Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaboration

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Diplo reveals upcoming John Mayer collaborationDiplo Dame Dash

Diplo and John Mayer are reportedly working on new music together. At first thought it might seem like an oil and water combination, but the more one repeats it in their head, the more sense it actually starts to make. It’s one of the world’s foremost pop producers and EDM’s designated stepdad matched with one of the most prolific musicians of a generation, who both seem to have a genuine knack for not taking themselves too seriously while also dominating their respective crafts.

The “Close To Me” producer revealed the upcoming collaboration in quintessential Diplo fashion, remarking on the collaboration with a photo posted to Instagram… not a photo of him and Mayer — but it still gets the message across. There aren’t any concrete details yet on when John Mayer and the Mad Decent head honcho are set to debut their impending new music, or how much of it exists. Between his work with Major Lazer, Silk City, LSD and the former Jack Ü, perhaps a joint effort with Mayer could even turn out to be Diplo’s next super group. Who knows?

Avicii documentary may receive reinstatement to Netflix repertoire

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Avicii documentary may receive reinstatement to Netflix repertoireAvicii True Stories 1

Levan Tsikurishvili, director of Avicii: True Storieshas recently inspired reason to believe the once wildly popular documentary on the since-deceased Tim Bergling (Avicii) and his epochal contributions to dance music could soon regain its seat on the Netflix roster.

Tsikurishvili, who also directed Avicii’s 2013 tour documentary and a considerable slice of Avicii’s other multimedia releases, recently took to Instagram with a blurred version of the True Stories cover photo, including the caption, “Watch Out.!!! #somethingiscomingsoon #ATS.” The decision to wipe the documentary from Netflix this past April following Avicii’s untimely death sent fans reeling. However, it’s likely the world will soon be reacquainted the True Stories, which gracefully traces Avicii’s harrowing sonic journey as he faces the weighty and often tumultuous task of navigating super-stardom. The documentary contains a great deal of behind-the-scenes footage Tsikurishvili, a close friend of the DJ/producer, included with the intention of illuminating the infamous artist’s identity in his entirety:

“Everybody knows Avicii but very few people know Tim. I think this documentary really shows Tim’s struggle and strength of character,” Tsikurishvili said to DJ Mag about the film. “Being a worldwide superstar artist is not as easy as it looks on Instagram.”



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Watch out. #somethingiscomingsoon #ATS

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SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integration

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SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSoundcloud Instagram Stories

SoundCloud has been working to become the No. 1 platform for music discovery for years, though users note that their mobile app has often left much to desire. Making a major move toward social media integration, SoundCloud has now announced the ability to share tracks via Instagram Stories.

Similar to the feature that Spotify rolled out earlier this year, users will now be able to share Instagram Story posts that include the album artwork, the name of the track, and a link to take their followers directly to the track on the SoundCloud app. Artists seem to be excited about the feature, with Bob Moses noting that “when creatives are able to share their songs via Stories it allows fans and followers to get the information instantly. Instead of dm’ing and commenting, they can easily click through to be taken directly to the track.”

For all the serial music sharers out there, check out the feature’s functionality below.

SoundCloud introduces Instagram Stories integrationSweetie 1

And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social media

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And just like that… Kanye West has vanished from social mediaKanye West Cell Phone Gc Images Credit

As quickly as he came back, Kanye West has now disappeared from Instagram and Twitter, possibly ending a polarizing summer of often batshit crazy pop culture pot stirrings. As of October 6, the rapper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts appear to have gone dark. Ye’s return to Twitter was an integral facet to the “promotion campaigns” behind his Wyoming Session albums that were released over the summer, rejoining the platform just weeks before the string of shortened LPs started landing in May. A return to Instagram followed some weeks later, each platform drawing in millions of followers — but rather than deploying typical marketing schemes to push album sales, the Chicago-born rapper’s social media presence largely spiraled into sporadic nonsense, bloated egotistical musings, and eventually, and perhaps most noticeably, divisive Trump-touting and weak rap beef fodder.

Most recently, Ye’s hastily promised Yhandi LP managed to miss its intended late-September release date. Then the rhymer’s unaired closing speech at SNL, during which he claims he was bullied for his political affiliations, was closely followed by what was likely his most baffling social media post yet — calling to “abolish the 13th amendment,” which brought an end to slavery when it was ratified in 1865. After a messy, albeit entertaining, six month stretch on social media, it seems Kanye West may finally be ready to keep a couple of thoughts to himself. An eventual return seems inevitable, though for now, the Twittersphere may quiet down just a little with Ye’s departure.

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Instagram co-founders resign ‘to explore our curiosity and creativity again’

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Instagram co-founders resign ‘to explore our curiosity and creativity again’Insta Cofounders

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger announced earlier this week that they’d be resigning from the company to “to explore our curiosity and creativity again.”

Chief executive Systrom and chief technical officer Krieger gave little explanation for their decision and plan to leave the company within the next few weeks and take time off.

“Mike and I are grateful for the last eight years at Instagram and six years with the Facebook team,” Systrom said. “We’ve grown from 13 people to over a thousand with offices around the world, all while building products used and loved by a community of over one billion. We’re now ready for our next chapter.”

