Fabric to throw 30-hour party for its 18th birthday

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Fabric will soon be of legal age.

Come October, the London based nightclub will celebrate its eighteenth birthday in “adult” fashion with a thirty-hour party. The extended event will commence on Saturday, October 21 at 11 PM and will continue into the wee morning hours on Monday, October 23rd.

As is usually the case of birthdays, Fabric will be commemorating its eighteenth anniversary with some friends. Ten acts have been confirmed for Fabric’s birthday event thus far, including Ricardo Villalobos, Jay Clarke, and Raresh. More performers will be added to the marathon’s lineup as the event approaches.

Fabric was unfortunately unable to host a birthday event for its seventeenth year last year due to being shut down a week prior by authorities and having its license be revoked for drug and crime related reasons. Therefore, the institution is sure to make up for the time it lost last year in this year’s festivities.

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Aphex Twin just announced his first live stream ever

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For the first time ever, Aphex Twin will stream live from his set at Field Day in London this coming weekend. Following some mysterious teasers, NTS Radio and the producer will be testing out a new collaboration by live-streaming Aphex Twin’s entire performance. The stream will be an audiovisual experience with visuals stemming from Weirdcore. According to a press release, the experience will be that of a “bespoke online visual immersion.” If the teaser webpage is any indication, the event’s stream will be an unmissable digital happening.

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Eric Prydz EPIC 5.0 has been caught entirely on film and it is stunning

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Eric Prydz promised he’d “blow your heads off” with the unveiling of his EPIC 5.0 show in Victoria Park, London. After months of waiting with only a couple tantalizing teasers of what was to come, the Swedish icon certainly did what he said he was going to do in spades.

Luckily for his fan base, one particularly diligent concert-goer by the name of Fred Klem seems to have caught the entirety of Prydz’ set on film, and by the looks of it, it was a veritable night for the books. Crisp, extremely high-definition visuals lit up the geometric backdrop, whose design takes on similar traits to EPIC 4.0’s setup, while plenty of artfully-arranged lasers blanketed the crowd. At times, the visuals seemed three-dimensional in nature.

Prydz of course made sure to provide guests with music as incredible as its accoutrements, drizzling his extended set with plenty of old and gems from his favored aliases as well as a slew of yet-to-be-released favorites, taking his audience on an entrancing journey through the upper echelons of progressive and dark, throbbing techno.

Get a taste of the action above and below:

H/T: YouTube – Fred Klem

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London squatters threw a rave in a 17th century mansion

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It all started at midnight on Saturday, May 20.

“Horrifically loud” music began seeping out of a 300-year-old mansion in northeastern London Borough Hackney — and didn’t stop for a full 12 hours.

The rowdy party consisted of a group of squatters who gathered at 195 Mare Street around midnight and continued their party ’til well after the sun came up. Neighbors reported not being able to get a wink of sleep and said that the music was “horrific.”

Nearby resident Ruth Dawson told the Evening Standard that it sounded like “someone is sawing metal,” going on to say she wouldn’t have minded as much if it was half-decent music. Area residents had called the police multiple times but were told it was a matter for the Hackney Council to handle.

A Hackney Council spokesperson said they had received a number of calls about noise disturbance at 195 Mare Street.

“When our enforcement officers contacted residents later on in the night, they were told that the noise had died down. Our enforcement officers will be visiting the property tonight to check for any further disturbance.”

On Sunday morning, neighbors said there were still around 10 people on the roof, and 20 more in front of the building. One person reported that the music was “hilariously loud,” and the DJ had been “going through The Prodigy back catalog since about midnight.”

Residential squatting was criminalized in 2012, but the law doesn’t apply to commercial buildings like the 300-year-old mansion.

Photo courtesy of South West News Service

H/T: Mixmag

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Watch the OWSLA crew take over Europe

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OWSLA continues to stand in accordance with good people and good times in this four minute video, featuring some of best moments from their European showcase.

The tripbegins with Valentino Khan standing on the ledge of a giant crane before cutting to various scenes of Khan and Vindata‘s Branden Ratcliff roaming the streets of Europe from performing at renowned nightclub Favst  to trying new treats at the Cereal Killer Cafe in London.

One of the more significant bits highlights Khan and Ratcliff taking a moment to acknowledge the music scene in Europe and how it helped develop their craft as producers:

“It’s just dope being influenced by people across the globe and they like inspire you to take what you grew up on and put a twist on it..and you know..bring what you have to the table.” – Ratcliff.

A key takeaway from this European recap is the true sense community between the artists who refer to OWSLA as  “more than just a label” which is what makes this collective a driving force in today’s industry.

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Seth Troxler defends dance culture ahead of Fabric’s reopening [Video]

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Dance culture has proven to be a vehicle that defiantly stands in the face of adversity, and techno producer and DJ Seth Troxler is certainly one of the scene’s most outspoken advocates leading the charge.

