JOYRYDE enlists GOLD for another pre-album endeavor, ‘Yuck’ [Stream]

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JOYRYDE enlists GOLD for another pre-album endeavor, ‘Yuck’ [Stream]Joyryde 2

A spoonful of a JOYRYDE record has proven potentially lethal in the years since he stormed the electronic threshold. With the help of Skrillex and former label partner, OWSLA, he’s scrawled his dance-primed, bass-driven insignia to the forefront of the scene in permanent ink.

Gearing up for his debut album, Brave, on Insomniac offshoot, HARD Recs (the auspiciously affiliated imprint’s first LP, too), JOYRYDE has unfolded the second single, “Yuck,” featuring Chicago rapper, GOLD, from the upcoming project. As the collaboration’s visual accompaniment illustrates, the track is among JOYRYDE’s most lurid releases to date. Searing trap chops replace his usual four-by-four time signature, while GOLD’s austere delivery solidifies the track’s shadow-dwelling lifeblood. But the message is not without tact: JOYRYDE and GOLD use the track to rendezvous within the notion of keeping one’s head down while remaining devoted to an artistic endeavor in order to foster and maintain a sense of individualism in the process.

“Yuck” follows the first single from the album, “I’m Gone,” another gumptious house offering which arrived this past February. The full-length studio album is poised to arrive this spring.

Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz speculated to perform at EDC Las Vegas 2019

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Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz speculated to perform at EDC Las Vegas 2019CirezDAdamBeyer 3 24 18 AJRphotos 246 1

EDC Las Vegas ranks amongst the top electronic music festivals in the world, drawing in veteran attendees and newcomers with each year. Fans have been patiently awaiting the 2019 lineup reveal, and festival don Pasquale Rotella might have just dropped an apparent hint to the first headliners.  

Posted to Rotella’s Instagram profile is a short teaser clip of the flashing, trademark laser square that has characterized the recent join tour of Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz (under his Cirez D alias). If people weren’t convinced enough, the text “LAS VEGAS” flashes throughout the video, encouraging the budding hype surrounding the anticipated festival announcement. Prydz has appeared to confirm the speculations by posting the same surprise trailer to his Instagram profile as well, complete with the cryptic caption “May…”

Still fresh off the heels of their two-night city takeovers in Los Angeles and New York City, those who weren’t so lucky in their first touring round might strike gold in Vegas this year.


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May 😎

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There’s a new Getter album in the works

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There’s a new Getter album in the works39883150 1956368227719768 94768457681207296 N

Getter fans are buzzing about the California-based DJ’s latest Tweet, announcing that another album is in the works:

This project will be a follow up to his 2018 Visceral LP released on mau5trap. While those three words are the only details, the LP’s experimental sounds have staying power, which should give fans a lot to look forward to.

Getter will embark on his “Visceral Live” US tour on February 16, starting at Insomniac‘s “Crush So Cal” and continuing through April 2019. See a full list of tour dates and ticket info here. The Vine-phenomenon turned electronic producer also stars in Real Bros Of Simi Valley, a reality show satire created by comedian Jimmy Tatro. Watch the latest season now on Facebook Watch.

DUCKY shares Valentine’s Day EP, ‘I Still Believe In Love’ [Stream]

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DUCKY shares Valentine’s Day EP, ‘I Still Believe In Love’ [Stream]Ducky 1

DUCKY is aiding listeners in seeing the only red that matters this Valentine’s Day with her I Still Believe In Love EP.

The aptly titled, four-track EP arrives on through her own Quackhouse imprint. DUCKY’s painted persona washes over the tracks; her honeyed vocals serve as an animated focal point of the gamey, melodic dubstep project. Ducky recently shared “Day Zero,” the EP’s opening track, ahead of the full release this past January.

DUCKY’s production dexterity stretches from anthems in the hardcore realm to spaced-out experimental. She started DJing at the ripe age of 13, quickly becoming enraptured by LA’s sprawling club locales. In that time, she’s acquired auspicious releases with the likes of Insomniac and Nest, to name a few.

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New documentary takes a deep dive into earlier rave culture in its case study of the first-ever Electric Daisy Carnival event [Watch]

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New documentary takes a deep dive into earlier rave culture in its case study of the first-ever Electric Daisy Carnival event [Watch]EDC Gal Kinetic Field

With various versions of its flagship event spanning a series of locations like Orlando and Mexico, it’s certainly safe to say that Insomniac’s flagship event, Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), has catalyzed an electronic wave of live event activity of seismic proportions following its inaugural iteration in 2010. Nine years later, a new documentary invites electronic music fans to backtrack to 2010 to reflect on the inaugural Electronic Daisy Carnival event.

