Ryos reunites with Revealed Recordings to unveil his comeback single, ‘Identity’

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Ryos reunites with Revealed Recordings to unveil his comeback single, ‘Identity’DwUnz5wQAAhsAZ

“Quality over quantity” is a mantra that more artists should take note of in 2019, and festival house wunderkind Ryos is proving that method to be more than effective. The New York native is officially ending his brief radio silence that began last February and bracing the dance music world for the impending dawn of festival season with his new masterpiece, “Identity.”

Making his glorious return to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings for the first time in more than two years, Ryos enlists the vocal prowess of renowned lyricist Elle Vee to demonstrate that the festival house genre has undoubtedly matured since the early 2010s. Heartwarming lyrics infused with an infectious synth-fueled melody and guitar acoustics add “Identity” immediately to Ryos’ extensive catalog of blue-chip productions. Having already received attention over the years from names such as Tiësto and The Chainsmokers, the budding producer is not wasting any time in the New Year to secure his placement among names to watch in 2019.



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Forbes confirms Marshmello’s true identity in cover story

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DJ/Producer Marshmello has taken the electronic music scene by storm two short years after making his debut performance. The producer is famed for his anonymity thanks to his iconic helmet

For years the electronic music community has tried to coerce his identity out of him but Marshmello has stuck to his guns by steadfastly refusing to give up his identity as well as playing a prank or two on fans about it—like that time he had Tiesto pretend to reveal himself as Marshmello at EDC Vegas.

While the community was smart enough to determine that Tiesto was indeed NOT the famed producer, there has been increased speculation that Marshmello is Chris Comstock, otherwise known as Dotcom. This is thanks to Skrillex calling Marshmello “Chris” in an interview along with a discovery that Marshmello and Dotcom had the same exact tattoo.

Thanks to a recent Forbes article, we now may have the final substantiation needed to 100% confirm that Marshmello is indeed Chris Comstock/Dotcom. Forbes published a royalty monitor for Marshmello’s newest single “Silence,” which lists Comstock as the only songwriter on the track aside from Khalid. “Marshmello” is not credited anywhere.

For his part, the producer used his Twtitter account to address the Forbes publication, saying:

While we love a good mystery, we’ll consider this the final bit of proof to call this a closed case.


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