Ekali releases inaugural EP, ‘Crystal Eyes,’ through OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic [Stream Here]

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Ekali releases inaugural EP, ‘Crystal Eyes,’ through OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic [Stream Here]Ekali Crystal Eyes 1

It seems with a single stroke of his pen, Ekali has swiftly solidified his leafy emblem near the crest of the EDM pyramid.

Securing momentous slots at both Ultra and EDC this year the Canadian producer seeks to consolidate his efforts with the release of his first-ever multitudinous body of work, the Crystal Eyes EP.

For an inaugural EP, it would be hard for an artist in the electronic circuit to fathom a better threesome of label-housings than an OWSLA, Big Beat, and Atlantic trifecta; Ekali has managed to acquire exactly that for this watershed notch in his still rather formative release history. A frequent and well sought-after collaborator, the Canadian producer hosts a series of esteemed guests to help the listener navigate the glistening Crystal Eyes topography, including K. Flay, Medasin, Elohim, and SLUMBERJACK. The release will coincide with a North American tour, making stops across major musical hotbeds in the US and Vancouver.

Ekali uses the EP to first and foremost demonstrate his ability to wander spacious experimental sonic terrains while primarily keeping one foot grounded in pop sensibility. His track with K. Flay, for example, sees the producer wield the songstress’s notoriously moody pop vocals to accentuate his woefully drawn out guitar chords and wistful synth twinkling. At the other end of Ekali’s emotional rainbow, with exquisitely nuanced support from Medasin and Elohim, “Forever,” invites the listener inside its halcyon fortress of bouncy, beat-privy idealism. Crystal Eyes is a glimpse inside Ekali’s all at once flourishing and fragmented inner world. The EP functions terrifically as a hallmark of Ekali’s affinity for wide-reaching emotion, unfettered energy, and a perceptive level of adventurousness when it comes to his ever-evolving sound design.


Louis Futon and Medasin drop bouncy flip of Travis Scott’s ‘Wake Up’

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Louis Futon and Medasin drop bouncy flip of Travis Scott’s ‘Wake Up’Louis Futon Medasin Travis Scott Wake Up Flip Release

Louis Futon‘s flips of fan-sourced track suggestions have been brightening days for a while – but when the producer teased a video of himself and Medasin working pure magic on Travis Scott‘s “Wake Up,” it was clear the take had the potential to be a standout. Future bass fans immediately clamored for a full release to smash the replay button on. Now the duo have granted that wish with a SoundCloud upload that’s pure sonic sunshine.

Futon and Medasin’s creative chemistry was on full display in the teaser video, with the soulful producers laying down layer after layer of live instrument grooves over the original’s vocals. Travis Scott’s auto-tuned verses and The Weeknd‘s NSFW choruses are transformed by the lush keyboard chords and slap bass, turning the sly R&B of the original into a playful upbeat bop that’d sound right at home on a Chance The Rapper mixtape. Amazingly, the two future bass stalwarts have yet to collaborate on an original – but if this lush rework is any indicator, the result would be nothing but certified heat.

Medasin and Louis Futon tease must-listen Travis Scott flip [Watch]

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Medasin and Louis Futon tease must-listen Travis Scott flip [Watch]Medasin Louis Futon Travis Scott Flip Video

Medasin and Louis Futon dropped a teaser video showing the smooth groove kings going certified bonkers on a flip of Travis Scott‘s “Wake Up.” The video shows the duo jamming on an a cappella of The Weeknd‘s featured vocals, after asking fans for song suggestions for an impromptu rework. The two producers start with the original’s raw vocals, and put it through a multi-step soul machine. The video shows Medasin laying down effortless keyboard stylings, while Louis Futon taps out drums on the fly and records a sliding bass guitar line. The creative chemistry in the studio is palpable, and whatever difficulties Medasin may have playing to thousands on tour clearly disappear when he’s just jamming and creating.

Oddly enough this is the first we’ve seen of the the two artists collaborating, despite dominating the same vein of electronic music. The duo needlessly asked if they should release the full version (the answer is undoubtedly hell yes), but fans can bask in the glory of Medasin’s dance moves while they wait for the rework to drop in full.

