Mija goes noir with dusky new ‘Just Enough’ EP

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Mija goes noir with dusky new ‘Just Enough’ EPMija Just Enough Ep

The only thing consistent about Mija‘s sound is the constant drive to surprise. Although an enduring force in the dance music world, the artist has earned fans through eclectic releases across the electronic spectrum. Channeling 80s synth kitsch on releases like 2017’s “never b alone” one minute, and dishing  Björk vibes on “Notice Me” the next is all in a day’s work for the Phoenix export. Despite releases on labels like OWSLA and Fool’s Gold, Mija’s independent status has allowed for complete creative control over her sound – which she’s appropriately described as “fk a genre.”

That limitless artistic vision is apparent from the jump on a smokey new two track release, Just Enough. Noir aesthetics pour on early in “I Hope To Cure Myself of You,” with a slinky bass line carrying the track through a maze of foley and spoken word samples. “Dead Flowers and Cigarettes” continues the story by trading in the previous track’s drum and bass breakdowns for dark house stylings, ending with a slowed up jazzy breakdown. The EP further solidifies Mija’s consistent sonic reinvention as a refreshing force in the electronic music world.

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Cazztek gets a Martin Garrix co-sign on new single, ‘Down Like That’

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Cazztek gets a Martin Garrix co-sign on new single, ‘Down Like That’Cazztek Press Shot

Cazztek is back with a new single titled “Down Like That,” in collaboration with Man 3 Faces. Cazztek’s new drop comes by way of Martin Garrix‘s continually dominant STMPD RCRDS, pushing a quirky G-house inspired blend on his latest product.

“Down Like That” is a certified club burner, clocking in at three minutes of straight grooving, upbeat footwork house. The kick-snare combo is intertwined with chopped rap vocals throughout, weaving stylistic hip-hop accents into the fold for a sure-shot setlist weapon. Cazztek drops off a well-rounded dance party piece that’s primed for heavy DJ set rotations and bound to continue raising the emerging force’s profile on “Down Like That”. Fans can catch Cazztek perform at Martin Garrix’s closing party at Ushuaïa Ibiza later this month.

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Malaa keeps things dark with sleek new underground club cut ‘Cash Money’

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Malaa keeps things dark with sleek new underground club cut ‘Cash Money’Malaa Charly Chivteam

Malaa is back with new music, just ahead of the anonymous producer’s North American Illegal tour kickoff this fall. The masked beatmaker’s latest deliver comes by way of “Cash Money” building the anticipation for his forthcoming Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2. The new original work is the second single from the impending compilation, following the project’s first infectious teaser, “Bling Bling.” Pair both singles side by side, and the new mixtape’s aesthetic really begins to take shape.

Whirling, ominous tech house layers are juxtaposed with tightly wound kicks stringing together the track’s propelling warehouse-primed energy. Designed as an underground club cut, “Cash Money” pushes Malaa’s signature dark, G-house-inspired sound. The track is out now via Tchami‘s CONFESSION imprint, and is a worthy addition to Malaa’s continually-growing catalogue of dangerous, club-ready sonics.

First Listen: Alisa Ueno & Edward Vigiletti – Is That It (produced by NERVO)

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First Listen: Alisa Ueno & Edward Vigiletti – Is That It (produced by NERVO)Alisa Ueno Press Shot

High fashion meets club-ready electronic dance music on Alisa Ueno and Edward Vigiletti’s head-turning new team up, “Is That It.” Ueno, head of Tokyo-based fashion imprint Fig & Viper has enlisted the help of Vigiletti and superstar Australian DJ duo NERVO for a new club-ready setlist weapon that’s bound for heavy rotations on the international DJ circuit. Bouncy, textured electro chords matched with a looping hook give the new collaboration equal parts undoubtable club flair and pop-leaning sensibility.

Fans might recognize Ueno’s credentials alongside EDM power duo Sofi Tukker on “Best Friend,” which makes her latest original work, “Is That It,” an obvious extension of the emerging producer’s sound. Meanwhile, Edward Vigiletti is fresh off of the release of his debut five track EP Xsc8pism. The new electro belter is in place to elevate both parties presence on the club circuit, and with some added star power from NERVO and an aesthetically pleasing new music video to boot, “Is That It” is a worthy late-summer addition to pregame playlists.