Parent company Facebook‘s founder Mark Zuckerberg called the duo “extraordinary product leaders and Instagram reflects their combined creative talents. I’ve learned a lot working with them for the past six years and have really enjoyed it. I wish them all the best and I’m looking forward to seeing what they build next.”

Systrom and Krieger founded the company in 2010. Facebook purchased the photo-sharing app in 2012.


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Source close to Skrillex suggests that new music might arrive sooner than expected

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Source close to Skrillex suggests that new music might arrive sooner than expectedSkrille Do Lab

 Skrillex‘s OWSLA label blows out the candles celebrating seven years this month, and if the collective’s seventh anniversary is expected to impart any luck, then new Skrillex music might be on the way — and sooner than fans expect. Venerated audio engineer Randy Urbanski, whose credits include Skrillex, Beyoncé, and Katy Perry, took to social media to pay tribute to OWSLA in a way that may have implied that Skrillex is eyeing his impending return to the release ring, perhaps as early as October, 2018. Urbanksi included an image of Skrillex performing at XS in 2015 and captioned the visual with a particularly cryptic caption.

“Time flies when you’re having fun. And this year was slow. Can’t wait till this guy is back changing the game next month.”

Fans will remember Diplo spilling the beans on a new record in the works from the OWSLA head honcho earlier this year. Beyond that, the “Parachute” producer’s recent bookings at New Year’s Eve events, Snowta and Decadence, and an annual trip to Burning Man, signal the producer’s return to the festival circuit, a comeback that would naturally coincide with the release of new music, perhaps even a fleshed out project. For now, it seems the waiting game may be nearing an end though.

Source close to Skrillex suggests that new music might arrive sooner than expectedUrbanski Engineering Ig Screenshot Skrille Music

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Post-humous Avicii release, ‘Heaven’ and possibly more in the works

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Post-humous Avicii release, ‘Heaven’ and possibly more in the worksAvicii

Soon after his passing earlier this year, a rough version of Avicii‘s joint track with Coldplay, “Heaven” managed to surface unfinished. Now, longtime Avicii collaborator, Carl Falk, who worked on the 2015 Stories album, has revealed in a social media post that he is finishing not only “Heaven,” but songs, plural: a strong indication there is likely a full-length, post-humous Avicii project underway.

The previously-shared “Heaven” demo featured Coldplay’s Chris Martin on lead vocals. Judging by Falk’s Instagram post, the final version will, as well. The rough cut, with its rippling, mounting melody and halcyon lyrics are wonderfully emblematic of Avicii’s signature sound. One can’t help but feel Avicii’s spirit alive and speaking through the track’s lyrics, “And I think I just died and went to heaven.”

Lido randomly deletes all posts leaving just an O and a U…but why?

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Lido randomly deletes all posts leaving just an O and a U…but why?Lido

It’s not everyday that an artist completely scraps all their posts on social media, but when they do it usually entails that something is on the way.

This is hopefully the case with Lido, as he has deleted everything on his Instagram, leaving only 2 posts that are pictures of an O and a U. To top it off he has also deleted his posts on Facebook and tweets off of Twitter and changed his pictures to an image that says “OU.”

Could this be the sneaky announcement of an album…or is it something else? We will just have to keep watching to find out.



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Featured image taken from Lido’s Facebook

Instagram formally introduces new Music Sticker feature

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Instagram formally introduces new Music Sticker featureImage

Instagram users will find in-app story functionality to be more dynamic given the introduction of the photo sharing platform’s latest and previously rumored feature, Music Stickers.

Those seeking to make an Instagram story will now have the ability to select music from a vast library of song offerings, and to then add the chosen track to a photo or video story as a Music Sticker. An Instagram user’s degree of choice when applying the Music Stickers to an individual story post further expands in that Instagram account holders will be able to both fast forward and rewind the song selection to pinpoint the desired part of the tune. Instagrammers can also identify which song they’d like to use as a Music Sticker prior to video recording, thus allowing the track to play in the background of the clip.  Instagram will display the selected song’s title and accredited artist as the story plays, making for easy identification.

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Instagram looking to take a bite out of YouTube with new 1-hour uploads feature

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IGTV instagram launch

Instagram announced they will allow users to upload videos up to an hour long, a significant increase from previous one-minute limit. The Facebook-owned social media platform looks to compete with the media megalodon, YouTube, owned by Google.

These videos will be housed on IGTV, currently accessible in the top-right hand corner of the Instagram homescreen on mobile. IGTV is also available as a stand-along app on iOS and Android, featuring the most popular videos from internet celebrities.

CEO Kevin Systrom mentioned that it’s time for video to evolve and move forward. On the new platform, anyone can be a curator, not just celebrities. Currently, new and smaller accounts will not be able to upload hour-long videos. Users have the option to scroll through recommended videos, popular videos, curators they’re following, and continue watching previously started videos. Curators also have the option to add links in the descriptions of their videos to drive traffic elsewhere.

There are no ads on IGTV…yet. Instagram also isn’t paying it’s curators, unlike its parent company’s failed Facebook Watch video hub. With over 1 billion users on Instagram, IGTV certainly has leg to stand on. eMarketer predicted Instagram will earn $5.48 billion in U.S. ad revenue, without IGTV.

As younger generations are cutting the chord and looking towards various mediums to consume content, Instagram now has an opportunity to take over TV on mobile.

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Photo Credit: @igtv.official/Instagram