Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric Forest

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Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0622 005155 9289 CCW 1

Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0621 184831 4537 ATWElectric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0621 225858 2820 MVAElectric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0622 005155 9289 CCW 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0622 223946 6837 BA 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0623 200529 LCW 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0624 164107 9967 DML 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0628 155124 4209 DML 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric Forest36467260 1771093626272667 1859437706333913088 O 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEF2018 0630 170740 4917 ADI 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0628 031200 3474 DMLElectric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0624 204048 7276 MVAElectric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0624 174827 0338 DMLElectric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0623 221453 4046 ATW 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0624 223536 0606 CCW 1Electric Forest 2018: Rothbury, Michigan – photos by Electric ForestEFF2018 0624 174827 0338 DML

BREAKING: Severe weather causes Electric Forest shutdown

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BREAKING: Severe weather causes Electric Forest shutdownElectric Forest

Storms have descended on Rothbury, Michigan and Double JJ Ranch, where weekend 2 of Insomniac’s Electric Forest is currently underway.  A DA staff member on the ground states, “it’s dumping [rain] and lightning is hitting right outside the sight.”

We’re getting word via social media that as a result, the festival has been shut down indefinitely due to safety concerns from the wind, rain, and other elements pummeling the venue.

REZZ first posted about the festival being shut down, noting that the LED lighting had also been removed from the stage she’d been set to play. Shortly after, Electric Forest posted an official announcement on their Twitter and Facebook about the festival’s closure, asking everyone already on the grounds to please depart the premises and use their cars as shelter.

Rave photographer Rukes later replied to REZZ with a screenshot of the current storms passing through the area, stating the weather advisory predicted things to calm down by around 11 at night.

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.



Featured image taken from Insomniac publicity

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers project

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Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0621 225858 2820 MVA

When Bassnectar released a heart wrenching video in conjunction with Electric Forest and To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), the creative PSA went immediately viral with over 1.5 million views on Facebook. The video featured footage inside Sherwood Forest, where several roaming Forest Family members were captured answering a ringing telephone. On the other end of the line was Lorin Ashton, remaining anonymous throughout the call, as he asked questions about friendships, family, and hope.

Electric Forest has been partnering with TWLOHA since 2016 when it’s producers, Madison House and Insomniac, made it their mission to slate more mental health awareness activities into their programming. They reached out to Chad Moses of TWLOHA, whose role at the organization over the past decade has been using music as a platform for discussing mental health. They granted him a 10′ x 20′ space in the festival grounds to construct a creative project in support of community, togetherness, love, and mental health.

The initial project involved simple business cards, where Forest attendees were to write down “the one thing you need to say to yourself” upon entry into the festival. They were instructed to then come back at the end of the weekend and write down “on thing they needed to hear the most.”

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEF17 BASSNECTAR SKC THUMB.00 05 37 17.Still009

“The next year, EF calls and asks us what else we can do to raise awareness,” said Moses.

“They told us Bassnectar would love to be apart of this kind of project. They then talked to their artist director, who had a wonderful idea: what if we got this project off paper and quite literally electrified it? What if we used phone lines to get people to open up anonymously about things that may be heavy on their hearts?”

The projects continue to evolve and thrive with each passing year, according to Moses. “Pretty much every conversation I’ve had with their team has been amazing, it becomes bouncing ideas off each other, and they’ve never once told me ‘no’ for any reason. These are inherently creative people who love the process of creation.”

For 2018, TWLOHA has partnered with Electric Forest once again to create the Breaking Barriers Project, located on Main Street in the campgrounds. Quite literally: a wall, created with the acknowledgment of  everything that seeks to keep separate us from our fellow Forest dwellers – the Forest Family built a physical wall together, decorated and dominated by their aspirations for growth, with their barriers left in the past.

DA sat down with the non-profit organization during Electric Forest weekend one to learn more about the groundbreaking creative project.

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0621 133715 9893 MVA

The thing we love most about TWLOHA’s projects are how they grounded in identity politics. Last year, there was a feminist underpinning to the anonymous calls to Bassnectar. This year, the Breaking Barriers project is rooted in post-colonial/post-race concepts — particularly the notion of Border politics. Can you tell us if this inspired the idea behind the wall project?

“What started this project was a conversation with one of Electric Forest’s producers, the kind folks at Madison House, and they came to me with a problem. They said, we have to legally set up these barriers to avoid potential tragedy with vehicles driving into the crowds at the stages; and we want to make something divisive like this potentially beautiful and creative and intentional.”

