Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0

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Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0Holyship19c 031

Holy Ship! 12.0 was truly one for the books. With an even mixture of new and old faces across DJs and attendees, the vibe felt particularly special this time around, with talent from Mikey Lion to The Black Madonna all gushing about the magic that transpired over the weekend. The programming was as on point as the open, jubilant crowd, with a myriad of hidden stages, activity areas, and well-planned DJ sets happening all across the ship’s decks to create an even, enduring flow for all four days. Ultimately, the vibrant energy output by all involved—from the #shipfam, to the crew—made for yet another unforgettable voyage to the Bahamas.

While picking top moments of the festival feels akin to being forced to pick a favorite child, we masochistically put ourselves to the task and selected five highlights of 12.0. Without further ado…


JAUZ, Slander, and more at Bite This for an epic B2B

Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0HS2019 0105 234055 6307 ALIVECOVERAGE 1

Credit: aLive Coverage

JAUZ went all out for his set at Bite This stage, playing more-or-less a producer’s set with mostly his own productions. While he’d already gotten off to a great start, onlookers got to witnessed something magical. Slander joined the bass house don on stage, followed by Holy Goof and Skepsis for what wound up being one of the most epic B2Bs of the weekend. We’re pretty sure people’s necks and feet still hurt from the chaos.

Claude VonStroke doing what he does best

Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0HS2019 0109 064455 0114 ALIVECOVERAGE 1

Credit: aLive Coverage

Claude VonStroke played multiple times throughout Holy Ship! 12.0. Two moments were especially memorable, however. At the DIRTYBIRD private beach party, the label boss worked some serious wizardry behind the decks. This same atmosphere was present, and even more amplified, as the voyage came to a close and he took over the Theater stage with boisterous ease.  The energy in the crowd almost created a full-on second wind.

 NGHTMRE doing some damage on the Pool Deck

Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0Holyship19a 021 1

Credit: Rukes

Ironically, NGHTMRE’s sailaway set was actually something out of a dream. Each tune he selected was an absolute knocker, be it his own original works, or numbers like Slander’s “Zombie,” which made the crowd completely lose it. Even more cerebral was that we got the chance to watch it from the 17th floor outside deck, which made the visuals completely surreal.

 JOYRYDE brings out the hidden gems

Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0Holyship19b 124

Credit: Rukes

Those in attendance of JOYRYDE’s two Holy Ship! performances were lucky enough to catch a special preview of his upcoming album, Brave. The swiftly-rising producer pulled out a ton of IDs in each, treating his onlookers to a fresh, unheard of aural feast. Pairing with the tunes was both of his crowds’ energies. There was no stopping of the wild dancing that night, and snatching snippets of the night to look back on afterward.

Heroic substitution by Habstrakt

Reliving Holy Ship! – Dancing Astronaut’s favorite moments from weekend 12.0DwwfYkoU0AA8RfF

Credit: Nate Vogel

Sadness could be felt across the Shipfam when news arose of Audien missing the cruise due to sickness. That being said, the Holy Ship! crew had an excellent substitute up its sleeve: Habstrakt. The classically-trained Frenchman read his crowd with ease, throwing down some three of the weekend’s most noteworthy sets that, while wildly varied stylistically and through track selection, remained connected in their wildness. One might even say him coming on board was a blessing in disguise.


Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2018

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Dancing Astronaut’s Top Tracks of 2018Skrille 1

Paring down an entire year’s worth of songs is no easy feat.

2018 saw the explosion of songs like ZEDD‘s “The Middle” and Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa‘s “One Kiss,” dominating both the dance music charts and the radio airwaves. Ear-catching tracks like these, along with fan favorites like FISHER‘s persuasive “Losing It” and Anti Up‘s entertaining “Pizza” wiggled their way into festival sets around the world and — love them or hate them — stood out as notable tracks that do their part in immortalizing this whirlwind of a year.

