Afrojack and VASSY release new collaboration ‘Lost’ featuring Oliver Rosa

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Afrojack shows off his considerable chops  with a new collaboration with VASSY. “Lost” truly showcases Afrojack’s ability to adapt his sound and music to the evolving music industry. While there is still an essence of the recognizable Afrojack sound, this track moves in a fresh direction.

Not only does “Lost” feature irresistible piano melodies, but VASSY’s fiery vocals give the production a mystique all its own. In all, the collaboration is a stunning meld of dance music and pop sensibilities.

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Nic Fanciulli taps Damon Albarn for blissful ‘Saying’

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UK house virtuoso Nic Fanciulli returns with a full-length album October 20. Ten years in the making, My Heart is a collaboration-heavy work delving into Fanciulli’s decade-spanning career at the forefront of the underground scene. On My Heart, Fanciulli explores the amalgamation of his experiences and passions.

Leading up to the release, the producer has teamed with Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn for an introspective number off the album entitled “Saying.”

The track is a testament to Fanciulli’s deeply emotive M.O. In true, archetypal Fanciulli-fashion, the track’s centered around shimmering synths, only to be strengthened and texturized by way of Albarn’s vocals layered underneath.

Judging by the glimpses into the record thus far —  including “Wrong,” “Little L,” “The Perfect Crime,” and now “Saying” — My Heart has the potential to shine as a top celestial house record of the year in its cinematically-inclined, moving sentiments.

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JackLNDN – Bones

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Since breaking onto the scene a few years back, JackLNDN has gone on to establish himself as one of the hottest rising stars in the world of dance music. His latest release “Bones” is out now via Pete Tong‘s new record label Deux Trois.

Featuring sultry female vocals that blend perfectly with JackLNDN’s trademark debonair production, “Bones” is a sexy track tailor-made for bouncy club dance floors and neon lights. Always one to throw down sweltering live sets, JackLNDN always finds a way to concoct the most infectious tunes, with “Bones” a prime example of his unique style.

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Beyond The Booth 005: FTampa transforms hardship into creative growth

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Beyond the Booth is a feature dedicated to the hidden side of artists that exists outside electronic music— a side rarely discussed with those outside their immediate circle. We venture “beyond the booth,” so to speak, and dive into their deepest passions that tie into their unique personalities. After some self-introspection, each participant then returns to the booth, providing an exclusive mix for the Dancing Astronaut audience.

Brazilian powerhouse producer FTampa is living the dream. An artist whose passions in music speak volumes to his fans and counterparts alike, Felipe Tampa has been experiencing a non-stop wave of triumph within the past couple of years due to his gleaming output of full-bodied productions. From a young age, FTampa set his sights on a life outside his own, one that would allow him to express his innermost creative drifts and demonstrate his overwhelming need to create something much, much bigger than himself.

Tampa’s musical career began early on his life, picking up the guitar and keyboard in his hometown of Conselheiro Lafaiete and performing in various bands. However, the moment he discovered the expressive versatility that could be found in electronic production, the artist opted for a more solo career – and never looked back.

Compelled by this unquenchable drive, FTampa would go on to produce a mellifluous catalog of standout records ranging from progressive house to more pop-leaning melodic pieces like his recently released single, “Light Me Up.” His breakout moment came when the Dutch luminary Hardwell began spinning his track “Kick It Hard” in his sets in 2013, spotlighting Tampa’s instantly accessible production and catapulting his name into the spotlight. The artist would then go on to accept invitations to perform at Burning Man, Rock in Rio Las Vegas, and most notably, the main stage of Tomorrowland.

While Felipe Tampa’s meteoric rise is significant, his road to success did not come without hindrance. The artist speaks candidly about his life in Brazil, where at a very young age he suffered the loss of a parent, then later on, would deal with waves of depression despite his progressing career. His discussion about his struggles provides intimate insight into a frequently ineffable subject for developing and touring artists like himself, while also giving him a platform to speak to the roots of his creative vitality regardless of whatever turbulence he experiences in life.

Rounding out a profound fifth installment of Beyond the Booth, FTampa then follows up the interview with an impassioned, exclusive 60-minute mix that faultlessly captures his glowing and vigorous production that has him standing out among today’s up-and-coming talent.

You were born in a small town in Brazil. What was the community like there?

When you grow up in a small town in Brazil like I did, a lot of people feel the need to pursue an “ordinary” career. It’s hard to open your mind to the unlimited opportunities that there are in the world, and because of the humble beginnings people start off believing that their dreams are too big to be realised. I was told so many times that I was never going to make it in the music business… Many of the people that tried to push me back are now living the life they imagined as the right path, but I made my way out and now I’m here traveling the world! The close-knit community of my friends did teach me how to follow my dreams and emotions though!
What’s the music scene like in Brazil? How has it had an effect on your own style?

