Chance The Rapper finally discloses long-awaited details on debut album, ‘The Big Day’

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Chance The Rapper finally discloses long-awaited details on debut album, ‘The Big Day’Chance The Rapper Live Lost Lake Lineup

Chance The Rapper has been teasing the long-awaited follow up to 2016’s Grammy Award-winning mixtape Coloring Book for the better part of the year, though he’s largely kept the LP’s details close to the vest. Without much more info than the fact that the collection is being marketed as Chance’s debut album (his first three releases were all mixtapes), and that it would be landing sometime in July, the Chicago-native emcee has kept the hip-hop world eagerly at the edge of its seat for most of 2019. Now, following an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that aired on July 16, Chano has revealed the record’s name, artwork design, and official release date.

The Big Day will land on July 26, and the album is available for pre-order here. It is worth noting this is the first time Chance The Rapper has ever sold a project—his first three mixtapes were given away as freebies. Now, with The Big Day‘s release date officially revealed, the wait is nearly over for one of the most anticipated LP’s of the year.

First Listen: rising bass producer Qoiet debuts vicious new project, ‘Absurd’

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First Listen: rising bass producer Qoiet debuts vicious new project, ‘Absurd’Qoiet2

Talk about a misnomer—Qoiet’s debut LP is anything but quiet. In fact, it might be the loudest low-end ammunition to drop all year long. Though, where rising bass producer Qoiet may have you fooled with his name, the title of his newly released project hits the nail square on the head: Absurd.

The new album is a 12-track listen that wears its name on its sleeve from front to back. To call Absurd dubstep would be inaccurate, or at the very least, an underestimate. The record is a bulldozing amalgam of riddim, dubstep, trap, hip-hop, screamo, and metal tropes. Bombastic, stabbing bass and raw, snarling vocals are weaved together with penetrating frequencies, as Qoiet makes his official long play introduction. If you aren’t up on Qoiet yet, that’s all about to change—but we warned, Absurd is not for the faint of heart.

Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’

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Exclusive: Au5 previews forthcoming LP with ‘Dragonfly’Au5 Press Photo E1558459181473

In the days leading up to his Divinorum LP release, Colorado producer Au5 has been slowly unveiling singles from the compilation, showcasing his meticulous dubstep style in its finest form.

He follows up the releases of “Stargate,” “Divinorum,” and “Mesmerize” with the latest: “Dragonfly” with Evoke. The album’s fourth track leads in with a slow build and drifting vocals. Evoke asserts himself from the get-go, demonstrating the sheer power that’s to come from the remainder of the song. The bridge gives a false sense of calm before casting the listener into a deep sea of shimmering synths and bass at the drop. Over the course of the song’s seven minutes, Au5 takes his listeners on a tumultuous sonic roller coaster, soaring above the clouds and diving deep under the earth.

From the looks of “Dragonfly” and its predecessors, Divinorum will see Au5 illustrate his most detailed and intricate work yet, spanning 10 songs that’ve been three years in the making.

Divinorum in this context translates to ‘[things] of the divine.’ The album is about a journey traversing through a series of different realms beyond reality,” the producer says of the compilation.

Divinorum will be the producer’s first solo LP since 2011’s Anchus Definy. Like Anchus Definy, Divinorum will be self-released and is out May 24.

GRiZ announces new album and tour, releases new single, ‘I’m Good’

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GRiZ announces new album and tour, releases new single, ‘I’m Good’Griz Press Photo 2 E1548281263389

GRiZ has announced his sixth studio album, Ride Waves, along with an accompanying US tour and released a fresh single off the album, “I’m Good,” to boot. In classic GRiZ style, the multi-instrumentalist has announced the upcoming work in a fluid and mindful process.

“I’m Good” serves an appropriate catalyst to the hype that GRiZ is capable of accumulating. The funk-fueled track has everything familiar with a party with GRiZ at the helm: fluid sax, a collective singing soulful positive messages, and drops that gives listeners time to get down. “I’m Good” is a track that is uniting, and considering the fact that GRiZ meticulously fleshes out his ideas and projects, unity will be a major theme in the full album The 14-track LP—judging from his features and past releases—will delve into hip-hop, soul, funk, all tied together with that curated GRiZ electronica. However, Ride Waves could be something completely new.

The artist has accomplished a lot in the past two years. He embedded himself in an array of communities and relationships, including his own creative exile, as well as philanthropic endeavors. He came out via a HuffPost op-ed in 2017, which led him to be named Michigan’s Face of Pride in 2018 by USA Today and partnered with Dan Savage’s Foundation, It Gets Better. The Guardian praised him for his efforts with GRiZMAS, which has raised more than $100,000 towards Detroit public school students.

