TroyBoi unveils that another Skrillex collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign is on the way

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TroyBoi unveils that another Skrillex collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign is on the waySkrille Live Aug 2017 Billboard 1548 0

Skrillex can’t stay out of the headlines thanks to the sheer volume of music and diverse nature of collaborations he has been releasing as of late. Over the last few weeks, the producer has released music with Ed Sheeran, Ty Dolla $ign, Lykke Li, and TroyBoi. According to a new Instagram post, it would appear Skrillex will not be stopping there.

TroyBoi took to Instagram to announce a new collaboration with the OWSLA boss that will feature Ty Dolla $ign, Lan, and Ludmilla titled “Malokera.” The new collaborative cut comes hot off the heels of Skrillex and TroyBoi’s boisterous “WARLORDZ” joint from earlier this summer. While TroyBoi did not specify a release date, he did note that the track is “coming soon,” giving Skrillex fans their next piece of material to look forward to. This track announcement comes only weeks after news surfaced of TroyBoi’s upcoming EP, PAPI CHULO, which will almost certainly feature “Malokera.”

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Skrillex summoned for Lykke Li ‘two nights’ follow-up with Ty Dolla $ign

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Skrillex summoned for Lykke Li ‘two nights’ follow-up with Ty Dolla $ignSkrille Feb 10 2017 Billboard 1548

Skrillex continues his omnipresent 2019 push across production landscapes both near and far from dance music’s earshot with his latest credit alongside indie/dream-pop vocalist, Lykke Li, and resounding hip-hop figurehead, Ty Dolla $ign.

The offering comes in the form of a sequel of sorts to Li’s “two nights,” which originally featured rap support from Aminé. The updated offering, “two nights part ii,” is far less subtle than its slow-burning predecessor, as would be expected from a track bearing Skrillex’s auspicious earmark.

The initial “two nights” appeared on Li’s so sad so sexy EP. The follow-up is scheduled for inclusion on Li’s impending EP due July 26, still sad still sexy.

Earlier this year, Skrillex intimated he had droves of new “random” releases poised for the foreseeable future. So far, he’s made good on that promise. In addition to his long-awaited Dog Blood resurgence, Skrillex recently surfaced on a deliciously raucous track with TroyBoi, “WARLORDZ.” The OWSLA boss will also appear on Ed Sheeran’s impending album, which will see release tomorrow, July 12.

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Mark Ronson dabbles in melancholy disco on new single, ‘Late Night Feelings’

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Mark Ronson dabbles in melancholy disco on new single, ‘Late Night Feelings’IM

Temporalities fold in Mark Ronson‘s latest release, “Late Night Feelings,” a production that wields the novelty of a new single, while simultaneously effecting an old-school feel. The second song off of Ronson’s next long-form project, Ronson’s self-professed collection of “sad bangers,” Late Night Feelings, the eponymous offering enlists Lykke Li. Tonally, “Late Night Feelings” is an undeniably groovy number that harnesses vintage, ’70s disco funk. Lyrically, the single tells a different story. The tune’s vocal raconteur, Li pines for a love lost as she laments her smoldering desire to pick up the phone to dial the digits of her former flame.

It’s easy to forget that “Late Night Feelings” is a melancholy track at heart: the retro flair creates a spirited sort of wistfulness that, paradoxically, feels good. The old school spunk, however, is a momentary distraction. Ronson puts the “sad” in “sad banger” at song’s end, when he foregrounds Li’s mellifluous vocal, to spotlight the inescapable blue nature of the track’s lyrics.

Ronson’s first solo album since 2015’s Uptown Special, Late Night Feelings is slated to arrive in full on June 21.

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Lykke Li releases two new singles from forthcoming album, ‘so sad, so sexy’

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Lykke Li sex money feelings die

Lykke Li has shared two more new songs from her forthcoming album so sad, so sexy, set to be released June 8. Li’s released five tracks off her fourth studio album so far, with “Sex money feelings die” and “two nights” featuring Aminé rounding out the latest two.

“Sex money feelings die” is an alternative-pop reminder about short-term fixes. Li creates that foggy, night-on-the-town ambiance that’s fleeting and sensual. Her smokey vocals add to the haze of the track.

“Two nights” highlights Li’s voice a bit more with a disco vibe towards the end of the hook. Distant keys and sultry percussive elements keep the melancholic and unconcerned vibe from the Swedish singer, songwriter, and model. Aminé brings more of an energetic contrast with his faster-paced voice and hip-hop drums. Each artists brings their own rendition of what happened during two nights where Li is waiting at home, smoking the days away, waiting for Animé to come to her. The final verse is Animé’s response.

Li is set to perform at Lollapalooza and Osheaga this year and is sure to delight fans of beautiful indie-pop.

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Lykke Li releases an iPhone music video of ‘deep end’

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Lykke Li deep end

Lykke Li is set to release her fourth solo album, so sad so sexy, on June 8. In anticipation, Li has dropped three tracks: “deep end,” “hard rain,” and “utopia.” Her recently released music video for “utopia” is a compilation of old family footage celebrating Mother’s Day. Now, she’s released another music video for her single “deep end.” It’s about a night out on the town, shot from the perspective of Li’s iPhone.

The dreamy, celestial, flowing ambiance creates a drunken haze, which compliments the music video’s nonchalant yet emotive narrative. Even the audio takes a dip in the pool. The alternative pop single was co-produced by Jeff Bhaskar, Malay, and T-Minus.

The Swedish singer, songwriter, and model released her last album, I Never Learn, four years ago. Since then, Li formed the Swedish supergroup liv, which consists of members in Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn & John. Catch her at Lollapalooza and Osheaga this year.

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