Cristoph and CamelPhat ‘Breathe’ their long-awaited collaboration into existence

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Cristoph and CamelPhat ‘Breathe’ their long-awaited collaboration into existenceCamelphat Christoph Breathe 1

As if to the mounting majesty of one of his progressive house tracks, in the past year Newcastle’s Cristoph has blossomed into a worldwide reckoning under mentor, Eric Prydz‘s watchful eye. Both Cristoph and CamelPhat, the Grammy nominees and creators of deific dance track, “Cola,” spent the better part of the summer showing love for Prydz as supporting acts at his often sold-out Hï Ibiza performances. Now, the two supporters are taking their talents center stage for what is a natural progression of their time in close Ibizan quarters. The result: an epic dance music lovechild, “Breathe,” through Pryda Presents, fittingly enough.

“Breathe” begins under the guise of plaintive instrumentals and ethereal, desirous female vocals from resplendent dance floor songstress, Jem Cooke. The track then employs the sonic equivalent of ripping the floor from underneath the listener with its bellowing bass line and unfettered chord progressions. Like a spectral presence with the best of intentions, the track leaves listeners hard-pressed to resist reporting to the nearest dance-friendly surface once “Breathe” gets hold.

Hot Since 82 shiver timbers, DJs live from a pirate ship [Watch]

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Hot Since 82 shiver timbers, DJs live from a pirate ship [Watch]Hot Since 82 Action Shot 2

Hot Since 82 redefined what it might mean to ‘swab the deck’ during his live streamed set aboard a pirate ship in Ibiza.

The near two-hour effort transported the house music heavyweight from the Balearic clubs that so commonly provide the platforms for DJs’ live performances on the White Island, and onto the sea, where the waters plunged as deep as the beats that Hot Since 82 doled out. With the producer’s family and friends aboard the intimate vessel, it’s safe to say that no mutinies transpired.

Director of Netflix’s ‘Ibiza’ has never been to Ibiza

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Director of Netflix’s ‘Ibiza’ has never been to IbizaAle Richanbach Ibiza

In an awkward interview with Mixmag, director of the new Netflix original film, Ibiza, Alex Richanbach, reveals he’s never been to the island of Ibiza. Granted, the movie is a light rom-com about three girlfriends traveling to Spain for “work.” Let’s just say the European party scene took over, and not much professionalism ensued. The protagonist, played by Gillian Jacobs, ends up falling in love with an EDM DJ, played by Richard Madden, and supposed hilarity ensues.

When Mixmag interviewer Jeremy Abbott asked Richanbach if he’s ever been to Ibiza, the director revealed he’s never even been.

“You know I hadn’t been able to go,” he told Abbott. “So I did all my research through our writer who spent a lot of time there and also Richard Madden who spent a lot of time there and I sort of watched as much as I could from a documentary stand-point and I read books and did as much as I could. But the speed of which we prepped the film I wasn’t able to get there.”

Abbott continues pushing the subject by mentioning the Spanish government’s disapproval and potential lawsuit. The movie was filmed in Croatia, which Abbott points out adds to the misrepresentation of the Ibiza brand and vibe. There were also accusations of stereotyping the island’s culture and drug use. The director’s response was to highlight a writer and actor of the film who spent time in Ibiza.

Read the full interview here.

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Photo Credit: @alexrichanbach/Instagram

Calvin Harris announces three-date Pacha Ibiza run this summer

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One Kiss” might be all it takes, but one night on the White Isle certainly won’t cut it.

At least that runs true in Calvin Harris‘ recent announcement that he’ll be taking over Ibiza’s most esteemed clubbing destination, Pacha Ibiza, for three nights this summer. Pacha celebrated its grand re-opening on May 4, and despite some recent confusion surrounding two go-go-dancers impersonating cops, it’s looking to be a banner year for the club.

The Fly Eye executive’s headline slots, dubbed Tuesdays On Mars, are a part of Pacha’s latest party concept, which also features Fatboy Slim, Alesso, Martin Solveig, and Oliver Heldens. Harris will be playing on August, 14, 18, and 28, marking the only three dates outside of his Vegas residency fans will be able to catch the “Nuh Ready” producer this summer.

IMS Ibiza opens with emotional speech on Avicii’s death from Pete Tong: ‘We weren’t supposed to die chasing the dream’

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Pete Tong

The International Music Summit (IMS) officially kicked off in Ibiza with conference co-founder Pete Tong‘s discussion on mental health.

Tong began with an emotional speech on the tragic passing of Avicii, and spoke about how the industry can better deal with the stresses and strains of life in the music business.

In the talk, Tong spoke about how individuals in the music industry need to support each other. Speaking on the death of Avicii, he said: “we [DJs] weren’t supposed to die chasing the dream.”

Tong also touched on how the producer, who was found dead in Oman last month, quickly becoming a superstar without the proper tools for coping with the change in lifestyle that comes with a near overnight jump worldwide success.

Tong’s touching tribute to Avicii was followed by another panel, Our Duty Of Care. Christine Brown of Help Musicians UK said: “People in music are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness. That really pushed us into action.”