Medasin’s debut album is innovative, warm, and pleasing to the ear

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Medasin’s debut album is innovative, warm, and pleasing to the earMedasin Press Irene E1533913276981

Grant Nelson, aka Medasin, is changing the scope of electronic music. After a flavorful edit of Portugal The Man‘s 2017 hit “Feel It Still,” Nelson was in high demand, earning official remix opportunities for Khalid, Post Malone, Martin Garrix, and more. In early 2018, he sold out eight of 10 shows on his first official headline tour, garnering enough positive traction to further develop his craft. Now, Nelson’s finally chosen to deliver Medasin’s most innovative work yet, gifting the world with his official debut album: Irene.

Back in January, Nelson released a full EP mix entitled “IRENE,” which, in his own words, were “16 original songs I’ve worked on over the past two years.” It was sort of a “pre-EP EP,” giving fans a little taste of what he had in store. However, listeners can expect some completely new content from the Dallas-based producer, as these nine tracks appear to be from an unknown arsenal. The album is versatile, in that it’s not only the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack, but also a great way to escape to some tropical paradise for a bit, collectively fusing Caribbean-influenced sounds with warm, electro goodness.

Steel drums are mixed with jazz-inspired tempos on “Ramen,” the album’s second track, setting the tone for a genre-blending journey. Jazz rhythms are also applied on “Slinky Man,” which utilizes light percussion and electronics, serving as a base for intriguing vocal samples. Other highlights include a smooth R&B track, “Tired,” featuring Sophie Meiers, and “Work For You” featuring Kaz Moon, which goes a bit harder with short staccato’d synths on the drop. On “Home,” listeners will recognize beloved synth melodies that can be traced back to hit remixes such as “Feel It Still.”

To complement his debut album, Medasin will head on phase two of his North American “Irene” tour, making his first stop in Canada on Sept. 27. Tour dates and tickets can be found here.

Electric Zoo announces ferocious phase two line-up additions: Alesso, Tiësto, Chris Lorenzo, Destructo, and more

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Made Event‘s titanic New York-based festival, Electric Zoo, is celebrating its tenth birthday this Labor Day Weekend, August 31st–September 2nd. To mark the momentous double-digit occasion, the wildlife-themed event has added two more headlining artists in Alesso and Tiësto to join the star-studded cast of talent that already tops the 2018 bill: KaskadeMarshmelloMartin Garrix, and Virtual Self.

Other notable acts joining on phase two include: Alexander Lewis, Bonnie x Clyde, Boogie T, Chris Lorenzo, Chuurch, Crankdat, Destructo, DNMO, Dubfire, G Jones, Habstrakt, Jauz, Kayzo, Lost Frequencies, Luzcid, Medasin, Party Favor, Petey Clicks, Space Jesus, Spencer Brown, Squnto, Stööki Sound, Whipped Cream, and YehMe2.

Electric Zoo’s ‘Big 10’ birthday bash will feature additional stages curated by Anjunabeats, Deadbeats, Hyperhouse, and Sunday School.

Tickets to Electric Zoo are currently on sale to the general public, and can be purchased here.

Featured photo: aLIVE Coverage.

Ekali & Medasin – Forever ft Elohim

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Ekali and Medasin teamed up with Elohim to produce a stunning new original, “Forever.” With heartwarming lyrics, dreamy chord progressions, and relaxed beats, “Forever” is a moving creation with a delicate feel, bound to stir the hearts of listeners across the world.

Elohim’s smooth, airy vocals add a soothing dimension over breathtaking instrumentation, as the renowned artists master a sound that is both uplifting and melodic.

Canadian producer, Ekali, is known for his distinct, harmonic future sound, and has garnered worldwide support for hits such as his mesmerizing collaboration with Zhu, “Blame,” as well as his alluring single, “Past Life.” With innovative American producer, Medasin, the team has engineered a track that will undoubtedly captivate fans upon first listen. Ekali and Elohim are set to make appearances at Coachella this weekend bringing passion into their performances that will surely be full of surprises.

Medasin convinced me that Post Malone isn’t a horror

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post malone

In what may come as a shock to my Twitter followers, parents, coworkers, and ex girlfriends, by the strictest of legal definitions, I am an adult. As such, it is with a humble heart and hat in hand that I make the following confession: I was wrong.

