NMF Roundup: 12th Planet delivers new heat, josh pan and AWAY team up, Nicky Romero goes acoustic + more

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NMF Roundup: 12th Planet delivers new heat, josh pan and AWAY team up, Nicky Romero goes acoustic + moreCoachella18 W1 IngestA 003860

It’s most important day of the week: New Music Friday. Even if you’re still in a turkey-induced coma — fret not. DA has you covered with the latest edition of The Hot 25.

To kick things off, josh pan and AWAY have teamed up for a hefty sizzler called “Mask.” DubVision and Raider bring us warm rays of summer with “Yesterday,” and Tom & Collins deliver some house heat with “Swoon.” Bass veteran 12th Planet has unleashed his heavy Swamplex Terrestrial EP, featuring songs like its title track. After a two-year hiatus, Haywyre has released his second track in two weeks, the groovy “Storyteller.” FTampa thrills in a feel-good remix of Sofi Tukker‘s “Brazilian Soul,” and Nicky Romero delivers an acoustic rendition of “Rise” with Matluck and Stadiumx. Chime continues his tour de force with “Goldfinch,” and Tisoki opens up the dancefloor with “All Like That.”

As each week brings a succession of new music from some of electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection of tracks that shouldn’t be missed this NMF.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 66

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Dexter’s Beat Laboratory Vol. 66Deters Beat Lab@0.

Dexter’s Beat Laboratory is a weekly collection of songs from DA managing editor Robyn Dexter. With a taste that can only be described as eclectic — to say nothing of a name that lends itself to punnery — DA is happy to present a selection of tracks personally curated by Dexter for your listening pleasure.

Listen in playlist format here.

How many flips of ZHU‘s “Faded” is too many? The limit does not exist! I’m always intrigued to hear new takes on this monumental 2016 release. Tiny Elephant gathers momentum quickly in the introduction he’s built, leading up to a dramatic bass drop in the chorus. He’s filtered the original’s vocals in the chorus in a unique way, bolstering the song’s backbone with a pounding house beat. This sensational remix is perfect for those who can’t get enough of the original, as it maintain’s ZHU’s ever-present dark atmosphere.

In his most recent effort, josh pan teams up with AWAY for an eerily melancholy OWSLA release, “Mask.” This trapped-out bass collaboration is highlighted by pan’s sinister vocals, which are ushered in by a plinking piano introduction. The duo hold nothing back in this release, creating a jarring environment that yanks the listener back and forth between more traditional trap elements and stuttered, unpredictable vocal and beat chops.

After making his Monstercat debut earlier this summer, CloudNone has quickly proven himself to be a valuable asset to the Canadian label. His chilled-out take on modern electronic music is perfect for the winter months and is filled with lush soundscapes and subdued vocals. CloudNone has expertly captured the wistful sounds of the season with the union of instrumentals and minimalist percussion. The song is out now as a part of Monstercat’s latest Rocket League compilation.

A.M.R.’s Silver Lining EP kicks off with a gorgeous intro mix of the collection’s title track. This six-and-a-half-minute venture is built around a subtle house beat, but A.M.R.’s introduction of elements like piano and children singing tucks the bass into the background and allows for the melody to shine through. Strings, too, many an appearance, elevating the “Silver Lining” intro mix to a whole new level.

As we settle into colder months, songs like Steve Brian‘s latest are perfect for brightening up a dreary winter day. “Playa de Santiago,” out as part of Enhanced Chill Vol. 5, brings blissful beats and a cheery piano melody that’ll light up any room. Brian has painted a vivid soundscape of rich, resounding synths, layered to perfection. The breaks and variation in percussion keep this song alive throughout its seven-minute entirety.

josh pan and AWAY link up on the dark ‘Mask’

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josh pan and AWAY link up on the dark ‘Mask’Josh Pan Facebook

Josh pan and AWAY have returned to OWSLA for a new video and single release. The hype around “Mask” has slowly been building online, with rumors reaching fever pitch around the collaboration in the weeks leading up to this release. The final product is something that takes us back to Halloween, with ominous, eerie production that sounds like it came from the underworld.

