Kidnap’s ‘Skin’ gets a heartwarming remix from Rinzen

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Kidnap’s ‘Skin’ gets a heartwarming remix from RinzenKidnap Skin Rinzen Remi Artwork

“Skin” ushered in a new beginning for Kidnap, who finally felt as though he was stepping into his own as an artist and hitting his stride. He wielded his newfound power in this track, exploring profundity with moving, cinematic arrangement and dual vocalists.

A piece this special from Kidnap seemed primed to inspire others, and that it did. LA-based artist Rinzen was one of those who felt the effects of “Skin,” and was trusted with official remix duties for the tune. What resulted was a piece made for the dancefloor that maintained the emotive integrity of the original.

“I fell in love with Kidnap’s song ‘Skin’ when I first heard it. There was an honesty and fragility to the vocals that immediately had me hooked. I wanted to take that emotion and craft an anthemic club track around it.” – Rinzen

Echoes of “Skin’s” melodic structure remain in place, but are rinsed in the producer’s choice analog synthesizers to give off a Stephan Bodzin-esque effect. Despite a more livened and complex reinvisioning, one thing remains consistent: the vocals take center stage, and carry the sentimental weight of the piece. Rinzen once more demonstrates his keen empathy and respect for the projects he takes on in his “Skin” re-work — not to mention, his own growth in the process.

EXCLUSIVE: Kidnap targets emotions with starry new record, ‘Ursa Minor’

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EXCLUSIVE: Kidnap targets emotions with starry new record, ‘Ursa Minor’Kidnap Kid Press Shot

The end of 2017 saw the beginnings of a new chapter unfold for Kidnap — formerly Kidnap Kid. Aside from the obvious name change, which he attributed to a feeling of growth since entering the scene at just 21 years of age, his music also saw a change as well. Though the artist has always erred toward the melodic, he’s since exposed an even more sensitive side of himself through productions under his new moniker — one with more depth and nuance.

Thus, we’re brought to his most recent release, out on his Birds That Fly imprint. “Ursa Minor” is otherworldly in its aesthetic, much like the constellation it gets its title from. Kidnap walks listeners through a valley of sentimentality, making them feel comforted in the process with sparkling, bittersweet melodies and a touching breakdown. The track keeps the mind in this hypnotized state of bliss all the way through to the end, as the last note gently fades out. “Ursa Minor” is certainly filled with class — a standard Kidnap regularly meets with each production.

“Ursa Minor” will be released on July 27. Pre-order a copy here.


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Kidnap Kid reinvents himself as Kidnap

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Many know UK native Matt Relton as electronic music producer Kidnap Kid thanks to hit releases like “Vehl” and “Aba” with Lane 8. Relton sat down with Mixmag during an episode of their On Rotation podcast, where he discussed that he would be changing his artist name because he was “ending this chapter and starting with refreshed intentions.”

The producer will be moving forward with the artist name “Kidnap” as opposed to “Kidnap Kid” to symbolize this change. Next time fans see a new track out by Kidnap, it’s not an artist ripping off of the UK heavy-hitter’s artist name, but a reinvention of the producer himself.

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NMF Roundup: Anna Lunoe returns, Valentino Khan brings the heat, and more

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epizode 2017 crowd

The most important day of every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

ATFC and David Penn team up for a groovy, soul-filled Armada release, “Hipcats.”

London producer Kidnap has given the world a sneak peek at his new Ashes EP with “Aurora.”

Anna Lunoe returns in a “Blaze of Glory” with this powerful anthem.

Snakehips and St. Rulez take their listener on a ride with the high-flying “Cruzin’.”

Whethan continues his tour-de-force in this emotion-packed collaboration with Broods, “Be Like You.”

Manila Killa puts his own spin on Jeremy Zucker’s “Talk Is Overrated” in this light, breezy remix.

Slushii combines autotune and cascading synth melodies for his latest original, “Where I’m At.”

Valentino Khan brings the heat with this sultry, feisty house tune, “Lick It.”

Boombox Cartel blasts off into outer space with this festival-ready, big room powerhouse of a track, “Moon Love.”

In their third release of the year, The Chainsmokers drink tequila with their friends in “Everybody Hates Me.”

Robotaki takes walk on the soulful side in his latest original, “Butterscotch,” with Jamie Fine and falcxne.

ZAXX crafts a dreamy atmosphere in his latest original, “Altered.”

Au/RA and CamelPhat weave a somber web in their collaboration, “Panic Room.”

BLU J teams up with vocalist Axel Mansoor for a mellow, vibe-filled original, “Trails.”