Brazil’s scene is always growing, but somehow I don’t feel that I’m a huge part of it to be honest. I mean Brazilian DJs make music that people love but it is quite different from the worldwide scene, which is what I’m inspired by. I’ve been living in Brazil for a while now and I’ve never changed my style (I believe I’m actually one of the few DJs who hasn’t changed to adapt to the Brazilian sound) and I will continue doing so and pursuing the music that my heart tells me to… I’ve always wanted to make pop music, ever since I started this journey, and now I have this great fan base that gives me the chance. I’m so grateful that people like what I’m doing! So I think the scene hasn’t really affected my style that much… If anything I’m the alien… haha
You lost your mother at a very young age. That must have been incredibly tough. How were you able to deal with her passing? How has that event shaped you as an individual?

It was a really tough time, I had my grandparents who were really there for me and they helped me a lot… They were really amazing and they made me the man I am today. I had a really hard time when I lost them also, but music was the key for me to cope and I embraced it.
Is what you’re doing now what you always wanted to do growing up? Did you have any other aspirations?

Oh yes! I always wanted to be a musician growing up. I think my biggest dream and my next step would be to create my own show where I would be playing guitar, bass, drums and keyboards all live, playing just my own tracks! That’s the real dream!
You recently created a mix titled “Numb” in response to Chester Bennington’s passing. Along with the mix, you mentioned, “To be an artist is sometimes very lonely, sometimes you are your only company and the only one you trust.” For people who may feel alone, what steps have you taken to overcome that feeling or make life on the road a little easier or friendlier?

I had a very difficult period in my career because for a time I didn’t have a team that really cared about the project as a whole. I went through a tough period and fell into depression, and I really wanted to understand why I was feeling so sad if I was achieving so many of my dreams, it was a terrible moment for me. I’ve always been a big fan of Linkin Park and I empathise with whatever Chester was going through. Currently I’m working with all my friends from my childhood, all of them are aiming at the same goal as me and we are all pursuing all our dreams together. I’m very thankful to have them on my team and for their unconditional support.
From what you’ve overcome, do you find your past has a huge influence in what type of music you produce? Do you think your music would be the same if you hadn’t lived through any of those experiences?

I’m pretty sure it does, because for me music is all about feelings and emotions. I’ve always liked to listen to songs that touch the heart and make you feel something. My influences always came from Rock’n Roll because I felt the strong emotions and heard the direct messages. I like to feel a connection with the audience when I’m performing. If I have to play for people when they are just hanging out, talking and drinking it makes me really sad. It’s not my thing. I like when people interact and go crazy… Rock’n Roll !!
Outside of musical inspirations, who else have you looked up to as inspiration? Why?

My life has been all about music, so pretty much all of my idols are related to music, I do admire a lot of people but I wouldn’t say I have them as a huge inspiration for my music to be honest.
Do you have any touching moments in your life that continue to inspire you?

I just had a son and this changed everything about who I am and has inspired me very much. One day my manager said something that I will never forget: “I’ve already made some bad decisions and I could have chosen a different path in life, but when I see my daughters I am sure that I did the right thing and I wouldn’t change it for anything”. That is my feeling today.
Your recent release “Light Me Up” is filled with uplifting energy. Can you tell us a little bit more about what led you to create this song and the meaning behind it?

This is so amazing! I was playing along with some Red Hot Chilli Peppers tracks on guitar at the time. I simply love everything the guitarist John Frusciante creates, and I came up with the Guitar Intro for ‘Light Me Up’ just after I’d been jamming to RHCP… Then I made the rest of the track really quickly! Powerful drums with a funk guitar and bass having a conversation over the top! It was lot of fun! I’m thinking I’ll record it on acoustic instruments to release a live version. I’m really using guitars to create my new songs and this is amazing for me because it brings everything full circle as I was a former guitar player in a band. The lyrics were written by Gia Koka, an amazing singer and songwriter, she really captured the emotion that the song deserved, both with the lyrics referring to the desire of having something that you know is bad for you and with the emotion she displayed while singing it. I love the song, and I’m so grateful that others do too.

FTampa – Light me up
Zara Larsson – Only you (FTampa Remix)
FTampa – Glowing
FTampa ft Kamatos vs Tujamo ft Sorana – One to our way (FTampa Mashup)
Jetlag ft. Ana Vilela – Trem bala (FTampa Remix)
Cat Dealers & Santti – Sober
Bruno Martini ft. Isadora – Sun Goes Down
FTampa vs The Weeknd – ID can’t feel my face
CAZZTEK ft. Kiyoshi – LIT
Rrotik & Lliam Taylor – Bounce Back (Lothief Remix)
Dirtyloud – Better
Bob Sinclar vs Aylen ft. Goshfather vs Vinai – Everybody Spread this Party (FTampa Mashup)
Linkin Park – Numb (FTampa Remix)
Bougenvilla – Onik
Sonic One – My Beatz Are Raw (Vion Konger Remix)
J Balvin & Willy William – Mi Gente (FTampa Remix)
Bounce Inc. X Daav One – Down Low
Skrillex ft. Poo Bear – Would You Ever
Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High) (FTampa Live Shows Remix)
Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza – Without You (FTampa Remix)
MAGIC! – Red Dress (FTampa Remix)
Sigma vs Sikdope – Snakes to love (FTampa Edit)
Throttle – Hit The Road Jack
FTampa ft. Anne M. – Love Is All We Need


Feature photo credit: Sam Mendes


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Beyond The Booth 004: Solardo dive deep into the world of fishing

STREAM: Carl Cox’s Burning Man set

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Now in it’s 21st year, the mystique surrounding Burning Man and its ability to draw in the biggest names in electronic music have shown now signs of abating. This year was no exception, with contributions from Diplo, Skrillex, and a Burning Man favorite — Tycho’s sunrise set.

