James Murphy opens Daymoves, a coffee lover’s cafe in Williamsburg

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James Murphy opens Daymoves, a coffee lover’s cafe in WilliamsburgLcd Soundsystem James Murphy Webster Hall

When asked what his plans were after retiring from music, James Murphy of LCD Soundystem’s unfiltered reply was “I like making coffee.” In September, fans of the indie-electronic bigwig can share their enthusiasm of all that is caffeinated at Murphy’s new café in Williamsburg New York: Daymoves.

While Daymoves’ grand opening is making headlines, the café isn’t necessarily the boisterous, attention-grabbing celebrity-run coffee shop one might expect. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Daymoves doesn’t have any signage, and to enter, guests have to walk down a thin corridor, best described as a makeshift alleyway. In short, it’s not the type of café the average person is likely to stumble upon. That’s intentional, however, as everything from the beverages to the décor and even the music played (which will be selected from Murphy’s own vinyl collection) are all designed with the intent of encouraging patrons to take some time to enjoy their coffee and just relax.  

Murphy’s first foray into food came in 2015 with the opening of The Four Horsemen, a trendy wine bar serving delicacies like skate wing roasted on the bone and pasta coperta with tomato confit. Daymoves is run by the same team and is located just next door to the now thriving Williamsburg eatery.

Daymoves is only open during the day, but the plan is to utilize the space in the evening for Nightmoves, an intimate nightclub with a custom sound system built by Murphy himself.

Daymoves opened on Sept. 19 at 295 Grand Street, Williamsburg.

LCD Soundsystem jam out on new ‘Electric Lady Sessions’ live album [Stream]

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LCD Soundsystem jam out on new ‘Electric Lady Sessions’ live album [Stream]LowlandsFestival LCDSoundsystem

While LCD Soundsystem‘s 10-minute electronic-tinged rock jams have always been fan favorites, there is something different about the group’s live energy. Marking the third addition to the band’s live canon (they released recordings from their Madison Square Garden performance in 2014 and London Sessions in 2010), LCD Soundsystem have released an album of recordings from the fabled Electric Lady Studios in New York City.

Featuring live versions of tracks from their newest LP, american dream alongside classics like “Get Innocuous!” and “You Wanted a Hit,” the sessions breathe new life into the band’s already exciting catalog. Featuring extensive vocals from keyboardist Nancy Whang, the alterations to their 2017 tracks demand a deeper listen. With new textures and a more loose, overall relaxed feel to the music, LCD Soundsystem once again prove their ability to evolve and invigorate in a live format.

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy shares details on forthcoming live album

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LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy shares details on forthcoming live albumLCD Soundsystem 42Rp

Back in November, LCD Soundsystem announced their plans to release an album of live recordings from the famed Electric Lady Studios. Aptly titled Electric Lady Sessions, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy has shared some details and thoughts about the album, which is due out on February 8.

Comprised mostly of tracks from their most recent album, american dream, the album will showcase altered versions of the band’s newer work while peppering in classic tracks like “Get Innocuous!” While these recordings are new, Murphy wanted to clarify that this was not a “new album” per se. Sharing some thoughts on Instagram, he put out the following statement:

“hi there.
there’s a thing we do, or have done historically, where while on tour and in fine fettle as a unit, we go into a studio and just record ourselves live playing a bunch of the stuff we’d been playing on tour for a while, and maybe a cover song. it started with us playing radio sessions at various radio stations, and we often really liked these recordings, as they’re quite different than the records, and then we wound up doing the london sessions in 2010, which we released as a record. so this is one of those.
we recorded this last year at electric lady studios in new york–the big room downstairs–and it was exciting, actually. it’s a good sounding room with a lot of history. hell, lennon and bowie made “fame” there, which was the first 7″ record i (james) bought back in something like 1976.
it has some old songs and some new songs, and a couple of covers from sheffield bands (this wasn’t intentional, but it just worked out that way. we’re not moving to sheffield). nancy sings on one, and al and i do our best phil oakey impressions on another.

to be clear, this is not what i would call a “NEW RECORD”. it’s just a compilation of live-in-the-studio stuff that we like to make and have out a la the aforementioned london sessions for anyone who likes that kind of thing. sometimes the best version of a song happens on those. i might argue that the version of “yr city’s a sucker” is better on the london sessions than it is on the LP.
anyway, this thing is out on the 8th of february. it will be on all of the magical streaming services, and if you like vinyl, you can pre-order it over here at DFA: http://store.dfarecords.com”

With the album coming shortly and the track list found below, the forthcoming project is sure to be another solid piece in the LCD Soundsystem catalog.