We also saw a creative collective of remixes surface in 2018, including Rinzen‘s compelling take on deadmau5 and Rob Swire‘s hit “Monophobia” and Skrillex‘s intoxicating rendition of Travis Scott‘s “Sicko Mode.” We celebrated the return of Gesaffelstein with “Reset” and welcomed new projects from Diplo in LSD and Silk City. We welcomed collaborations from Ekali, Medasin, and Elohim in “Forever,” Tiësto, Dzeko, Post Malone, and Preme in platinum smash hit “Jackie Chan,” and ZHU and Tame Impala in “My Life.”

Ultimately, though, we’ve narrowed 2018 down to 30 tracks that stole our hearts and smashed streaming records.

Luca Lush releases flip of Skrillex and JOYRYDE’s ‘AGEN WIDA’

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Luca Lush releases flip of Skrillex and JOYRYDE’s ‘AGEN WIDA’Luca Lush Mad Decent

Luca Lush is capping off the year by taking on Skrillex and JOYRYDE‘s massive collaboration, “AGEN WIDA.” He has been teasing the collaboration for weeks, and his flip of the track is finally out now exclusively on SoundCloud. After playing with the BPM, Luca Lush initially slows down the track and draws out the notes with an added bass layer behind them. In true Luca Lush style, he then adds cutting synths and takes the track in a new direction for the second half of the lift, which ends with an increased tempo and hectic drumlines.

The producer gave fans food for thought in the track description, where he wrote, “did u know that the time machine in doc’s delorean from back to the future was actually just the world’s first vape. happy holidays from ya boy.” He will be kicking off his Another Life tour beginning in January of 2019, and fans can purchase tickets here.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 67

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 67Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

Electronic music’s favorite bickering best friends are at it again. After teaming up for a powerful remix of Knife Party‘s “Sleaze” last month, contending colleagues No Mana and i_o have returned for a collaborative original, “Bad Things.” They’ve enlisted vocalist Fay to give their bass-pounding venture an even more sultry vibe and unleashed it to the world via mau5trap. In the track, they’ve managed to blend a variety of genres, making “Bad Things” pleasing to fans of techno, house, trance, and everything in between.

With Skrillex now releasing music on a more regular basis, his latest endeavors are, of course, being remixed into the ground. His mega-collab with JOYRYDE, “AGEN WIDA,” has been flipped, revamped and recycled countless times since its release in late October. One of the latest to take on the fiery track is FREAK ON, a Venice Beach producer whose catalog only contains this track and one other (a remix of Spice Girls). This intense tech house rework of “AGEN WIDA” provides an awesome new perspective on the track, leaning into its house elements for a groovy rendition.

After sitting on the track for a while, Monstercat‘s Grant found that “Castaway” made for a perfect addition to the label’s reoccurring partnership with video game phenomenon Rocket League. “It’s a song about starting over, and the desire to escape from your current life or whatever it is that’s holding you back,” he says of the track. He enlisted vocalist Jessi Mason as a complement to the serene, easygoing soundscape he’d created and built a song that’s simultaneously complex and smooth.

graves can do no wrong. Just weeks after contributing a massive rendition of “If Only You Knew” to What So Not‘s Not All The Beautiful Things Remixes album, he’s back with a new original piece of work. Tapping the talents of singer EZI, graves uses her breezy vocals to set the tone for the meticulously produced pop/trap synthesis he’s created. His versatile ways of production shine no matter what he’s making, and it’s such a refreshing thing to witness and hear.

“i was lost but i was amazed at what i had discovered,” reads dull machine’s description of “the beauty in the hatred.” I, too, am amazed at what I’ve discovered in this track. This carefully designed song ascends with a minute-long introduction, its delicate melody building up to a theme of full-bodied instrumentation and crashing percussion. There’s a unique, endearing quality here — one that’s hard to put a finger on. Fans of Porter Robinson: pay attention.

JOYRYDE to throw benefit show in LA, all proceeds will go to California wildfire victims

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JOYRYDE to throw benefit show in LA, all proceeds will go to California wildfire victimsJOYRYDE Wildfires 1

As wildfires continue to rage from both ends of the Californian borders, an increasingly prominent figure in the electronic landscape, JOYRYDE, is wielding his talents to take a commendable stride to alleviate the suffering of those affected.