It’s postmodern pastiche. It’s progressive action. It’s spiritually ascendant, especially this element of intention setting. Most of all, it’s spewing with the most powerful creative, connective force as we know it: Love.

“Yea, the wall is super imitational and intentional, where you can take as little or as much as you want, figuratively and literally,” says Chad Moses of TWLOHA. “But the people who’ve interacted with it, you can feel their gratitude surrounding the wall.”

Where exactly are you folks heading up this project inside the festival?

“We have two booths on site. We’re back inside the venue at Ranch Lobby West, right past Tripolee, as usual. And the booth on Main Street, which is very intentionally focused on explaining the wall’s purpose and how they can interact with it throughout the week.”

So how did this idea come into fruition?

“As we’re talking and brainstorming up this idea of the wall, I get transported back into my childhood. My friend’s dad had a piece of the Berlin wall in their home and I asked, ‘What is that?’ His dad told me the dark history behind it, how it was used to keep friends separated, and how, when it came down, it was the happiest days of those people’s lives. And I was struck with the idea that there are these kinds of things that are inherent in our own lives, things that are holding us back from connecting with one another — and these things aren’t necessarily physical manifestations.

With creativity, with community, that barrier can, should, and will fall. Whether your struggling with addiction or your own mental health or fractured relationships, nothing can get in the way of the notion that these things are impermanent.”

In terms of mental health, how do you think it will help people?

“The imagery is rooted more so in yesteryear than present day, but at the same time there are still people today that are driving these walls. You know, people come to Forest every year with tons of baggage, they’re super prepared with their camping gear, and their gifts, and their fully planned out festival attire. But a lot of times, they come with deeply rooted subconscious baggage too.

The entire purpose of that wall is to acknowledge the emotional baggage that we packed for ourselves — some people are arriving at Forest with heavy heartache. EF exists for family, for purpose, for community. That purpose for us is to let people know: all that stuff that you dragged in, we will take it for you.”

How did the Breaking Barriers wall project go at weekend one?

“We collaborated with this one artist, he called himself Adam One, who happened to walk by and ask, ‘How can I help with the wall?’ We tell him we need this wall saturated with color, that this should be free flowing. He says, ‘I have an idea’ and paints this huge circle of hexagons. ‘This is a super microscopic version of a seed,’ he says.

We all have an enormous potential for growth, but it gets covered by all this crap — anxiety, self-doubt, depression, pride, ego, the list goes on. But when we break it down, it’s going to allow this seed to grow. The point then became: Can we allow nature to help us overcome all these man-made structures?”

Electric Forest partners with To Write Love on Her Arms for Breaking Barriers projectEFF2018 0623 164423 8484 JSL

For Forest Family out at weekend two, DA — along with the producers and partners of Electric Forest — invites attendees to be a part of an interactive growth experience at their 2018 gathering at Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury, Michigan. Set an intention for the weekend, develop your goals, recognize the words and symbols that create distance between us, break down your barriers, and start your Rothbury experience with a deep breath of fresh air.

This wall represents the things that threaten to keep us apart, and focuses on the ways that we strive to develop as human beings. The Forest is built upon acceptance, kindness, freedom, respect, peace, and love. As the second weekend winds down, the wall and all of our internal barriers will be dismantled, deconstructed, and destroyed. Its pieces will then be distributed to attendees and offered as a token of our aspirations for improvement, and a reminder that the walls in our lives are not permanent. The Barrier Project pieces will be a symbol signaling that the unity we feel in The Forest can also be experienced back home.

All photos courtesy of Meg Ryan for Electric Forest.

Insomniac announces fifth-annual 2018 We Are NRG lineup

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Insomniac‘s announced the lineup for its fifth-annual We Are NRG event, a two-day rave taking over the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California on June 22 and 23 with its hard-hitting bass and electrifying tunes.

Having hosting sold-out crowds in both 2016 and 2017, it’s safe to say that We Are NRG has undergone a substantial transformation since its humble beginnings.

2018 undeniably marks the festival’s most outright accomplishment to date with bookings from bass beneficiaries like Deorro, R3HAB, and 3LAU — it’s an absolute must-attend. In addition to the bevy of heavy-hitting top-tier talent, We are NRG attendees will witness performances from the swiftly ascending acts of the bass realm such as Whipped Cream, Jax Jones, Nero (DJ Set), Dr. Fresch, and more.