One particular guest to Black Rock City that has until now remained rather elusive has been the legendary Carl Cox. Thanks to the folks at The Radio Department, fans of tech-house can now hear Carl Cox’s first-ever guest mix (beginning at the 58 minute mark) on John Digweed‘s radio show, Transitions.

Recorded live from deep within the playa this past September, expect to hear a carefully curated mix of techno and progressive DJs who are pioneering their respective genres, including Dance Spirit, Satori, Markus Homm, Connan Mockasin, Tiefschwarz & Yawk, and more.

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Maya Jane Coles delivers dynamic third EP from her album, ‘Take Flight’

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Maya Jane Coles shares yet another round of breakthrough releases, offering up several noteworthy tracks in the form of Darkside  — her third official EP off her critically-acclaimed double album, Take Flight. Each work represents the producer’s magnetic ability to captivate truly independent and forward thinking sounds, sharing vocals from singer-songwriter Chelou on the newly edited track, “Darkside”.

Released via I/AM/ME Records, Maya chose an eclectic mix of different sounds that showcase a multitude of genres and sounds for Darkside, from the energetically-charged house anthem “Passing Me By,” to “Trails” — a lush, almost ambient piece laced with steel drums.

It’s clear that Maya Jane Coles only continues to thrive in her career, independently making her mark from all angles as she continues to demonstrate impeccable talent.


Download the full EP here.


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Avicii releases ‘Without You’ remix EP

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After a brief hiatus, Avicii has returned to the electronic music scene with force, marking his comeback with the powerful EP Avīci.

The most streamed song off the EP is “Without You,” garnering 125 million streams on Spotify alone. Avicii then decided to use the track as the basis for a remix contest and EP. Featuring bigger artists such as Otto Knows and Merk & Kremont, along with up-and-comers, such as Tokima Tokio and Adans, Avicii’s message is clear: his only concern at this point in his career is good music and using his outsized stature as a means to increasing the visibility of worthy talents.

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Chloé takes us on a celestial journey through the underground with exclusive mix

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Chloé is not one to subject to ubiquitous trends on the electronic market. The classically-trained guitarist and veteran dance music composer is continually searching for depth in both what she consumes and what she creates; this quality mixed with innate talent has carried her career for over two decades.

She is nowhere near reaching stalemate, however, despite her long years as an industry figurehead. In fact, the French songstress is helping break new ground by openly embracing new technologies and sounds that others might feel hesitant to work out. Her knack for innovation gives her music a distinctive edge that has led to a great international demand for her presence.

October 27 will bring about a new milestone: her third artist album, which will be released through her own Lumière Noire imprint. Having taken great time and care to create it, Endless Revisions promises an immersive auditory experience that explores various soundscapes and genres through a cohesive development.

Prior to releasing her album, however, Chloé provides Dancing Astronaut with an exclusive mix showing where she’s currently at musically. She presents an intriguing mélange of psychedelia and deep grooves laced with dissonant vocal samples and eclectic electro elements — all within the span of an hour. As a whole, the mix feels like a a futuristic, otherworldly journey where listeners are opened to her true self.



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Sharam celebrates the third installment of his ‘Collecti’ Trilogy with exclusive mix

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DC underground stalwart, Sharam, is gearing up for the release of his album in a few days, but he is still riding high after the release of the third part of his Collecti project. Consisting of five tracks, Collecti Pt. 3 demonstrates a wide array of the producer’s various sounds and styles.

To serve as the bridge between this release and the upcoming album, Sharam has lent his hand to crafting an hour-long, exclusive mix for Dancing Astronaut. Blending his latest releases like “Dubbi” and “Napoli” with highlighted tracks from his peers like DJ Dep and Chance Caspian, the techno maven sustains a constant energy and groove while balancing light and dark tones in an innovative stimulating fashion.

Sharam – Dubbi
Sharam – Techi (Renier Zonneveld Remix)
Rudosa – Eyes On You
DJ Dep – That’s Right
Third Son – Sanguine
Sharam – Napoli
Sharam – Texi
Chance Caspian – ID
Stephan Bodzin – Powers of Ten (Maceo Plex & Shall Ocin Remix)
Sharam – Spaci

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Drezo and Dustycloud link up for feverish bass-ridden ‘House’

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Drezo isn’t slowing down after the release of his bold three-track Jaded EP.

Each release from the artist is an effervescent endeavor. Somehow, Drezo manages to increase provocativeness and edge on each number he slings out. Now, and to no surprise, Drezo’s back with another sinister production.

A collaboration with French producer Dustycloud, “House,” as it’s titled, is sure to drop its listeners to their knees, as the two cultivate a sonic aura that is worthy of some praise.

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