JOYRYDE (real name: John Ford) has announced he, in association with Insomniac Events, United Talent Agency, Prodigy Artists, and the LA Fire Department, will be throwing a benefit show Nov 29 at Exchange LA–with all proceeds going directly towards helping the victims of this month’s catastrophic fires.

“Last week I was watching the fires and knew already we had to do this,” JOYRYDE wrote on Facebook. “I’m donating my fee and all proceeds from this event to the LAFD and we made a go fund me for the Animal Shelters and victims of the fire. COME, GIVE.”

With a death toll eclipsing 80, and hundreds of Californians still unaccounted for, the fire has been deemed by experts the deadliest and most environmentally destructive in the state’s history. The fires have left thousands homeless, desecrating an upwards of 16,000 total homes and structures. Firefighters have been working day and night to expel the flames, with an estimated 75 percent of the fires contained at present, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Donations to JOYRYDE’s GoFundMe can be made here, and tickets to the benefit show can be found here.


11 things we learned from Wolfgang Gartner’s recent Reddit AMA

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11 things we learned from Wolfgang Gartner’s recent Reddit AMAWolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner rose from the ashes with his new Medicine EP that showcased his original, complex-electro style with modern day bass house elements. The veteran EDM producer stopped by Reddit to allow users to ask him whatever’s on their minds. A lot of users wondered about production techniques, collaborations/inspirations, and more intimate facts about the man behind the music. Below are 13 things learned from the event.

1) Wolfgang and Skrillex have had major impacts on each other’s sounds throughout their careers. He even got a sneak peek at the watershed Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Wolfgang would even follow up on “Devil’s Den” if the opportunity presented itself.


2) JOYRYDE is one of Gartner’s biggest inspirations as of late, which helped him rise from his musical slump.


3) Jaykode made appearances in the AMA, showing love to his friend and collaborator. Gartner describes why the two collaborate so well together, noting that they use a similar, unique chord structure in their productions.


4) He has a grip of new music in the works. While he has as many as 10 new tracks in the can, even after the release of his recent Medicine EP, another full-length album from Wolfgang in the future seems unlikely.


5) His current favorites are JOYRYDE, Habstrakt, and Zomboy, among others.


6) The complextro deity delves into his writing process, revealing that his method relies on the drums in his productions to guide his melodies. He also reveals his favorite hardware of the moment.



7) Wolfgang reveals his career’s biggest obstacle has been chasing balance. As a result, he works in imbalanced life cycles between family and music, spending six to eight months producing and the rest tending to family, loved ones, and health.


8) One of Wolfgang’s biggest musical inspirations is hip-hop icon Timbaland.


9) He sings on Medicine — the first time he’s used his own vocals in over 20 years.


10) It took Gartner 10 years of producing to sell his first song. And he sold it for $300.


11) The Wolf is a cat guy.


JOYRYDE throws album roll out into gear with Skrillex riding shotgun on ‘AGEN WIDA’

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JOYRYDE throws album roll out into gear with Skrillex riding shotgun on ‘AGEN WIDA’Agen Wida 1

One of the most anticipated electronic match-ups of 2018’s closing months, with compatibility ratings that leave Tinder’s in a shallow grave, Skrillex and JOYRYDE‘s “AGEN WIDA,” has landed—at long last.

Both EDM blue chips have been wielding the track’s jungle-themed savor to add a fan-friendly swelter to their sets for over a year now. With its spontaneous tempo switch-ups, offbeat vocal contortions, and delectably danceable four-on-the-floor framework, the collaborative delivery behind “AGEN WIDA” is a lesson in organic chemistry. While JOYRYDE has been touting his driving bass-house since spawning his solo project, Skrillex’s foray into house sensibilities more recently grew out of his now-omnipresent effort with Habstrakt on “Chicken Soup” from 2017’s HOWSLA compilation, catapulting his output since toward its current dock in heavy-house harbor.

