Kaskade & Madge drop tech house heat on ‘Tight’

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Kaskade & Madge drop tech house heat on ‘Tight’Kaskade ArtistSoloSAMF2018 Square

It’s been a big fall for Kaskade, and we’re not even halfway through October yet. It’s also been a big year overall for the Arkade head honcho, but when does he ever really take a break from issuing new music, charitable performances and positivity? Keeping the answer to that question quite firm is his latest release, entitled “Tight.”

After spending most of 2018 doing sprint drills between his club, festival and patented Redux style, “Tight” takes a strong stylistic stance. He’s found a new muse in the making in Madge, who as a singer/writer/producer herself plays a similar back and forth between the ethereal and gritty, the unifying and the chaotic. On “Tight,” her vocals are dominating and affirmative as they enter, the perfect complement to Kaskade’s similarly discordant synth choice.

Out via his own Arkade now, “Tight” follows the release of “Fun” earlier in the year. With this addition, it’s clear the dance music icon is clearing a new path for himself musically as he blends sounds of underground house with an almost carefree message paired with mainstream music.

Lil Wayne, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Anderson .Paak, and Meek Mill announced as TIDAL X headliners

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Lil Wayne, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Anderson .Paak, and Meek Mill announced as TIDAL X headlinersLil Wayne Carter V Release Date

TIDAL has announced the headliners for its annual charity concert, TIDAL X. After announcing earlier this year that the proceeds of the show will support criminal justice reform non-profits, the streaming platform has announced its stacked lineup of performers for its return to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on October 23.

Headliners will include Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Anderson .Paak and the return of Ms. Lauryn Hill. Kaskade will return to the event as well. This year’s lineup also features Vic Mensa, Black Thought, Teyana Taylor and more. Tickets for TIDAL X and livestream information can be found here. 

One hundred percent of net ticket proceeds and donations at TIDAL X will support non-profit organizations including #Cut50,  Equal Justice Initiative and Innocence Project and REFORM.

Lil Wayne, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Anderson .Paak, and Meek Mill announced as TIDAL X headlinersImage001 1

From Martin Garrix and Zedd to Illenium and Kaskade, Hakkasan is bringing a gang of talent to Las Vegas for Halloween

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From Martin Garrix and Zedd to Illenium and Kaskade, Hakkasan is bringing a gang of talent to Las Vegas for Halloween5 31 13 Hakkasan Architecture Kabik 19 2

Hakkasan Group is pulling out all the stops for Halloween 2018. The Las Vegas hospitality giant is extending Halloween to a full week, running holiday themed festivities at each of their properties across the strip, spanning from October 25 – October 31. As the month winds down, an eclectic cast of talent will descend upon Vegas — drawing the likes of Steve Aoki, Kaskade, ZEDD, NGHTMRE, Martin Garrix, Borgore, and Lil Uzi Vert to name a few, for one of the busiest party weeks of the year.

JEWEL, Hakkasan, OMNIA, and 1 OAK Nightclub will also feature supporting sets from DJ Drama, Illenium, and others across Halloween week. Along with themed club decor and unbeatable nightly lineups, OMNIA is even hosting a costume contest with a $5,000 grand prize. For a full list of lineups and events, head to Hakkasan Group’s website.

Purchase Hakkasan Halloween tickets here.

Kaskade surprises with release of radiant ODESZA remix

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Kaskade surprises with release of radiant ODESZA remixKaskade Live Credit Rukes

An unrestrained rawness of expression and an accompanying uplifting sentimentality likens some of the staples of ODESZA and Kaskade‘s respective catalogs. Despite the poignant emotionality that pervades both artists’ music, both ODESZA and Kaskade succeed in their shared ability to sheathe even the most achingly confessional production in optimism. Fans of the electronic titans need look no further for an example than Kaskade’s newly released remix of “Falls,” a constituent of ODESZA’s 2017 album, A Moment Apart. Kaskade listeners will recognize the featured vocals as those belonging to none other than Sasha Sloan, memorable for her work on Kaskade’s 2015 Automatic inclusion, “Phoenix.”