Ride Waves will feature DRAM, Wiz Khalifa, the legendary Bootsy Collins, Muzzy Bearr, Matisyahu, The Harlem Gospel Choir, Chicago’s South Side’s Chicago Children’s Choir, and more. Be it musically or emotionally, there is sure to be something for everybody in this LP. Even Snoop Dogg sent in a verse from his studio in Long Beach.

With the mindful realization that not only his music but also his place as a public figure can be used as a force of intrinsic good, GRiZ’s Ride Waves looks to serve as an honest personal expression and a call to action towards the force of kindness, responsibility, and unity.

The US tour will kick off in March, hitting Costa Rica’s Envision Festival, New Orleans for Buku Music & Arts Project, Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, and touch down in Brooklyn, Philly, St. Augustine, Minneapolis, and more. See the full list of tour dates here.

Ride Waves track list

1. Can’t Get Enough
2. I’m Good
3. My Friends and I Pt. 2 ft Snoop Dogg & Prob Cause
4. Cruise Control ft BXRBER
5. A New Day ft Matisyahu
6. The Prayer
7. It Gets Better ft DRAM
8. Bustin’ Out ft Bootsy Collins
9. Caught Up ft Muzzy Bearr
10. Maybe ft Yoshi Flower)
11. The Escape
12. Mercy ft Valentina
13. Barrel Of A Gun ft Leo Napier
14. Find My Own Way ft Wiz Khalifa

No Mana drops the beautifully complex ‘Melted Candy’ LP

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No Mana drops the beautifully complex ‘Melted Candy’ LPMelted Candy Cover

No Mana has released his second album of the year, Melted Candy. Following the release of Assorted Repetitions released earlier in 2018, this release sees the LA artist explore new territory in sound to round out the year.

While the release opens with “In My Mind,” which starts out with a new, intricate and melancholic take on the acidic synths from the complextro of yesteryear, the song – and the rest of the EP – develops into something exploratory, canvassing a range of dance music sounds. There’s elements of gritty, bass-heavy house as well as familiar progressive basics sprinkled throughout the project. This creates beautifully layered music that at first glance might seem one way, but with each twist and turn tells a beautiful story all its own. No Mana’s talent and focus are clear – and tactfully executed – across the duration of Melted Candy.

This 6-track release is yet another we’ve seen this year that cements 2018 as the year of the short long form release, with Melted Candy dubbed as an LP.

Melted Candy is out now via mau5trap.

Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]

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Steve Aoki unveils foolproof crossover blueprints on ‘Neon Future III’ [Stream]Steve Aoki Neon Future III

Steve Aoki‘s Neon Future LP installments have always felt like full-blown events, and the main event of the cake-tossing EDM icon’s year has finally arrived: Neon Future III. 

Aoki’s ubiquitous productions are never off the airwaves long. In between his well-endowed festival/touring schedule, the globetrotter found time to pepper 2018 with releases. Despite the consistent output, Neon Futures III easily stands out from the rest of Aoki’s output with an feature-stuffed track list that’s poised for some serious chart damage.

“Neon Future III (Intro)” starts off the LP with a no-vocals-necessary stadium electro scorcher–but the opening volley quickly gives way to an categorically stacked slate of feature-heavy pop-leaning productions. Former One Direction-er, Louis Tomlinson is on-board for radio-ready house on “Just Hold On,” and K-pop sensations BTS are right behind with “Waste It On Me.” Aoki has a potential crossover smash for every genre in the chamber, with everyone from blink-182 to social media queen Bella Thorne in line to lend their talents. For fans of his full-throttle instrumental offerings, the tone struck by the intro track resurfaces at the LP’s close, with none other than Bill Nye lending heavyweight sample clout to album close: “Noble Gas.”

DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completion

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DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completionDJ Snake

DJ Snake reveals album is nearing completionDj Snake Insta Story AlbumJust weeks after delivering a massive music video for “Taki Taki,” DJ Snake has revealed more music is on its way — perhaps even sooner than anticipated. In an Instagram story posted on November 5, the Parisian superstar apologized for his lack of communication with those close to him and noted that he’s been hard at work on his next album: “I apologize to my friends and family for being so distant and ignoring your messages/calls but I need to finish this album.”

The Grammy-nominated producer has been churning out a steady stream of releases this year, thrilling fans with dynamic tracks like “Let’s Get Ill” and “Public Enemy” with Yellow Claw amidst projects like starting his own label, Premiere Classe. He also recently became the fifth artist in Spotify history to accumulate more than one billion streams on two original songs: “Lean On” and “Let Me Love You.” But it’s been more than two years since DJ Snake released his debut LP, Encore, and fans have been angling for more.