Not only now is this record out at long last, but the team has additionally unveiled a coordinating video to compliment its dark production. Animated by Sam & Andy Rolfes, the video features motion capture work that blurs reality, 2D and 3D across psychedelic visuals. The release of “Mask” shows signs of a longer release coming from josh pan sometime in the indeterminate future, continuing along his 2018 release streak.


Photo credit: Facebook/joshpan

josh pan releases subtle new track, ‘VOOM’

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josh pan releases subtle new track, ‘VOOM’Josh Pan Photo Credit Julian Cassady 1

Subtlety has always been a virtue for josh pan. Starting out his career under full-shrouded mystery, he has built a following releasing music that follows no rules, except the expectation of quality under any circumstance. His latest is a perfect example of such diligence, as the producer continues to flesh out his style in 2018. “VOOM” is his first original release of the year, seemingly long-awaited after he teased its arrival over social media.

Veering away from his harder bass sounds of the past, “VOOM” sees josh pan enter a new era with stripped down production that focuses on a few key elements that on their own are compelling, but together, are mesmerizing. Keeping hip-hop an ever-constant in his music inspiration, josh pan’s work on “VOOM” is precise as ever for an artist known for perfection.

Bearson links with Lemaitre and josh pan for indie electro track ‘It’s Not This’

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Bearson links with Lemaitre and josh pan for indie electro track ‘It’s Not This’36954489 1287292008074402 7023663605170044928 N

Norwegian producer Bearson teamed up with the fellow Oslo-based duo Lemaitre and Josh Pan for a brilliant work of artistry. Released on Ultra Music, “It’s Not This” is Bearson’s second collaboration with rising OWSLA artist Pan, and his fifth consecutive release in 2018 with a featured artist, all of which have gained significant traction.

Bearson has been known to veer off into other genres with his production, utilizing the help of his counterparts to create some indie/alternative sounds on this one. Its upbeat feel leaves room for catchy vocals and electronic synths, which meld over a simple piano riff. “It’s Not This” shows that although summer’s over, there will always be some fresh new tracks listeners can vibe to.

This is perhaps the most important Skrillex remix ever made [WATCH]

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This is perhaps the most important Skrillex remix ever made [WATCH]Skrille Do Lab

If you don’t know about Insane Cherry — the YouTube page that essentially takes every viral animal video in existence and samples them to cover iconic songs— now you do, and you’re welcome. For the page’s latest addition, the folks behind Insane Cherry decided to take on Skrillex & Damian Marley‘s classic dubstep jam “Make It Bun Dem.” And though it’s been sitting there for almost a year, this gem may just be the greatest Skrillex remix ever made, and now seems like the perfect time to appreciate it.

Armed with sample cuts of cats and dogs running into doors, birds chirping, a goat sneezing, “seal cymbals” and the secret ingredient in most Skrillex songs, “ultimate cat bass” the Insane Cherry masterminds reinvent Skrillex and Jr. Gong’s seminal collaboration in perhaps the most unusual way possible. Let’s just say that Skrillex would be proud.

Meanwhile, fresh (real) material from Skrillex could be underway soon, according to labelmate Josh Pan. Stay tuned.

H/T: r/Skrillex

OWSLA’s Josh Pan confirms Skrillex is dropping new music this year following Fuji Rock Festival performance

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OWSLA’s Josh Pan confirms Skrillex is dropping new music this year following Fuji Rock Festival performanceSkrille Form Arcosanti 2015

Skrillex returned to the festival circuit recently, taking on Japan’s Fuji Rock with a widely acclaimed hiatus-ending performance. Warming an enormous crowd for Kendrick Lamar’s headlining slot, Skrillex’s set came littered with personal edits, mash-ups, newer material, canonized Skrillex classics, and best of all — a handful of brand new, yet-to-be-identified burners. While nearly everyone, from Fuji Rockers in Japan to eager viewers and listeners across the world, were just enamored to see the OWSLA honcho’s first main stage DJ set of the year, one onlooker in particular — Josh Pan — had their mind set on what’s coming next. The proverbial “soon” passed around by Skrillex fans seems to be closer than anyone thought, and those unidentified new tracks may be getting their names in the very near future.