Kaskade’s take on the A Moment Apart track listing initially surfaced in several live Kaskade sets, but now gains a full-fledged, mastered release. Kaskade makes minimal but impactful alterations to ODESZA’s evocative original, beginning with the isolation of Sloan’s vocal during the remix’s first few seconds. Whereas ODESZA opt for a melodic breakdown that melds and twists harmonized vocal cuts, Kaskade leans in a more ascendant direction. Kaskade follows the climbing soprano bent of Sloan’s vocal at the song’s hook with mounting synth work that extends the hook’s higher pitch, making for a resplendent re-envisioning of ODESZA’s track.

Photo credit: Rukes

Kaskade talks new ‘Destinations’ compilation series, the translation of a place into a sound, and plans for upcoming spotlight cities [Q&A]

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Kaskade talks new ‘Destinations’ compilation series, the translation of a place into a sound, and plans for upcoming spotlight cities [Q&A]Kaskade Live Credit Rukes

If a specific place could be translated to sound, then just what might that place sound like? Kaskade envisions an answer to this question on his latest project, Destinations: Tulum, the inaugural installment in the producer’s newly conceived Destinations compilation series. Destinations: Tulum debuted on Kaskade’s Arkade imprint in August. The production sought to embody the spirit of Tulum, crafting a sensory listening experience emblematic of the distinctive personality and aesthetic of Mexico’s coastal getaway spot.

The project’s 18 tracks, hand selected by Kaskade, comprise the first edition of the newly minted series and befit both the character of Tulum, and the larger vision of the Destinations concept. Kaskade describes the actualized product as the result of, “traveling the world and becoming emotionally attached to different locations.” Dancing Astronaut caught up with Kaskade just before his main stage set at Electric Zoo‘s tenth anniversary edition in September to chat about the veteran producer’s newly emerging series.

The first installment of Destinations is out on Arkade and it’s a hefty offering. 18 tracks really gives you a breadth with which to recreate that sensory experience of ‘walking through the town’ or ‘sitting on the beach’ as you’d stated was your objective.

Kaskade: Sounds like you listened to it!

It’s a really dynamic concept. When it comes to translating a place through sound, I’m imagining that the song selection process is different for each compilation. So what were you specifically looking for when it came to choosing the tracks for Destinations: Tulum?

I think I was just trying to capture the mood of that. I’ve been to Tulum, I’ve visited Mexico many, many times, and I came up with the idea for the compilation while sitting in Tulum in a cool café which I don’t know the name of, and they had this DJ playing this really chic, cool music, and in my head it sounded like what’s on the compilation now. It’s been a few years, so I don’t know if it’s actually like that, but it paints a picture in your head. It was this really laidback and chill groove, and I’m sitting at the beach drinking lemonade with my family, and hanging out and I was like, ‘this is amazing,’ and I think the idea for the compilation was just to kind of capture that moment.”

But even if it’s changed you crystallized and froze that moment in time. What is it about these locations — Tulum being the first — that make them canvases for upcoming editions of the series?

I kind of have this theory, and a lot of people agree with me, that you’re inspired by what you’re surrounded with, right? People, places, things, food, you know, family, whatever is happening around you. I think the idea for the compilation is just to have moments, sonic moments, that kind of weave this tapestry and make for something memorable. Then later you’re like, ‘oh my gosh yes, this reminds me of this time I went here or when I went there,’ so yeah I started with Tulum, and we’ll see what comes next, I haven’t started on the next one yet.

So you’re kind of making it up as you go.

Producers are reaching out to me and being like ‘dude, Iceland should be next,’ all these cool places that people want to travel and see and I’m like take it easy! You know, like let’s get the first one out. People have been really receptive to the idea, and other producers who want to contribute. Yeah, I don’t have a place chosen yet, but I have a short list going.

Your Chicago roots — might they lead to a Destinations: Chicago compilation?

There definitely should be a Destinations: Chicago, for sure. 100 percent that needs to happen.

Your Redux shows provide a really intimate and immersive live experience. Destinations seems like it could expand and really lend itself well to a live experience, maybe in a similarly intimate style.