While no exact date or timeframe has been disclosed concerning the forthcoming LP, it does appear fans will see a full collection of songs sooner rather than later.

Photo credit: Miko Goncalves

Helena Hauff’s new ‘Qualm’ LP is punishing noise at its finest

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Helena Hauff’s new ‘Qualm’ LP is punishing noise at its finestHelena Hauff Qualms

There’s a fleeting moment on Helena Hauff‘s new album, fifteen minutes into the fifty-six, on the track “Entropy Created You And Me,” where the smoke clears. Listeners come up for air from the abrasive noise that had been pummeling their eardrums, and bask in robotic undulations and ethereal synths for three minutes. These three minutes might not seem like a long time to an outsider, but in a collection of searing, soul-crushing syncopation, it’s an eternity.

Like leaving an all-night rave after hours of darkness and punishing techno, only to have the brightness of the sun blind you on the way out, Hauff’s music leaves no room for pleasantries. Even in its moments of pared-down production intensities and sparkly synth line interjection, longtime listeners of Hauff know, and admittedly await, the darkness that lies around each and every corner.

Qualm might just be Hauff’s finest hand at channeling the unrelenting to date. This might not sound like much, given it’s only the second full-length release from the Hamburg act — but its gargling drum machines and raw synth lines guide listeners into a state of sheer oblivion that only music, or quite frankly, consuming inconceivable amounts of drugs, could achieve. Qualm is a pure, unadulterated deep dive into electro’s depths. This is shoegaze pioneers My Bloody Valentine closing out their sets with fifteen minutes of feedback and noise music, and this is Hauff creating the most uncompromised music of her career.

Most unwaveringly, this is not noise for the faint of heart. Qualm is free from the frills of “good” production, and that’s the point. Qualm paints a vivid storyline of the demolishing qualities of noise, EBM, etc. and pulls from the pockets of the Hamburg producer’s inspiration. This is what the world would look like after a nuclear attack, and Hauff isn’t here to offer remorse or reassurance — she’s just giving us the soundtrack.

DJ Shadow shares new live LP accompanying documentary release

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DJ Shadow shares new live LP accompanying documentary releaseDJS LIM Grande

American record producer and instrumental hip-hop figurehead DJ Shadow has shared a new live LP, Live in Manchester: The Mountain Has Fallen Tour, the companion piece to a new documentary on the producer. The new nine-track live album was recorded at a sold-out show at England’s Albert Hall in October of 2017, where Shadow was touring The Mountain Will Fall, his 2016 studio album, and its EP follow-up, The Mountain Has Fallen.

The documentary premiered in Los Angeles late last month, and is now available on CD/DVD through Mass Appeal Records. Check out the trailer here. Last October’s performance captured a wide snapshot of DJ Shadow’s career-spanning highlights, now available on a new LP worth heavy repeated listening.

How Leon Vynehall defies expectations on new LP, ‘Nothing Is Still’

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How Leon Vynehall defies expectations on new LP, 'Nothing Is Still'

British deep house and downtempo producer Leon Vynehall released a brand new album, Nothing Is Still, which sees him delve deeper into the function of genres and LPs than ever before, out now through the storied UK label, Ninja Tune.

Dedicated to Vynehall’s grandparents and largely contextualizing their move to America, Nothing Is Still is an album of immense scale, both physically and through the wonder it examines.

Vynehall has released just two extended EP’s thus far, including his 2014 breakthrough Music For The Uninvited — a record inspired by funk, soul, and old hip-hop tapes — as well as his 2016’s Rojus (Designed To Dance) EP, which built on the stylistic depth of luscious ambient music with a dance-centric rewiring.

Nothing Is Still is defiantly atmospheric and textural, and it finds the artist harnessing his passion for early contemporary minimalist composers like Gavin Bryars, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley. Through this meeting of the classical greats, Vynehall rewires just how downtempo music can meet dance music, and manages to carve out his own musical niche along the way.

Under the spell of newfound collaboration, Vynehall shatters the expectations for dance albums of the modern day. Nay the phrase, “introspective dance.” Vynehall is masterful in the album’s instrumental amalgamation and its influence of his familial lineage. Nothing Is Still surpasses a singular sonic worldview and quite elegantly, Vynehall brings to album’s collapsing bridge cover to life. By connecting what many associate as the music of the past to a reinvention and contextualization in the present, Vynehall challenges the perception of musical worldviews as we know them. If more artists continue to do the same, the dance music album will live out a long, prosperous lifetime — and who wouldn’t want that.