1. Seconds
2. american dream
3. you wanted a hit
4. get innocuous
5. call the police
6. i used to
7. tonite
8. home
9. I Want Your Love
10. emotional haircut
11. oh baby
12. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang

LCD Soundsystem confirms forthcoming live album, ‘Electric Lady Sessions’

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LCD Soundsystem confirms forthcoming live album, ‘Electric Lady Sessions’Lcd Electric Lady Sessions 1

The enduringly meta and tragically hip LCD Soundsystem‘s frontman, James Murphy has confirmed fans can expect a new album through DFA/Columbia Records some time before the year is spent.

Comprised of their live studio performing at Electric Lady Studios in New York, Electric Lady Sessions is preceded by their erratic cover of Heaven 17’s, “(We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang,” which will find its place within forthcoming record.

LCD Soundsytem regained their rightful residence on the forefront of the dance-rock continuum last September, with the release of their Grammy-nominated, fourth studio album, American Dream, which proved a vessel for revival for the alternative icons after years of release dormancy and ostensible retirement. The record received staggering accolades for its timely sense of self-awareness and titillating electro-funk ebbs and flows.

Soulwax’s ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ has been re-released

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Soulwax’s ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’ has been re-releasedSoulwa

After 10 years, Soulwax has re-released its 2008 documentary Part of the Weekend Never Dies for the first time in HD and for free on YouTube. The rockumentary follows the dance music pioneers on what seems to be a never-ending tour, during which they capture the evolution of a scene from 2005-2007 an alchemist’s golden age of music. The film captures Soulwax and their confidants bump and jam literally all over the world from Japan to Scandinavia, Europe to Australia, Brazil to the States, leaving spun minds and good times in their wake.

Like all great rockumentaries, Part of the Weekend Never Dies is honest and unflinching in its presentation of the band. Through one camera, they capture Soulwax evoking release in people through an unprecedented combination of dance and rock music. This human release isn’t always pretty, but it is always honest. The level of humor and chaos presented in this film is something worth seeing and even harder to look away from.

Part of the Weekend Never Dies features clarifying and fascinating interviews from an eclectic group of notable individuals and friends of the band. Tiga, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and Nancy Whang, Klaxons, peaches, and Justice all speak to the ridiculous energy, desired remixes, and innovation Soulwax/2ManyDJs gave to the scene. It’s clear from the footage that these guys are rightfully godfathers of the dance scene. Through their live drum beats, musical innovation, and ability to keep going, Soulwax set the stage for how big dance music would become, which is probably why they were so impossible to follow. Their continued commercial success is also a testament to this. 

Photo credit: BBC

LCD Soundsystem’s new Rian Johnson-directed music video for ‘Oh Baby’ is a brilliant sci-fi tear jerker

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LCD Soundsystem’s new Rian Johnson-directed music video for ‘Oh Baby’ is a brilliant sci-fi tear jerkerLowlandsFestival LCDSoundsystem

LCD Soundsystem never cease to amaze.

The New York indie dance icons are in the victory lap of a triumphant comeback behind their Columbia-signed American Dream LP, and the latest complement to the album comes by way of the new music video for “Oh Baby,” though calling the piece a music video feels considerably understated. The new feature, directed by Rian Johnson of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Breaking Bad fame, dives into a gut-wrenching sci-fi thrill ride, starring David Strathairn and Sissy Spacek, scored by James Murphy and company.