Tonight, January 6, London’s famed Fabric nightclub will reopen after having its license revoked by the government due to a drug-related death in the venue in Summer of 2016. The venue’s forced closure was followed by a #SaveFabric campaign and a successful appeal to reverse the city’s ruling. Troxler appeared on BBC News for a roundtable discussion about the controversial decision and the never-ending topic of drugs in dance music and club culture.

“Drugs are a social problem…this isn’t only a club problem,” Seth argued when asked if drugs are an “integral part of clubbing culture.” The DJ continued, “When you look at pop music today, or pop culture, drugs are littered throughout the entire culture. The idea that dance music culture is to blame for drug use is completely ridiculous.”

Seth stated the following when addressing other sub-cultures afflicted by drug abuse:

“There are drug deaths everywhere. There are drug deaths on the street right now in London because of the heroin epidemic, but no one is talking about that. I think this is more of a story where the Council was trying to gentrify the neighborhood and using Fabric as an example for their greater will.”

Watch the full video clip below:

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New 5,000-person warehouse venue Printworks to open in London in January

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Following Fabric’s successful #saveourculture campaign which led to the club’s subsequent reopning, Londoners now have even more reason to celebrate as plans for a groundbreaking new multi-purpose venue have been revealed, and it looks spectacular. Situated in the Canada Water area of London, inside the former printing facility of the London newspapers Metro and Evening Standard, the new “experimental” venue, aptly named Printworks, will officially open its doors in January 2017.

Gareth Cooper, CEO of Broadwick Live, a self-described “Cultural Engagement Agency” that will be putting on music events at Printworks, explains: “Its sheer industrial scale and the myriad of walkways and off-rooms make it an ideal venue to host immersive and explorative music events. There is genuinely nothing else like it out there, and we’re confident it’s going to blow people away.”

LWE, another event organizer overseeing the music programming at Printworks, says that many original features of the Press Halls — exposed piping, chemical vats, towering printing presses — have been retained, resulting in an space best described as “Bladerunner on acid!” Check out the teaser video below to see why this description is right on the money.

According to Blank Canvas, the company managing the building, the new so-called “cultural destination” covers a whopping 15 acres and offers over 119,000 square feet of event space capable of holding up to 5,000 attendees at one time. The large industrial building will be separated out into six distinct event spaces, as can be seen in the floorplan below, and, as far as the events that will be held there, will be much more than just an immense nightclub.


Printworks, in partnership with LWE and Broadwick Live, will host an in-house series of music events consisting of everything from live gigs and daytime shows to multi-room raves. Additionally, as a multi-purpose venue, Printworks hopes to bring in events of every type, not just music: food and visual art festivals, theatre and ballet exhibitions, and orchestral performances, to name a few.

The first round of dance events will announced on December 1, with a 10-week series beginning in January.

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Fabric Nightclub is reportedly in advanced talks to reopen

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Fabric Nightclub’s premature closure at the hands of the Islington Town Council this past September shook the dance world, prompting a global conversation on drug safety and education, and the role venues play in keeping their attendees safe. The closure had been a result of two unfortunate deaths of minors who’d overdosed on illegal substances the summer prior.

Almost immediately after the decision was made, which many deemed as unnecessary and far from a long term solution to the city’s drug problems, Fabric co-owner Cameron Leslie, along with his team and the Night Time Industries Association(NTIA), filed an appeal with a tentative first hearing date set for November 28. Their approach was to change the licensing system as a whole, which would be a boom to the entire London dance industry as well as Fabric.

While both parties are locked into a non-disclosure agreement over the proceedings, reports have begun coming in regarding early stages of a discussion to reopen the club under new licensing agreements. Fabric jump-started the process earlier this month by way of submitting 155 pages worth of evidence and an amended Operational & Procedures Manual which proves their standards are nothing below the highest when it comes to protecting their guests.

The Islington Tribune reports that a deal could potentially be set prior to the hearing, pending that the court and lawyers on both sides are willing to agree to a new licensing contract. Nothing can be fully confirmed, however, due to their current non-disclosure agreement. “We don’t have any other comment ahead of the appeal, beyond our statement from September,” said an Islington spokesperson. Meanwhile, Cameron Leslie advised he’s “not at liberty to say whether [discussions] are being had or not.”

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Man dances for 24 hours to raise money for Fabric London

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A host of voices have spoken up in favor of Fabric, the famed London nightclub that is facing the prospect of permanent closure after two drug-related deaths that took place earlier this year. After Fabric announced that it would need some financial help to appeal the revocation of their operating license, fans and music enthusiasts started donating. The funding campaign has reached over $280,000 thus far.

A number of other influencers have also taken it upon themselves to donate to Fabric’s cause, such as Tim Griffith, who launched a 24-hour dance marathon to help raise more money for Fabric. Griffith is an audiovisual technician who lists music as his number one passion. The court date for Fabric’s appeal is set to take place on Monday, November 28, 2016.

A video posted by Charlie Hunter (@chas00000) on

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