deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXM

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deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXMUnnamed 1

The mau5trap maven himself, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5), has now vamped his very own weekly radio show, mau5trap radio, through SiriusXM. The first edition aired late last week, September 28, featuring a fitting, hot-button guest mix from Getter, who just recently released his mau5trap-certified concept album, Visceral.

The internationally-aired series is set to feature a sundry of other mau5trap talent, with debuts lined up from the label’s most auspicious acts, including REZZ, ATTLAS, No Mana, Rinzen, and more. The show has found a home on SiriusXM’s BPM (channel 51): a sacred staple in the electronic airwaves. This landmark achievement for Zimmerman and the esteemed imprint comes just one year after mau5trap’s momentous 10-year anniversary.

After a three-day period, each show will be plugged onto Mixcloud, where listeners can stream freely. Additionally, the show will air regularly across the globe, through the following mediums:

Germany – ENERGY NRJ
Turkey – Radyo S – Monday 11pm
Dubai – Dance FM – Tuesday 22:00 PM
Mexico – Beat FM
Cyprus – ENERGY NRJ (Prime time – Saturday agreed).
Bulgaria – Radio Nova (If music & Jingle only)
Thailand – Kiss FM
Russia – DFM – Saturday 23:00 Moscow Time
Sri Lanka – Fox 91.4 12pm Friday (Repeated 11am Friday afternoon, the week after)
Kiss Fm, Australia – Saturday 6.30 – 7.30pm


Getter’s metamorphosis comes to fruition with new ‘Visceral’ LP

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Getter’s metamorphosis comes to fruition with new ‘Visceral’ LPGetter Visceral Album Release

Since the beginning of the summer, Getter has made it clear to fans that a change was coming. In June, a full seven-minute trailer teased a more refined aesthetic, and the most diverse and melodic tracks yet from the producer. It’s clear the collection of music was meant to feel different from the start, with the producer saying each song “represents a piece of me or a part of my life.” In a world where some artists feel they’re risking being “left behind” while creating a cohesive body of work, Getter’s commitment to Visceral was immediately eye and ear catching. Now, the producer’s invigorated vision is released in full on his new label home, deadmau5‘ own mau5trap imprint.

As the spacey, rolling synth line in the opening track Purgatory drifts in and out of key and focus, it’s easy to draw a parallel to the internal discord Getter has opened up about in recent months. In an interview with Dancing Astronaut, the artist detailed his struggles with mental illness and how it’s affected the spirit of his musical output. “I got through my shit by writing music, and I wrote a song “Color Blind,” literally in tears, wrote these fucking lyrics cause I was on the edge,” explained the producer. “I felt way better, so I chased that feeling.” Visceral‘s role as a therapeutic release is apparent across its diverse set of soundscapes and arrangements. The AudioOpera-assisted “Part of Me” brings all the bombastic percussion and festival-rocking power of past Getter productions, but achieves its impact through an unexpected depth of spacious atmospherics, washing mournful over a slowed drums. The more textured approach continues across tracks like “Made for You (Alone Again),” with Getter’s own intensely personal lyrics holding court over a glitchy break beat and swirling arps.

When Visceral was announced, it understandably raised some eyebrows. What about OWSLA Getter, who eats festivals for breakfast with vicious trap hits like “Head Splitter?” How would the artist’s vision translate to sets and expectations–and to his new label’s techno and progressive-leaning horde? The honest answer is that Getter is clearly not out to please anybody, or meet any expectations with his experimental full length other than his own. The result is the most is an unexpectedly introspective evolution that feels more honest than anything the artist has done before. Getter’s knack for slapping drums and hip hop-infused arrangements is still here in spades on songs like “Best of Me” and “Numb,” but each track remains in a melodic realm previously visited only in spurts. Visceral is the result of an EDM mainstay committing to himself, his craft, and the idea that evolving in the name of expression resonates truer than any expectations.

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HEYZ casts more dark magic with new mau5trap single, ‘Schedule 4’

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HEYZ casts more dark magic with new mau5trap single, ‘Schedule 4’Heyz Schedule4 Single Mau5trap

Any techno heads not currently aware of the consistent heat coming from HEYZ won’t be able to ignore the North Carolina-based producer for much longer. Although his 2017 debut offering on mau5trap‘s Foar Moar Vol. 3 compilation was a track titled “Quietly,” the arrival of HEYZ to the darker genres of dance music has been anything but. HEYZ has steadily unleashed meticulously crafted creations for the past year, crowned by a debut EP via mau5trap called Schedule 1 in February 2018.

“Schedule 4” arrives as a final aftershock from the Schedule 1 era. The song is a beautifully bleak journey through desolate soundscapes and seismic techno drops, with previous co-collaborator Genevieve Vincent of darkDARK providing ominous vocal ambiance. HEYZ’s direction for the track comes in crystal clear, as the producer explained his mindset during the creative process.