The momentous new track comes as a precursor to JOYRYDE’s recently announced debut studio album, Brave, touching down November 30. Both OWSLA entities are set to take the stage at a slew of fall/winter festivals before the year is up, doubtlessly with “AGEN WIDA” in-hand.

Skrillex reveals JOYRYDE collab, ‘AGEN WIDA’

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Skrillex reveals JOYRYDE collab, ‘AGEN WIDA’Skrille Joyryde Agen Wida Collab Tease

With fan anticipation well past fever pitch, Skrillex news is beginning to pick up. Now, the OWSLA boss has teased a new collaboration with JOYRYDE via social media that will only add more fuel to the new Skrillex hype train. In a tweet, Skrillex posted a screen shot of his iTunes loaded up with track by himself and JOYRYDE titled “AGEN WIDA.” While it’s unclear whether or not the track is slated for the long-awaited Skrillex LP, the screen cap also contained an extra tidbit for music fans. Just a week after hinting strongly at a full length OWSLA LP, the “HOT DRUM” producer’s music in Skrill’s own music collection is shown with BRAVE as the album title.

While the exact details are still a little fuzzy, music fans have a double dose of goodness to look forward to, with a confirmed new Skrillex collab and a full JOYRYDE album. It’s looking like an explosive end of year for OWSLA, and liftoff can’t come soon enough for impatient fans.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018

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Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Moonrise Festival

Words by Rachel Narozniak, Josh Hymowitz, and Alexander Krinsky

As the ‘moon rose,’ the bass dropped across Moonrise Festival‘s four stages over the course of the Maryland’s event’s two-day occupancy at Pimlico Race Track. Diversely decorated with talent that spanned dance music’s many subgenres, Moonrise’s 2018 lineup drew a variety of acts ranging from MIJA to Timmy Trumpet to Zeds Dead, and a crowd comprised of fans with equally divergent tastes.

Dancing Astronaut went live on location for one of the final festivals of the 2018 season. What follows are ten artists who brought the Moonrise momentum, throwing down sets that made new fans out of attendees, and astonished longer term listeners.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018C Scale F Auto W 706 V1504901065 This Song Is Sick Media Image 3lau Star Crossed 1504901065115 Png

3LAU, Stellar Stage

Rachel Narozniak

3LAU broke out of the 2018 release gate with a fervor that was anything but tempered on his debut full-length outing, Ultraviolet. The 11-track offering asserted that the producer’s 2016 “Into You” remix only nascently evinced 3LAU’s astute ear for electronic experimentation, one that gained extended exhibition on Ultraviolet.

A standout in the current context of EDM, given the album’s distinctive spin on commercial house, Ultraviolet’s edge derived from its confident re-imagination of what music branded as “EDM” could sound like. Fast forward to August 13 at Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Track, and 3LAU would translate the energy of Ultraviolet–but on a larger scale, of his career to date–to his live set at Moonrise Festival’s Stellar Stage. A robust showing rife with vivid bass, jumps into electro territory, and 3LAU classics–“How You Love Me,” for one–the set exemplified 3LAU’s maturity both as a producer in the studio, and as a performer behind the decks. 3LAU’s inclusion of Zeds Dead’s bass oriented flip of Touch” proved a highlight of the set.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Screen Shot 2018 08 18 At 1.15.47 PM

Diplo, Stellar Stage

Josh Hymowitz

Unfortunately, festivals don’t always proceed as planned. Festival organizers paused the first day of Moonrise about 30-minutes before Diplo’s hour-long set at the Stellar stage due to inclement weather. With reports of lightning a few miles out, and with thousands of people on the open grass infield of Pimlico Race Course, the city of Baltimore was bound to take precautions.

