WDL – Cashmere (Moods Remix)

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Boogie Angst patron Moods has quickly become a solid exporter of soulful indie dance from the Netherlands.

With the first single from his much-anticipated debut album just around the corner, the Dutch producer flips WDL‘s album jewel “Cashmere” into the blissful terrain we’ve come to expect from both his remixes and original material. With Roads’ vocals perfectly intact, Moods takes a chilled-out step away from the original’s melancholic backbone. It’s an unprecedented take on proceedings, but one that fits like a glove under the watchful eyes of Moods.

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Flamingosis x Tokyo Megaplex – Herbie (Original Mix)

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Flamingosis and Tokyo Megaplex have worked hard to cultivate a sample-heavy yet artistically innovative sound. Never failing to bring jazzy and danceable beats to people, the two Brooklyn-based producers have released their third collaborative effort, titled “Herbie.”

Released by SVNSET WAVES, an electronic label out of Texas, the track is a standout on the label’s SVMMER SVN Vol. 5 compilation. A seemingly simple house beat starts the song off, until the plucking of strings and gentle keys transform the track into a smooth, funky masterpiece. The two artists also throw in what might be the all-time most subtle and tasteful sample of the Ying Yang Twins’ iconic 2005 track, “Wait.” This is just another example of the producers’ clever craftsmanship, taking bits and pieces of many tracks and weaving them into a cohesive and fresh sound.

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Third Floor – Oceans (Original Mix)

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Thanks to SoundCloud’s recent funding and CEO replacement, music lovers can continue to rely on the platform to uncover new and emerging talent.

Australian outfit Third Floor is a name that popped onto our radar with a sound he describes as “emotive dream music.”

“Oceans,” his most recent single, is a standout example of what the project’s sound truly encapsulates for unfamiliar listeners. Commencing with a tranquil but distorted vocal accompanied with breezy chords underneath, the Sydney producer guides listeners through an indie-dance sonic landscape of groovy bass guitar riffs, a moving four-on-the-floor beat and wonky synths.

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AWAY releases stirring new music video of ‘Sleepwalker’ via Lowly Palace

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Promising Los Angeles-based talent AWAY continues to define his artistic realm with the release of his music video of his debut single “Sleepwalker” featuring London Thor. This new delivery encapsulates the emerging sonic magnetism that has AWAY standing out as a breakout talent in 2017. His introspective attention to detail can be felt in the track’s production, and now he seeks to further establish his exploratory sound with a haunting and dark visual accompaniment via Lowly Palace.

“Sleepwalker” is a pressing narrative of a destructive break-up. The music video outlines a hazy scene of loss and self-desolation, bringing to light the personal feelings of escaping one’s feelings amidst a devastating situation. While there are many layers to AWAY’s self-defining moniker, the project successfully paves a route to curate a brand that could challenge the status-quo.

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STREAM: Mura Masa remixes Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright”

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Following a tastefully produced album debuting a widespread mix of his production abilites, Alex Crossan has continued to wow fans with his remarkably distinctive touch on anything from future bass, to indie-pop. Better known by his stage name Mura Masa, the genre-breaking producer has flourished throughout 2017. From R&B and hip-hop laden collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Desiigner, to up-beat and glistening compositions alongside Charli XCX and Bonzai, the European producer has quickly garnered attention across the world with his vast library of effulgent works.

Ensuring that fans are constantly content with his compilation of music, Crossan has once again demonstrated sheer brilliance with his latest remix of Bonzai’s “I Feel Alright.” After the initial release of the exquisite ballad towards the beginning of July, the producer followed with an elegant addition to the song, adorning it with lush pulses and indulgent instrumental works.

Meandering listeners on a musical journey with this remix, Mura Masa without a doubt continues to prove his versatile production capabilities, undeniably affirming himself as one of 2017’s brightest standouts.

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Charles Rivers – Burning

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Newcomer Charles Rivers’ latest effort “Burning” is a beautiful follow-up to his second single, “Calling Out To You.” Taking on writing, production, and performing duties for the song, the 22-year-old Miami-based artist flexes his skills with a warm, house-driven indietronic track. Filtered samples and rich vocals mix together in perfect harmony over immaculate synths and expertly programmed percussion, bringing the listener on an unexpected and unique journey. A testament to Rivers’ talents, “Burning” is sure to add many new listeners to his growing fan base and leave people yearning in anticipation of his next release.




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Instupendo – Save (Catching Flies Remix)

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Following the release of his debut EP, it was only a matter of time until Instupendo‘s work inspired others to take his tunes for a spin. The first to unveil their reproduction is the UK’s Catching Flies, who manages to keep the spirit of the original track, “Save,” while also freshening it up into something completely his own.

Catching Flies’ reproduction maintains the mellifluous, gentle vibe of the original but with a subtle increase in energy. A rumbling bass provides a foundation for Instupendo’s original vocal samples to glide and glisten over, before transitioning into a dazzling array of arpeggios and soft synths.

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Cut Copy announce new album, release “Standing in the Middle of the Field”

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Cut Copy fans all around are rejoicing, because for the first time since 2014, the band is putting out a new studio album. Titled Haiku From Zero, the full album will be out September 22 on Astralwerks Records.

Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford describes the album as a reflection of “this mosaic of information, images that we’re surrounded by on a day-to-day basis.”

“Sometimes it feels like overload, but there’s a weird random beauty in it,” Whitford said. “The idea of squeezing poetry from chaos was where the title of the album came from – the idea of finding something poetic in the overload.”

The group’s philosophy is on full display on both of the albums singles, like their funky July release, “Airborne.” Their new track, “Standing in the Middle of the Field,” posits bubbly synths and wistful vocals over a steady, unrelenting beat.

Digital copies, CDs, vinyl LPs, and cassettes of Haiku From Zero are available for pre-order now and Cut Copy have also just announced a fall North American tour, available for presale on August 11 at 10 a.m. here.

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Neon Tiger releases debut album Paperback Sunset

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The 80s are back in Neon Tiger‘s debut album titled Paperback Sunset, as the album artfully combines Indie Rock with electronic music to create a unique blend of genres. Neon Tiger is an indie-electro hybrid spin off from Australian DJ/Producer Maarcos. Paperback Sunset brings lyrical emotion to the fore, with songs like “Neon Rose” and “We Can Run” telling stories of love. “Summer”, along with some other tracks on the album, also feature Neon Tiger as a vocalist. Other vocalists featured throughout the album include Coyle Girelli, Sunsun, CONWAY, Color Drive. Norman Doray, and Barbara Tucker.

Paperback Sunset features 14 tracks, and if you purchase the album on iTunes, you receive a free digital booklet as an extra.

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JOHN.k x Ricky Remedy – Gold

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Is it really August already?

The summer months are flying by but Ricky Remedy and JOHN.k’s “Gold” is here to keep the sunshine and vibes alive for just a little bit longer. The collaborators do well to create a gripping production that incorporates turbulent synth work and a trap backbone behind JOHN.k’s evocative vocals without losing it’s saccharin charm. The result? A catchy future bass track that is as golden as the name would suggest.