Released by documentarian Le Liu, “The Last Dance” issues a nod to what were then EDC’s—and by extension, the dance music scene’s—more nascent days. “The Last Dance” devotes its focus to these earlier stages of electronic festival production vis a vis EDC 2010. The documentary explores many facets of the then developing rave culture, including the novel character of a large scale dance event like EDC, and dance music listeners’ warm reception of the first-ever Electric Daisy Carnival affair. “The Last Dance” celebrates EDC’s introductory 2010 installment at the LA Memorial Coliseum as a vibrant and interactive live music experience, through interviews with ravers, news footage, and more.

Hardly limited in its topical scope, “The Last Dance” extends its purview beyond EDC 2010, to encompass mass media’s demonetization of raves following a concurrent spike in MDMA usage, and the establishment of harm reduction groups like DanceSafe. “The Last Dance” is a thought-provoking visual trip down musical memory lane that fondly recalls the birth of Electric Daisy Carnival, while contemplating the different developments within rave culture, as the culture concurrently developed.

Note: Le Liu is not affiliated with Insomniac.

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Wuki & Ape Drums release long-awaited ID, ‘Bed Squeak’

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Wuki & Ape Drums release long-awaited ID, ‘Bed Squeak’Bed Squeak Wuki

Insomniac has signed on one of Wuki‘s prized weapons throughout 2018 until now. “Bed Squeak” is a truly nuclear production, built to shatter bones and eardrums alike with a heavy trap drop that works in tangent with shrill, robotic synthwork for maximum destruction. When listening, it’s hard not to feel like the Ape Drums-assisted tune is a sonic slap in the face given its high power. That said, it’s the kind of slapper that head bashers and bass aficionados have long been waiting for from the producer and thus welcome with open arms. Expect to be hearing it utilized on main stages for at least another year.

“Bed Squeak” comes hot off the tip of Wuki’s recently-revealed house edit to Lion King original, “Circle Of Life.” Is it something the world really needed? That remains to be seen. That said, it seems to be doing well among fans who enjoy a dose of Disney nostalgia in with their dance music.


Insomniac to bring Dreamstate to Canada’s West Coast in 2019

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Insomniac to bring Dreamstate to Canada’s West Coast in 20191DSSoCal2018 1125 004559 7389 KNK

A cause for trance fans across Canada to rejoice, Insomniac‘s Dreamstate Vancouver is set to unravel for its inaugural edition in 2019.

The festival is booked to run this spring, April 12-13. With firm roots planted in SoCal, Dreamstate quickly grew from their flagship event to bringing together thousands of trance aficionados at sold-out events across the globe.

Dreamstate Vancouver was birthed with the aim of securing the prestigious title, “your trance destination.” Hosted just off the water at the Harbour Convention Centre, Insomniac’s ideal location was selected with both fans across the country and West Coast trance enthusiasts in mind. With over 25 unannounced artists slated across two state-of-the-art stages, fans can expect a heavy helping of talented artistry and celestial melodies to carry them through the weekend.

Tickets available for purchase on Jan 25.

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Insomniac to bring Dreamstate to Canada’s West Coast in 2019Dreamstate CA

Good Morning Mix: A-Trak and Claude VonStroke drip in finesse on episode 177 of Night Owl Radio

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Good Morning Mix: A-Trak and Claude VonStroke drip in finesse on episode 177 of Night Owl RadioScreen Shot 2019 01 14 At 1.25.21 PM

Insomniac CEO by day, electronic musician matchmaker by night, Pasquale Rotella has long been bringing dance music’s most dynamic DJs together under the Night Owl Radio umbrella–the most recent installment of the late-night serial not withstanding.

A credit to Rotella’s curative expertise, episode 177 of Night Owl Radio sees Rotella purvey two musical masterminds, A-Trak and Claude VonStroke, for a two-hour show that coalesces the freshest tracks of the moment. The satiating live mix is dead-set on feeding the speakers of all who tune in. Hot off their recent performances at Holy Ship! 12.0, A-Trak and Claude VonStroke prove they’re warmed up and ready to galvanize Night Owl Radio listeners to groove from the moment they each hop in the cut.

First up is A-Trak, who rounds up the records that comprise his Up All Night picks, before passing the sonic baton to Claude VonStroke. VonStroke steps in approximately an hour and a half into the installment, only to lay down a house-driven guest mix that is anything but tired. Listeners left wanting more can catch both A-Trak and Claude VonStroke at EDC Mexico, slated for February 23-24.