H/T: Mixmag

Ibiza authorities investigating go-go dancers impersonating police at Pacha reopening party

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Wearing the crown as Ibiza‘s hottest nightclub proves no easy feat. Now it seems the White Isle’s clubbing crowned jewel, Pacha, could be in quite a bit of hot water.

Ibiza’s public prosecutor’s office is currently investigating a May 4 incident involving two go-go dancers impersonating policemen at Pacha’s reopening party.

Originally reported by El Mundo, two men in local police uniforms led a group of VIPs from the neighboring Pacha Hotel to the club, even managing to stop traffic along the way. When they then entered the club, the two alleged officers soon jumped onstage and ordered that the music be turned off. Fortunately, the 5,000-strong crowd started whistling and booing, and the music soon returned.

Two legitimate police officers reportedly witnessed the entire incident and reported it immediately to the local authorities and a local citizen group, EPIC, which demanded that Pacha apologized for the PR stunt.

“What happened that night concerns us,” reads a statement from local citizens group EPIC. “Usually when someone is dressed up, you notice straight away, but in this case that didn’t happen, so everyone at the party initially believed that the two young men who turned out to be go-go dancers were really policemen.”

It  continues: “It’s particularly serious given that members of the local council were present and did nothing to stop it from happening. This wasn’t just a crime; it was a shameful joke at the expense of the police, whom we should respect.”

Pacha has now responded, claiming the uniforms were not in fact official and had been made by the club’s costume department. They also said the uniforms had been used at previous events without issue, and that the uniforms didn’t include any official badges or other official paraphernalia.

Photo credit: Pacha Ibiza

Via: El Mundo

Hot Since 82 returns to Pacha Ibiza with ‘A Labyrinth Story’

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Swiftly becoming an Ibiza powerhouse, Knee Deep In Sound label boss Hot Since 82 is set to return to Ibiza’s storied Pacha for a second season of Labyrinth. The Yorkshire native will host a staggering 21 weeks of “A Labriynth Story”  from May 25–October 12, each Friday at the club.

Last season, Hot Since 82 welcomed a wide range of guests into the Labyrinth. From newcomers like Eats Everything to Ibiza legends like DJ Harvey and Erick Morillo, or even techno heavyweights Adam Beyer and Dubfire, Labyrinth’s celebrations were a tribute to life and color in full.

As a new image of Ibiza emerges, one thing is for certain: events like Labyrinth will continue to ensure travelers they need not worry about finding the party.


Photo Credit: Alex Neidhardt

International Music Summit announces star-studded Dalt Villa 2018 closing lineup

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David Holderbach WEB 72dpi

The International Music Summit (IMS) announced its annual closing lineup set for the Dalt Villa on May 25 in Ibiza’s Old Town.

Entering its 11th year, IMS Ibiza is a three-day educational platform for the electronic music industry held annually in the dance music capital of the world.

Dalt Villa will boast both legendary and emerging artists in today’s global dance circuit.

Sven Väth is headlining, with performances from Danny Tenaglia and the final Ibizan fixture Guy Gerber. Other outstanding acts include the ever-ascending Peggy Gou, Dubfire, Jackmaster, Furkan Kurt, Paco Osuna, Andrea Oliva, and the IMS co-founder and industry icon Pete Tong.

With further exclusive back-to-back announcements coming soon, IMS Dalt Villa is a sound closing to the IMS event and will open the summer season on the island in one of the most extraordinary locations in the world.


Tickets and more information are available here.

Photo Credit: David Holderbach

Good Morning Mix: Kickstart your morning with Heidi’s timeless ENTER.Terrace mix at Space Ibiza

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Take a trip back in time this morning. Explore, discover, and enter the sonic soundscapes of Space Ibiza on July 10, 2014.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.17.09 PM

Three years ago, Richie Hawtin took his ENTER. performance to Space Ibiza. In his quintessential curatorial culmination of music, sake, and technology, senses were heightened and experience amplified. Exemplifying the soaring, calculated ethos of said event was Heidi, largely known as the label head of the spearheading Jackathon Jams and a late pioneer in today’s house and techno realm. At ENTER., Heidi took the crowd on a contemplative journey of house and techno.

Having launched her illustrious career over a decade ago and since hosted her own radio show on BBC Radio 1, “In New DJs We Trust,” she’s certainly solidified her status as a global tastemaker. From there, she scored a permanent residency on the network and has partied across the globe via Jackathon Jams.

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Paris Hilton is at work on a full-length deep house, techno & electro pop album

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Now that Paris Hilton has concluded the fifth year of her summer residency at Ibiza’s internationally renowned Amnesia nightclub, the heiress has announced her intent to release her second full-length album. A response to her 2006 self-titled album, Paris, Hilton’s second release will be a “deep house, techno-pop and electro-pop” product.

Hilton remains the highest-paid female DJ in the world, grossing up to one million dollars per gig. Hilton states that she’s on the road 250 days a year, ensuring that her team “books her until four a.m. whenever they can.” While Hilton did not comment on the timeframe of the new album’s release, the forthcoming project is sure to be met with interest, with Paris previously charting high on Billboard. And that’s pretty “hot.”

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