Attendees were moved to the grandstand until further notice, but once Moonrise resumed just after what would have been the end of Diplo’s set, ticket holders still got a 25-minute set from Diplo. Despite the limited time frame, Mr. Wentz to give fans everything they’d would want. He played all the hits, including “Revolution,” Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” his latest collaboration with Get It Right,” and more. The highlight had to be this Benzi Mashup, which blends the Smookie Illson Boot of “Club Action” (a go-to during Skrillex and Jack Ü sets back in the day) with the classic “We Like To Party” by Vengaboys and 4B’s “WHISTLE.” Diplo dropped craziness right into the sunset to prep fans for Kaskade.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Chris Lake Rukes

Chris Lake, Celestial Stage

Alexander Krinsky

Chris Lake’s beats leveled the ground at the Celestial Stage. What started as a grassy field was ready for the pouring of concrete after Moonrisers were done thumping. Lake’s unique and often deep darker tracks were a welcome reprieve from the headbanging dub-sets throughout the day for many, that tech house can sometimes just be home.

Chris Lake served up style with toppings of hilarity with his collab track with Chris Lorenzo‘s “Pizza,” while simultaneously extending solid nods to the homies out of the Dirtybird collective by incorporating several of the label mates’ releases in his set, including–among others–FISHER‘s “Losing It.”

Photo Credit: Rukes

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Screen Shot 2018 08 18 At 1.17.28 PM

MK, Celestial Stage

Rachel Narozniak

Give MK an hour behind the decks and a disco ball, and he’ll transform the grassy grounds of a race track into an open air house oasis. While Moonrise resides as one of the East Coast’s best festivals for big name bass performances, the event’s Celestial Stage effected the intimacy of an underground club in the middle of Baltimore.

When it comes to crowd captivation, there is indeed no better duo to initiate immersion than MK and Chris Lake. Lake joined MK at the decks for a surprise b2b that scaled the house to tech house continuum with each track of the set. Hearts palpitated to MK’s “17,” and all in attendance could unanimously agree that the b2b was one of the most serendipitous outcomes of August 11th’s rain related scheduling adjustments.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Screen Shot 2018 08 18 At 1.18.15 PM

Two Friends, Stellar Stage

Josh Hymowitz

Although they had one of the earlier time slots at Stellar Stage, Two Friends crushed their set in front of a huge crowd turnout.

It’s always bound to be a great performance from the duo, considering they’ve remixed every song millennials would want to hear at a party. Two Friends’ revamps range anywhere from The Killers to Blink-182 to Kanye West. Their remix of West’s classic hit, “Touch The Sky,” can be hard to find on the web nowadays due to copyright reasons, so having the privilege of seeing it live is always a treat, an an undeniable high point of Two Friends’ Moonrise set, at that. Luckily for fans, there’s still a few links out there for the remix, and those who missed out on the exclusivity at Two Friends’ set can still get in on the action with this rip of the rework.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Screen Shot 2018 08 18 At 1.19.36 PM

Emancipator, Lunar Stage

Alexander Krinsky

Douglas Appling has had an incredible talent for tying the flow of electronic production with live instruments since Emancipator‘s inception. Appling’s sound is eclectic yet grounded, provoking yet calming, and organic yet able to take the listener to a different planet. With his full live band, along with the heart of the Ensemble’s melodic flow violinist, Ilya Goldberg, Emancipator’s vibrations became one with the airwaves around Moonrise 2018. Rain would eventually begin to fall to the sounds of Emancipator’s ambient trip-hop on Sunday afternoon of the festival, and although the weather would briefly pause the party, there was a moment of pure stillness and near palpable peace at this set.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Screen Shot 2018 08 20 At 12.40.51 PM

JOYRYDE, Stellar Stage

Rachel Narozniak

JOYRYDE proved impervious to the weekend rain as he resumed Sunday activity at the Stellar Stage following the final day’s brief pause. The Skrillex collaborator greeted the Moonrisers who traipsed back onto festival grounds from the grandstand area with potent, punching bass from the very first track of his set, driving energy and adrenaline with bass lines that traveled from the decks, to race track grass, and up through the soles of attendees’ shoes.

