Lido is at it again with another new syrupy smooth single, ‘Outstanding’

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Lido is at it again with another new syrupy smooth single, ‘Outstanding’Lido Outstanding Single

Lido has been slowly releasing singles since mid-summer, stoking fans’ anticipation with the lavish “3 Million” and the sublime slow burn of “Corner Love” along with a handful of tracks for Chance The Rapper earlier this year. Now the Norwegian star is back with a third track in his new era called “Outstanding.” The song fits snugly into the creative headspace the producer has been revealing, sitting perfectly alongside the previous two releases. Lido graced fans with an limited capacity acoustic EP listening party in Los Angeles on Friday night, so it’s a safe bet to anticipate a full body of work soon.

For now, it’s more than enough to just get lost in Lido’s latest offering. “Outstanding” follows close in the footsteps of “Corner Love,” never once rushed or in the hurry. The track instead shifts into high gears through layer after layer of lush chords and vocals. The artist’s voice cascades in waves over the plodding beat, at once uplifting and bittersweet. “You will be outstanding all on your own girl,” croons Lido over the syrupy synths. The song is another more minimal R&B-influenced cut that promises a fresh direction from the artist’s forthcoming EP.

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Lido and Unge Ferrari put on experimental R&B clinic with ‘Corner Love’

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Lido and Unge Ferrari put on experimental R&B clinic with ‘Corner Love’Lido Corner Love Unge Ferrari

Lido has followed up his latest single “3 Million” with a spacious R&B slow burner called “Corner Love,” featuring fellow Norwegian Unge Ferrari. Like past songs by the multi-instrumentalist and producer, the track is a journey with multiple movements, beginning his own smoldering vocals that bring listeners into a mental lounge space. A bed of violins arrives out of nowhere for Ferrari to land for a raspy, auto-tuned verse. Lido returns for a soothing chorus before the strings explode into chaos, with a frantic vocal sample shouting above the fray.

The frenzy dies down for a final chapter with just Lido and a piano, which complete the song’s ethos with a tidy helping of lo-fi edits. “In a corner in the city there is someone like you,” sings the multi-talented artist, breaking the song’s ethos down to its purest and simplest form. As of yet, there’s no official news of on a second full length Lido album – but if this is the caliber of musical vision that fans can anticipate, it’s going to be more than worth the wait.

Chance The Rapper announces purchase of local news site ‘’ along with four Lido-produced new singles

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Chance The Rapper announces purchase of local news site ‘’ along with four Lido-produced new singlesChance The Rapper By Mike Lavin @thehomelesspimp

Chance The Rapper is having perhaps the most memorable summer of his career. One might even say the 25-year-old Chicago-born rhymer and activist is out here living his best life. He’s in the studio with his lifelong hero, Kanye West, working on a joint LP, he’s slated to headline the Special Olympics 50th anniversary event in his hometown, and now he’s even engaged to be married to his longtime significant other, Kirsten Corley. Amid a packed summer itinerary, rumors broke that a Chance record was imminent, and while the Same Drugs” rapper batted down early reports, he soon followed up with four fresh new singles, crafted courtesy of Norwegian beatsmith Lido.

Brand new cuts, “Wala Cam,” “65th & Ingleside,” and “Work Out” mark the first time Lido and Chance have reconnected since 2016’s Grammy-winning Coloring Book mixtape. The fourth new piece from Chano comes by way of “I Might Need Security,” in which the Windy City-native reveals he’s purchased local news site which has sat dormant since late 2017, when the outlet’s staffers voted to join the Writers Guild of America East. As a result, Joe Ricketts, billionaire founder of TD Ameritrade and owner of the site, shut down Chicagoist as well as associated sites, Gothamist, LAist, and others. Now the local Chicago media outlet is relaunching in the hands of Chicago’s favorite son, and we’ve got four new singles to celebrate with.

Lido randomly deletes all posts leaving just an O and a U…but why?

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Lido randomly deletes all posts leaving just an O and a U…but why?Lido

It’s not everyday that an artist completely scraps all their posts on social media, but when they do it usually entails that something is on the way.

This is hopefully the case with Lido, as he has deleted everything on his Instagram, leaving only 2 posts that are pictures of an O and a U. To top it off he has also deleted his posts on Facebook and tweets off of Twitter and changed his pictures to an image that says “OU.”