“Schedule 4 is a special track, and the perfect ending to the ‘Schedule 1’ series. With ‘Schedule 4,’ I wanted to recreate those surreal experiences I’ve had in clubs when a record hits so hard it takes your breath away. Genevieve of darkDARK’s vocals adds the perfect eerie touch to make the record extra dark and menacing.”

HEYZ frequently describes his sound as “power and beauty.” On “Schedule 4,” he brings the former element in spades.

Getter releases a unique single, ‘Made For You (Alone Again),’ from upcoming ‘Visceral’ LP on mau5trap

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Getter releases a unique single, ‘Made For You (Alone Again),’ from upcoming ‘Visceral’ LP on mau5trapGetter Viseral Mau5trap

Getter has released another track, “Made For You (Alone Again),” from his upcoming Visceral album to be released of deadmau5‘s mau5trap on September 28. The album is set to show another side of the versatile producer after shifting away from his previous EDM sounds. This shift is also prevalent in his Terror Reid hip-hop project. “Made For You (Alone Again)” is quite the unique project, with Getter’s vocals pursuing anticipation amidst sparkling synths and a punchy kick arrangement. Diving into a pool of sub bass and static high ends, this use of bass sounds reminiscent of Zeds Dead‘s “Coffee Break.” The Shred Collective founder promises a personal and inspired project, demonstrating his evolution from roots in dubstep.

So far, three singles have been released from the 12-track LP. The other two being “All Is Lost” off mau5ville: Level 1 and Colorblind (interlude). Deadmau5 and Getter hit it off at a video game conference, evolving their relationship into a working one. Fans of Getter are here for the artist, whichever way he chooses to go, as he’s been vocal about his mental health issues with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Read Dancing Astronaut‘s interview here, which details Getter’s artistic directions within the scope of his emotions.

Revisit deadmau5’s canonized classic LP ‘Random Album Title’ as it turns 10 years old

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Revisit deadmau5’s canonized classic LP ‘Random Album Title’ as it turns 10 years oldDeadmau5 Stoge

Ten years ago, deadmau5 changed the course of dance music with Random Album Title, one of the genre’s most influential albums to date. Arriving on Ultra Records in September of 2008, deadmau5’s third official LP put the world on notice that the Joel Zimmerman had arrived, was here to stay, and had a lot more up his sleeve. At the time of the album’s release deadmau5’s mighty mau5trap imprint was only a year old, and would go on to share Random Album Title‘s now iconic bolded arial black font. Time to get nostalgic.

As far as listens go, the record is still a front-to-back odyssey of genre-defining cuts. From the prophetic meeting of two future legends on the Kaskade-assisted instant classic “I Remember,” to the soothing waves of “Faxing Berlin,” the track list reads like a definitive collection of late 2000’s progressive house and electro. The horde will likely go on debating whether Random Album Title beats out its follow up, For Lack of a Better Name as deadmau5’s magnum opus until the end of time. What isn’t up for debate – the clear ripples of influence created by Random Album Title that are still felt across the dance music spectrum to this day.

REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’

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REZZ stars in TIDAL’s mini-doc, ‘The Alien Behind The Goggles’Rezz Tidal 1

Ahead of her album listening party at Magic Castle, REZZ sat down with TIDAL to briefly divulge into not only where the inspiration came for the Certain Kind Of Magic album, but touch on her come-up, and early influences.

REZZ has always been vocal about her wide range of musical taste, and reiterates this in the interview, citing her love for pop-punk (Green Day, Bring Me The Horizon, My Chemical Romance) and deadmau5 on the electronic end. As she fondly reminisces about her early festival-going days, the documentary drums up a photo of REZZ posing at an event donning an enormous Skrillex perler around her neck.

“I was totally involved in the same way all my fans are today,” she says.

Twitter has housed quite a few watershed moments in REZZ’s career. She enthusiastically recounts the day Skrillex followed her on the platform, and soon messaged her asking her to keep him in the loop on her unreleased tracks.

She also emphasizes how she uses her constant interaction with fans on Twitter to allow them to feel connected to her “as a real person.” REZZ says her fans attributing her quixotic nicknames on Twitter like “magician and wizard,” led to the magic theme becoming the focal point of the new album.

Diving as far back into her musical history as she can remember, she recalls that while she never learned music theory or had any formal training, from a very early age, she displayed an aptitude for rhythm. She cites an exercise from elementary school in which players tried to mimic each other’s drum patterns, and how she intuitively mirrored the other kids’ sequences.

The featured doc is only available for those with TIDAL subscriptions. 

