Tim Penner returns to JOOF Recordings with a stunning ‘The Gatekeeper’ EP

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Tim Penner has had nothing short of a monumental year thus far, and his momentum is showing no sign of slowing down. He returns to his breakout label of JOOF Recordings seven months after his last ethereal release, The Temptress, with yet another stunning two-tracker.

The Gatekeeper sees Penner exploring new realms of sounds and breaking away from the status quo. Its eponymous opener is indeed multi-dimensional, opening with subtle, haunting melodies that line a prominent bass-line and cheeky percussion before blooming into a celestial masterpiece pumped with futuristic synth-work. It beauty lies in its development, which twists and turns through never-ending peaks and valleys that keep the ears engaged through its entirety.

Where “The Gatekeeper” is euphoric and emotional, “The Keymaster” offers a counterbalance of brooding intrigue. Simple, yet dynamic, the composition creates a tense atmosphere with gritty bursts of notes that are underlined by almost sinister arpeggios. Penner ensures this sentiment is carried on in greater degrees with each tier, building “The Keymaster” into a multilayered roller built for the darkened, afterhours’ dance-floor.

It’s safe to say the burgeoning Canadian act will only continue to build strength as his tenure within the underground realm lengthens. Having cultivated his Slideways label and podcast into a successful entity, he’s fully primed to take on the progressive scene as its next major talent.


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Airwave – Pray For Happiness (Original Mix)

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After stunning fans with “The Quest For Beauty” earlier in the year, Airwave ends his 2016 on a strong note with a new, equally caliber piece on JOOF Recordings. “Pray For Happiness” takes on a more mysterious, almost blissful direction than its predecessor, floating through airy synthesizer toplines and vintage undertones which combine with moving strings to create a vibrant piece of music. The track develops in a complex manner, with peaks and lulls that strengthen its entrancing effect and soaring vocal samples that move the buildups along at a nice pace.

Airwave made his West Coast debut recently, touching down in a variety of locations to bring ardent trance fans his well-crafted progressive music. In addition, he’s also been toying around with motion picture scoring, a skill that comes natural to him after two decades of arranging his electronic in such a way. He recently put out his own theme song to the film Deadpool, which flowed with cinematic orchestral accents.

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