That’s the idea, I hope it grows and expands and people are open minded and want to listen to different locations and what they might sound like, all through the filter of my brain. I’m here letting it unravel and seeing where it takes me.

On the subject of travel, what is your absolute, number one go-to travel essential, the one item you can’t travel without, however general or unusual it might be?

I carry a beanie whether its summer or winter, it doesn’t matter. I travel with those compression socks, it’s kind of a unique thing since everyone else is going to say the same thing, iPhone whatever. But I travel with compression socks, I started doing that before it was cool because now everyone makes compression socks, Nike makes them, Stance, I travel with Stance compression socks since I like them a lot.

While Kaskade returns to the studio to plan the next stop on his musical itinerary, listeners can stream Destinations: Tulum sans jet lag and compression socks here.

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Revisit deadmau5’s canonized classic LP ‘Random Album Title’ as it turns 10 years old

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Revisit deadmau5’s canonized classic LP ‘Random Album Title’ as it turns 10 years oldDeadmau5 Stoge

Ten years ago, deadmau5 changed the course of dance music with Random Album Title, one of the genre’s most influential albums to date. Arriving on Ultra Records in September of 2008, deadmau5’s third official LP put the world on notice that the Joel Zimmerman had arrived, was here to stay, and had a lot more up his sleeve. At the time of the album’s release deadmau5’s mighty mau5trap imprint was only a year old, and would go on to share Random Album Title‘s now iconic bolded arial black font. Time to get nostalgic.

As far as listens go, the record is still a front-to-back odyssey of genre-defining cuts. From the prophetic meeting of two future legends on the Kaskade-assisted instant classic “I Remember,” to the soothing waves of “Faxing Berlin,” the track list reads like a definitive collection of late 2000’s progressive house and electro. The horde will likely go on debating whether Random Album Title beats out its follow up, For Lack of a Better Name as deadmau5’s magnum opus until the end of time. What isn’t up for debate – the clear ripples of influence created by Random Album Title that are still felt across the dance music spectrum to this day.

Kaskade dispensary plan smoked out after inception

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Kaskade dispensary plan smoked out after inceptionKASKADE2014

So, a Mormon and a DJ walk into a dispensary…

Not really, though, as Kaskade‘s team has recently confirmed that he has absolutely no connection to a new LA-based marijuana dispensary brandishing the name, ‘Kaskade Collective.’ The irony lies in the fact that the dance demigod is a devout Mormon—yes, of the intrinsically sober variety. He even has family in Utah, for any skeptics out there.

The “I Remember” artist will fortunately be able to avoid legal action, as the business has promptly agreed to change its name in the next few days. What is still unclear is whether or not the dispensary fashioned its masthead in homage to the artist, or if it was pure coincidence. Nonetheless, the right Kaskade was left standing this time around.

H/T:Magnetic Mag


AC Slater and Phlegmatic Dogs wild out for remix of Kaskade’s ‘Fun’

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AC Slater and Phlegmatic Dogs wild out for remix of Kaskade’s ‘Fun’DSC 1385 Bw

Earlier this year, Kaskade tapped the BROHUG trio, Mr. Tape, and Madge for some “Fun” — a funky guitar and bouncy bell synth-led house single, crafted with a penchant for playtime. Now, AC Slater joins the Phlegmatic Dogs duo in introducing the track to a diversion of the darker variety.

While AC offers the new remix his airy, reverb-heavy melodicism in the interludes, the drops are riddled with the Dogs’ signature static-heavy bass. The remix leaves Madge’s frisky vocal cut intact, tinged with a bit of pitched-down distortion. Similarly, traces of the rest of the frolicsome original’s frill still permeate throughout the remix—though they too seem to have been dropped in the Night Bass blender.

The Phlegmatic Dogs are chronic releasers inside AC’s dusky house haven, Night Bass Records. Last year, the imprint housed their breakthrough track “Keepmastik,” which plagued house sets for months after its release with its fierce rhythmic arrangement and growling bassline.