OWSLA’s Josh Pan confirms Skrillex is dropping new music this year following Fuji Rock Festival performanceSkrille Reddit Josh Pan Dancing Astronaut

In a social media post, in which Pan confirms new music of his own, the young experimentalist couldn’t help but share some words of endearment about his label head, though some key words in his post jump right off the screen,

“We’re both about to put out some crazy music this year. He’s back!!!!”

This year. He’s back.

It has been four years since Moore’s seminal studio debut, Recessand it didn’t take long for fans to start calling for more. And while the former screamo frontman has delivered a steady stream of material in the last near half decade since his first LP, we haven’t been treated to a cohesive body of Skrillex work like Recess since. As it goes, earlier this year Diplo confirmed Jack Ü could once again return, though only after Skrillex finishes a full-length project he’s working on. We can take Diplo’s words at face value, though without any concrete details, the story behind Skrillex’s sophomore LP remains unsubstantiated. Now, with Josh Pan’s keen choice of words, it looks like “soon,” may finally have an expiration date.

X&G teams up with Fransis Derelle and Nate Lowpass on ‘Freek’

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X&G have been showcasing their diverse production talents and representing their home of Utah hard in 2018. The duo went experimental on “Paradise” with Josh Pan, which lead to a follow-up “ghost rock” collaboration on “Wait for Me.” Now, they’ve linked up with Fransis Derelle and Nate Lowpass for some classic house vibes on “Freek.”

“Freek” dives dark and deep into what listeners would expect out to hear at the nearest summer warehouse-type venue. However, it compensates with a funky bass-line suited for any dance-ready crowd.

X&G are coming off a killer performance at Lightning in a Bottle with more to come in the summer months.


Josh Pan showcases his impressively deep catalog in new Diplo and Friends mix

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Josh Pan has undoubtedly become known for his unabashedly diverse soundscapes, and with his signature sultry vocals that he frequently graces tracks with. He carefully crafts his brand from the artwork, production, singing and songwriting, which allows him to uniquely tailor his messages on all platforms. His off-kilter style has been a fitting addition to Skrillex‘s LA-based artist collective, OWSLA.

Now, the emerging experimenter is bringing an hourlong showcase to Diplo and Friends with a mix that perfectly captures his personality and personal rotation. It’s not every day that a track list is composed completely of the artist’s music, which is a testament to Pan’s undeniable appeal as a creator. Josh Pan creatively pieces in elements from different pop songs, his own products, unreleased music and personal edits. Addictive percussion dances through the mix as Josh leads the adventure through a multitude of genres and sounds.

Habstrakt teams with josh pan for the nefarious ‘Movie’

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habstrakt - movie (1)

Adam Jouneau, the Frenchman better known as Habstrakt, is back with another bass crunching tune, “Movie,” featuring josh pan, to add to his long, multifarious catalogue. The Mad Decent release comes after the Frenchman’s wildly popular, ear-splitting collaboration with Skrillex, “Chicken Soup.”

Habstrakt is known for his ability to repurpose wide-ranging assortments of popular elements on the electronic spectrum and shape them into something altogether unrecognizable–his latest creation not withstanding.

“Movie” is a continuation of the heavy-handed house leanings Uncle Habby has displayed in both his recent productions and DJ sets as he accompanies Destucto along his Let’s Be Friends Tour. Josh pan’s shadowy vocals are all smoke and mirrors, carrying us through minimal, downtempo interludes. But the drop soon erupts into a jarring, serrated display of metallic bass and house beats–almost as if Habstrakt has translated his longstanding dubstep devotion into a 4×4 house pattern.

Don’t expect to hear “Movie” in any generic big room sets any time soon.

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