The video explores teleportation, and it wouldn’t be proper LCD Soundsystem if there wasn’t a heartbreakingly poetic love tie-in.The short feature is truly worth the watch — Strathairn and Spacek, who seem to play married scientists of sorts, fashion a teleportation device that they begin to test in various trials. Before their experiments reach a full conclusion, the story’s tune takes a dark turn and the two must finish their trials with a decision of heart, rather than of mind.

The video comes after the announcement of Nancy Whang and Gavin Rossum’s upcoming Ladies of LCD road stretch as well as a repeat-worthy reinvention of Chic’s “I Want Your Love” earlier this summer. Watch “Oh Baby” below.

Hear LCD Soundsystem cover Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ in new Spotify Singles release

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Hear LCD Soundsystem cover Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ in new Spotify Singles releaseLowlandsFestival LCDSoundsystem

LCD Soundsystem has partnered up with Spotify on their latest release. The two-track acoustic EP follows the usual format of a Spotify Singles release, including an acoustic in-studio version of one of the band’s tracks as well as a cover. For this session, LCD recorded a new version of “Tonite,” a single released last year on their long awaited comeback album American Dream. But of course, since electronic elements are so engrained in LCD’s style, this seemingly stripped back version of the track still includes its integral synthesized elements. Following “Tonite” is a mash up of sorts, where the band works their own 2010 track “Home” together with Chic‘s “I Want Your Love.” This time, the track takes on a groovier new personality with the homage paid to the iconic Nile Rodgers-led funk band.

Both tracks were recorded in New York City’s iconic Electric Lady Studios.

Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Rossum announce ‘Ladies of LCD Soundsystem’ tour

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Nancy Whang and Gavin Rayna Rossum announce ‘Ladies of LCD Soundsystem’ tourLCD Soundsystem Nancy Whang Gavin Rayna Russom

The prolificness of LCD Soundsystem and its cohorts since their fall 2017 return has been a marvelous return.

Now, Gavin Rayna Russom and Nancy Whang are here to continue on the group’s musical reign with the announcement that the two will embark on a joint DJ tour as the “Ladies of LCD Soundsystem” this fall. It would really seem that this is happening, after all.

Russom and Whang will also be using the tour as an opportunity to showcase local performers in each of their stops, with a focus on women and non-binary musicians. Additionally, $1 from each ticket will be donated to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) — the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the U.S.

LCD Soundsystem’s last album, American Dream, came out in September 2017. It’s second single “Tonite” later won the group a Grammy.

Tour Dates: 

10-18 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
10-19 Seattle, WA – Eden
10-20 San Diego, CA – Bang Bang
10-25 Ferndale, MI – Grasshopper Underground
10-26 Miami, FL – Floyd
10-27 Athens, GA – Georgia Theatre
10-31 Chicago, IL – Sleeping Village
11-01 Louisville, KY – Gravely Brewing Co.
11-02 Dallas, TX – It’ll Do
11-03 St. Charles, MO – RYSE
11-08 Denver, CO – Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox
11-09 San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
11-10 Austin, TX – Cheer Up Charlie’s
11-17 Portsmouth, NH – 3S Artspace
11-29 Brooklyn, NY – Good Room
11-30 Los Angeles, CA – 1720

Photo Credit: Michael Vadino

H/T: Rolling Stone

Dixon and Lovefingers dance themselves clean on new LCD Soundsystem remix package

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Dixon and Lovefingers dance themselves clean on new LCD Soundsystem remix packageJames Murphy LCD Soundsystem PC avi Torrent

It’s not hard to imagine LCD Soundsystem‘s tunes having an even more thoughtful, even groovier feel than they already do. The indie rock group is helmed by a once-upon-a-time DJ, after all. Not to mention, their latest studio album American Dream was a significant dance with the indie-pop tag, as it leans wholeheartedly on squelching synth pleasantries with tracks like “tonite” and others. But now, two dance mavens have got behind the booth with LCD, driving the band further into the dance realm than ever before.

Innervisions label boss Dixon has put his own touch on “i used to,” repurposing the track at its seams into newly illuminated dance-appropriate attire. Lovefingers, too, has put his own touch two times over on “oh baby,” dancing with the guitar and adding glitzy new drum tracks and a flickering bass line into the mix.