Alison Wonderland’s secret house set at EDC uploaded to Pornhub [Stream]

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Alison Wonderland’s secret house set at EDC uploaded to Pornhub [Stream]Alison Wonderland Lose My Mind Tour 3

Alison Wonderland‘s performance at EDC Las Vegas was one of the festival’s top highlights of 2019. The Aussie beatsmith, who grabbed the runner up spot for Dancing Astronaut‘s top artist of the year in 2018, managed to squeeze in an extra performance at EDC this year, far from the larger-than-life main stage she commanded on the festival’s opening night.

Making her way to the Art Car for a secret strictly house set, the Run producer gave unsuspecting fans an encore performance glued together by floor-ready dance cuts. Best of all, the secret set was uploaded to Pornhub for everyone’s streaming pleasure. It had to live somewhere, right? The set comes as a highly recommended listen, though, you might want to hold off on clicking the link below while you’re at work or school. Enjoy.

Mercer takes a modern disco jaunt on new EP, ‘NEO DISCO 2’

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Mercer takes a modern disco jaunt on new EP, ‘NEO DISCO 2’Mercer

NEO DISCO 2 is Mercer‘s invitation to listeners to sonically step inside the producer’s disco dojo. The three-track EP radiates a soulful, dance-centric funk that colors each of NEO DISCO 2’s cuts, “Your Love,” “Disco Parade,” and “You & I.” NEO DISCO 2 melds old-school disco sound with the clean and comparatively more contemporary neo-disco style that has pervaded so many of Mercer’s preceding productions, like “Studio 54” and “Alright.”

The instrumentally rich groove of NEO DISCO 2’s inclusions touts looping melodies and bold backbeats. Each tune fluidly pushes forward with heart, evoking the euphoria specific to disco inflection. As NEO DISCO 2 evinces, disco never died—it’s just gotten a modern update, Mercer style.

Armin van Buuren switches it up, taps Bonnie McKee for new collaboration ‘Lonely for You’ [Watch]

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Armin van Buuren switches it up, taps Bonnie McKee for new collaboration ‘Lonely for You’ [Watch]Armin Van Buuren Bbc1 Radio

Armin van Buuren has released a new track  that is nearly unrecognizable coming from the venerate trance and progressive producer. Titled “Lonely For You,” the song taps into an elaborate drum line with a faint drum n’ bass-inspired vibe that adds a unique compliment to poppy vocals, delivered by Bonnie McKee.

The producer speaks about his newest track in an official release, stating,

“’Lonely For You’ was written with the lovely Bonnie McKee. For me, it resembles the struggles we all face with and in relationships, ups and downs. I think it was appropriate to release it around Valentine’s Day!”

The track tells the story of getting over a relationship that has ended, and the moments of feeling alone even though the breakup was the right decision. “Lonely For You” has fittingly been released in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, and the accompanying music video features both Armin van Buuren and McKee dispersed throughout the visual narrative of a break up. “Lonely For You” is a worthy complement to the “Wild Wild Son” producer’s growing list of increasingly diverse releases, and if the Armada figurehead is actually on a mission to prove that he can produce a hit in every genre, he is certainly checking off new boxes with his work on “Lonely For You.”

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Orbit Playlist: Eli & Fur share swelling selects before hitting the high seas for Groove Cruise Miami

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Orbit Playlist: Eli & Fur share swelling selects before hitting the high seas for Groove Cruise MiamiEli Fur 1

Anjunadeep‘s favorite new two brooding Brits, Eli & Fur, have taken a moment to parse their favorite tracks (including a few of their own design, of course) from the last year, before they kick-start 2019 aboard Groove Cruise Miami.

The cinematic house duo spent 2018 eclipsing mundane DJ/producer expectation, with their visceral, reflective aesthetic rendering their productions deliriously dance-worthy, but also ideal for a relaxed listen outside the club setting. Their most recent EP, Night Blooming Jasmine serves as invariable evidence of their tone/mood-fluxing capabilities Unsurprisingly, the ladies’ selects reflect this chameleon-like dance-ability, spanning the mystifying, high-spirits “Buggin” by Hot Since 82 to Bob Moses’ slow-burning subtleties by way of “Back Down.”

While Groove Cruise Miami is totally sold out, pre-sale for West Coast Groove Cruise is available here. Fans should keep their eyes peeled for Eli & Fur’s new remix with Maya Jane Coles out next month on NYX Music.

“Cannot wait for Groove Cruise. For some reason we have become cruise ship regulars. Think this is our 5th or 6th. Fur loves the casino and Eli likes the fact you can’t leave. It’s like a huge floating hotel of craziness and it’s always one to remember.”