You see, dear reader, there is an argument that raged in DA‘s Slack channels, one that spread from isolated DMs to ignite everything up to our #Global missives. As this disagreement spread like sepsis in 19th century Washington D.C., noble heroes emerged on both sides.

I was solitary in what I thought was righteous certainty, faced down by a veritable legion led by Dancing Astronaut’s Editor in Chief, Alexandra Blair. In noble defiance, I jutted out my chin and exclaimed to the vapid, heedless horde: Post Malone is straight up bad!

From his blasé singles (carefully avoided on DSPs), shortsighted courtship of controversy, and his… “”aesthetic,”” I found nothing appealing about the artist whatsoever. Thus I hunkered down, comfortable in my choice of hill to die upon.

Like many campaigns, mine was done in by the unanticipated. Blindsided. Medasin came roaring into my flank and caught me completely unawares. To my, in  hindsight, detriment, I gave in to entreaties from the angelic few who wished to see this conflict end and listened to the Texas producer’s remix of Malone’s “I Fall Apart.”

The incredible rework’s moderate tempo is brought to life by thudding drums, interspersed with a walking electric piano and fuzzy synth waves, for a result that is measured and engaging. Indeed, its clever arrangement heightens Malone’s vocals — here, endlessly catchy — into a level of earnestness that couldn’t be imagined previously. All of a sudden, I knew every word and could not help but to dejectedly mumble along.

The stages of grief are well known, though acceptance, the final step, hurts that much more when one knows that this entire fiasco is their fault. I hoped this screed would exorcise those particular demons; yet I sit, with Medasin’s remix playing on repeat, and feeling none the better. Healing is a process, forgiveness is too, and I hope one day to again know a measure of peace.

Until then, I’m sorry, Post Malone. 🙁

Medasin releases Triple J mini mix

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Dallas-based DJ and producer Medasin recently wove a delightfully dynamic mini mix for Sydney radio station Triple J. The 24-minute mix contains a wide array of original tracks from the rising star, as well as a choice selection of tunes from some of dance music’s freshest artists like Louis The Child, Galimatias and Alina Baraz. Medasin’s style of music is a wavy blend of future bass, R&B and hip-hop that swells together into a unique and intoxicating concoction.

The entire set feels like an airy, dreamlike journey through multiple genres and sonic textures. Listeners get a truly intimate look into the artist’s musical identity with this mix, as some of Medasin’s favorite songs balance perfectly with a few unreleased tracks. Not only do fans gain insight into the Texan’s production style, but Medasin’s prowess as a song selector takes center stage. This latest mix follows two massive remixes of DJ Khaled‘s “Wild Thoughts” and Portugal. The Man‘s “Feel It Still.”

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K?D and Medasin team up for rumbling ‘1234’

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K?D and Medasin have teamed up for a new single titled “1234.” The pulsing bassline is complimented by an eclectic mixture of sounds, synths, and mixed vocals.

The rumbling house track has an other-worldly vibe to it, and the best part is that the pair have made it a free download. As two of the most interesting up-and-coming producers on the scene, to deliver such a powerful collaboration begets only one result: fans will be clamoring for their next team-up.

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Medasin transforms DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ with a futuristic remix 

Medasin transforms DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller’s ‘Wild Thoughts’ with a futuristic remix

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“They” might not want you to hear this remix — but we do.

DJ Khaled struck gold with “Wild Thoughts,” a sultry number off of his latest album, Grateful. Since its release as a lead single from Khaled’s tenth studio album on June 16, “Wild Thoughts” has attracted remixes just as quickly as it has climbed the charts, receiving remakes from Bee’s Knees and hip hop/R&B artists such as Tory Lanez and Trey Songz. Medasin’s remix rounds out an already expansive collection, putting a futuristic twist on the Latin pop-infused song.

Medasin swaps the rhythmic Latin elements of the song borrowed from Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria” for a future bass drop that transforms Wild Thoughts from a smooth hip hop tune to a complex electronic number, a transition that is by no means easy, yet is handled remarkably well by Medasin, making his Wild Thoughts remix nearly indistinguishable from the original, yet just as intoxicating.

H/T: This Song is Sick

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