Zeds Dead release third volume in Deadbeats compilation series, ‘WE ARE DEADBEATS’

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Zeds Dead release third volume in Deadbeats compilation series, ‘WE ARE DEADBEATS’WE ARE DEADBEATS VOL 3

Deadbeats has solidified its name in the bass space after Canadian duo Zeds Dead revealed the imprint in 2016. Through a myriad of collaborations and support, Dylan Mamid and Zachary Rapp-Rovan released two label-exclusive compilation albums in 2017, featuring established and up-and-coming acts the dubstep veterans have their eyes on.

The third iteration, WE ARE DEADBEATS (Vol 3), is out now, featuring an array of well-known artists and newer talent. This is a must-listen for anyone into bass music, as the collection of songs comes directly from forefathers of the genre. To celebrate, each artist provided DA with an exclusive quote about their piece of work for the compilation.

Gentlemens Club: “When we made “Keep It Simple,” we set out to make something a bit different. It’s our take on the current free-form bass movement. We had a lot of fun experimenting with different styles on this track.”

um..: “It was fun making something darker than normal. It’s cool knowing that we can change things up and still get a positive reaction from our fans.”

Ducky: “‘Leave’ is a song I wrote when I was going through a transitional period out of a shitty relationship that turned out to be one of my favorite songs from this year. So stoked to be a part of this fire compilation! Really proud of this one, give it a listen <3.”

Blunts & Blondes: “It’s some blunt-smokin’ dubstep.”

Jaenga: “It feels great to release this tune after playing it out for the last few months. I finished it just as I was walking on stage for the Electric Zoo afterparty this year. I think its a good segue into my debut album that I’ll be dropping early 2019.”

Holly: “My new song ‘MISSU’ represents my emotions about my life right now. I tried to create this thrilled and homesick vibe with the hard drop and the ambient build up, and I’m super happy with all the sound design + how the track come out. Hope you feel the way too!”

Sippy: “The inspiration for ‘Lithos’ was to create a hard stomping tune that you can’t help to head bang to. It’s a simple idea, but the sub and the drums give that hard-stomping vibe.”

SoDown: “Zeds Dead has been killing the game when it comes to diverse bass music. When they said they wanted ‘Eskimo,’ I was really excited. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time and I’m stoked to be a part of the compilation.”

Klutch: “I’m typically a melody writer. That’s what most of my tracks center around. But I really wanted to collaborate with some friends who are left-field experimental trap, so I took some samples and tried to use that influence to create something that they would want to jump on. I ended up enjoying the process so much that I just decided to conclude the track myself. So this was my take on that new wave of experimental trap.”

Mersiv: “‘Mind Sounds’ is my deep, electric, loud version of mind control! My favorite part is the grand finale at the end. The track speeds up halfway through, has a little dnb tease, then slaps you with wub madness at the end. Bury That Sound.”

Cozway: “‘Radicals’ started out with Bonnema sending me the guitar-lead drop which reminded me of an Indian sitar and established a definite ethnic vibe for the rest of the track. We had this vision of the track being like running through multi-chambered fractal temple, so each part is different yet related. Overall we wanted to make something really different and we are super excited to release this on Deadbeats! Enjoy the ride!”

Rome In Silver: “‘Glass’ is about trying something new and shattering all expectations. It allowed me to step out my comfort zone, blend two styles I enjoy, and create a song out of my norm. I hope you guys enjoy it!”

French electro duo Synapson drops off video for galvanizing new track, ‘Hide Away’

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IZII & Holly – Drama ft Tapper

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Hip-hop meets electronic music in “Drama” by IZII and Holly featuring Nic Tapper. Tapper raps to a classic hip-hop backdrop in the intro, and as his vocals continue, a subtle build in the background releases into an elaborate electronic drop. The drop transcends genres but could perhaps best be described as a trap-dubstep fusion.

Rising star IZII has garnered the support of Diplo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Borgeous among others since his debut single, “Echo (Let Go),in 2016. IZII enlisted newcomer Holly to co-produce the track, and their styles combined make for a unique and punchy track in “Drama.”

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Delta Heavy x Dirty Audio – Stay ft HOLLY

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UK drum n’ bass authority, Delta Heavy, has compounded efforts with LA trap producer, Dirty Audio, for their new drumstep single, “Stay,” featuring seasoned vocalist, HOLLY. “Stay” is a joint release on both DNB patriarch, Andy C‘s RAM Records and eclectic Canadian label, Monstercat — marking Delta Heavy’s debut release on the latter.

“We had a lot of fun making the track with Andrew, and we’re all super proud of how it turned out, especially as it really feels like a true blend of all our signature styles,” said Delta Heavy said of Dirty Audio, who will soon embark on his Australia/New Zealand tour.

The cross-over track wields elements of DNB, trap, and dubstep, prompting a sardonic, “Have fun deciding what genre this is,” from Delta Heavy, themselves. HOLLY’s wistful vocals lend acute contrast to the track’s high-speed DNB breaks and shrilling bass.

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