Photo Credit: Philip Prolo

Spencer Brown makes mau5trap debut with ‘Windows 95 on Acid’

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Spencer Brown makes mau5trap debut with ‘Windows 95 on Acid’Spencer Brown Windows 95 On Acid

Spencer Brown has been a mainstay for Above & Beyond‘s Anjunabeats label and its dedicated fan base for years, so it’s understandable that a few ears perked up when he began dropping an unreleased acid techno burner in recent sets. The track is finally available now on a double A-side EP exclusively on Beatport via mau5trap, titled “Windows 95 on Acid.”

Brown’s 2018 LP Illusion of Perfection was arguably one of the most creative and diverse releases in recent memory, showcasing a producer expanding his sonic horizons. With “Windows 95 on Acid,” the trance and house stalwart goes into deeper techno territory. The title track is a relentless acid groove, with a healthy dose of atmospheric expertise the producer has employed throughout his catalog. Although Brown stated via social media these two tracks are darker than his usual output, the nostalgia-inducing groove (complete with classic Windows samples) should bring smiles to any dance floor. The accompanying EP track “Does Anybody Really Know What Time Is?” is an honest after-hours slow burner, with familiar airy synth melodies wafting in and out.

While the full release remains a Beatport exclusive, fans can listen to the EP’s title track on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 295 right now.

Photo Credit: The Groove Cartel

deadmau5 confirms ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ is underway, rumored for September release

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deadmau5 confirms ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ is underway, rumored for September releaseDeadmau5 Cube 2.1 Debut Nyc Hammerstein Ballroom AJR Photography 3.29.2017

It’s official, deadmau5 has confirmed the next level to his burgeoning mau5ville series with a cryptic tweet from his mau5trap label. After his successful mau5ville: Level 1 release in July, which featured “Monophobia,” mau5’s first collaboration with Rob Swire in nearly a decade, the label boss wastes no time in moving onto the second chapter of the project. The song on the teaser is a track deadmau5 made while streaming to his fans, “Midas’ Heel,” hinting it might be complete. There is also a numbered sequence that reads “34.052235 – 118.243683.” Then what looks like a compass with a mau5head needle spins, landing on the number 300. One fan plotted these coordinates, and found it’s close to the former LA Stock Exchange building and current massive nightclub, Exchange LA.

In the rumor mill, Chinese streaming platform, Netease Cloud Music, reported the album is expected to drop on September 23 along with a world tour announcement. Rumors from the streaming platform also suggest that mau5ville: Level 3 will be released concurrently with the upcoming tour, and these next two collaborations contain 40 songs with about 100 musicians working on them.

Getter announces long-awaited new LP, ‘Visceral,’ on mau5trap

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Getter announces long-awaited new LP, ‘Visceral,’ on mau5trapGetter Visceral Mau5trap

Getter has been suspiciously low-key this past year – and now it’s clear the “Forget It” producer is ready to burst back on the scene with his Visceral LP, landing Sept. 28 on deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint.

Getter had been dropping teasers for the full-length album, but it wasn’t until his vocal-fueled future bass cut “All Is Lost” landed on July’s mau5ville: Level 1 that the producer’s partnership with the mau5 come into focus. The surprising pair first hit it off at at a recent video game conference and began plotting releases soon after. The brash and bombastic style fans have come to expect from Getter will take a fresh turn with his new label digs, exploring a deeper sound consistent with the legendary imprint’s offerings.

The album promises to be a personal and inspired project for the Shred Collective founder, continuing the producer’s evolution while keeping roots in the hard-hitting style fans devoured on releases from OWSLA and Rottun Recordings.

DA Premiere: REZZ hits the feels in cute new animated video for latest single, ‘Flying Octopus’ [Watch]

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DA Premiere: REZZ hits the feels in cute new animated video for latest single, ‘Flying Octopus’ [Watch]Rezzlead

REZZ has a new album on the way via Mau5trap, and since early this summer, the Canadian beat maker’s sophomore effort has been one of the most hotly anticipated projects of the year. Following recent singles from the record, “Witching Hour” and the 1788-L-assisted “H E X,” REZZ has come through with another new piece from her upcoming Certain Kind of Magic LP, offering “Flying Octopus,” and the track’s accompanying music video as her latest delivery.

“Flying Octopus” tells the story of a little animated octo-boi and a group of underwater pals plotting their ambitious escape from the depths. The cartoon critters find themselves jerry-rigging a submarine to fly them out of dodge, set to the score of REZZ’ tingling, syrupy techno cut. While the video is a step away from characteristically trippy REZZ visuals, the new feature heavily leans on a message of lighthearted camaraderie, which ultimately aligns perfectly with the Mass Manipulation producer’s cult fan base. See the video for “Flying Octopus” here ahead of Certain Kind of Magic’s August 3 release.