1. DJ Dep – Stop Talking (Tiger Stripes Edit)

This has been a real stomper on the dance floor. One of those ones that works every time. Been a favourite to play out and a great tool to pick up the energy.

2. Eli & Fur – Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr. Remix)

When we asked Rodriguez Jr. to remix this we were so happy when he said “yes.” We have been fans of his for a while and had met before at a few parties. He totally smashed it and took the original to another level.

3. Jimmy Edgar – Burn So Deep Ft DAWN (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

This one is a moment. Maya is a genius producer and remixer, have played this a lot this summer. It’s not in any way generic and sticks in people’s memories. The best recipe for any track we like to play out.

4. Bob Moses – Back Down

Have wanted to see them live for a while now. They balance the electronic and live world perfectly and have such a great catalog to dig into.

5. SL2- DJs Take Control – (Shadow Child Remix)

We have worked with Shadow Child in the past and he’s so so talented. This is another banger that’s been great. Played this at Ants in Ibiza quite a few times and it always gets the party going.

6. Eli & Fur, OC & Verde – Sweet Perfection

This came out on Yoshi Toshi at the start of 2018, loved collaborating with OC & Verde.

7. Kaz James and Nick Morgan – Twisted Instrumental Mix

Another we have been playing out in most of our sets, so much melody and emotion. This is right up our street. Was a great moment when we played it at Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernardino, with the wind blowing and all the amazing lights out in the crowd.

8. Anotr – Bend

Bad ass track. These guys are so good. Play a lot of their tunes out and this is our favourite so far.

9. Mathame (With Lyke) – Nothing Around Us

This pulls at your heart strings. Like anything from Life And Death it’s full of emotion mixed with aggression and is such an intense dance floor experience.

10. Blond:ish – Circus

This is wacky and amazing, played this at Treehouse Miami and it went off. It’s a great one for more intimate party vibes and one of our favourites of 2018.

11. Eli & Fur – Something Was Real

Yes, plugging ourselves here but this is a special track to us both personally and felt super happy to get something a bit different on our last EP. It’s more down tempo than our usual releases and one of our favourites on the EP.

12. Hot Since 82 – Buggin’feat Jem Cooke

Great tune from someone we are very excited to see play on the ship. Love all his tunes.

13. Eli & Fur x Harry Romero – Be Somebody

Harry is a legend and an amazing producer. This one started with a vocal we wrote. We loved the vibe and felt like it could really work over something groovy. “Be Somebody” was born with the help of Harry. It was wicked to collab with him and love playing this one, will definitely be dropping it on the boat.

14. Bronski Beat – Why (Wax Wings)

This is genius. Love Wax Wings, love this track. Been playing it out a lot recently. One of the great moments to remember again. If you haven’t got this go get it.

15. Eli & Fur – Parfume (Athea remix)

James (Athea) is a mate of ours who’s super talented. So we asked to remix “Parfume” on our latest EP. Love how dark this version is. Heads down vibes, here.

Photo Credit: Whet Travel

SNBRN drops off vibrant remix of Hotel Garuda’s ‘One Reason’

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SNBRN drops off vibrant remix of Hotel Garuda’s ‘One Reason’SNBRN Press Image

Both SNBRN and Hotel Garuda are known for their laid back and approachable take on house music. After dropping off “One Reason,” his first solo single since the departure of Manila Killa, back in November, Hotel Garduda has enlisted SNBRN for an official remix of the uplifting track.

SNBRN puts a deeper, more atmospheric house vibe on the pop-oriented original. With powerful chords and bold synths grounding the remix, SNBRN’s take on “One Reason” is equally fitted for a live set from both producers, merging their respective styles into one complementary remix. While keeping the vocal chops of the original intact, SNBRN brings in emotive strings and textures to accompany them, resulting in an alluring rework offering.

No Mana drops the beautifully complex ‘Melted Candy’ LP

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No Mana drops the beautifully complex ‘Melted Candy’ LPMelted Candy Cover

No Mana has released his second album of the year, Melted Candy. Following the release of Assorted Repetitions released earlier in 2018, this release sees the LA artist explore new territory in sound to round out the year.

While the release opens with “In My Mind,” which starts out with a new, intricate and melancholic take on the acidic synths from the complextro of yesteryear, the song – and the rest of the EP – develops into something exploratory, canvassing a range of dance music sounds. There’s elements of gritty, bass-heavy house as well as familiar progressive basics sprinkled throughout the project. This creates beautifully layered music that at first glance might seem one way, but with each twist and turn tells a beautiful story all its own. No Mana’s talent and focus are clear – and tactfully executed – across the duration of Melted Candy.

This 6-track release is yet another we’ve seen this year that cements 2018 as the year of the short long form release, with Melted Candy dubbed as an LP.

Melted Candy is out now via mau5trap.

