deadmau5 shares his Testpilot set from Electric Forest 2018

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A lover of all things analog, Joel Zimmerman indulging his penchant for techno is a perfectly logical next step in the esteemed producer’s career. After launching his Testpilot alias for that exact reason more than five years ago and creating cryptic social media pages under the Testpilot name earlier this week, Zimmerman has shared his Testpilot set from Electric Forest 2018.

Having released just one track on Richie Hawtin‘s Minus imprint and played major festivals such as Movement and Ultra, Testpilot sets are known to be hard-hitting and rare. With his set from Electric Forest now available via Apple Music, fans can now check out the mixed selection of tracks from techno heavyweights Charlotte de Witte, ANNA, Pig&Dan, Cirez D, and more. Spanning over two hours, the set can be a great way to prepare for the Testpilot set at Ultra later this month or relive the high octane moments from the woods of Michigan last summer.

Watch the trailer for deadmau5’s film score debut, ‘Polar’

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Watch the trailer for deadmau5’s film score debut, ‘Polar’Deadmau5 Hiatus Update

deadmau5 is making his film score debut with a new Netflix original, Polar, arriving January 25.  The action-packed trailer features the mau5trap head honcho’s “Drama Free” from his mau5ville: Level 2 project, along with crisp audio cuts of guns blazing and tension-filled battle scenes.

Polar is based on the noir graphic novel Polar: Came From the Cold by Victor Santos. Another musical component is found in the film’s Swedish director, Jonas Åkerlund, who is best known for his music video works. Åkerlund won three Grammy Awards for his projects — two with Madonna and one with Paul McCartney.

Joel Zimmerman has brought forward some of the industry’s most forward-thinking arrangements, cinematic in nature. Now he’s ready to show his stature on the film side of things, continuing to build his robust audio repertoire.

deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXM

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deadmau5 announces new mau5trap radio series on SiriusXMUnnamed 1

The mau5trap maven himself, Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5), has now vamped his very own weekly radio show, mau5trap radio, through SiriusXM. The first edition aired late last week, September 28, featuring a fitting, hot-button guest mix from Getter, who just recently released his mau5trap-certified concept album, Visceral.

The internationally-aired series is set to feature a sundry of other mau5trap talent, with debuts lined up from the label’s most auspicious acts, including REZZ, ATTLAS, No Mana, Rinzen, and more. The show has found a home on SiriusXM’s BPM (channel 51): a sacred staple in the electronic airwaves. This landmark achievement for Zimmerman and the esteemed imprint comes just one year after mau5trap’s momentous 10-year anniversary.

After a three-day period, each show will be plugged onto Mixcloud, where listeners can stream freely. Additionally, the show will air regularly across the globe, through the following mediums:

Germany – ENERGY NRJ
Turkey – Radyo S – Monday 11pm
Dubai – Dance FM – Tuesday 22:00 PM
Mexico – Beat FM
Cyprus – ENERGY NRJ (Prime time – Saturday agreed).
Bulgaria – Radio Nova (If music & Jingle only)
Thailand – Kiss FM
Russia – DFM – Saturday 23:00 Moscow Time
Sri Lanka – Fox 91.4 12pm Friday (Repeated 11am Friday afternoon, the week after)
Kiss Fm, Australia – Saturday 6.30 – 7.30pm


deadmau5 and fans raise $15,000 for Children’s Miracle Network on Twitch stream

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Legendary producer Joel Zimmerman, known by his deadmau5 stage name, has started a series called “Mau5trap Mondays” on streaming site Twitch where fans can tune in to hear the producer go through submitted music — all while raising money for a good cause.

During the stream, users submitted their songs and donated money, which Zimmerman matched if the donation was more than $100. This proved to be hugely successful on Nov. 13, as the fans and Zimmerman raised $15,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ Extra Life program.

Zimmerman notes toward the end of the stream that the series will continue every Monday, giving fans a shot at the iconic artist listening to and critiquing their music, along with donating money to a good cause.

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Marshmello whips up chocolate mice in his new cooking video

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Everyone’s favorite enigmatic candy-pop producer has just tackled some uncharted territory in the world of cooking entertainment. In his YouTube upload on Oct. 31, “Cooking With Mello: Chocolate Mice,” Marshmello doubles as a kitschy Halloween cook, all the while promoting of few of his recent single releases.

But that’s not even the best part.

While Martha Stewart may not have too much cause for concern, Joel Zimmerman could take issue with the video’s (perhaps not so) subtle jabs at his deadmau5 project. It’s no secret that deadmau5 and Marshmello have had some back-and-forth professional beef in the past, the most potent of which was Marshmello’s reference to a caged mouse in one of his music videos. In the above video, however, Marshmello takes it one step further. Perhaps there’s a new king of trolling in town.

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Deadmau5 confirms a time frame for upcoming album

Deadmau5 confirms a time frame for upcoming album

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Deadmau5 is no stranger to stirring up conversations via social media, though as the anticipation builds surrounding news of his 9th studio album, the Canadian superstar has turned to Twitter to inform fans of his immediate plans. After corresponding with fans on Twitter, one user asked the Canadian producer when he would be releasing new music that he’s been teasing over the past few months, such as “Monophobia” over a series of shows at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre:





Deadmau5 confirms that he will be busy touring over the next few months, and will have plenty of time during the winter months to buckle down and produce another album, in hopes of releasing the work by spring of 2018.

Photo Credit: Rukes

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Deadmau5 cancels Toronto show, reschedules as TESTPILOT

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From his two-part tour, marrying his fiancé, and revealing the latest multi-million dollar version of his legendary stage cube structure, Joel Zimmerman has had a busy year. Better recognized by his stage name, deadmau5, the Canadian producer has just embarked on the second leg of his Lots of Shows in a Row (Part 2) tour, playing his first show in Windsor, closest to the Detroit border.

With unexpected obstacles in the way before his hometown show on the horizon, Zimmerman was forced to cancel his Toronto show, the second of the tour.

Due to unforeseen production limitations at the venue, we have been forced to cancel the Deadmau5 show in Toronto on October 8th. As this is a home town show for Deadmau5, it is of paramount importance that all necessary production details are fully vetted in order to deliver the full effect of the Cube show. However, it has been determined by our production team that we will be limited from being able to put on the show properly. Deadmau5 fully intends to return to Toronto in the near future to present this show as it was meant to be seen.

Met with disappointment by fans from across the province, Zimmerman was quick to figure out a solution and plans to return for a show under his techno alias, TESTPILOT. Accompanied by mau5trap artist Attlas for this one-of-a-kind occasion, Torontonians are in for a treat with the rarity of techmau5, and the promise of deadmau5 returning for a full-fledged affair in the near future.

Tickets for the event are available online.

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