Could this be the sneaky announcement of an album…or is it something else? We will just have to keep watching to find out.



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Hoodboi’s remix of Lido’s ‘Stay With Me’ is a wavy, blissful ocean

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Hoodboi’s remix of Lido’s ‘Stay With Me’ is a wavy, blissful oceanHoodboi Lido 1

Fool’s Gold affiliate, Hoodboi, has served up a smooth-and-silky downtempo remix of his longtime collaborator Lido‘s “Stay With Me,” featuring J’von, from Lido’s 2018 LP, Spacesuit. The two producers’ partnership dates back to 2014, when Hoodboi appeared on the official remix album of Lido’s I Love You EP. They rendezvoused for “Palm Reader” not long after — a decisive breakthrough track for both parties. Sharing an affinity for light, airy aesthetic with deeply nuanced sampling and production skills, it’s not terribly difficult to see why Hoodboi was tempted to transform another Lido production.

In standard Hoodboi fashion, the remix takes the original track’s simple and with seamless splendor introduces his reverb-heavy saxophone-laced translation. The wavy rendition nixes most of J’von’s vocoded vocals, filling the void with intricately-layered instrumentation and a clapping beat.

Lido unveils stunning reimagining of Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s ‘Kids See Ghosts’

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Throughout his career, Lido has proven himself to be among the most forward-thinking producers around. From his heartfelt debut album, Everything, to his high-energy, career-boosting Soundcloud singles, his unique blend of soul, electronic production, and songwriting prowess has kept everyone intently waiting for his next release. For his latest project, the Norwegian producer has unveiled a seven-minute reimagining of Kanye West and Kid Cudi‘s critically acclaimed album, Kids See Ghosts.

Titled kidsloveghosts, the project is not Lido’s first attempt at creating something from a Kanye West album. In 2016, the artist released The Life of Peder, a similarly eclectic interpretation on West’s The Life of Pablo. Lido once again proves his masterful ear for production and remixing, seamlessly weaving the seven-track project into a comprehensive electronic composition. The piece jumps between stunningly vibrant low-end punches and acoustic, soulful ballads, assisted by Lido’s multi-instrumental talents. Available for free on his website, this is a must hear for Lido, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West fans around the world.

Lido and J’von team up on heartfelt ‘Spacesuit’ EP

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Forever pushing the boundaries of today’s music, Norwegian producer Lido has joined forces with Seattle rapper J’von for an innovative seven-track EP, Spacesuit.

Spacesuit kicks off by bringing in a third collaborator, Towkio, to express a love of shoes in aptly titled “Sneakerhead.” A quick-witted intro verse juxtaposed with a bright guitar line ushers in an easygoing tune that sets the stage for the following songs.

From there, the EP flows effortlessly, melding Lido and J’von’s styles through top-notch harmonies and heartfelt production. They tap other collaborators like Mulherin and Mayer Hawthorne, who also fit in effortlessly with the soulful, silky-smooth vibe of Spacesuit.

Petit Biscuit – Problems ft Lido (Shallou Remix)

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Los Angeles producer Shallou continues his steady stream of releases with a lighthearted rendition of Petit Biscuit and Lido‘s “Problems.”

Just days after releasing the final single from his forthcoming EP, Shallou’s take on “Problems” hit the airwaves. In his remix, the producer toys with the vocals for a more playful take on the original. He maintains the initial melody, incorporating bouncing, glitchy elements for a spirited rendition of the song. While Shallou carefully preserves the authenticity of the original tune, he’s added his own peppy step to it.

April looks to be huge for the producer, as his seven-track Souls EP comes out April 27.

Skrillex shares video hanging in the studio with Mura Masa & Lido

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Skrillex has been relatively active in 2018 thus far assisting What So Not on his album with their collaboration as well as producing a track on The Weeknd‘s new album. While he has been teetering between the dance world and producing for other artists, Sonny Moore may have a couple power collaborations in tow as of tonight.

The OWSLA leader took to his Instagram story to share a brief window into his hang, and possible studio session, with fellow Grammy nominee Mura Masa, and previous collaborator, Lido. While the stories only features a short snippet of Mura Masa lip-syncing to American Football’s “Never Meant” and a boomerang of Lido bobbing his head, we can only hope the three production savants have something cooking behind closed doors.