Gorgon City’s remix of ‘Feel My Needs’ is an easy dance floor jumpstarter

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Gorgon City’s remix of ‘Feel My Needs’ is an easy dance floor jumpstarterGorgon City

Following the release of their critically-acclaimed album Escape, Gorgon City is back with a remix of Weiss‘ house jam “Feel My Needs.” With a widely successful sophomore album and a what appears to be steady new material stocked as well, the English duo has hit their stride this fall season, gearing up for a well-equipped 2018 tour.

The remix is sure to be a fan-pleaser, as Gorgon City stick to their UK underground house roots on this one. The producer duo throw in some beloved deep bass and quick drum hits, topping off their remix effort with interchanging piano chords and echoed vocals cropped from the original mix. The tempo is sped up a bit, which sets this up perfectly with the theme of most Gorgon City live sets. Jump into Gorgon City’s “Feel My Needs” remix below.

Good Morning Mix: Cruise through the start of your day with AMTRAC’s ‘Motorway Mix’

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Good Morning Mix: Cruise through the start of your day with AMTRAC’s ‘Motorway Mix’1200p Amtrac Image

Today’s mix to start you on your day is a reminder to artists large or small everywhere that sometimes, the best way to refresh yourself creatively is to dive into the music that personally inspires them. It does not necessarily need to be the music someone like AMTRAC — the artist behind this “Motorway Mix” — consistently makes, either.

The new mix is an exploration that can keep anyone’s feet grounded with an hour-long blend of tunes. Instead of the underground deep and tech house we usually get from the American DJ and producer, this mix is follows a whole new tempo and sound. Journey through the mix and peek at the sounds that comprise AMTRAC’s influences: groovy nu disco riffs, acidic retro electronica, and funky soul. Like the title suggests, this mix is probably best paired with an extensive open highway drive, but at its best is a soundtrack to personal reflection for both the listener and the artist at work.

Zhu’s ‘Ringos Desert’ is an invitation to a pulp western oasis [Album Review]

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Zhu’s ‘Ringos Desert’ is an invitation to a pulp western oasis [Album Review]Zhu Ringos Desert Album Review

It’s no accident that every first listen to a new Zhu project feels like a carefully guarded private screening. He is, after all, a master curator. The stage was set long before an audience fills the seats, the impending vision immortalized long before scenes were spliced and set in stone. It’s also no accident that Ringos Desert could be seen on the horizon for months in advance. The Mind of a Genius artist’s presence in the dance music world is as carefully crafted as his music, with omissions and inclusions carrying equal weight. What the man of mystery wants seen, heard, and known, is exactly what is received.

First came rumors in the spring of literal tons of sand ready for transport to stops on Zhu’s impending “Dune” tour, and a mysterious phone number rigged for a secretive BLACKLIZT set deep in the Mojave. In the midst of it all were releases — high profile singles like the Tame Impala-assisted “My Life,” and “Coming Home,” with Majid Jordan. More music followed, with the lion’s share ending up on the producer’s Ringos Desert, Pt. 1 EP. Zhu’s sophomore full length effort has crept into fans’ peripherals for the better part of the year – so just how different does a full listen feel? That’s the funny thing about the wilderness: No matter how many dunes one passes on the way to its center, looking out from the middle of an ocean of sand is a different existence entirely.

Upon arrival, Ringos Desert makes it immediately clear that its identity as an invitation carried over to the track list itself. The LP contains a large amount of powerhouse collaborators — eight, to be exact — with each packing impact. From heavyweights like TOKiMONSTA to relative unknowns like Karnaval Blues, Zhu’s call to the desert seems to have drawn a crowd before the album ever reached fans’ ears. That spirit of openness can be felt in every joint effort, as TOKiMONSTA personally attested to when speaking of her album appearance on “Light It Up:”

“It was truly special how this song came together in that it is very much the result of both our minds,” she said of the track. “Collaborating with Zhu was creatively effortless. We both knew exactly where this song could go and we got it there. I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Every song is polished to absolute perfection, each sound given dedicated space to exist like modern art in an exhibit. Tucked into the songs is a cheeky dose of western sonic flavor that seasons the entire album. The high-noon shootout whistles and echoing crow calls on album opener “Stormy Love” are unapologetic pulp, but there are subtler instances at play as well. Twanging guitar lines ranging from full-on distorted wails (“Desert Woman”) to sad cowboy strums (“Ghost In My Bed”) permeate the project, giving a human touch counterbalance to the grooves’ ultra-cool polish. Through golden hour slow-burners and starry dance cuts, that layer of crackle and dust deepens the thematic experience, feeling deliberate without gimmick.