We Are NRG SoCal 2018 takes place Friday, June 22, and Saturday, June 23, at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here. Find more information here.

Photo Credit: Insomniac Facebook

From dusk ’till dawn under the Electric Sky — EDC’s first camping venture

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Jake West

As a festival built on an ethereal foundation of acceptance, imagination and an appreciation for dance music, Electric Daisy Carnival has contrived and solidified their elusive reputation in the realm of music festivals. It has grown to become one of the most distinguished dance music festivals throughout the globe, after years of creating transcendental experiences that manage to remain unique to, and a principal facet to the festival’s essence.

Some may say that EDC’s success can be ascribed to its core focus on the principles of unity, love, self expression, and respect. Others may attribute it to the touches of creative ingenuity in every aspect of the festival, along with their perpetual nature of outdoing themselves with the passing of each year.

EDC 2018 - Jake West

Though EDC excels in all areas of community creativity, and growth, their success innately derives from their focus on the festival attendees — thoughtfully referred to as the “Headliners” behind the weekend. No festival is able to thrive without balancing their hiccups with accompanying improvements, and this one is certainly one of those that learns from their mistakes.

From its very first edition held in 1997, to the colossal three-day takeover just over two decades later, EDC has risen to the top of the international festival landscape with little competition along the way. The 2018 edition proved to be nothing short of what is known as the “EDC experience”, as the team worked magic to pull off 72+ hours of unprecedented extravagance.

With prior years of facing issues with shuttle transportation, and being at mercy to the desiccant, desert heat, one of the largest additions (and solutions) to this years event included the introduction of Camp EDC. Positioned just outside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Camp EDC hosted over 20,000+ attendees over the course of the weekend, kicking off a lineup of widespread festivities right from the get-go. Campers were given the choice between the GA Moonstone, and VIP Desert Rose tenting accommodation, each priced within reasonable grounds to the accustomed price-hike that Las Vegas visitors typically assume. RV Camping was available for  those who weren’t fans of traditional camping, offering a more “cushy” outdoor experience.

While Camp EDC was an excellent solution to alleviating the traffic load to the venue, it came at the cost of long entry wait times to the campgrounds.

Campers took to social media to relay their dismay behind the circumstances, tweeting both EDC and festival owner, Pasquale Rotella, about the 8+ hour wait times, and the risk of running out of gas/car battery. For those who were the lucky few that managed to be in the right place at the right time managed to breeze into the campgrounds, and get set unpacked before the weekend madness commenced.

Camp EDC’s first-ever campground kick-off party took place in their common-grounds, known better by “The Mesa.” Well prepared for the daily heat and incoming profusion of happy campers, “The Mesa” was characterized by colorful landmarks, non-stop daily activities, and weekend-long pool parties hosted by fan-favorite groups like Space Yacht, Insomniac Records, and Brownies & Lemonade.

Thursday’s pre-party was one for the bassheads (and was definitely met to bewilderment from campers seeking a more tame pre-EDC night), hosted by Excision, G Jones and Habstrakt as they played out on the illustrious Parliament Art car. To add to the already stacked evening, NGHTMRE went b2b with Slander in the early evening; adding to the large case of FOMO that non-campers, and campers who weren’t yet inside experienced. Camp EDC 2018 - Skyler Greene

With the good came the bad, and EDC was not exempt from the common camping festival struggles. Desert Rose campers were promised their own 24 hour, VIP bathroom/shower facilities, yet these were unaccessible at different points throughout the first day. Shower lines for the rest of the weekend were rarely scarce, pushing people to head back to their tents and resort to a good ‘ol-fashioned baby-wipe shower. Bumps on the road aside, no festival is complete without a few mishaps, especially when accommodating to 20,000+ thousand people in the middle of the desert.

Between the daily pool parties, and influx of group activities aiming to address the mind, soul and body, Camp EDC was a cloud nine destination for those looking to fulfill their EDC experience. Just as Insomniac prides themselves on centralizing the principles of positivity and respect, staff and security showed ample enthusiasm and genuine concern to the needs of festival-goers, making for smooth and sweet conversations all around.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 - Skyler Greene

An attribution to the countless hours placed before the festival’s success, campers left tired, yet fulfilled at heart from the three-night spectacle. A daunting task which proves difficult to face, EDC deserves credit where it’s due. Corralling over 20,000 individuals amongst 3,400 tents and 1,100 RV’s requires far more than extraneous planning and meticulous calculations. A project of this caliber requires patience, unwavering dedication and a love for dance music; drawing back to the founding pillars behind Insomniac’s success.