Audien walks us through his favorite jams ahead of Holy Ship! [Exclusive]

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Audien walks us through his favorite jams ahead of Holy Ship! [Exclusive]Audien Press Shot

A new year is approaching, and with it comes the 12th Holy Ship! edition. Setting sail on January 5, guests will be treated to an array of top tier talent from all over the dance music spectrum; from low-end madness offered up by 4B, JAUZ, and QUIX, to slices of techno by Nicole Moudaber and beyond. The sold-out voyage is primed to be another jewel in shipfam’s history.

Anjuna wunderkind-turned-legend Audien will be gracing the Holy Ship! decks as well come 12.0, injecting euphoria into the the dancefloor via melodic, big room progressive cuts and other multiflavored cuts. Digging deeper, we asked the rising star to tell us about what’s inspiring him these days through music. The following ten tracks, he states, are “a collection of songs I’m thinking about recently, whether that’s in my car, or on a flight, these are guiding me through life.”

1. Audien ft. Liam O’Donnell – Rollercoaster

“This is my brand new song, and let me tell you, it went through so many different versions. It was truly a test, but I’m so happy with the results and I needed you guys to hear this. It’s just another piece to the puzzle.”

2. Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire

“This is probably one of my favorite songs ever. Seriously, guys, listen to this. It’s amazing. I honestly wish I made it.”

3. Louis The Child – Better Not

“This song is so stuck in my head lately. I personally think it’s the biggest song of 2018. Really happy for them because they are truly talented kids through and through — no gimmicks, just good music and good vibes.”

4. Audien & Arty – Never Letting Go

“Arty and I were actual brothers in another life; I believe that. We’re really similar, and I love his work still after 7 years of following him. So glad we could do this together and I have a feeling it’s not the last song we do together.”

5. 3LAU ft. Ninja – Game Time

“Justin killed this song. Honestly it’s one of my favorite things he’s done. Shit bangs for real. Put it on in the car. Justin always showed me his new music in his car on a drive in Vegas, he would always jack the volume up and my mind just melts. Sadly I didn’t get the car test with this one, but in my own car it hits good.”

6. SAINt JHN – God Bless The Internet

“This is a relatively new artist that I think deserves tons of recognition. His music is not only super hard, but I’ve been relating to it lately in my own life. He’s got skills.”

7. Silk City ft. Dua Lipa – Electricity (Alex Metric Remix)

“This is just a vibe, nothing more to say here. You’ll see.”

8. Axwell – Nobody Else

“I love that Axwell went back to the basics with this. It’s clearly him throwing it back to 2010, 2009 era of house and dance music. It’s totally awesome and it sounds sick live.”

9. Hybrid Minds – Lost (Pola & Bryson Remix)

“Pola and Bryson are SO GOOD. GUYS. THE BEST. Listen to all of their music. If you dig liquid Drum & Bass, you will literally adore these guys. Just listen to the drop in this song it’s bananas.”

10. Pola & Bryson – Unsaid

“This is the first P&B song I heard, and I knew immediately that they were making special music. This one is incredible. Play it in the car not on laptop speakers.”

11. Craving – First Feeling

“This is a really weird throwback, 2010-ish. This song used to mean a lot to me. I was in college for that one year I went, and I used to listen to this on repeat. It definitely inspired me back in those days.”

12. Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way (Kris Menace Remix)

“This is actually where I got the idea for Leaving You, people know me for those 1/8th note piano melodies, as I’ve done it a few times in songs. Just wanted to point out my inspiration! This remix is old and timeless.”

13. Audien ft. Michael S. – Leaving You

“I was reminiscing recently about my career, and this came up as a bold highlight. It really was the one that got away. I’m still so proud of this song and it still bangs. I’m probably not supposed to say that about my own music but whatever, I’m doing it!”

14. Dominic Fike – She Wants My Money

“Dom is going to be huge in 2019. His first offering was a few months ago and he made a big boom. Also, his music is really really simple and good.”

15. Twenty One Pilots – Chlorine

“Favorite song on their new album. I’ll always dig them. They were different in a time when everything sounded the same, so I’ll always perceive them as unique.”


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Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to South Korea

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Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to South KoreaEDC South Korea

Insomniac is breaking new ground in Seoul, South Korea as part of its flagship festival Electric Daisy Carnival’s (EDC) ever-growing global expansion. The event will take place in amusement park Seoul Land, and thus provides the most exciting EDC experience to date on account of the venue’s more varied attractions like roller coasters, carousels, arcades, bumper cars, a virtual reality cafe, and more.

Founder and CEO of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella commented on the new festival in an official release, saying, “Right now, there’s an energy around dance music in South Korea that inspires us to bring EDC there.” He continues, “We have a great venue, an amazing partner, and most importantly, a community that is embracing dance culture in an exciting way.” No lineup or tickets have been announced for the festival yet, but fans can stay tuned for more information about the festival via the EDC Korea website.

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