Calvin Harris and friends celebrate Labor Day weekend with Hakkasan

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Calvin Harris and friends celebrate Labor Day weekend with HakkasanHakkasan Calvin Harris Photo Credit Joe Janet 1

Las Vegas-based Hakkasan Group is known for its worldwide hospitality, five-star restaurants and top-of-the-line night clubs which span from the eponymous Hakkasan, Omnia, and beyond. The brand’s organizers have been hard at work preparing their institutions for Labor Day festivities around the corner, and are finally ready to reveal the supremely-stacked bill of guest talent to headline throughout the weekend of August 30 to September 3.

Calvin Harris, Tïesto, and Martin Garrix are just a few names participating in the festivities, along with hip-hop phenomenon Lil’ Jon, who is no stranger to Hakkasan Group’s events. It’s hard to resist spending the holiday weekend among such legendary, chart-topping artists. Not to mention, no matter then venue, each performance is guaranteed to be accompanied by Hakkasan production standards, which include top class lighting and visuals, sound, and layout.

Omnia’s Vegas branch at Caesars Palace kicks off its Labor Day Weekend on Friday, August 31 with Calvin Harris, and Generic and DJ Dash as his opening acts. Zedd and DJ Lucky You take over on September 1. Finally, Martin Garrix closes out the weekend with DJ Bamboozle on September 2.

Jewel Nightclub, situated in the Aria Resort & Casino, has its share of talent as well. Playboi Carti opening festivities there on August 31. Tyga comes through on September 1, with the cake-throwing talent Steve Aoki closing out on Sunday, September 2.

Get ready to scream “HEY!” And “OKAY!” With Lil Jon at Hakkasan on Thursday, August 30. Hardwell swings by with Kill the Buzz on August 31. Tiesto headlines with Dzeko and DJ Five on Saturday, September 1, with an encore performance by Calvin Harris and Generik on Sunday, September 2. 1OAK Nightclub at The Mirage Hotel & Casino celebrates the end of summer with the “Panda” singer, Desiigner on Friday, August 31st, along with O.T. Genasis on September 1st. 

Pool parties during the day time hours are set to bring an oasis from the heat in the funnest of fashions. Wet Republic will be starting off its afternoon festivities Tïesto and Dzeko at the helm, with Steve Aoki and Kaskade joining the fray on September 1. Martin Garrix makes plays a daytime cameo alongside Justin Mylo on September 2. Liquid Pool Lounge at will be hosting the likes of Scooter & Lavelle, DJ E-Rock, DJ Drama, BRKYLN, DJ Buza. Last, but not least, partiers can also enjoy Greg Lopez, G-Squared, Zsuzsanna, and DJ Que at the Bare Pool Lounge in The Mirage if none of the previous events mentioned don’t fit their fance. On that note the Barekini Contest with DJ Flow on Monday, September 3 is set to be a fun cap off for the weekend. All in all, Hakkasan is gearing up to close out festival season in style.


Get away with Kaskade’s 15-track sensory compilation, ‘Destinations Tulum’ [Stream]

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Get away with Kaskade’s 15-track sensory compilation, ‘Destinations Tulum’ [Stream]BPM ALive

It’s the quintessential summer getaway, sans the passport and TSA lines: it’s Destinations Tulum. A 15-track compilation that first captures the spirit of insatiable wanderlust, couples it with the character of Tulum, and then translates it into electronic sound, Destinations Tulum bears a breezy tracklist of songs hand selected by Kaskade himself.

Arkade presents: Tulum is the first in a series of compilations about traveling the world and becoming emotionally attached to different locations,” Kaskade said of the inaugural Destinations installment, released on the “Almost Back” producer’s Arkade imprint. “I’ve developed personal relationships with the moods of different spots, and wanted to start with Tulum as it’s always lingered with me. I hope with the compilation…I can bring back the feeling of being in Tulum. A sensory experience of sitting on the beach and walking through the town,” Kaskade added.

Destinations Tulum invites listeners to embark on an imaginative yet nonetheless experiential sonic venture through the streets of Tulum as Kaskade returns to the studio to plan the next stop on the musical itinerary.

H/T: Billboard

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