The body of work is upper echelon electronic music pure and simple. Only a handful of artists possess the kind of vision and polish to make a body of work this consistent, and at the same step out fearlessly to push creative genre boundaries. But where does this primal call to Ringos Desert lead? The album has always been an invitation — but to what? The material embodies an expansive array of feelings and experiences; love, drugs, sex, pain, loss, doubt, and almost everything in between. Repeated listens can immerse in the moment and just as easily transport through potent escapism. That power is no accident — after all, Zhu has beckoned the world to the dunes from the very beginning. To listen is to join him beneath the stars and sun and feel without distraction or interruption. If not all who wander are lost, Ringos Desert proves not all who are lost need saving.

Chinese dance pop star Chace lives up to the hype on new DJ Snake co-sign, ‘Never’

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Chinese dance pop star Chace lives up to the hype on new DJ Snake co-sign, ‘Never’Chace Never Premiere Classe

For anyone still sleeping on Chace, it’s about time to wake up. The Shanghai-based pop/dance prodigy has exploded onto the scene on Yellow Claw‘s Barong Family imprint, and really hasn’t looked back. Since his 2017 breakout, the emerging wunderkind has already landed an EP on Mad Decent, guested for a bonafide Diplo & Friends mix, and even launched his own release imprint, HOWSHOOD. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Chace also became the first ever Chinese DJ to perform at Tomorrowland. Oh yeah, and he’s done it all before his 20th birthday.

The artist’s meteoric rise continues with a binge-worthy house cut titled “Never,” arriving via DJ Snake‘s own PREMIERE CLASSE label. Tight piano chords and pitchy vocal cuts are the main ingredients of a toe-tapping tour de force, with deep sub power and shuffling house percussion keeping pace. Chace does a top-notch job of letting only the most important sounds do the talking on this one, and the result on “Never” is a pop-injected house hit that sounds polished beyond the young up-and-comer’s years.

Savi and DYSON team up for new electro-pop jam ‘Your Love’

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Savi and DYSON team up for new electro-pop jam ‘Your Love’Savi Dyson Your Love Artwork.jpg

Savi is capitalizing on a productive summer season, coming through with another playlist-primed original work, “Your Love,” this time alongside vocalist DYSON. The pair have joined up on Enhanced Recordings, which is quickly becoming a fitting home imprint for Savi’s growing catalog of bright electronic compositions. “Your Love” showcases Savi’s penchant for proctoring infectious electronic ear-worms defined by a sharp, inventive pop sensibility. The LA-based producer’s vibrant, melodic groundwork matches DYSON’s impactful vocal delivery perfectly, accenting an anthemic topline with tightly wound percussion arrangements.

Savi’s latest comes shortly after a deeply personal co-production alongside Bryan Ellis on “Voices,” and while the mood is lightened considerably on “Your Love,” Savi’s last two original offerings prove he’s stitching together a track record of successful studio bouts, and hopefully a more extended project is around the corner from the emerging producer.

Boys Noize reveals first release as ELAX, ‘Reaktor’ on Solomun’s Diynamic imprint

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Boys Noize reveals first release as ELAX, ‘Reaktor’ on Solomun’s Diynamic imprintBoys Noize Mayday Lil Internet

Boys Noize is shaking things up a bit, debuting an intriguing new project known as ELAX. Side-stepping his signature brand of warehouse-ready industrial techno, Alex Ridha’s new ELAX moniker bears an immediate resemblance to Boys Noize’s unmistakable production acumen, while leaning in its own, different tech-inspired direction. Furthermore, the project’s first release comes by way of Solomun‘s Diynamic imprint as part of the label’s Four on the Floor collection, as opposed to Ridha’s own venerated Boys Noize Records. On ELAX’s inaugural debut, “Reaktor,” Berlin’s genre-blurring mastermind makes starting from the ground up sound easy — but what else would one expect?

Pulsing synthwork and swinging percussion come together while textured electro rhythms hiss and buzz across the nearly seven-minute stomper. From menacing acid house takes with Dog Blood to lovably bizarre Handbraekes fare, Ridha’s always kept up a healthy repetoire of alternative outlets and ELAX is proving to be an exciting addition to Boys Noize already decorated career.