Photo credits: Skyler Greene and Jake West.

Only 33 arrests made on EDC LV’s opening day, with more than 100,000 in attendance

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With EDC Las Vegas wrapped up for its 2018 production, it appears that event attendees have been well behaved.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released statistics regarding major arrests made at the festival. The numbers reflected arrests occurring from EDC’s opening day on May 18, to the morning of Saturday, May 19. Police made only 33 arrests in this brief period, 29 of which were narcotic related. The remaining four arrests were misdemeanors. There were, however, no gross misdemeanor arrests made.

Las Vegas PD did not issue any traffic citations or DUIs. There were no traffic accidents or vehicular fatalities reported.

A total of 137,582 people celebrated under EDC’s electric sky on the festival’s first day. Only 32 were expelled from the event.

H/T: Fox 5

Stream all the best sets from day 1 of EDC Las Vegas 2018

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With the first day of EDC Las Vegas in the rearview, Dancing Astronaut looks forward to its other two days of music from some of the most forward-thinking acts in the industry. Luckily, for those that couldn’t catch the vibes under the electric sky, EDC Las Vegas will be live streaming the entire weekend. This year, Insomniac’s launched its brand-new Insomniac Channel with a partnership with Live X Live.

Though before we move on, it’s only right to review the best of the best from 2018’s first day. Thanks to Mixcloud user “Buzz Lightyear,” listeners can hear sets from Diplo, Kaskade, Slushii, Mija, and more.

Insomniac fills out robust 2018 EDC week with over 25 artists and 14 new shows

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Insomniac added over 25 new artists and 14 events to the fifth annual EDC week in Las Vegas, coinciding with the festival’s 22nd annual installment. 

In doing so, the festival welcomes 14 signature party experiences during the week of May 16–23, including the hardstyle focused Basscon Pool Party and two dubstep-fueled Bassrush parties, along with a variety of diverse headliners throughout the week. New programming includes a vast array of parties across the cities hottest nightclubs, including Elephante, Porter Robinson, NGHTMRE, Gryffin, Hot Since 82, Illenium, Yellow Claw, and many more.

Full programming details, more information, and tickets are available here.

k?d helps Insomniac usher in new playlist series, ‘Sounds That Never Sleep’ [Stream]

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After debuting a brand new logo earlier in the year, the Insomniac brand continues to traverse new terrain.

Cue “Sounds That Never Sleep,” a Spotify-supported playlist presented by Insomniac Records. “Sounds That Never Sleep” will curate new releases from artists slated to perform at approaching Insomniac events, while also featuring special guest artist takeovers each Friday.

Soon to appear at Insomniac’s South California festival, Beyond Wonderland, k?d heads the inaugural episode of “Sounds That Never Sleep.” k?d’s takeover entails selections from electronic heavy hitters like Knife Party, Rezz, SLANDER, and more, making for a first installment in the playlist series that bears k?d’s signature stamp of intensity.

The OFFICIAL 2018 EDC Las Vegas lineup is here, and it’s worth the wait

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EDC Vegas

“Headliners” rejoice, for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas’ 2018 lineup has at last arrived.

Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella surprised EDC Las Vegas ticket holders with a unique Valentine that among other treats, contained candy hearts printed with the names of a select few artists scheduled to perform at the event’s 22nd iteration from May 18-20.

edc_lv_2018_lu_lubd_1080x1080_r04 2

A nod to his love for his patrons, Rotella additionally informed ticket holders that he would announce the event’s 2018 lineup on February 14 during Episode #130 of Night Owl Radio. Now released in its full form, the roster of talent for the festival’s 2018 edition features the likes of Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Diplo, Afrojack b2b SVDDEN DEATH, Zedd, Tiesto, and more.

History will be made as globally-renowned electronic artists convene for more than 25 b2b performances including Doctor P b2b Flux Pavilion, DJ Stephanie b2b Lady Faith, and 12th Planet b2b Kill The Noise. NGHTMRE & Slander and Tchami and Malaa will additionally present their Gud Vibrations and No Redemption tours, respectively.

Ticket holders will also see a series of artists make their EDC Las Vegas debut, including Charlotte de Witte, Moksi, Khalid, and more.

Those interested in purchasing tickets to the festival can do so, here.