut will come exactly one month after the BNR head honcho’s first delivery under the new banner, recently dropping his two-track Sueño EP as the first real insight into the project’s sonic direction. Now, Ridha is upping the ante, proctoring a full hour-long mix as part of The Friendship’s running mix series to hype both the debut club appearance and the following ELAX performance aboard Destructo’s new floating festival.

Cruise through the first extended taste of what ELAX plans to offer, and grab tickets to the Sound Nightclub debut performance below.

Grab tickets to ELAX’s debut performance here. 

Axis 205: Lost Frequencies drops off fresh mix, talks touring with The Chainsmokers & more

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Axis 205: Lost Frequencies drops off fresh mix, talks touring with The Chainsmokers & moreLost Frequencies Ais 205

Past hits like 2014’s “Are You With Me” have made Lost Frequencies a certified star in his home country of Belgium. Stateside, the melodic electronica virtuoso has dazzled crowds opening for heavyweights including Don Diablo, and more recently The Chainsmokers. Releasing a steady stream of wistful deep house cuts through Armada and his own aptly named Found Frequencies imprint, Lost Frequencies is carving out his own four-to-the-floor formula with lethal crossover appeal.

This year has been another big one for the producer, with high profile slots at festivals like Electric Zoo, and infectious singles like “Melody” and “Like I Love You” leading the way. On the heels of a standout remix of the newly formed LSD’s “Thunderclouds,” the Lost Frequencies dropped by to look back on his whirlwind year and talk what’s next – and drop off a textbook feels-inducing journey for the 205th edition of our Axis series. In typical form, the one-hour ride blends anything everything soothing and uplifting, spanning recognizable hits and some of some juicy IDs from the artist and his label mates.

You were recently listed on DJ mag’s top 100 DJ list at #17. What are your feelings about making it, and the recent online backlash to the list? 

It felt amazing to hear that I reached #17, I climbed 9 places which I certainly didn’t expect and I’m very thankful to all my fans and friends supporting! I think with a list, poll, or anything that “ranks” artists will always face backlash, there is always someone, or another scene, that doesn’t agree! But overall, the response has been very positive and I’m grateful to be recognized alongside so many leaders in dance music!

Last year, you were able to join The Chainsmokers on tour. What are some personal lessons and takeaways from the experience? 

I did, it was crazy! I learnt; pranks can bring you all together and keep you sane on the road – it was one of my favorite memories in such a huge year, Alex and Andrew are so much fun and the vibes were crazy! It was amazing to be able to take my sound to so many huge arenas in the States.

Outside of your own music, what can fans expect soon from your recently revealed Found Frequencies imprint? 

We’ve just released remixes from of ‘Like I Love You’ but for me, it’s also important for us to help introduce new artists that are making music we think is really cool! We have new music from Pretty Pink, Jameson and Mordkey next month, get ready!

The Lost Frequencies catalogue is stuffed with vocal features – Who’re some artists on your wish-list to collaborate with next?

I would love to work with MØ, her voice sounds so fresh, different and exciting on every release.

What’s next in the evolution of the Lost Frequencies sound?

My recent remix for LSD’s (Labrinth, Sia & Diplo) latest track I really enjoyed but I have already started working on new tracks – they may appear on my next album but nothing is set in stone yet, my calendar is super busy but new music is something that is definitely on my mind. You’ll be able to keep up to date on anything and everything across my social media!