Matt Medved drops off infectious remix of Marshmello and Bastille’s sweeping hit ‘Happier’

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Matt Medved drops off infectious remix of Marshmello and Bastille’s sweeping hit ‘Happier’Matt Medved

Matt Medved is adding another high profile remix to his catalog with his new take on Marshmello and Bastille‘s smash hit, “Happier.” Closely following a grooving house remix of Khalid‘s “Love Lies,” Matt Medved has followed up with a buoyant, upbeat take on “Happier,” taking the tune from the radio waves to the dance floor with his re-visioning.

Accenting the track’s foundation with his own house-inspired theme, Medved leaves Bastille’s vocal work largely intact, working in his own infectious percussion arrangements around the track’s ubiquitous topline. Lush club-ready soundscapes supplant Marshmello’s cheerful piano chords as Medved breathes new life into his masked companion’s latest hit. Matt Medved’s remix also follows another inventive take on the track by JAUZ — who opted to offer a more downtempo perspective on one of the year’s biggest tracks. Stream Matt Medved’s remix of “Happier” below.

First Listen: Anonymous producer SQUIRM launches an intergalactic adventure on debut ‘Traveller’ EP

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First Listen: Anonymous producer SQUIRM launches an intergalactic adventure on debut ‘Traveller’ EPSquirmn

Anonymity has become a powerful tool for artists in recent years, with artists like Sia and Marshmello hiding their faces and letting their work and collaborative outputs define their respective brands. However, few artists have used anonymity to define a completely new character with a narrative and a new world for listeners to explore. That is until SQUIRM veered off course and crash landed with a new five-track Traveller EP to introduce the enigmatic new project.

Word is that the mysterious new SQUIRM had established themselves under another moniker in the past, though the exploratory new guise comes with a fresh, experimental sonic aesthetic different from previous projects.

Traveller plays like a story — there’s a beginning, middle, and an end — teetering between floor-ready house, pulsing tech tropes, and 8-bit inspired electronica. Intriguing vocal accents carry the EP, which gradually sways from ambient moments to bubbly, shuffling breakdowns from front to back. The EP tells the first chapter in SQUIRM’s story, detailing the alien producer’s arrival and setting up the ensuing intergalactic thrill ride. It’ll be interesting to see where the mysterious SQUIRM goes from here — follow along as the story unfolds.

First Listen: Eric Sharp remixes his collaboration with French Horn Rebellion, ‘Too Much’ [Stream]

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First Listen: Eric Sharp remixes his collaboration with French Horn Rebellion, ‘Too Much’ [Stream]Eric Sharp Too Mcih Remi Artwork

Eric Sharp has dropped off a certified smooth progressive house cut, though, its a track fans might already be somewhat familiar with. Stepping up to his own previously released “Too Much,” originally recorded alongside Brooklyn-based electronic duo French Horn Rebellion, Sharp remixes his own track into a certified smooth disco-inspired house cut, driven by infectious floor-ready piano chords. Sharp remarks on his new remix,

“In remixing ‘Too Much’ for the dance floor I went with a more minimal approach than the original, stripping it back into the most essential and driving elements. This opened up space for the basslines to shine for maximum impact in a club environment. I wrote new percussion to make it hit harder and restructured the track with DJing in mind, placing the vocals in the breaks. The piano drop was something I was hearing in my head so that was just about finding the right chords to compliment the bassline.”

Sharp’s revisiting of his joint effort with French Horn Rebellion comes as part of a new remix EP, with incoming new takes on last year’s Eric Sharp and Friends EP. The new, solo rendition of “Too Much” blends funky disco and house tropes into a repeat-worthy second take, extending the track’s shelf life with an aced remix.

Duke Dumont revives his ‘For Club Play Only’ series with ‘Runaway’

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Duke Dumont revives his ‘For Club Play Only’ series with ‘Runaway’Duke Dumont White

Every year feels like a busy year for Duke Dumont — his music is always ubiquitous. But looking at the facts, 2018 has been a quiet year for British artist. His only original single of the year yet, “Inhale,” had long legs in remixing and pop radio play, but now he’s back to make sure we haven’t forgotten where his roots lie: in club-ready dance music.

Entitled “Runway (For Club Play Only, Pt 5),” the track’s name might automatically raise some questions, including where are parts 1-4? Well die hard Dumont fans will be able to tell you that, as it’s been nearly two years since the last installment of the series was released. Launched in 2012, the series delivers singles that cater to one place only, as advertised. The fifth iteration in this series is inspiring for a fierce dance floor strut, underlined with in your face basslines and classic house samples from Robbie Tronco’s 1990’s tracks “Runway as a House” and “Walk 4 Me.”

While the “For Club Play Only” series was rumored to have ended in 2016, its reprisal is assuring of its timelessness for the future.