You can watch the full story on Skrillex’s Instagram here for the next 24 hours.

Towkio narrates his existential coming of age story on debut album ‘WWW.’ [Album Review]

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Remember the first time a kid from Chicago really challenged hip-hop’s status quo? He showed us how swapping 808s for chopped soul samples might actually be cool and that skinny jeans and neon Polos could be just as hip-hop as football jerseys and Cartier. He ushered in a new era of hip-hop by allowing himself to be weird and detailing his journey through the come up across three coming-of-age themed albums that have since cemented their places in the hightest echelons of modern hip-hop history. That kid was Kanye West, and nearly two decades after his emergence, his influence has shaped three of the genre’s brightest new torch carriers: Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, and now undisputedly, Towkio.

Each of these three young forward-thinkers are now pushing hip-hop into the future on those same principles, and at times, experimental appeal — though now Towkio is officially planting his flag with his debut LP, WWW. One listen through the new album, and it becomes clear that Towkio’s definition of hip-hop not only sets him apart from most of his contemporaries’, but also that it doesn’t necessarily adhere to current hip-hop conventions either; he doesn’t seem phased in the slightest.

Conceived between the journey from an emerging Chicago rapper to lamping at Rick Rubin’s mythical Malibu recording sanctuary Shangri La, Towkio sets the narrative in WWW.‘s first bars on “Swim,”

“New chapter, new page, made some money off the first mixtape. Now I’m living, good chillin by a beach that’s not a lake. Said the earth controls the moon so we control the waves.”

Relying heavily on these ideas of perspective, frequency and resonant connectivity, the foundational motifs go beyond just the track titles and lyrics. They are weaved into the record’s eclectic complexion of genres, roping together dreamy psychedelic intros, footworking breaks, funk, trap, R&B, and a healthy dose of his throaty vocal hopskotch. Creating the album took the “Drift” rapper to pyramids in Mexico, winding Hawaiian hills, and ultimately 92,000 feet into the atmosphere to quite literally drop his album from a visual vantage point that only a microscoping group of humans in history have ever witnessed.

Sonically, the record plays upon hip-hop’s new wave versatility, with a welcomed serving of pop appeal on tracks like “Hot S**t,” the Teddy Jackson-assisted “Symphony,” and a cheeky breakbeat cut on “Disco.” Louis The Child‘s contribution to the album, “Loose,” opens like it’s the much needed mid-record breather, before quickly tightening down and breaking into a rambunctious collection of bombastic kicks and tenacious spits.

The real respite, however, comes as one of the album’s final additions — a sleepy R&B piece alongside Grammy-nominated SZA called “Morning View.” Throughout its 13-track span, celestial trains of thought play a key aesthetic role in WWW.‘s compilation, culminating on pieces like “Alone” and “2 Da Moon.” Such a theme is not unlike the early outputs of fellow unconventionals like Kanye and Kid Cudi.


photo credit: Lenny Gilmore

Towkio showcases his inextricable acceptance of weirdness, and unapologetically declares it cool in his own way as well. It isn’t cookie-cutter rap music, and it wouldn’t be true to Towkio if it was. If still not skeptical about the Yeezy coming-of-age parallels, listen to him and Vic Mensa go in with brilliant, youthful defiance on “Forever” and tell me it doesn’t sound like the logically matured progression to West’s seminal classic, “We Don’t Care.”

On paper, WWW. is built by a team of sharp industry power players, with Lido behind the console raking in substantial writing and producing credits with Knox Fortune and frequent SZA songwriter Carter Lang, all beneath the legendary Rick Rubin’s watchful eye. Together, a seemingly motley crew of differently-wired creators have come together to aid in the delivery of Towkio’s triumphant longform debut — a relatable narrative of introspection and simultaneous emergence, all wrapped up in the underlying concept of the “overview effect” and how we relate to the daily risks we all take living on this big blue rock with one another.

Nowadays, the burgeoning rapper keeps his head in the stars, his feet in the California sand, and he’s survived a plummet from space that would humble anyone. Towkio has officially staked his claim in his corner of the ever-growing hip-hop empire, and in two more decades from now, who knows how WWW. will inspire an entirely new generation of rappers?