JOYRYDE’s characteristically eclectic, bass-inflected aesthetic behind the decks commanded a distinctive brand of live energy accented with UK grime tilts and grittier turns.

Photo Credit: Run The Trap

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Illenium Coachella 18

Illenium, Stellar Stage

Josh Hymowitz

The Denver based breakout producer had one of the most talked-about sets of the weekend, and rightfully so, as Illenium‘s music boasts an ethereal sentimentality that provides an entirely unique live experience while creating a positive atmosphere amongst the crowd.

That being said, Illenium slightly switched gears during his Moonrise 2018 set, incorporating some heavy bass drops that signaled a departure from Illenium’s wheelhouse, the typical slow feels trip that listeners are familiar with. Although he stepped into some grittier territory for the set, a DJ’s unexpected maneuvers never fail to engross crowd members, and as such, Illenium’s Moonrise showing was probably his most notable performance to date.

A particularly noteworthy moment of the set included Illenium’s dropping of “Gold,” his highly celebrated collaboration with Excision, featured on Excision’s latest album, Apex.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018Rezz Certain Kind Of Magic

REZZ, Solar Tent

Alexander Krinsky

Hardly unexpected or surprising, Dancing Astronaut’s Break Out Artist of 2016 did not disappoint during her climactic Moonrise performance.

REZZ sent out heavy vibrations that transfixed the minds of those assembled in the crowd at the Solar Tent for the bass prodigy’s set. It was clear before Moonrise that REZZ wasn’t going to be playing around, and Space Mom indeed came strapped, loaded, and ready to break some backs with a ‘Certain Kind Of Magic,’ in the same titular fashion of her second studio album. Her dubbed out dark dance music absolutely slayed the Solar Tent, providing a proper finale for the festival’s opening night.

Weekend standouts: 10 artists who showed up to show off at Moonrise Festival 2018KASKADE2014

Kaskade, Stellar Stage

Rachel Narozniak

To evade mention of Kaskade’s ‘Stellar’ showing on August 11 would be to overlook a set that evinced the electronic veteran’s reliability and limitless energy with an especial, if not glaring, clarity.

After sharing a portion of his originally allotted set time with Diplo following Saturday’s rain induced pause, Kaskade took to the decks to ensure that Moonrise goers would have some “Fun.” In many ways a ‘greatest hits’ styled set, longtime Kaskade fans enjoyed classic productions like “Disarm You” and “Something Something Champs Remix” interwoven among comparatively more recent releases like the Phoebe Ryan assisted “Almost Back.” Rife with atmospheric electro and pumping, progressive house festival drops, the set underscored the  ethereal caliber of a Kaskade set, one that endured even with unexpected adjustments.

Take in the HARD Summer action with sets from Jauz b2b Zeds Dead, Marshmello, and more

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Take in the HARD Summer action with sets from Jauz b2b Zeds Dead, Marshmello, and moreHARD Summer Livestream

HARD Summer is amidst its 2018 takeover of the Auto Club Speedway, and even if fans are unable to make it to the festival itself, the action will be streamed exclusively via LiveXLive. In addition to streaming festival, there will be backstage content, interviews and more.

The festival is known for its bass heavy lineup, and the organizers recently released a compilation in honor of the festival’s kickoff. This year’s lineup is a bit more diverse with acts such as Jaden Smith and Marshmello. The streaming schedule includes sets from Party Favor, Joyryde, Louis The Child, Slushii, and headliner Marshmello among many more for day one. Other notable sets on the livestream schedule include Jauz b2b Zeds Dead and Yellow Mustard, which is Yellow Claw b2b DJ Mustard.

See the full live stream schedule (in EST):

8:05pm- Party Favor

9:00pm- Jaden Smith

9:50pm- Joyryde

10:20pm- SAYMYNAME

11:00pm- Louis the Child

11:50pm- Flosstradamus

12:20am- Slushii

12:50am- Yellow Mustard (Yellow Claw & DJ Mustard)

2:00am- TroyBoi

2:15am- Zeds Dead b2b Jauz

3:15am Marshmello